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Chapter Fifteen: Strawberries and Cream, with a side of Chocolate


"I want to hear you scream, Isabella," I growled seductively. She let out a strangled whimper. "Home. Now." I grabbed her hand, dragging her back to the living room. I had her jewelry tucked under my arm.

"Edward, what's your hurry?" Emmett asked, smirking like a dolt.

"No hurry," I said, giving him a crooked grin. "We're going to go. Bella's got some last minute packing before her whirlwind tour around the globe for the Snow White movie. Right, dolcezza?"

"Right," she said, plastering on her fake, 'Hollywood' smile. She wanted out of there as much as I did. God, it was taking all of my power to not rip off my pants and bury myself into her body right now. BUT, that would be awkward. We're standing in my aunt and uncle's living room, surrounded by our friends and family, on Thanksgiving. Public fucking would not be a wise decision.

"When are you leaving, Bella?" Carlisle asked, his eyes twinkling knowingly.

"Right after the premier on November 28th," she said. "Early flight the following morning to go to New York City. From there, we travel to London and Europe."

Uncle C, stop it. I want to go home and fuck my girl. No more small talk.

"If you're leaving on the 28th, you've got plenty of time," Alice said, looping her arm with Bella's. "We need to talk about Christmas and the wrap party for Midnight Dawn."

"Alice, we have party planners and such for the wrap party," Carlisle snickered. "Christmas is six weeks away."

"Ali, Bella is quite anal about packing," I hissed out, shooting my cousin a glare. Back off, dwarf. "You should have seen her condo before we left to film Snow White for the eight week shoot in Ireland. It was, um, interesting." Bella snorted, smacking my arm. "Really, we're going to go."

"Porn stars," Emmett coughed. Tanya grumbled, squeezing Emmett's nipple. "OUCH! What? They are!"

"I understand about packing. I'm the same way," Esme said, hugging Bella. "When we have our premier for Midnight Dawn, I'll be packing for a month ahead of time. You go and finish up, okay?"

"Thanks, Esme," Bella said, giving her an appreciative smile. I wanted to kiss my aunt and hug her close but the boner I had going on in my dress pants would become quite evident. Not to mention quite weird as well. I gave a cursory wave before dragging Bella away from my family, um, OUR family and to my car.

I could tell that Bella was nervous or anxious. In the car, she opened the window and took out a cigarette. She began smoking as she sat next to me, shifting in the soft leather. "You okay, baby?"

"Fine," she answered, shooting me a look. Her eyes were darkened with passion and desire. Her legs were rubbing against each other. "Just wanting to be home. Now."

"I'm driving as fast as I can," I answered. "I know you're excited, dolcezza but you can't come until I say so. Spread your legs."


"Spread your legs," I repeated, watching her out of the corner of my eye to see if she complied. With a sigh/moan, Bella did just that, angrily smoking her cigarette. I chuckled as I sped down the highway, bringing us closer to her condo. Twenty-five minutes later, I was parking in the garage. I turned to Bella and arched a brow. "Once we get upstairs, I want you to strip off your clothes and wait for me on your bed, seated on your knees."

"Okay," Bella replied, her voice unsure. "What are you going to be doing?"

"Getting things ready," I answered, pressing a kiss to her ear. "Nothing on. No jewelry, no clothing and pull your hair back away from your face. Do you understand, dolcezza?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"Also, you cannot touch yourself while you wait for me. If you do, we will not 'play,'" I said, giving her a stern glare. Her deep brown eyes widened. She nodded eagerly. "Good." I got up and assisted her out of the car. The ride up to her condo was tension-filled. Sexual tension. I wasn't helping matters with my roaming hands. My fingertips grazed along Bella's arms, down her back, under her skirt and along the curve of her ass. Bella was arching toward my hand, whimpering quietly. "I promise you will come, Isabella. You will be screaming my name. All. Night. Long."

"Fuck," she panted. "What about Emmett?"

"I think he's staying with Uncle Carlisle and Aunt Esme," I answered. The elevator door opened and I strode out of the elevator. I twined my fingers with Bella's, leading her down the hallway to her condo. She was in a daze. Her pale skin was flushed and her eyes were glazed over. I chuckled darkly at her condition. She was completely aroused and unaware of her surroundings. I unlocked the door, guiding her inside. "Completely naked, Isabella. Kneeling on the bed, ready for me."

