A/N: This is my first Ghost story and actually my first story on my website. This is about if Sam just left and went to heaven and didn't interfere with Carl's plans with Oda Mae. He recieved the promotion that Sam received days before he was murdered and already knew how work that position required, so he decided to hire an assistant. This is what happens. I hope you enjoy it!

Today was the day of my big internship interview. I was supposed to meet with Mr. Carl Bruner for an assisstent position along side him. I did my research and he was fairly new as a big manager. He took over after Wheat left the position shortly after receiving it. As the crammed elevator jetted me up to the 18th floor, I started to become nervous. College at NYU became expensive. Expensive to the point where a twenty year old needed a paid internship along side her job. Business was my minor, but my dreams laid with the French horn. I wanted to do that more than anything. But performing was a risky business. And I needed a backup.

I always had a fascination with banking, especially since my father was a banker back in Nevada. But this was more upscale. Everything in New York City was upscale.

The doors opened and I had to shuffle my way out from the back of the elevator. My heels almost made trip.

"God damnit." I muttered. I tried to regain all composure. 'You have to look good, remember?' I wore what most women I saw in a bank wore. Nice jacket and pencil skirt. Hair pinned up. Even with all this you could still see how young I was. 'Okay. You can play this cool.' I walked in the general direction of where his office was supposed to be. I looked around, lost for a moment. There it was! A door cracked opening, a name plate too small for the holder read 'Carl Bruner.' I guess he really was new to that office. I approached and hesitantly knocked on the door. I peeked inside and saw a man a little too focused on his computer. Awkwardly, I knocked again, a little louder, breaking him from his trance.

"Yes?" He asked annoyed, turning to glare at me. Oh wow, I'm doing great. His expression changed when he met my awkward gaze.

"Um, I'm here for the internship interview." I said quietly. He looked at his watch, running a hand through his golden brown locks. He was tall, skinny man, with a face that seemed to be naturally anxious looking.

"4:30 already?" He asked himself. He looked back at the computer screen, closing whatever he was so intently working on. "Have a seat Miss-"

"Sears." I finished. "We talked on the phone?" I tried to clue him in as to who I was.

"Yes, I'm sorry. Just a little distracted." He smiled nervously. Was he under as much pressure as I was? I leaned over and shook his hand. "Can I see your resume?" I nodded and dug into my folder, handing him a sheet of paper. I saw his eyes skim over it as he relaxed in his chair. "Now why would you like to be an assistant here at Bank of New York Mellon?"

"Well first off, I've always enjoyed big business. My father was one of the head bankers at Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company in Nevada and whenever I would come in with him, I always enjoyed watching him win over some investors or solve some of his big money clients debts. Just the thrill of it really sucked me into it. I'm currently majoring in music over at NYU but I'm minoring in business economics. Performing isn't reliable, as much as I enjoy it. But banking really combines my interest and my need of a career. And I believe this internship would help me with both." I smiled. Carl smirked up at me, very amused.

"How much do you know about withdrawing and transferring money from accounts?" Jeez, this was banking 101. You can explain this.

"Well I have transferred accounts before. One time I transferred six accounts into one new account. That took a few hours though." No no no, stay postive, remember?! "Very large accounts that my father asked me to do. I'm very used to the system." Oh god, can I please leave?

"Well your previous jobs look good. A little lack of business," My heart started pounding. "But I think we maybe able to change that." Did I get it? Oh my god, did I get it? "We'll call you later this week, okay?" His tone softened. He stood up from his chair and offered his hand again. My heart was out of control now. I looked him in the eyes as I met his hand. God, he was handsome. He couldn't be more than twenty-seven. Damn, he was established for his age. I smiled, trying to be professional.

"Thank you so much Mr. Bruner." He nodded and sat down. I collected my things and started to leave.

"It was a pleasure to meet with you today." He grinned, returning to his computer. I smiled widely.

"Thank you." I walked out. Did I do well? Did I succeed? Am I going to intern there? A billion questions went through my head. But as I entered the elevator, one thing kept repeating in my head over and over.

A lack of business, but we can change that.