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Chapter Thirteen: Seattle


"Edward, I think you broke my hoo-ha," Bella panted out. We were tangled up in a mess of sheets on my childhood bedroom. Once we had gotten back from the cemetery, I needed her and we fucked against the door of the house, followed by the stairs, the kitchen counter, all of the couches and ending up in my childhood bed. We honestly spent every moment since then naked, being connected on an intimate level. I had to touch her. I desperately needed to love her and feel her love for me.

That was two days ago.

Two days of nonstop sex obviously was wearing on my girl.

"I'm so sorry, dolcezza," I purred, brushing her sex ravaged hair away from her beautiful face. "I just needed to feel you."

"I know, Edward," she replied, curling up against my sweaty chest. "You needed this. I am more than willing to give it to you, but I'm hurting, baby. My girlie bits are barking and we need to relax, please?" She cuddled closer to me, pressing a soft kiss to my left nipple.

I nodded, idly running my fingers along her bare back. "I am sorry for being so needy," I whispered against her soft hair. "I needed to feel love and…"

"I understand, baby," she responded, looking up at me with such devotion that it shattered my heart. "I love you so much and I'm so happy that I could be here for you. However, I'm asking you that the clingy part of you stays away from my hoo-ha for at least a few days. She's pissed at your schlong. Damn you for being so well-hung."

I barked out a laugh, pressing soft kisses to anywhere I could. Bella giggled quietly. We stayed cuddled together for a few more minutes before Bella pulled away. No, don't go, baby. "We need to pack," she said as she got up, displaying her gorgeously naked body. Her breasts were perky and pebbled from the change in temperature. Her waist was slender, flaring slightly at the hips. Her long legs were muscular but my favorite part of her body was right at the tops of her thighs: her pussy. Well, favorite part besides her heart and sharp mind. "Stop drooling, Edward." She cupped one of her breasts and put her other hand on her pussy. "No nookie."

"Damn," I pouted.

"I'm surprised you're able to get it up," she snickered, bending down to pick up some fresh panties from her luggage. I bit back a moan when her pink pussy flashed to me as she bent down. Standing up, she clutched her panties and bra in her hand. "I'm going to shower…alone. You start pulling together loads of laundry before we need to pack."

Naked fun time is seriously over? Crap.

"What time do we need to leave tomorrow morning?" I asked, sitting up against the pillows, shamelessly ogling Bella's naked body.

"Our flight is at nine in the morning," Bella replied as she checked her phone, reading an email from Angela. "The limo is set to arrive at half past six, along with the rental car company to pick up the SUV."

"Are you sure you don't want company in the shower?" I asked, waggling my brows.

"I'm good, baby," she smirked, tossing her phone onto the rumpled sheets of my bed. "You need to start the laundry."

"Fine," I huffed, falling back onto the pillows. She giggled, sauntering out of the bedroom, naked as the day she was born. Wrinkling my nose, I found a pair of shorts and gathered our dirty clothes. I tossed them into a laundry basket before stumbling down the stairs to the laundry room. I was a little tired and sore in my own right. I could only imagine what Bella was feeling with our marathon love-making. Mentally, I berated myself for being so selfish. I should have taken all of this into account before…

"Edward, stop," Bella growled. How long had I been standing in front of the washing machine? I turned and saw her standing at the door, wearing one of my t-shirts. Her brown hair was wet and hanging around her face. She climbed onto the washing machine, taking my fairly scruffy face in her hands. "I can see you beating yourself up. I'm fine. We're fine. None of this drama…I love you and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, baby."

"I'm selfish, Bella," I muttered, dropping my gaze to her chest.

"No, you're in pain and you needed reassurance. Reassurance that I was more than willing to give," Bella cooed, kissing my lips sweetly. I let out a sigh, relishing her love. She smelled clean, warm and girly. My cock twitched in my shorts but I quickly put the kibosh on that. Seriously, you need to behave, perv. No nookie. No sex. No fucking. Rein it in, bucko. "We're a team, Edward. I love you and I would do anything for you to make sure that you stay happy. Anything. Nothing will ever change that. You were there for me with the whole Jacob/James thing. Now, it's my turn to return the favor."

