This is my first fanfiction. Enjoy!

"He's Vash the Stampede! You can't beat him here!" said Millie, happily supporting Vash. Meryl sighed. "As much as I really hate to admit it, this is Vash the Stampede. He's got enough guts to battle anyone, which makes him so strong in this kind of battle."

Vash's opponent just smirked. "I can beat him" said the man on the other side of the arena of their battle. " Your mistake", said Millie. "This shouldn't take long." Meryl tossed a coin, and as it landed, both Vash and his opponent made a move toward their target, trying to find the best opening for an attack. When they found their target's weak point, they lunged forward, taking the openings as a spot to begin to try to gain the upper hand.

Both opponents being almost equally matched, they both had a successful first move, and both were equally hindered and advantaged at the same time. Vash took another shot at his target, which was sitting in front of him, unable to comprehend what just happened. His opponent felt a bullet of pain in his chest. His cholesterol had risen, and he had had a fatal heart attack, deeming Vash the winner of the food battle automatically, seeing as his opponent was dead, and therefore unable to continue in the competition to eat the most donuts.

Meryl sighed. "You can't beat Vash in a donut eating competition." She then glared at Vash as he finished his donuts and moved on to his dead opponents. "What?!" asked Vash. "HE'S obviously not going to finish them, and I hate to see good donuts go to waste!" Meryl just shook her head, while Millie egged Vash on to finish the next 20 donuts within the oncoming minute.

Vash frantically began stuffing donuts into his mouth, while Meryl thought about how the rest of her life would be wasted watching over this idiot that had somehow become a wanted criminal, but her thoughts were interrupted by Millie yelling "He did it! And Vash punching both his fists upwards in triumph. Meryl than corrected her thoughts to having to watch over this really BIG idiot the rest of her life.


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