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Chapter Fourteen: Things to be Thankful For…


Four days later, we finished filming the final scene and Carlisle gleefully announced that Midnight Dawn was officially wrapped. Two days after that, we were all heading back to our respective homes in Los Angeles. Emmett was going to stay with Bella while he looked for a new home, since he let Rose keep their house in Hollywood Hills. Once we got off our flight, we all were walking down to the baggage claim. The paps were all hovering outside.

"Vultures," Bella spat under her breath.

"Tell me about it," Emmett agreed.

"Just ignore them," Angela said as she pulled down her sunglasses. We all left the airport, being inundated with assholes shoving cameras into our faces and screaming questions.

"When did you start dating your bodyguard, Bella?"

"Is it true that you slept with your manager, Ms. Swan? Did he get you hooked on drugs?"

"Do you have HIV, Isabella?"

"Did you fuck Carlisle Cullen for the role of Becca in your new film?"

"Where did you hear that?" Emmett roared.

"Confidential source, Mr. McCarty," the paparazzo said with a smirk. "Is your ire proof that it's the truth?"

"Emmett," Angela hissed. "Shut. UP."

"Or is the fact that your ex-wife sold you out to the highest bidder the reason for your anger?" he snorted humorlessly, tossing a magazine into Emmett's chest. Emblazoned across the top of the cover was a very salacious headline.

Emmett McCarty is a Wife-Beater: Rosalie Hale Tells All



"Emmett, come on," Edward hissed as he pulled on Emmett's arm. "We need to get out of the crowd." Emmett stared blankly at the magazine. Edward leaned up and whispered something in Emmett's ear. It broke Emmett's reverie and we moved quickly through the airport, still being hounded by the paps. We got into a waiting SUV and sped away from the airport. Emmett was tense, his hands in rigid claws.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"We're going to drive to my place in the Palisades," Angela explained. She rattled off the address to the driver who got onto the highway.

"What's the plan after that?" Edward asked.

"Call my attorney," Emmett sneered. "She's going down. What a hateful, vindictive bitch! I hate her."

"We know, Emmy," I whispered, running my hand through his hair. "We all do."

"I'm going to be portrayed like that one rapper who beat up his girlfriend," Emmett spat. "I'm not like that. My reputation will forever be tarnished by this, Bella. Rose has fucking ruined me!"

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Angela snapped. "She's gone too far, Emmett. I know you're not my client but whoever your publicist and manager are, they are doing a piss-poor job of keeping your name out of the tabloids. As soon as that suit was filed, they should have headed off Rose at the pass."

"Will you take me? Will you represent me?" Emmett asked, looking at Angela.

"Yes, I will. But, right now, I'm going to handle this as a friend. You call your attorney and I'm going to contact the magazine that has those slanderous words on the cover," Angela fumed. She punched in a few numbers, holding the phone to her ear. Emmett dialed Eleazar as he held my hand. My normally jovial cousin was somber and pissed off. Hell, so was I. The overall mood in the car was edgy and upset. Rose had crossed so many lines with this…ugh!

An hour in the car, listening to two very tense conversations, we arrived at Angela and Ben's home. It was a traditional home with a large gate. We all clambered out of the SUV. Angela paid the driver and ushered us inside of the house. Now, inside was anything but traditional. Everything was sleek and contemporary. The colors that were splashed all around the home were beige, brown and red. It was very attractive.

Ben was watching television when we came in. Angela gave him a kiss as she was on the phone. Emmett slumped down at the kitchen island, talking quietly with Eleazar. Ben looked at Edward and me, frowning in confusion. "What's going on?" Edward didn't reply. He just handed Ben a copy of the magazine that was thrust in Emmett's hands. "Holy crap. Rosalie did this?"

"Yes, sir," I answered. "I'm so pissed at her. What I wouldn't give to go to the house and beat the shit out of her?!"

"Down, tiger," Edward snickered, pulling me to his side. "Rose is going to be in a world of hurt. With Eleazar and Angela attacking her, she's as good as done for in this town."

"Imagine if she's spreading these lies about Emmett, imagine what she could be saying about any one of us, Edward," I frowned. "Your uncle, Alice, you, me…"

Edward sighed, kissing my forehead. "What she says isn't true, Bella. If she tries that shit with us, she's going down," he murmured.

"Well, fuck you, too!" Angela screamed. "You'll be hearing from my client's attorney. Your lovely little trash mag will be brought down in flames for these scathing, bold-faced lies you've spread. Until then, I suggest finding another job since you're screwed." Angela hung up the phone, pinching her nose.

"Babe?" Ben asked, walking over to her. "What did they say?"

"That Rose had proof of the abuse. She took pictures of her 'battered' body to share with the story," Angela spat. She swiped the magazine from her fiancé's hands, flipping pages angrily. "Here…do those look photo-shopped?"

Ben looked at the pictures, scrutinizing them under his expert eyes. "There may have been bruising on her skin but some of it may have been added electronically, I think. I'd have to see the original photo," Ben explained.

"I never laid a finger on Rose! Each time we touched, I thought it was out of love. She had help," Emmett yelled from the kitchen. "Based off those pictures, they were taken recently. Her hair was the same color from the Midnight Dawn shoot. I haven't seen her since Palm Springs."