"The Jacob/James thing was highly illegal and you got hurt," I snarled, remember the vacant look in Bella's eyes when I picked her up at the police station along with the bruises on her face, arms and body. "They fucking touched you without your permission, dolcezza. I should have been there, protecting you! At that point in time, it was my job as your bodyguard to ensure your safety and I failed you."

"No, you didn't," she snapped. "Jacob and James…they, they are monsters. Jacob said that you weren't needed and I believed him. Little did I know of his plans, but that's not your fault, Edward. It'll never be your fault, Edward. If anything, it was my fault and I should have left when I felt threatened, after Jacob hit me. I didn't because Jacob threatened outing my less-than-stellar reputation."

I frowned, pissed off at the violence against my girl. I should have been there. Unfortunately, you can't change the past. You can only learn from it. I opened my mouth, wanting to apologize but Bella covered it with her hand. "You apologize and I'll kick your ass, Masen. The only words I want to hear from you right now is 'I love you' and 'I'm going to shower because I smell like ass.'"

I snorted behind her hand, removing it. "Subtle, Bella," I chuckled.

"What? You do," she giggled, plugging her nose. "Like sex, sweat and something else. It's not entirely pleasant, Edward. That's why I showered. I could smell my nasty ass and that's just gross. I'm saying this out of love but go shower. Like, now!"

"Sure, sure," I snickered. She kissed me deeply before pushing me away from her body. I walked to the edge of the laundry room, turning just before I left. "Bella, I am sorry about what happened with Jacob and James. I'm also sorry about the past couple of days."

"Don't be," she said softly, giving me a loving look. "I get it. Probably more than most. Seriously, though…"

"Shower," I chuckled. "Got it. I'm a smelly dude."


The next morning, the SUV was picked up by the rental company and we piled into the limo. It was bittersweet locking up the house one final time, knowing that it was the last time I'd be staying there as the owner. After my shower yesterday, I called a realtor. Together, we went through the motions to put the house on the market. Pictures were taken and whatnot. Once I signed the contract, I gave them a set of keys and decided to put the home on the market at the beginning of November.

We were quiet in the limo. In Seattle, our time as Edward and Bella would be over. We'd have to assume our public personas. We also had to fall back into groove of filming. We had a little more than half of the film to go, including the big fight scene at the end of the movie. It was heavy in stunt work and I was adamant on wanting to do all of my own stunts, if possible. I was in good shape and I knew how to handle my body. In the rehearsals, I did well fighting with the other actor, Robbie, who was playing the bad guy in the film.

As we pulled up to the airport, Bella's phone rang. "Hi, Angela," she murmured. "Yes, we're at the airport…Emmett's picking us up? Cool. See you in a few hours. Thanks."

"Em's picking us up?" I asked, leaning my head against Bella's soft hair.

"He doesn't have any scenes today, so he wanted to hang out with his favorite cousin and best friend," she giggled, poking me in the stomach.

"Best friend, huh?" I snorted. Bella nodded, kissing my jaw before nibbling on me ear. "Dolcezza, you have to stop that. If you don't, things will start happening and you and I both know that we're both sore and stiff from…"

"I know," she blushed. "Tomorrow, I want you all to myself, Edward."

"So, no mile-high club?" I asked, arching a brow.

"Not this time, baby," she smirked. "Some point, maybe. But, the girlie bits are still pissed off at your donkey dick."

"Donkey dick?" I bellowed. "Never heard that one before." She shrugged, kissing a chaste kiss to my mouth. The limo stopped and the driver opened the door. I slipped on a pair of sunglasses, as did Bella. We were both recognized easily now since the first wave a press for the movie had been posted on the web with the official website. I signed for the limo and he shuttled off after our luggage was placed on the pavement.

Getting through the ticket agent and security was a bit of a hassle. A lot of people recognized Bella and demanded pictures. Bella was polite and took photos until we were through the x-ray machines. Bella dragged me through the airport to one of the first class lounges, away from the crowds. It was entirely too early to deal with the paparazzi. Inside, we shared her iPod and waited for our flight to SeaTac to be called.

Six and half hours later, we were in Seattle, waiting for our luggage. Bella crashed on the flight, sleeping the entire time nestled in my arms. She was still sleepy, standing in a complete daze while I gathered our bags. As I was picking up our luggage, I saw Emmett weaving through the crowd. He was quiet and had a frown on his face. Bella turned and saw him, running into his arms. Managing the bags, I caught up with them. Emmett was still holding my girl. His face was red and I could tell that he was crying, slightly.