She nodded as she walked through the open door of her condo. I watched her as she stumbled to her bedroom, unzipping her dress as she walked. I turned when she slipped inside of her bedroom, nearly skipping to the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator door, swiping what I wanted: strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Furrowing my brow, I thought that what I had planned would be better in the kitchen. Undoubtedly, this was going to get messy. Really messy.

I hope Bella is not too attached to her sheets.

Taking a few calming breaths, I took my goodies and quietly strode to the back of Bella's condo. I placed my booty in the guest bathroom, hiding it from view. I also grabbed the tie I was going to wear along with an additional sash from my bag placed inside of the guest room. Inside of Bella's room was a vision of beauty, lust and sex. She was perched on her bed, completely naked and waiting for me. Her pert breasts were pebbled with arousal. On the tops of her thighs was clear evidence of her excitement. Her eyes were closed and her fists were resting on top of her legs. "So beautiful," I purred, staring at her.

Her eyes snapped open. Her red lips curled back in a seductive, sexy smile. "I followed your instructions, baby."

"You did," I said as I moved slowly toward her. I ran my finger along her collarbone. Her pale skin erupted in gooseflesh. "Do you trust me, Isabella?"

"Of course, Edward," she murmured, looking up at me.

"Lay back, my love," I commanded gently. "Put your arms above your head." She did as I asked without any questions. I removed all of the pillows and tied her wrists together. Then, I tied her bound wrists to the headboard. "Is that too tight?"

"No," she answered, wriggling her arms to show that she was indeed comfortable.

"If you feel any discomfort, let me know, Isabella," I said, tracing my finger down the apple of her cheek. "I don't want you to be in pain."

"I will," she smiled. I returned her grin, holding up the black sash in my hands. "What's that?"

"You can't touch me. You can't see me," I explained. She frowned deeply. "No sad face. It's for the fun before I fuck you into oblivion."

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out," I quipped. I leaned down, pressing my lips to hers. "I won't hurt you, Bella."

"I know you won't," she breathed against my mouth. I growled lowly, sliding my tongue between her lips. I moved my hand down her lithe body until I reached to the sensitive part of her belly below her navel. "Fuck, baby. Lower. Feel me, please!"

"Only to see how fucking wet you are, Isabella," I said gruffly, moving my fingertips closer and closer to her pussy. Lightly, I ran my forefinger and ring finger along her outer folds. They were drenched.

"Don't tease me so," she moaned. "Feel my pussy."

"Like this?" I asked as I slid my middle finger inside of her tight body. "Fuck, baby. I've never felt you this wet." I looked down between her legs, pulling out my finger. It was glistening from her sweet nectar. "See?"

"I've been like this since you've demanded we go home," she replied, moving her legs together. Gently, I swatted her thigh. "Ungh…Edward, I need you. Fuck me. Make me come."

"All in good time, Isabella," I said, slipping my finger inside of my mouth. I tasted her arousal from my fingertip. The sweetness of her juices erupted on my tongue. I wanted to spread her legs, bury my face between them and tongue fuck until she was squirting her release all over my body. Finishing tasting my girl, I removed my finger from my mouth. I picked up the sash and held it up. "Ready?"

She bit her lip and nodded. Leaning down, I pressed my mouth to hers. We kissed for a few moments before I pulled away and covered her brown eyes with the sash. Carefully, I tied the sash behind her head, knotting it so it would not come apart during our 'play.' "Okay?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"Good," I replied, brushing my lips along the column of her neck. "I'll be back, dolcezza. Don't go anywhere."

"Edward," she chided, a sardonic grin spreading over her gorgeous face. I snickered and darted out of the bedroom. I stripped down to my boxer briefs, tossing my clothes into the duffle bag in the guest room. I picked up my goodies from the bathroom and went back into Bella's bedroom. Seeing her trussed up on the bed, completely naked and vulnerable made me painfully hard. The trust she put in me was undeniable and that made me feel good.

"You okay, my love?" I asked as I set down the strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce on the chest at the end of the bed.

"Fucking turned on," she giggled.

"Me too, Bella," I groaned, walking to my girl. "But, my needs are inconsequential to what you need, my love." I leaned down, pressing my lips to her ear. "You need to come, right?"

"Yes," she breathed.

"And you will. After my fun. Our fun," I chuckled, biting down on her ear. I moved back and opened up the container of whipped cream. I shook the can, squirting some of the white, creamy goodness in between her breasts.