"We need proof to support those allegations," Edward said. "Does Rose have any friends who would do this for her?"

"I don't know. Rose hated my guts," I snorted. "She's the reason why I never had a relationship with my cousin after they got married."

"Let's not add fuel to the fire," Ben said calmly. "Those are some hefty allegations of trying to prove she had help in obtaining those bruises or they were photo-shopped."

Emmett had ended his phone call with Eleazar. His face was pulled into a deep frown. "My attorney thinks that Rose is fabricating the whole thing to get more money out of me. Like I said, I never touched her in anger. I only ever loved her. Eleazar is using his daughter in the LAPD to do some research along with some private detectives to put an end to this bullshit. Additionally, I'm also suing her separately from Carlisle and Esme. Rose has…fucked with the wrong man and she's going down. She won't own a single thing due to the amount of money she will be paying me. She will be ruined in regards to her career. Her only hope for a job is a greeter at Walmart."

"Nah," Edward snorted. "She's too cranky for that."

"True. She'd actually have to be nice," Emmett replied. "Now, I'm tired and cranky. Not to mention hungry enough that I can eat a house. Can we go home now? Well, not home, home but Bella's home. Do I have to hear you two fuck? 'Cause if I do, I'm going to kill myself."

"Emmett, shut up," I hissed. Edward was hiding behind me, his face flaming against my hair.

"I'm kidding, Bellaboo," he replied, ruffling my hair. I glowered at him. "Seriously, though. Can we go? I'd like to start looking for new digs. The ultimate bachelor pad, you know? The swankiest place to bring women who dig all of this." He ran his hands along his chest, waggling his brows suggestively.

"Emmett, you are too much," Edward snickered. "I mean, you are suing your ex-wife for defamation of character and slander after having lies spread about you about being an abusive husband. You were so pissed in the car. Now? You're making jokes and shit."

"I can choose to be bitter and vindictive like she-who-shall-not-be-named, or I can choose to be a goofball. I'm choosing the latter since that's who I am," Emmett said seriously. "Though, I don't want to hear your collective moaning. It's like a porn studio with you two."

"Emmett, you don't have to worry about the porn studio," Edward explained. "I'm probably going to sleep at my own place after tonight."

"What?" I whimpered.

"I haven't been there in nearly two months, Bella. I'm paying rent for a place I'm not staying at. I have to make sure that everything's kosher. Get my mail, pay my bills, do my laundry, throw away the science experiment in my fridge," he said quietly, caressing my cheeks. I nodded. Edward and I weren't living together. I didn't expect him to stay with me.

Did I?

Maybe on some level, I did. We'd spent the past two months since the beginning of our relationship together. It'll be weird to not sleep with him; to wake up to his delightfully sleep-rumpled face and sex hair; to not feel his warmth all around me as we cuddle after we make love… "Come on," I whispered. "We should go. I'm probably in the same boat with my place, too."

Ben helped us into his Lexus SUV and he drove us back to my condo. Emmett and Ben were in the front, chatting quietly. Edward and I were in the back with the bags. I was staring out of the window, dealing with my unexplained sadness and anger in Edward's statement. Not to mention, my insecurities came roaring back.

Does he not want me?

Is our relationship over?

Did I fuck up?

"Dolcezza, I see you seething over there," Edward crooned, picking up my hand. "We'll talk once we get back to your condo."

I sniffled, nodding at his statement. However, I didn't look at him in fear of bursting into tears, sobbing hideously. I was so overtired and stressed. This shouldn't be bothering me as much as it is, but I think it's due to my emotional turmoil over Emmett's situation with Rose, my exhaustion and being travel weary.

The ride back to my place was tense. Ben pulled into the circle and we all scrambled out of the car. Thankfully, there were no paparazzi hovering in the bushes. The security guys at the complex are pretty fucking awesome when it came to getting rid of those parasites. I'm not the only celebrity in the complex. There were about ten other celebs who lived with me. However, Frank, my friendly neighborhood homeless stalker, was scowling at us from across the street. I gave him a half-hearted wave. He snarled, kicking over his grocery cart.

"Who's that?" Emmett asked.

"Frank. My quasi stalker," I shrugged. "He's harmless. Shrubbery and his grocery cart get the brunt of his ire."

"What's up, Frankie?" Emmett bellowed across the street. Frank jumped and he scurried away, terrified at Emmett's yell. Rolling my eyes, I shoved my cousin toward the door. We hugged Ben before he hopped in the car to drive back to Ang. We were greeted by one of the newer doormen. I explained to him that my cousin was staying with me and wouldn't need to be rung up. Emmett's name was added to the list and we went upstairs to my condo.

"I'm not looking forward to going in here," I grumbled. "I can only imagine the smell."

"I think Ginny swung by," Emmett said as he shifted his bags on his shoulders. "She made sure that everything was working properly after the earthquake."

"Oh," I said as I unlocked the door. I was expecting the stench of rotting food to hit my nose. Instead, the scent of slightly stagnant air filled my nostrils. On the kitchen counter was a note from Ginny. She explained that she had emptied out my fridge and made sure everything was okay after the earthquake. I was so grateful for her. I made the decision to buy her a little something as a token of my appreciation. The stale air, though, was a bit much. The lingering scent of my cigarettes needed to be aired out. "Ugh, we need to open this place up. It's not good."