"Hey, Emmett," I said quietly.

"Edward," he croaked, holding out a hand once he released Bella. His eyes were red-rimmed but he gave me a genuine smile. "Looking good."

"You too," I said, giving him a crooked grin.

"I know you're bullshitting me," Emmett snickered. "I look like crap but getting raked over the coals by my bitch of an ex-wife kind of does that to a guy."

"What did she do?" Bella snarled.

"I'll tell you all more once we get to the hotel," Emmett explained. Together, we walked through the baggage claim of SeaTac to the short-term parking lot. Emmett unlocked a massive black Cadillac Escalade, tossing our suitcases into the back of the large vehicle. Bella clambered into the back. Emmett and I got in the front and expertly, Emmett drove us to the hotel where the cast and crew staying while filming, the Hotel Monaco. Emmett parked the car in the underground parking lot. "Angela already checked you in. Here are your keys. You're staying in rooms 816 and 818, respectively."

"Why separate rooms?" I pouted, taking the proffered keys.

"It's your uncle's decision," Emmett chuckled. "Alice and Jasper are staying in separate rooms as well. However, we all know that they are still sleeping together. It'll be the same with you and Bellaboo."

"Damn straight," Bella grumbled from the backseat. "The rooms have an adjoining door, right?"

"Yes, Bella," Emmett chuckled. "Once we get you two settled into your rooms, I'll tell you about the joys of…" He trailed off, tightening his hands into rigid fists. Huffing out a breath, he got out of the car and got out our luggage with a little more gusto that anticipated. Bella twined her fingers, staring sadly at her cousin. A short elevator ride and a long walk, we were at our corner rooms in the hotel. Bella chose room 816 and I went into 818. As soon as we were inside, we opened up the adjoining door. Emmett laughed as I made myself comfortable on Bella's bed.

"Okay, Emmy, tell us about the drama with the wicked witch of the Hollywood Hills," Bella said, leaning against my body.

"Well, Carlisle attorney, Eleazar, fast-tracked my divorce proceedings. It was approved, using 'fraud' as the reason for the end of the marriage," Emmett sighed, running his hands through his cropped hair. "Rose was a fraud in her behaviors and how she tried to frame you in getting the role. Carlisle spoke on my behalf, as did Esme and Angela, who heard what Rose said to you before I ended it with her. Anyhow, she went off the deep end when she got the notification that she was legally single and being sued by Carlisle and the movie studio for defamation of character."

"What? Really?" I asked.

"Rose said that Bella fucked Carlisle for the role of Becca. It wasn't true and Rose sold the story to some tabloid, trying to make Bella look like a skank and hurting Carlisle with her lies. Esme got wind of it and quickly put the kibosh on it. That's when they went through with the civil suit, pressing charges against for defamation of character, slander, violating a non-disclosure agreement and just being an epic bitch," Emmett spat bitterly.

"Non-disclosure agreement?" I asked.

"She also shared secrets about the film for the movie," Emmett said. "I think that the tabloid she sold her story to still has the information and could possibly still print it."

"Did she say anything about you, Em?" Bella asked.

"According the reporter's notes, she said that I was an abusive, hateful husband who beat her on a daily basis, raping her at night, trying to conceive an heir," Emmett said forlornly.

"Are you going to sue her?" Bella growled, clenching her hand around mine. Ouch…damn girl, you got a grip!

"My name has been added to the suit brought forth by Carlisle and Esme," Emmett explained. "I was so upset at the lies she said about our relationship. I thought she loved me but based off what she said, she never did. I was only…I was just a pawn in her grand scheme of life."

"Ooooh, I have so many choice words to use to describe Rosalie and none of them are even remotely appropriate," Bella spat.

"She's been banned from all conversations on set. Carlisle gets pissed off and Esme starts cussing under her breath," Emmett snickered. "Plus, Tanya gets upset whenever someone compares her to Rosalie. I mean, Tanya has the same physical makeup as her but she's the complete opposite in every way."

"You mean she's nice and has a personality?" Bella giggled.

"Pretty much," Emmett retorted, rolling his eyes. "We've become friends. I can tell that she wants more but I need to work on me first. I mean, the ink on my divorce papers is barely dry. It's been two and half weeks. I'm not ready to date. Fuck, maybe…but not date."