"Holy shit! That's cold!" Bella squealed. She bucked at the sensation.

"Be careful, Isabella," I admonished lightly. "You don't want to make a mess, right?"

"No," she squeaked out.

"Then, let me prepare my dessert," I said as I continued squirting the whipped cream over her chest, belly and right above her dripping sex. Next, I drizzled chocolate sauce on top of the whipped cream. I picked up the bowl of strawberries, sitting down on the bed. "This looks so much more appetizing than the pumpkin pie my aunt made. I think it's all in the presentation." I dipped a strawberry into the whipped cream and chocolate sauce between her breasts. I bit down on the berry, moaning at the flavor. It wasn't like the strawberries were delicious but it was the combination of tasting it with a mixture of the whipped cream and chocolate sauce from Bella's skin. "Would you like try some?"

"Please," she begged.

I finished my strawberry and dipped another one, placing it near Bella's mouth. "Bite, love," I encouraged. She bit down on the red fruit, some of the juice dribbling down her chin. I leaned down and licked the juice from her fragrant skin. "I don't want anything going to waste, my love. Would you like more?"

"More than anything," she breathed, licking her lips. I fed her another strawberry as my hand glided along the smooth skin of her thighs. "Dear, GOD…Edward, you're tormenting me."

"Not intentionally," I grinned as I continued caressing her skin while feeding my girl strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate. Once the bowl was empty, I straddled her legs. There was still a fair amount of whipped cream on her body. Most of the cream was gone from her chest but the rest was abundant on her lower belly and just above her pussy. I slowly ran my hands along her arms, ghosting my fingertips underneath her breasts. She writhed underneath me, arching toward my touch.

I moved further down her body and spread her legs so I could lick the remaining whipped cream and chocolate sauce off her delectable body. With open-mouthed kisses, I moved along her torso. My tongue lapped the cream from her pale skin. She moved uncontrollably against my mouth and touch. My mouth licked and nipped at her body until I cleaned her belly of all of the cream.

I looked down between her legs. Her arousal was pouring out of her. This erotic feast of whipped cream and strawberries had ignited her body. My mouth watered for her flavor to be on my tongue. I craved that more than the fruit. Leaning forward, I nuzzled her inner thigh. I inhaled her essence, causing my cock to stir in my boxer briefs. I placed soft, barely-there kisses to her inner thighs and everywhere but her pussy.

"Edward! MORE! I need more! Please fuck me," Bella screamed, pulling on her restraint above her head.

"I need to finish my dessert," I said, looking up at my girl. "The strawberries and cream were just the beginning. This," I cupped her sex with my hand, "is the finale, baby. There will be no part of you that will not be tasted by my tongue, felt by my fingers or exploding with ecstasy." With a snarl, I ran my tongue along the length of her slit. Her earthy flavor coated my tongue, earning a guttural groan from me. Bella arched off the bed, screaming my name repeatedly. One swipe of my tongue and Bella was coming all over my face. "Give it to me, Isabella. Now."

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she moaned, bucking her hips against my face. My nose was pressed against her clit as my tongue was reaching inside of her, tasting her release right from the source. I kept my mouth on her as I move my hand to her body. Easily, I slid my fingers inside of her pussy, feeling her clenching muscles. I flicked her clit with my tongue, curling my fingers inside. "Oh, GOD!"

"Not God. I'm Edward," I quipped, biting down on her clit. Her head popped up and I just knew behind the blindfold, she was glaring at me. I chuckled, continuing my kissing of her sex to make her come again.

It didn't take long. With my fingers, my mouth and my sounds, Bella was screaming my name again within fifteen minutes of me devouring her pussy. It was an intense orgasm. I could feel her body clamp around my fingers and I was doused slightly with her release. I fucking loved it.

I removed my fingers from her body and languidly pressed soft, loving kisses along her sweaty and sticky body. I could still taste the residue of the whipped cream, chocolate and strawberries on her flushed skin. I covered her body with mine, hovering just over her mouth. "I love you, dolcezza," I murmured.

"I love you, too," she breathed, pulling at her restraints. I reached up, untying her wrists from the headboard. Then, I removed her blindfold. She blinked a few times before focusing on my face. "Hi," she beamed.

"Satisfied?" I snickered.