I walked to the patio door and cracked it open. Edward found my lighter and lit a few candles. Emmett stood awkwardly, unsure as to what to do. "So, boys, what do you want for dinner? The takeout menus are in the top left drawer next to the sink."

"Pizza," both of them replied. I giggled and handed Edward the menu for our favorite pizza joint. He dialed the number, ordering three large deep dish pizzas, garlic bread, mozzarella sticks and a six pack of beer.

"I'm going to shower and start some laundry," I said. "Let me know when the pizza gets here."

"I've got it, Bellaboo," Emmett said as he took out his wallet.

I kissed my cousin's cheek, walking back to my room. The bed was unmade. The sheets were in a tangle, reminiscent of the first time with Edward. I inhaled, trying to catch the scent of our lovemaking. It had long since faded. It had been two months since we were in here last. A pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist. I jumped. "It's just me, dolcezza," Edward murmured.

"Shower with me?" I asked, trying to keep my voice from quaking.

"Of course, Bella," he said, nuzzling my neck with his nose. "Though, you smell like a flower."

"I feel grimy. I hate flying," I grumbled, grabbing his hand. We walked into my bathroom and stripped out of our clothes. Once the water was at the temperature I wanted, I slipped into the shower. Edward was right behind me. We tenderly washed each other's bodies. However, I couldn't look at Edward's face. I know I'd be a sobbing mess. It was irrational, I know but I wanted Edward to stay with me. We had, for all intents and purposes, lived together for the past two months. I don't know if I can be without him.

"Bella, look at me," Edward said.

I shook my head, leaning forward and pressing my ear to Edward's chest. I listened to the steady thrum of his heartbeat, knowing that tomorrow night, it would be gone.

"Bella, this isn't permanent," he whispered against my damp hair.

"I know," I sniffled, wrapping my arms around his slender waist.

"We've got Thanksgiving and then you have your press tour for Snow White," he explained. "I'm coming with you on that."

"You are?" I asked, pulling back to look at him.

"I have to be available for reshoots, but the director and Angela gave me the thumbs up. I had Ang buy me tickets for each of your stops," he said, kissing my lips.

"All of them?"

"It's going to be a whirlwind between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but yes, dolcezza. I'm coming with you," he said, brushing his lips against my throat. He looked at me. His golden eyes were black with desire. "In more ways than two."

I smiled as he lifted me up, pinning me against the wall. He was hard and ready. Easily, he slid inside of me. Edward's movements were languorous, claiming me slowly as he made love to me in my shower. We were quiet, not wanting to disturb my cousin. With each kiss, a moan was stopped. Edward was panting against my neck. "So fucking tight, Bella. I can't fucking get enough of you," he whispered. "But, I need more." He unwrapped my legs and slid out of me. "Turn around, Isabella. Hold onto that wall while I fuck you, baby."

I turned around and wiggled my ass to him. With a growl, he smacked my ass before dipping his fingers inside of my needy pussy. "So, wet," he purred. "All for me?"

"Yes, Edward," I panted. "Fuck me, please. Make me come. Make me come all of your cock."

He smiled, toying with my lower lips. I could feel the dampness between my legs and it wasn't from the shower. I was so turned on that it coated his fingers and his cock easily. With a smirk, he removed his fingers from me and lined up with my entrance. I put my leg up on the bench so he could have better access. He groaned, seeing my body spread for him. With a grunt, he entered me from behind. His right hand reached my other entrance. With his middle finger, he slid inside of my ass as he began thrusting inside of me in concert with his hips.

"Yessssssssssss!" I moaned, bucking against him.

"You have to be quiet, Isabella," he said. "No porno studio."

"Hmmm, you're fucking me with your dick and fingering my ass," I teased. "In the shower. Baby, we are a walking, fucking porno…I want more of it. I want you inside of me, fucking my ass."

"Not now, Bella," he said. "I want that to be special." Edward leaned forward, still fucking my ass with his finger and pounding into my pussy. "Play with your clit, baby. Make yourself come. I want to feel you shatter all around me, Isabella. You hear me?"

I whimpered, reaching between my legs and furiously rubbing my clit. Edward was swiveling his hips as he brought me closer to the brink. His mouth was attached my back while his other hand was squeezing my breast. He had added another finger to my ass. All of the sensations were causing my body to sing in pleasure. The angle that Edward was entering me with his cock, hit just the perfect spot in my pussy. "Oh, God. Oh, GOD!" I chanted, bucking against Edward. "I'm so fucking close, baby. Harder."

"Your wish…my command," he grunted out, moving his hand to my hip. His body was moving at breakneck speed, causing me to lose my shit relatively quickly. It took all of my control to not scream in utter ecstasy as my pussy quaked from Edward's expert fucking. My orgasm triggered Edward's and he spilled inside of me, kissing my neck as he shuddered. His thrusts slowed and he slid out of my pussy. His fingers left my asshole. He wrapped his arms around my body, moving me to the bench. I was seated on his lap. His nose was running along my pulse point, pressing soft kisses to my sensitive skin. "Love you, dolcezza," he murmured. "I needed that. It's been too long since we'd made love."

"Edward, that was not making love. That was dirty, raunchy fucking," I giggled.