"And Tanya is not a girl you fuck," I chuckled.

"No. She's a good girl with a warm heart," Emmett blushed, biting his lip like my girl. He apparently liked Tanya. Good for him. "Well, I'm going to hit the gym. Makeup wants to see you, Edward. They need to dye your hair or something. Call room 327. The head makeup artist is staying there and they can do whatever they need to do." He got up kissed Bella's cheek and patted my shoulder before leaving. "I'm glad you guys are here. The two of you have made this whole thing with my ex a lot less daunting and painful."

"We're family, Emmett," Bella whispered. "I can't speak for Edward but I love you. I hate that this happened to you."

"Thanks, Bellaboo," Emmett responded, giving her a warm smile.

"I love you, too, Emmett. Obviously, not in the same capacity as Bella, but in a friendly, bromance type of love," I clarified.

"I love you, too, Edward. You're a good man and I'm happy that my cousin has you," Emmett murmured. "Kay, enough mushy stuff. I'm going to bench press a Fiat. You two have fun christening the room." He turned on his heel, letting out a loud laugh as he left the room.

"Christening the room does have merit," I purred.

"Hoo-ha still closed," Bella said, pressing her pointer finger to my nose.



The next day, Bella left early with Angela to have her interview with the two magazines. I went to go workout before I had an appointment with Ginny to get my hair touched up. Ginny was dragged to Seattle to be Bella's personal makeup artist. Plus, she also volunteered to help me out, too, since we were friends.

After my workout, I showered and went down to Ginny's room on the third floor. "Hey Edward," she greeted. "Come into my salon. I'm just putting some finishing touches on Tanya. She's also got some roots."

"It's because you all dyed my hair platinum blonde," Tanya snorted from her spot in the middle of the room. "Not that I'm complaining but it's weird to see my hair this light."

"Once this is all over, I promise to give you some dashing lowlights and such," Ginny vowed. "Edward, ten minutes, I promise!"

"No hurry," I answered, sitting down on the couch to watch some television while Ginny finished up with Tanya. I wasn't scheduled on set until tomorrow. We were going to do the showdown scene at the end of the film. Today, if there was time, I would be meeting with the stunt coordinators to go over the choreography for the stunt sequence. Oliver, the head stunt coordinator and my stuntman (if I needed him for the film) would text me if they needed me.

Tanya walked over to the couch, sitting down. She looked like a television antennae with all of the foil in her head. "So, we haven't been introduced. I'm Tanya."

"Edward," I replied, shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Edward. You play 'Daniel,' right?" she asked.

"Yeah," I answered. "It's my first film."

"That's awesome that you got this as your first film," she gushed. "I was kind of bummed when I heard that James was going to be 'Daniel.' He's not the part, you know? He had this look about him that was just downright mean. 'Daniel' is a tortured soul but he's an inherently good guy. James didn't have that aura. You do."

"Thanks, I think," I chuckled. "How have your scenes been?"

"Good," she smiled. "Everyone has been amazing, patient and such. Esme has been the most helpful; running lines and such with me. She's awesome."

"That she is," I answered.

"Masen! I need your head!" Ginny bellowed from the bathroom.

"Have fun," Tanya smiled, turning her attention to the television. I grumbled, being dragged in the bathroom and forcefully shoved onto the closed toilet.

"Jesus, Ginny! Be kind to me," I griped. "Not even makeup can hide bruises."

"Stop being a pussy," Ginny snickered, wrapping a towel around my shoulders. She picked up a bowl filled with the hair dye, brushing it onto my hair. "You need a haircut, too. Once I'm done dying you, I get to give you a trim." She smiled wickedly.

"You're scaring me, Ginny. What has gotten into you today?"

"Nothing. I'm just in a rare mood," she shrugged. "How was your vacay?"

"Palm Springs was amazing. Chicago was…emotional," I sighed. Ginny frowned. I went into the emotional turmoil that I went through while we were there. Ginny listened, a few tears falling from her eyes.

She finished my hair, putting the bowl onto the sink. "Wow, that's some story…"

"Yeah," I said. "I wouldn't have done it without Bella. I couldn't have. She's been my rock throughout the whole thing."

