Being a French horn player in a very crammed apartment had it disadvantages. You could only play certain hours without getting complaints. In the middle of possibly my best rendition of all of Mozart's horn concertos in a row, I was interrupted by the phone ringing. Disgruntled, I set my horn down and trudged to the kitchen.
"Heeello?" I answered.
"Hi this is Carl Bruner." I tensed up.
"Um, hi."
"Is this Victoria Sears?" He asked. Damnit! Make yourself sound professional.
"Yes, this is her." I swallowed.
"Yes this is regarding the internship." Oh come on come on!
"Did I get it?" I blurted out. Aw shit! "I mean-"
"Yes, you got it." He laughed. A huge wave of relief poured into me. I got it! Thank goodness he had a sense of humor. "Can you come in tomorrow at 3 for our first meeting?" I immediately looked at my way too scribbed-on calendar. I had a private lesson till 2:30. I could get there in a half hour, right?
"Ermmm... Yeah I say I can." I said with doubt in my voice.
"Alright, I'll see you there."
"Okay, bye." He hung up. "YES!"

"Oh, hello Victoria." He smiled, not breaking his gaze with his computer. Man, was he addicted to that thing or what?
"Good afternoon ." I smiled right back, not sure whether to sit down or stand up. I awkwardly kept my stance halfway into the room. He smirked, finally turning away from that damn thing long enough to look at me.
"You can sit down." He offered. He seemed to be a little bit looser this time around. I did as he said trying to get comfortable here. "Alright, since you're new to our banking system, I want you to simply make a new account."

Was it really wise to trust her with such an important deal? After all, my head was on this account. Worst she could do was screw up and I'd be able to fix it.
"You're going to make it for Rita Miller, account number 926-31043."
"That's it?" She asked, looking up at me. What? She wanted more of a challenge? Could I trust her with the rest of the process?
"Yeah, that's it for now." I said, getting up from my chair. "I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be back in five minutes." That should be enough time for her, right?

My fingers typed away, hitting the wore down keys with a fast, graceful pace. M-I-L-L-E-R, R-I-T-A. This was easy! I can do this! I grinned triumphantly at the screen. Almost done... There! And it only took me a minute. I looked at his desk. Papers were everywhere. I contemplated doing something about it. I couldn't help but peek at the papers. Mostly complicated bank coding, memos and what not. I couldn't help my inner OCD to at least place all the emails and memos and two different stacks, trying to help clean it up. I placed his pens in their proper holders and decided to leave the codes. He might be working on something. He came back a few moments later.
"Done?" He asked, walking through the door with a cup of coffee. He looked down at his now somewhat clean desk. "What did you do?" He asked, slightly worried, coming over to the desk quicker than I expected. He looked down, scanning the contents on his desk.
"I just organized it a little bit. Don't worry, I kept the accounts' coding the way it was." I hoped I wasn't fired. Relief came over his face as he saw whatever he was working on was fine. Must be something real important.

"Thanks, Victoria." I said, actually glad she cleared my desk. She did everything right with no mistakes. I wondered how much more she could do for 'basic banking skills.' "Alright, I want you to take enter a new account number." I said, leaning over her shoulder.
"Okay," she said quietly, ready to type.
"824-74581" I said. This was the result of combining Sam's old accounts. She typed it fast without having me repeat it. "Now transfer that account into the new one." Her eyes slightly bugged at the account amount. She shrugged it away as I tensed slightly. Please don't screw this up.
"And... There." She said. I looked at the screen, making sure everything was right.
"Nice job," I grinned with a smugness. She got up awkwardly as she went around me. I looked backwards slightly, looking at her behind. She had a nice body. A really nice butt. Damnit Carl! This is your intern! Remember? She's five years younger than you anyways. She looked prettier than Molly though, and that was saying something. Her long, brown hair curved around her face perfectly. Her lips were a peachy pink and her eyes a beautiful green. She was almost the opposite of Molly. Her body more shapely and shorter, but still thin and held with confidence. I forced my focus back to a more important matter.
"Alright, I'm going to make a call and I want you to go through those boxes. If it's a paper from more than four years ago, shred it." All my accounts were under three years old, so I'd doubt she'd mess anything up. And moving into the new office should be a whole spring cleaning for me. She nodded and picked up a box from the top of the stack of them. She started shuffling through papers, keeping the ones that I needed in short neat piles. She turned to me after a few minutes, handing me a photo.
"Mr. Bruner, do you want to keep this?" She asked. I looked at it for a moment. It was Sam, Molly, and I at the Rooster's Christmas party. That wasn't even six months ago. Wow... How times have changed. It wasn't my fault. I never meant for it to happen. I wish it didn't.
"Yeah, thanks." I replied, allowing her to get back to her work. I couldn't let this distract me. I shoved it in my desk, trying to forget about it. Forget about the whole thing.

This wasn't the most entertaining thing to do, but hell. It was in one of the biggest banks in the country and it was with this adorable guy. Every time he touches me... And when his face was so close to mine, oh my god. I could feel his warm breath on the nape of my delicate neck. It sent chills down my spine. That is so disgustingly wrong! My conscious scolded. Ah, a little crush never hurt anyone, right? But now, all I could do was shred some papers. I glanced at Carl who was behind me, smiling widely at his computer.
"Yes..." He whispered, ecstasy breaking his voice. A serious of fast paced, loud types on his computer followed this. I smiled to myself, listening to how passionate he was about this. About big business and money. This was his whole career. And he enjoyed every second of it.

After a while, I glanced up at the clock. Four-fourty five. The bank's going to close soon. I was almost done with three boxes and Carl seemed to be done with whatever he was avidly doing. I felt his eyes on me and unintentionally held my breath.
"Miss Sears?" He asked. I turned around slowly.
"Yes?" I looked at him with wide, innocent eyes. He paused for a moment, his mouth gaping like he was about to say something, then decided against it.
"Listen, I was wondering, what are you doing tonight?" My heart stopped, instinctually I looked away from his eyes.
"Um... I have no plans except practice for a concert." He smirked at me, looking down at his desk.
"I'm curious to pick your brain a little bit more about... Economics." He said. Was this his way of asking me out on a date? Was he asking me out on a date? I felt my face fluster.
"Well I'm completely free after this." I offered. Was this a bad idea? I didn't care. He's a good man. He seemed nice. And I really did not care at this point. If he wanted to talk to me more than he had to I wasn't going to deny him that. "You could come over to my place." My head was spinning. "If you wanted."

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