"Fucking, making love, having sex…it's all magical with you," he purred, kissing my lips softly. "Now, I truly worked up an appetite. I hope Emmett didn't eat all of the pizza."

I snorted. "He's probably holding it hostage because we weren't that quiet."

"Hell, no! I want my fucking pizza!" Edward said as he turned off the water. We dried off and went to change. In the kitchen, Emmett was scowling at us. He was guarding the pizza with his massive body. "Dude, please?"

"Porn stars! You're fucking porn stars," Emmett glowered, giving both Edward and I the stink eye. "Can't you go five minutes without ravishing each other?"

"I'll have you know that it had been a couple of weeks since we last 'ravished' each other," I quipped. "So, yes. We can go more than five minutes. Step away from the pizza, McCarty. We're hungry!"

"That's because you fucked each other so hard, you lost too many calories," Emmett snorted, moving away from the pizza. "Please, no more?"

"I can't make any promises," Edward replied, getting out some plates. "But, we'll try to be quiet of we do."

Emmett scowled but accepted Edward's promise. We settled into the kitchen and devoured three large pizzas and all of the trimmings before lazing on the couch. Well, the guys lazed on the couch. I started laundry. We had a couple of days before Thanksgiving and then a world-wind ten city tour for my new movie. It started with the premier in LA on November 28th, then a stop in New York, London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Cairo, Beijing, Tokyo and Sydney. We'd be back for the wrap party for the Midnight Dawn Saga on December 20th. Three weeks of non-stop travel, with no more than a few days at each stop, spanning the entire globe. I was dreading it. Edward, I could tell, was excited for it.

This coming week, I had an appointment with my stylist to choose my dresses for each of the premiers. The director had suggested black, red, blue and purple for my dresses. Not wanting to ruffle any feathers, I had my stylist pull gowns in those colors.

Shortly after I switched over the laundry, Emmett said that he was tired. I led him to the guest bedroom. He thanked me, kissing my cheek before closing the door. I frowned and padded back to the living room. Edward was laying on the couch, idly flipping channels. I jumped on top of him.

"Ooomph!" he groaned. "Warn a guy, next time." He lightly smacked my ass as I settled on top of him, pressing my ear against his chest. "Is Emmett okay?"

"No," I replied. "He's putting up a good front."

"I can't believe Rose would stoop that low," Edward hissed.

"She's a bitch," I shrugged. "She makes me look like a fucking kitten."

"You are not a bitch, dolcezza," Edward said. "You're strong and sometimes that can be misconstrued as being bitchy."

"Nah, I'm a bitch to the people that I hate. Jacob, James, paparazzi, Rose," I said, arching a brow.

"If you say so," Edward replied, kissing my neck and slipping his warm hand underneath my t-shirt. "Hmmm, so soft, Bella."

"I believe we have a challenge to live up to," I breathed lowly.

"And what's that?"

"Making love without making a sound," I said, waggling my brows.

"Oooooh, the gauntlet's been thrown down, baby," Edward snorted. "Game on!"

Suffice it to say, we didn't keep our promise and made love all night long, not caring who heard us.


The next day, Edward left my condo to head to his apartment. I was sad when he left but understood why he had to. So, I reluctantly let him go. Afterward, Emmett and I went to Eleazar's office to discuss his case. While we were there, Eleazar told me about James and Jacob's charges. They had been released on bond. I was pissed off that some judge had released them, but I couldn't do anything about it. I was grateful that Emmett was staying with me. I had additional protection with my cousin. He was huge and I know he intimidated Jacob.

As I was driving Emmett to pick out a new car, Edward had texted me a picture. It was of his fridge. It was foul and nasty. The power hadn't gone on right away after the quake in his apartment. All of his food inside the refrigerator had spoiled. Plus, some things had green fuzz on it. Upon seeing that, Edward decided to get a cleaning service to attack his fridge since it was so gross.

His irrational fear of mold also solidified that decision.

Um, ewwww…

The following day, I met up with my stylist and chose my dresses for the premiers. I also found tuxedos for Edward to wear as my date and boyfriend. He always looked so good in Gucci and Dior. When I was finished with my stylist, I received a phone call from Edward's aunt.


"Hi, Bella," she said. "It's Esme."

"Hey, Esme. How are you doing?" I asked as I walked back to my car. I slid inside and cradled my phone between my face and my shoulder.

"Eh," she responded. "Things are going forward with the case against Rosalie but there are some issues."

"Anything I can help with?"

"No. It's the studio's issue. They lost her non-disclosure agreement," Esme huffed. "Sure, they did. Anyhow, that's not the reason why I'm calling. In a couple of days, it's Thanksgiving. I'm certain my nephew has yet to ask you but we'd like you and your cousin to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. Tanya, Angela, and Ben are already in for the meal but since I hadn't heard from you…I can safely assume that Edward has neglected to ask you."

"He has," I chuckled. "I'd be honored. Can I bring anything?"

"Just your smiling face and your cousin," Esme replied.

"There's got to be something I can bring," I frowned. "A casserole? A pie?"

"If you insist on bringing something, then I'll leave it up to you. We're having turkey and all of the fixin's," Esme said. "If you could be there with Edward and Emmett in tow by two; that would be fabulous."