"You two are so good for each other," Ginny murmured, wrapping my hair in saran wrap. "She needs someone like you. Bella has been hurt so many times." Ginny closed her eyes. "Anyhow, now she has you and the both of you are so amazing together. I love her and I love you and you love each other. It all worked out." Ginny hugged me and pushed me out of the bathroom, beckoning for Tanya. We traded spots and I flipped through the channels, stopping on Sports Center. An hour later, Tanya left the hotel room with her hair blow dried straight. She gave me a friendly smile and a wave before she slipped out the door. Ginny quickly washed my hair, giving me a haircut. Once she was done, she attacked it with some gel before blow drying it.

As she was fixing my hair, I got a text from Oliver saying that he wanted to go over the stunts again. I responded that I'd be there. Oliver said that he'd send a car to the hotel. I kissed Ginny's cheek before darting to my room to change into some workout clothes. The front desk called up to me and said that the car was ready for me. I picked up my cell phone, wallet and room key before darting down to the basement where the black Mercedes was picking me up. Robbie was also downstairs, waiting for the car.

We talked quietly about filming and the stunt sequences for tomorrow. A half hour later, we pulled into the parking lot of a massive sound stage. Oliver was standing outside with the associate stunt coordinator, Riley. We went inside of the soundstage, seeing it decorated like a ballet studio. Working with Oliver, we rehearsed the final fight sequence, using Bella's stunt double. We also reviewed the fight choreography along with a proper fitting for the rigs for the flying sequences. Not flying like Peter Pan…just hits where we were pulled back.

By the end of the rehearsal, my groin was chafed and bruised. My muscles were burning and I just wanted to crawl into bed. Ugh…Tomorrow was going to be brutal.

When I got back to my room, Bella was curled up on the bed. She looked a little sad but so beautiful. "Hey, dolcezza," I called, slightly limping to the bed. "You okay?"

"Fine," she murmured, giving me a half-hearted smile.

"Bullshit," I snorted. "How were the interviews?"

"Brutal," she shuddered. "Edward, the reporter from People was so harsh. I'm so afraid that despite my proactive stance on this situation, it's going to bite me in the ass. You know?"

"Was Angela with you?"

"She was and she was fantastic, but the reporter was so judgmental. I could clearly see the disdain in her eyes when I told her about what happened between Jacob, James and me. She almost sneered and eluded to the fact that I deserved it; like I'm some sort of slut," Bella cried. "Angela finally had it with her and had her escorted out of the Alexis Hotel. Ang was on the phone with the editor of People, spouting her displeasure with the reporter's unprofessional behavior."

"What about the other reporter?" I questioned, sitting down next to her and holding her tightly.

"She was fine. Nice, even. It was a pleasant surprise compared to the she-beast from People," Bella quipped bitterly. She wrinkled her nose and looked at me. "You smell like…metal?"

"Not metal. I think," I said. "We did a final run-through for the fight scene. You may be smelling some residual shavings from the ropes used for our stunt work." I shifted uncomfortably, remembering my poor, bruised groin. "The harnesses suck ass. It's going to be awful tomorrow."

"Do you want some ice?" she asked. I shook my head, kissing her cheek. "I know what the smell is…it's your hair."

"Ah, yes. Ginny got me and you must smell the dye," I chortled. "So, what do you want to do tonight?"

"Stay in bed and cuddle," she suggested. "After a nice, long bath in that Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom."

"Sounds heavenly. My muscles are dying from the rehearsal today," I grumbled.

"Who invited you?" Bella teased, poking me in the ribs. I glowered at her. "Kidding, just kidding. Come on, baby. Let's enjoy the tub, relax and go to bed early. We both have an early call tomorrow."

"Kay, Bella. I love you," I murmured, nuzzling her neck, kissing behind her ear.

"I love you more, baby."


The next few weeks were a blur of activity, shooting, stunt work, and pure exhaustion. It was amazing but overwhelming in the amount of stuff we needed to accomplish by the first of December. We had a week left on location before the film was wrapped, permanently, save for reshoots if need be. The only thing left to shoot was the dance scene at the very end of the movie. I was currently in wardrobe, getting fitted for my tuxedo. Bella was in her trailer, getting her hair curled and whatnot for the scene.

Things were stressful between the two of us after the interviews for a couple of reasons. The first reason was that our schedules were insanely hectic. That was understandable. We were there to do a job. We barely had any time to be alone together during our down time. Besides, we had some time that we needed to make up because of the earthquake and shift in locales.

