Jeff Spicoli was surfing by the California beach. He had just graduated from Ridgemont High. He did not have a worry in the world. There was someone else in the water who had a worry.

"Help! I'm drowning!"

It was a woman's voice. He moved his board over to where he heard the voice. It sounded somewhat familiar. He pulled the woman out of the water and onto his board. Now he recognized her.

"No way! You're Brooke Shields!"

"Thank you for saving my life. I owe you a reward."

"What kind of reward?"

"I am rich. I can give you money."

"Totally awesome! I can get a kick-ass band to play at my birthday party!"

"Just take me to the shore and I'll give you your reward."

"Okay. Just so you know, I thought that you were really hot in Blue Lagoon."

"Uh, thanks, I guess."

Jeff Spicoli took Brooke Shields to the shore. She gave her a large amount of money. In his mind, he was scrolling down a list of his favorite bands when he should have been thinking about his future.