"We'll be there, Esme. Thank you for the invitation," I said. "I'll give you a call and let you know what I'm bringing when I figure it out. Okay?"

"Sounds great, sweetie. Talk to you later," Esme sang before she hung up.

With a growl, I tapped out a text to Edward.

You're in big trouble, mister! – Dolcezza

What did I do? :-/ - E

Um, Thanksgiving? Your aunt just called – D

Crap. I totally forgot, dolcezza. I'm so sorry. Will you go to Thanksgiving with me and my family? ;-) –E

Don't think that the adorable emoticons will negate the fact that you effed up, Edward Anthony. But, yes, I'll go with you. Because you forgot, you get to help me figure out what to bring – D

I bet my Aunt said to bring nothing, right? – E

Yep, but I'm still bringing something. Meet me at the grocery store near my condo. If you're available… :P – D

I'm always available for you, Bella. I'll be waiting at the entrance for you. Love you – E xoxo

Love you, too – D xoxo

I pocketed my phone and pulled away from the curb. I navigated the streets to the upscale grocery store, Frescos, ten minutes from my condo. Parking next to Edward's Volvo, I got out of my Audi. I thrust my purse over my shoulder and walked toward the entrance. My man was waiting for me. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a hoodie. On his head was a baseball cap. He looked so casual and sexy. "Hi," I purred, rising to my tiptoes to kiss him. Then, I smacked his chest.

"I'm sorry, baby," he said, reaching behind his back to give me a single rose. "It slipped my mind. I had been crazy with the shit-ton of scripts that were on my doorstep and dealing with my new celebrity."

"So that explains the hat?" I asked.

"Yeah. Plus, I need to get a haircut along with a dye job. The dark brown is growing out and it looks like ass," he grumbled. "It's on my list of shit to do for tomorrow."

I nodded, walking inside of the store. We wandered around in the produce section, hand in hand, searching for something to spark our interest for the side dish I was going to make for Thanksgiving. "How about a pie?" Edward suggested, holding up an apple pie.

"Too much work," I shrugged.

"No. This pie," he said, holding it out to me.

"I'm making something, Edward," I snorted. "Hmmmm, how about roasted asparagus?"

"My uncle can't eat it," Edward frowned. "He's had a history of kidney stones and passing those suckers is not pleasant."

"Yeesh," I shuddered. "No asparagus." I wandered around, trying to figure out what to make. I saw a special on sweet potatoes and made the decision to make my mom's famous sweet potato casserole that was more like a dessert than a side dish. Edward was grinning crookedly as I started picking up the potatoes. "Just be aware…you're mashing these, stud. Penance for neglecting to tell me about Thanksgiving."

"Deal," he nodded.

We worked quickly and picked up all of the ingredients for my side dish. Afterward, Edward came over to my place and had dinner with Emmett and me. I told my cousin about Thanksgiving. He was over the moon happy that Esme had thought about inviting him. Emmett decided to get several bottles of wine for the dinner.

Edward stayed the night and went to the salon that Ginny was associated with to get his hair cut and dyed the following day. When he came back, I was boiling the water for the sweet potatoes. Edward had his bag slung over his shoulder. His hair was back to its unruly bronze mop. I grinned giddily, seeing him back to normal.

"I like it," I cooed, looking at him unabashedly. "Scratch that…I love it. I wish that you could keep that for the next film."

"Me, too. I just had Ginny strip the color from my hair and give me a haircut," he explained. "Where's Em?"

"Getting the wine and picking up his new car," I said. "He was bitching and moaning about how he hated my 'grandma-like' driving."

"Please," Edward chuckled. "You drive like Mario Andretti. Too fast."

I shrugged slightly before I nodded in agreement. "Apparently it was too slow for Emmett. So, he got a new car."

Edward slid onto the counter, looking at me. "What did he get?"

"A red one?" I giggled. "I don't know anything about cars. Jacob was the one who picked out my car that I'm currently driving. I only know what your car is because you made a big stink over getting a Volvo."

"God, Bella," Edward laughed. "You are…I love you, so much."

"I love you, too," I smirked. "So, you got your muscles ready to mash these potatoes?"

He flexed his arms, grimacing at me. "Primed and ready to go, dolcezza," he replied, kissing his bicep. I snorted and checked the potatoes to see if they were done.

"Well, get those muscles ready to go since the potatoes are finished," I said, gracefully stepping away from the stove. Edward picked up the stockpot, pouring it into the waiting colander in the sink. We worked together to peel the potatoes and put them into the large bowl. After they were all peeled, I handed Edward the potato smasher and he began working on squishing the orange goodness. Once they were no longer 'potato-shaped,' Edward switched to my mixer and I added the ingredients: cream, butter, a pinch of sugar and some cinnamon. Spooning the mixture into a casserole dish, I spread it out and put some aluminum foil over the top. All I had to do at Esme's tomorrow was to put the nut crumble mixture over the top and stick it into the oven.

I put the casserole dish into the fridge when Emmett came barreling through the door. "Bellaboo! You have to see my new car!"

"Holy crap!" I squeaked. "Jesus, Emmett. Turn down the volume!"

"Sorry," he stage-whispered. "Oh, hey, Eddie."

Edward growled at him. "Emmy," he replied.