The second reason was that Bella was not really feeling well, fighting a cold or the flu. She was miserable and sufficiently made the rest of us miserable. Now, she wasn't bitchy or anything. She was just exhausted and whiny. This morning, she woke up with a 102-degree fever and a body-wrecking cough. I felt my for my girl. I truly did. I just prayed that I didn't get infected with her funk. But, I was. I'd slept with her each night while she was sick. It was only a matter of time before I succumbed to whatever it was she had.

Carlisle slipped into the trailer and he plopped down on the couch across from me. "I think we'll be done on time," he said, smiling widely. "Tonight we have the inside scenes for the dance sequence and tomorrow, weather permitting, we'll do the exterior shots. It'll be a wrap!"

"Really?" I asked, looking at my uncle in the mirror.

"Yeah. I mean, there may be some reshoots as I go through all of the footage, but I'm almost certain that I can say that it's an official wrap tomorrow night. We can spend Thanksgiving in LA," he said, running his hands through his hair.

"How's Bella?" I questioned as Ginny breezed into the trailer. She fussed over my hair and adjusted my pale makeup. In a blink of an eye, Ginny was gone.

"Were you talking to Ginny or me?" Carlisle chuckled.

"You, Uncle C," I snickered.

He rolled his eyes, leaning back on the couch. "She's pretty miserable. Ginny had to do some major spackling underneath her eyes. The circles were pretty dark. If the fever doesn't break by tomorrow, I'm sending her to the doctor."

"She won't go. Bella's so freaking stubborn," I chuckled as I picked up my props from the fridge inside of the trailer: a boutonniere and corsage for Bella. The wardrobe assistant left after she finished brushing off my black tux. "Can you put this on me?"

"Ugh, I'm horrible at these," Carlisle grumbled. He took it out of the container, crookedly pinning to the lapel. "Shit."

"Here," I said, slipping off my coat. "Put it on. I'll pin it on you and then put the jacket back on."

I managed to put on the boutonniere and put the coat back on, buttoning it. Carlisle straightened out the jacket before looking up at me. His gray/blue eyes were filled with trepidation. "How are you doing, Edward? I mean, really?"

"About?" I asked.

"Chicago? Bella? The movie?" he pressed, arching a brow.

"Bella's amazing," I smiled wistfully. "I feel complete with her, Carlisle. I have some sort of purpose being in this relationship. The job as being her security guard was unfulfilling and I felt empty. Our friendship was special but the idea of being with her was too much. Once I laid out my emotions in front of her, everything clicked and the planets aligned…"

"Good, Edward," Carlisle said, squeezing my shoulder.

"Now, Chicago? That was tough. Tougher than I anticipated," I muttered, turning away from my uncle. "But, in a way it was good because it solidified a lot of things."

"Such as?"

"Chicago isn't home anymore," I said. "Secondly, I need to move on and in order to do so, I had to say goodbye to my parents, which I did. Finally, I'm selling the house. It was put on the market at the beginning of November. It's gotten a few nibbles and even one random offer that was so below market that I said no, but there's time."

"Wow," Carlisle replied after blowing out a low whistle. "What about the movie?"

"Ask me at the premier," I deadpanned. Carlisle threw back his head, laughing loudly. "Shouldn't you be doing final preps or some shit like that?"

"I should be but I had to walk away since my assistant director was driving me nuts with the damn lights," Carlisle grumbled. "She wanted more purple but I was adamant that it would make the set look like a sci-fi film. I think pinks, and red would be more appropriate. So, I left, leaving it in the hands of my other assistant director. Maybe they can come up with something magical." He checked his watch. "I'm going to head back. Be on set in ten minutes, Edward."

"Kay," I replied as he darted out of the trailer. Picking up my script, I reviewed my lines. There weren't a lot but they were all pretty critical in setting up the next movie. That took me a few minutes. I decided to walk to the set. Inside, the soundstage was decorated like a high school gym. The lights were warm and not purple. Carlisle was probably pretty pleased.

"Edward?" called my girl. Her voice sounded so scratchy and rough. I turned and smiled softly. She looked so beautiful in a deep teal taffeta dress with wide-set straps. Her hair was curled and her jewelry was fairly casual, as per her character called for. She hobbled toward me, wearing a walking cast. In the fight scene, her character broke her leg and subsequently needed the cast. "You look so handsome."