"Very much so," she giggled. "You, my dear sir, are not, though." She wriggled beneath me, rubbing her body along my swollen cock. "Perhaps I should return the favor with my mouth, Mr. Masen."

"Oh no. I want to feel your pussy around me, Miss Swan," I smirked.

With a grin, Bella shoved down my boxer briefs with her feet. I kicked them off the rest of the way. Her hot little hand wrapped around me. "Oh, FUCK!" I spat.

"That's the idea," she giggled. She pushed me off of her and turned around. With another set of giggles, she waved her ass at me enticingly. "Come and get it, baby."

I moaned loudly, sitting up on my haunches. I spread her ass cheek, lightly smacking them with my hand. "Naughty girl," I chuckled darkly. "What if I wanted to fuck you, staring at your face?"

"You wouldn't have released me if you still wanted control," she purred. "Take me, Edward. Fuck me. You know you want to."

"Yes, I do," I growled, picking her up so her body was pressed against me. I turned her head, kissing her aggressively. I cupped her pussy as I fucked her mouth with my tongue. "You ready, my Bella?"

"Yes," she whimpered.

"Good," I answered, shoving her back down. She landed on her elbows, waving her ass at me. I ran my cock along her folds, taunting her with my hardness. Feeling how wet she was caused me to lose my control. I needed to be inside of her. I needed to be inside of her NOW! So, I lined myself up with her entrance and with one powerful thrust of my hips, we were one. I grunted like an animal once we were joined. To feel her silken walls hug my body was overbearing and I will never, ever tire of it. "Oh, my Bella!"

"I know," she panted, wriggling her ass. "It just gets better and better, Edward. Give it all to me, baby. Please?"

"Gladly, dolcezza," I purred, grabbing hold of her hips. I raised my right leg and began pounding into her tight pussy. The sound of our skin slapping against each other was the only sounds in the room, save for our moans and grunts. Taking her from behind was always so amazing. I was so deep inside of her body. I could feel every inch of her. Plus, the visual of my cock sliding in and out of her entrance was the best aphrodisiac. Physically seeing our coupling in addition to feeling it was sensory overload.

Then, Bella reached between her legs, rubbing her clit. I could feel her fingers graze my shaft with each thrust in and out of her pussy. I guided her so she was upright. Our fingers, together, worked her clit while I massaged her breast. Bella turned her head, kissing my lips soundly. I moved my hand, clamping it around her hip. I moved faster in and out of her, feeling my release build in my stomach. My balls were so tight and I knew that I was close. "Bella, I'm…please say that you're close, love."

"Yes," she panted against my lips. She pulled back and her eyes were dilated, her lips were pink and swollen and her chest was heaving, causing her breasts to bounce delightfully. "Look in my eyes as you come, Edward. See how much I love you."

"Oh…baby," I whimpered, cupping her face with my hand. "I love you with all of my heart, my soul, my body…everything."

"Edward," she breathed, pressing her lips to mine in a sweet kiss. "I'm…I'm coming."

"Yes," I said gruffly, holding her around her waist so I could pump into her faster. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" We both screamed as I pulsed inside of her, filling her with my release. Her fingers were gripping my arm, digging into my skin. I kept moving, trying to keep the feeling of my Bella surrounding me as long as I could. However, my body, as exhausted as it was, didn't stay inside of my girl for very long. I slipped out, frowning at the feeling. Bella also whimpered. She hated it as much as I did.

"Wow, baby," she purred as she slumped against me.

"I know," I said as I kissed her neck. "I love you, Bella."

"I love you more, Edward," she said, reaching up to ruffle my sweaty hair. "But, I need a shower. I'm all sticky."

"I can imagine," I snickered.

"That's because a certain someone used my body as a plate," she giggled.

"Best plate ever," I snarled as I got off the bed, slinging her over my shoulder. Our shower, there was some cleaning but mostly more smexy times.

I really hoped that Emmett was staying with my Aunt Esme and Uncle Carlisle.


The rest of weekend passed in a blur. Bella and I spent most of it naked, making love to one and another. Emmett actually hung out with Alice and Jasper until his return on Monday. He explained that he was meeting with a real estate agent, hoping to find something permanent relatively quickly. Bella and I began searching for places as well. We decided to focus our search near Angela's neighborhood. They had the security that Bella needed and I desired along with fairly traditional homes which we both wanted. Neither Bella nor I wanted a massively huge mansion. At most, we wanted five bedrooms.