Emmett rolled his eyes, "Seriously, though. You have to see my new wheels. They are SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!" He grabbed my hand, flipping me over his shoulder. I shrieked as he began sprinting down the hall to the elevator. Edward was laughing as he jogged behind us.

"Emmett, put me down," I admonished, wriggling in his arms.

"Why? You weigh like two pounds," Emmett snickered.

I smacked his back, earning grumbling chuckle. Once we were in the basement, Emmett put me down in front of one of my parking spots. There was a very red, very muscly, very Emmett-looking car parked inside. "Wow, Em. It looks great."

"Is this a 1970 Mustang?" Edward gushed, running his hand over the finish reverently.

"Hells yeah!" Emmett said. "I got the engine all hyped up and this baby purrs like a kitten. You want to go for a spin?"

"I kind of need shoes, Emmett," I said, pointing to my feet which were bare, on the garage floor. "Yuck."

Edward chuckled, sweeping me in his arms. "I'll protect you from the nasty floor germs."

"My hero," I giggled. "But, I still need shoes if we're going anywhere."

"Crap," Emmett frowned.


"So, we're taking separate cars?" Emmett asked. "Why?"

"Emmett, your car is awesome but the backseat is a little small and I'm wearing a dress," I said, indicating to my gray halter dress. "I don't want to wear my sweet potato casserole."

"Aunt Renee's casserole?" Emmett smirked. "With the pecan and cinnamon crumbles on top?"

"Yes, Emmett."

"By all means, take a separate car," Emmett gushed. "That is delicious and I could eat an entire pan of it."

"It's all about you, isn't it, Em?" Edward chuckled, walking out into the kitchen. He was wearing a pair of charcoal gray slacks and a black shirt. "Tie or no tie?"

"Hmmm, do you have your black vest?" I asked. "The one with the pinstripes?" Edward thought and then nodded. "Wear that. It's a little dressier than just a shirt but not as dressy as a tie." My sexy man darted back into my bedroom. A few moments later, he reemerged wearing his vest. "Perfect, baby."

"Thanks, dolcezza," he said, kissing my lips. "You look good enough to eat, Bella." His fingers glided along my bare back. "I'll be hard-pressed to not want to drag you into my room and feast from your body."

"Hmmmm," I grinned. I stood on my tiptoes, nibbling on his ears. "Nothing, baby. I'm wearing nothing underneath this little outfit. You can easily do so. My pussy is yearning for your tongue. It's one of the things that I'm thankful for this year."

"Dangerous girl," he said, pinching my ass. "And I will. Your pussy will be so thoroughly fucked by my tongue and my cock, you'll be feeling it for days."

"Porn stars," Emmett snorted good-naturedly.

I rolled my eyes and made sure I had everything for casserole. Edward just smirked as he stood behind me, poking me in the ass with his very evident arousal. My cousin grabbed his wine, muttering that he was going to stop at a local florist to pick up something for Esme and he left. "Nothing, dolcezza? You're not wearing underwear?"

"See for yourself," I said, cheeking out my ass and wiggling it for him.

"Spread your legs, Bella," he said, his voice like gravel. I looked at him as I moved my legs further apart. He bent down slightly, running his warm hand up my bare leg. Slowly, my skirt inched up and he caressed my bare ass. "Further apart, Bella." I complied. His fingers reached between my legs, brushing against my lower lips. I moaned when he flicked my clit a few times. "Already wet, Bella. Do you want me?"

"I'm aching for you," I purred. "But, we're running late."

"I can be fast," he said as he cupped my sex possessively.

I whimpered. "No, Edward. You can fuck me later," I panted out. "Besides, I don't want to be smelling of sex at your aunt's house. At least, not walking in, smelling of sex."

"Fine," he pouted. His hand left my body and he went to grab his car keys from the entryway.

"Aren't you going to wash your hands?" I asked as I smoothed out my skirt.

"Hell, no," he said as he slurped his middle finger that was just playing with me between his lips. "Delicious. A hundred times more appetizing than the turkey we're about to devour." He held out his hand. I took it and we went down to the parking garage. On the way to Carlisle and Esme's home, I told Edward our itinerary for our whirlwind trip around the globe. We had a little over a week to get ready for our trip. I explained that his tuxedos would be shipped along with my dresses to each of the premier locations.

A half hour later, we arrived at Carlisle and Esme's place. Emmett's car was parked in the driveway. Edward and I walked into the house, balancing the casserole and bag with the crumble in my hands. Inside, we could Emmett's loud booming laugh. "Jeesh, he makes the windows rattle," Edward breathed. "He's so loud."

"He is but at least he's happy-ish today," I shrugged. "Let me bring this into the kitchen."

"Kay," Edward replied, kissing my temple. Edward took the casserole from my hand and we wandered into the kitchen. It was filled with everyone. Tanya and Emmett were chattering near the island while Alice was talking with Jasper and Carlisle. Esme was basting the kitchen. "Hey, everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Edward, Bella! Welcome," Carlisle said as he hugged both of us. "I'm so glad that you both were able to come."

"Porn stars," Emmett coughed. Tanya smacked him. "What? They are."

"Do you want casserole, Emmett McCarty?" I hissed, pointing my finger at him.

"Yes…" he drawled.