"Thank you, dolcezza," I said, picking up her hand and kissing her wrist. "You look so beautiful, too. Even with the boot."

"Ugh," Bella groaned. "I feel so lopsided with this stupid thing. Not to mention, I'm freezing. Stupid flu."

I brought my hand up to her forehead and she was very warm. I frowned. "Bella…"

"I'm fine," she replied. "Ginny gave me some over the counter flu medication. Plus, Esme brought the doctor. She had had enough with my hacking. I'm getting a prescription of Tamiflu."

"Good," I breathed.

"Alright folks! We've got six shots to get through today!" Carlisle shouted through the loud speaker. "Up first is the grand entrance of Becca and Daniel into the dance. Everyone take your mark…background music…playback!" Bella and I walked to our first mark. Ginny quickly touched up our makeup, fluffing Bella's hair slightly. She scampered away, standing behind Carlisle and Esme. "Quiet on set! ACTION!"

The music was pulsing, making our insides rattle. In character, Bella was looking around the 'gym' with wide eyes. I just smirked, holding her hand in mine as she worked her way through the crowd. Alice and Jasper were doing an intricate dance on the dance floor while Emmett and Tanya were making out, like their characters were known for, which was being horny. One of the human characters was shimmying in our faces, causing Bella to stumble back against me. I wrapped my arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck.

"CUT! Excellent. Let's do it one more time before we move to the scene on the gazebo," Carlisle barked into the loudspeaker. We did the scene twice more since the second take was, as Carlisle said, flat as a pancake. Bella and I moved our scenes to the gazebo while the second assistant director got some extra film of the dance. We had one scene here plus an additional scene we'd film tomorrow, pending the weather.

Bella was shivering as Carlisle moved the cameras to the gazebo. I took off my jacket, wrapping it around her tiny body. "Thanks," she said tiredly. Her voice sounded stronger but she still looked so weak in the eyes.

"Only a few more hours, dolcezza," I whispered. She nodded.

"Right, while they finish up with the cameras, I want to go over a few things," Carlisle said. He saw Bella, swaying and trying to stay upright. "You okay, Bella?"

"Still fighting the flu," she quipped, giving him a half-hearted smile. "The meds are wearing off and I'm a little light-headed."

"By all means, please sit down," Carlisle said as he got up from his chair, pushing Bella into the seat. He felt her forehead. "Sweetheart, you're burning up."

"I'm fine. I want to finish this," she argued feebly.

"How long has she been sick, Edward?" Carlisle asked me.

"Ask me, Carlisle," Bella growled.

"You'll lie just to finish the scene. Bella, you're so stubborn," Carlisle chuckled. "This is your health."

"A week and a half," I answered. Bella smacked me but it barely registered since she was so sick.

"Esme got me Tamiflu from the doctor," Bella grumbled. Carlisle barked at his PA for a thermometer. Bella still shivered underneath my jacket. A few minutes later, the PA returned with the thermometer, shoving it into Bella's ear. "Hey! Be kind! Sick person!"

"104.3," chirped the PA.

Carlisle pursed his lips. "You are so going back to the hotel and sleeping until this fever breaks, young lady."

"I'm f…"

"No, you're not," Carlisle and I both said.

"I've performed with higher fevers than this," Bella said, crossing her arms over her chest. "We need to finish these scenes. We're already behind schedule because of the earthquake and recasting Daniel and Katherine. Please? Let me try?"

"We'll try it but if your illness registers on film, we're stopping until you get better," Carlisle bargained. Bella smiled, knowing that she won. The lighting director was making final touches on the gazebo. It was covered in twinkle lights, giving it an ethereal, magical feeling. Carlisle talked us through the scene and the shots he wanted to take. Bella nodded but she wasn't all there. Her eyes were glazed over. "Let's do this," Carlisle smiled.

My uncle helped her out of the chair and he handed me my jacket. I slipped it on, offering my hand to Bella. We walked to our first mark, just outside of the gazebo. I snaked my arm around Bella's tiny waist. "Are you sure you're okay?" I whispered in her ear.

"I'm fine," she replied, sidling up to me. I was beginning to abhor the word 'fine.' Clearly she wasn't fine based off the blank stare and mouth breathing she was doing.

"Quiet on the set!" Carlisle yelled. "Action!"