"Then, shut up," I said, "Or you won't be getting any of the casserole."

"Okay, okay," he grumbled. He shot me a look that was absolutely pitiful. I just arched a brow. He heaved a resigned sigh, nodding somberly.

"Hi, Bella," Tanya said as she hugged me. "I love your dress. It's very cute."

"Thanks. I like your blouse. I think I have it in purple," I replied, touching her shoulder.

"I wasn't sure what to wear, so I went with dress pants and this," she giggled, plucking at her cream blouse. "Hi, Edward."

"Happy Thanksgiving, Tanya," he said, kissing her cheek. "Thank you for joining us."

"Esme was kind enough to invite me since my family lives in Alaska and I didn't want to travel this year," she explained.

"I like the hair. Ginny did a nice job with it," I said.

"She did. I'm so happy to not be platinum anymore," she giggled, fluffing her now toned-down blonde locks.

"Bella," Esme gushed, pulling me into her arms. "How are you?"

"I'm good," I whispered, relishing in her warm embrace. She reminded me so much of my mom that I didn't want to leave her arms. "Thank you again for the invite. I brought sweet potato casserole."

"Sounds wonderful," she said, running her fingers through my hair.

Edward and I both got a glass of wine and we settled into the living room. Everyone was scattered, talking about random things. Alice, Esme, Tanya and I were discussing about possibly going shopping at the ass-crack of dawn. I wanted to get some saucy lingerie for my trip. Edward and I may be traveling the entire globe in the span of three and half weeks, but it didn't mean that we wouldn't have time for lots and lots of sex.

Mile high club, anyone?

Shortly before five, Esme excused herself to get the meal ready to put on the table. I joined her along with Tanya. We both had brought something and needed to put them into the oven. Tanya brought green bean casserole and I had my sweet potato casserole. Thankfully, they both went into the oven at the same temperature, saving us both time. Working together with Esme and Tanya, we got the meal on the table and settled at our seats. Carlisle sat at the head of the table with Esme and Alice on either side. Emmett was seated next to Esme with Tanya next to him. Edward was at the other end of the table with me sitting to his right, next to Jasper.

"Before we eat, we have a tradition of saying what we're thankful for," Carlisle said. "Sometimes it's serious, sometimes it's funny, but the one thing that your most thankful for in this past year. Esme, would you like to start?"

"Thanks, baby," she smiled. "The one thing that I'm grateful for is my family. It's grown so much this year. We have several new faces and I'm so happy for that." Emmett, Tanya and I blushed, murmuring our thanks to Esme. "Emmett, you go next."

"Well, right now, I'm thankful for my 'Stang. However, I'm also thankful for my family, too. Bellaboo, thank you for opening up your home and letting me stay with you while I deal with this business with…Voldemort, also known as my ex-wife. Love you, cuz."

"Love you, too, Emmett," I said.

"I'm also grateful for new friends. Edward, thanks for being there for me and Tanya, I appreciate your smile especially now."

"You're welcome, Emmett," Tanya replied, squeezing his shoulder. There was a few beats of silence before Tanya realized that she was next. "Oh! Right…what am I thankful for? I'm thankful for the opportunity to be in this film with everyone here. The circumstances surrounding my casting were unfortunate, but I've made so many good friends. I'm thankful for that and for the people sitting here at this table."

Edward smiled, reaching over to hold my hand. "I'm most thankful for my Bella. My dolcezza. For the first time since my parents' death, I feel whole and loved. Now, don't get me wrong…I love each of you immensely but I'm so glad that I can finally be with you, Bella. You're my best friend and so much more."

I sniffled, staring at him. No one…no one had ever made me feel the way he does. A simple gaze from his golden eyes and a crooked grin was all I needed. "Wow," I whispered. Edward just blushed and kissed the palm of my hand. "Um, I guess that means that I'm next, right?"

"If my cousin hasn't dazzled you," Alice snickered. Edward groaned and stuck his tongue out at Alice. She just giggled.

"Right, so…I'm thankful for so much this year. First off, I'm thankful for my adoptive family. All of you. You've welcomed me with open arms and I'm eternally grateful. I've always drifted from role to role but I finally feel accepted and loved. Secondly, I'm thankful for Edward. We met as colleagues. Our relationship changed from that of bodyguard and client to friends and then finally, we acknowledged our attraction to each other. I'm so in love with you and I can't imagine not ever being with you, Edward. Thank you for being my protector, my friend, my lover, and my everything."

Edward leaned over and kissed my lips softly. "I love you, dolcezza," he whispered. I responded in kind.

"Well, I don't know I'm supposed to follow that," Jasper snorted. "Lovesick fools."

"Porn stars," Emmett coughed again. Esme glared at him while Tanya smacked his head.

Jasper laughed and turned to the table, "I'm thankful for everyone here. I'm also thankful Alice and her unending patience with my crazy ass. Now, I'm not as cheesy as Masen, but I'm going to borrow quote from one of my favorite movies. Ali, wildcat, you complete me…"

"Oh, Jazzy," Alice breathed. "You complete me, too."

"Are you two for real?" Emmett asked, arching a brow. "I think I'm going to gag."