"I can't believe you brought me to prom," Bella grumbled, acting like Becca. "Prom, Daniel? Really?"

We hobbled to the gazebo where I stopped us. "Becca, I wanted you to experience all of the human experiences that I missed out on," I explained.

"Daniel, you're a hundred and fifteen," Bella grumbled. "They didn't have prom during your time."

"That may be so, but I wanted to escort my beautiful girlfriend to what you think is a trivial high school dance," I said, taking her hot face in my hands. "If I do change you, this…will no longer exist. Not for awhile."

"I don't care. I hate dancing. I love you and I want to be with you. I was hoping…"

"Hoping what?" I murmured.

"I was hoping you'd change me. Tonight. That's why you had me all dressed up," Bella frowned.

"You thought that I'd dress you up in a gorgeous dress so I could change you? Turn you into a monster? To take away your soul?" I asked, my anger growing.

"Daniel, you're not a monster," Bella replied, placing her hands on top of mine. "You're an angel. So beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful, Daniel. However, the most beautiful part of you is your soul."

I scoffed and stepped away, crossing my arms. "I'm a soulless monster, Becca. A killer," I spat.

"You didn't kill me," she whispered, stepping behind me. "You saved me, Daniel. You protected me. Please?"

"Please, what?"

"Please don't think that you're a monster. That you don't have a soul because you do," she hissed, pulling on my arm. "If you were truly a soulless monster, you wouldn't feel so upset about my injuries or about what happened. You wouldn't have saved me. You love me and I love you. I'll love you forever and I want to be with you, for eternity. Can't that time start now?"

I turned around, gathering Bella in my arms. "Right now?"

"Please?" she whimpered.

Slowly, I bent her over, cradling her body against mine. "You want me to take you. Right here and right now."

"Please, Daniel. I want nothing more," she pleaded. My nose ran along her neck, which was on display. She gasped as my lips lightly brushed against her pulse point. I kissed her softly before righting her. "What?"

"Not tonight, my love," I purred, taking her face in my hands. "Let's enjoy the time we have together for now." I furrowed my brows as if I was in pain before I tenderly kissed her. My character, Daniel, was very attracted to Becca's blood and wanted to kill her all of the time since it was so sweet to him. The way the author described it was like heroin to a drug addict.

"CUT!" Carlisle barked. Bella jumped, stumbling over her own feet. I wrapped my arms around her body to prevent her from tumbling ass over heels. Carlisle's gaze was on the screen. He didn't look pleased. Bella was barely able to stand up straight. I had to hold her against my body to stop her from drooping to the ground in a puddle of goo. Carlisle got up and looked at my girl. She frowned, dropping her gaze to my uncle's Chuck Taylors. "How did you think you did, Bella? Be honest."

"I sucked," she grumbled. "I should be fired."

"Nonsense," Carlisle said. "You're sick. You need to rest. We'll finish up in two days. I'm thinking that you'll beat this thing by then." She nodded and with my help, walked back to her trailer.

Four days later, we finished filming the final scene and Carlisle gleefully announced that Midnight Dawn was officially wrapped. Two days after that, we were all heading back to our respective homes in Los Angeles. Emmett was going to stay with Bella while he looked for a new home, since he let Rose keep their house in Hollywood Hills. Once we got off our flight, we all were walking down to the baggage claim. The paps were all hovering outside.

"Vultures," Bella spat under her breath.

"Tell me about it," Emmett agreed.

"Just ignore them," Angela said as she pulled down her sunglasses. We all left the airport, being inundated with assholes shoving cameras into our faces and screaming questions.

"When did you start dating your bodyguard, Bella?"

"Is it true that you slept with your manager, Ms. Swan? Did he get you hooked on drugs?"

"Do you have HIV, Isabella?"

"Did you fuck Carlisle Cullen for the role of Becca in your new film?"

"Where did you hear that?" Emmett roared.

"Confidential source, Mr. McCarty," the paparazzo said with a smirk. "Is your ire proof that it's the truth?"

"Emmett," Angela hissed. "Shut. UP."

"Or is the fact that your ex-wife sold you out to the highest bidder the reason for your anger?" he snorted humorlessly, tossing a magazine into Emmett's chest. Emblazoned across the top of the cover was a very salacious headline.

Emmett McCarty is a Wife-Beater: Rosalie Hale Tells All


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