Alice wrinkled her nose, tossing a napkin at Emmett. "I'm going to pummel you, McCarty. Jazzy and I have been together for a long time. Jeesh!" Emmett snickered. "In addition to being thankful for you, Jazzy, I'm also thankful for Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, and every other designer that makes me look beautiful."

"You're already beautiful," Esme chided.

"More beautiful," Alice amended, winking at her mom. "Dad, you're last."

"Well, like all of you had mentioned, I'm grateful for our new extended family. I'm also grateful for the end of the Midnight Dawn Saga film being a wrap. It was a fun shoot but incredibly challenging with the earthquake and recasting drama. I'm looking forward to the wrap party in a couple of weeks after Bella's tour for Snow White. Lots of alcohol will be consumed, that's for damn sure. Anyhow, thank you all for your patience and dealing with my insanity. Enough yammering, let's eat!"

"Yes!" Emmett bellowed, giving a fist pump. Esme laughed as she began making a plate for everyone, passing them around the table. Soon, our plates were filled with all of the delicious food that Esme, Tanya and I had made. Dinner was quiet because we were all stuffing our faces. At this rate, I may not fit in my gowns for the premiers. Even now, the dress I was wearing was getting snug around the waist.

After dinner, Edward, Carlisle and Jasper did the dishes while the rest of us were hanging out in the living room. I noticed that Tanya and Emmett were getting cozier and cozier on the loveseat. He was blushing as he was carrying on his conversation with her. Edward had walked into the living room. He had a smirk on his face. "I'm going to borrow my girlfriend for a few," he said.

Emmett covered his mouth, preparing to make some remark but Tanya pinched his arm. He glowered at her while she gave him an equally as menacing stare. Edward laughed as we walked up the stairs and into his room. "Why are we disappearing for a bit?" I asked.

"For a couple of reasons," Edward said. "The first one is this." He leaned down, brushing his lips against mine sweetly. I moaned as I reached up to his hair, twining my fingers into the silken strands. His tongue slid between my lips and languidly danced with mine. He kissed my lips three times before pulling back and looking at me. "I wanted to kiss you without Emmett's razzing about us being 'porn stars.'"

"I agree. Though, Tanya has him figured out," I snickered. "She keeps smacking him whenever he makes some snide remark."

"She does," Edward said. "Do you also notice that they've been getting closer and closer as the night progresses?"

"I have," I said. "My guess is that by Christmas, they'll be a couple. I also hope that by Christmas, Emmett's out of my condo."

"How is he as a roommate?" Edward asked.

"Ugh," I groaned. "Such a guy. He leaves the seat up; he farts; he walks around naked and for the love…he's such a slob! I'd rather you be my roomie."

"Perhaps," Edward murmured, nuzzling my neck with his lips. "Now, back to disappearing…my first reason was to kiss you. The second reason is this…" He leaned over and grabbed black box. "Before you freak out, I didn't spend a dime."

"What did you do?" I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.

"It's a little something for you to wear with your gowns while on tour," he said, handing me the box. "They were my mom's. My dad gave them to her for their wedding anniversary before they died."

"Edward…" I whispered. "I can't…"

"Yes, you can," he said, pushing the box into my lap and putting my hands on top of it. "My mom would have loved you and she would have wanted you to have this. Besides, I can't wear it. Too feminine for my masculine physique."

"Oh, Lord," I snorted. I opened up the box and inside was a beautiful ruby necklace and matching earrings. "Holy…Edward! This is way too much."

"I want you to have it, dolcezza. You can wear it for the premiers and know that I'm right next to you," Edward explained, lightly running his fingers over the gems. "My mom wore it once for some fancy party. She loved getting dolled up and now, you can do the same."

"I'll wear them as often as I can," I vowed. "I've got a few black dresses and a few red dresses. I can wear this with those but the blue and purple gowns will be not be good."

"If you wear them once, I'll be happy, Bella," he replied, kissing my forehead.

"Thank you," I said, closing the box. "They're beautiful and I'm honored that you would want me to wear them."

"Good," Edward said. "Now, there is one more thing that I want to talk to you about. The third reason why I wanted to be alone."

"What's that?"

"Well, my lease is up after the first of the year," he began, his ears turning a furious red. "I was thinking that…shit…I can't say it. I mean…"

"Do you want to move in together?" I asked.

"Um, yeah," he said, smiling boyishly at me. "We've both got some down time after the wrap party before we begin our next projects."

"Have you decided? What script are you doing?"

"The circus one," Edward blushed. "It starts filming in late May. What about you?"

"Anna Karenina but it won't start filming until the fall in Budapest," I answered. "So, if you want to move in, do you want to move into the condo or get something a little more substantial?"

"Like a house?" Edward asked, his blush returning. I nodded. "That sounds good. It can be truly ours. You know?"

"Yeah," I whispered. "Let's do it, Edward. Let's move in together. Get a house. Build a future."

"Build a family," he murmured reverently. "I love you, dolcezza."

"I love you, too, Edward," I said as I covered my mouth with his. Our kiss started soft and sweet but quickly turned into something more frantic and frenetic. Edward's hands slipped underneath my skirt and he rediscovered my bare ass.

"Oh, fuck, baby. We need to get home," he said.

"What about here?" I asked, blinking innocently.

"I want to hear you scream, Isabella," he purred. "Home. Now."

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