We actually found a few places, making arrangements to meet with a realtor on Tuesday and Wednesday. After our appointment with the realtor, we had narrowed it down to four properties. The first one was a Spanish style home in the Hollywood Hills. It had a gate and set far back off the road. The second one was a bit gaudier, but had all of the security features that we both wanted, plus a pool. The third home was a 'showplace' with gray stone on the exterior but it had a French chateau feel to it. The last one was the least desirable but probably the most affordable. It was also a Spanish style home but minus the gate and security features.

In our discussions, we also decided that we were going to keep Bella's condo. It was pretty centrally located to all of the movie studios and Angela's office. Besides, Bella owned it outright, having paid for it with the paycheck from her first lead role in a feature film.

The day before the premier, I decided to stay at my apartment. Bella had to get up early for some press for the movie, then she had to get beautified. Personally, she could have shown up in a pair of sweatpants and one of my hoodies and I'd think she was the most beautiful woman on the planet. Bella wasn't happy with this plan, but she needed her beauty sleep and for me NOT to be in her hair.

I spent the majority of the time prior to getting ready cleaning my apartment. I also purchased some boxes, loading up items that I know I wouldn't need. Regardless, after the first of the year, I would not be living here. I'd be living with my girl and building a future. Creating a family.

A family with Bella.

Babies…with my Bella, my dolcezza. An adorable little girl that was a mirror image of my love.

God, I'm such a pansy. I'd like to marry her first before we start popping out kids.

Shortly before four, Angela called me to remind me to wear the Gucci tuxedo for this premier. She also told me that the limo would pick me up four-thirty. I quickly showered, shaved and attacked my hair with some gel. Once I was done with that, I put on a pair of black boxer briefs, my tuxedo pants and a shirt. Even though I wasn't Bella's bodyguard, I clipped my ankle holster under my pant leg, just in case. With such a public forum, Jacob or James could show up. As far as I knew, they were still involved in the business and had every right to be there. I didn't agree with that, but it was the sad truth.

I finished getting ready. As I was spraying on some cologne, my cell phone rang and it was the limo driver. I grabbed my keys, wallet and cell phone, darting downstairs. The limo driver opened the door for me and I slid into the backseat. Angela was seated in the back, tapping away on her phone. "Hi, Edward," she said, not looking up from her phone.

"Hey, Ang," I snickered. "Everything okay?"

"Just checking you and Bella into your flights, verifying hotel reservations and making sure that your clothes arrive at each location," she said, growling at her phone. "Stupid touch screen."

"Need some help?"

"Nah, I'm good. I just have these fat fingers, making it difficult to type on this thing," she shrugged, putting her phone into her clutch.

"And this is why I'm sticking with this until it dies," I snorted, holding up my old flip phone from when I was in college.

"You don't have a smart phone?" Angela teased.

"Nope. My phone is as dumb as they come," I chuckled. "It makes phone calls and I have to tap through each letter to text. It's archaic."

"I'm surprised Bella hasn't gotten you an iPhone or something," Angela giggled.

"She's tried but I don't want it. Like I said, I'll stick with this until it dies or I have to get a new phone," I shrugged, slipping my cell phone into my pants pocket.

"How goes the house hunt?" Angela asked.

"We've narrowed it down to four choices. We just need to figure out which one is the best for us," I said. "I'm partial to the one that looks like a French Chateau but Bella likes the home with the pool. I don't know."

"Have you made offers?"

"We've made offers on all four places. We're waiting to hear from the owners," I answered. "We'll see what happens."

The limo pulled up to Bella's condo. I graciously went up to her place to pick up my special girl. She did not deserve a phone call, dictating for her to come downstairs. I wanted to personally escort her to the limo and be on her arm all throughout the evening. I knocked on her door, waiting patiently for her to open up. "Coming!" she shouted, her voice husky and sexy. It made my dick twitch in my Gucci trousers.

"Relax your scrawny ass, Swan. I'll get the door," Ginny barked. "You'll get all flushed and sweat off my creation."

"Shut up!" Bella laughed.

Ginny opened the door, giving me a smirk. "Cinderella is missing a shoe. How are you doing, Edward?" she asked, giving me a wry grin.

"I'm excellent," I answered, kissing Ginny's cheek. "Yourself?"

"Eh," she shrugged. "I'm not looking forward to this three week tour of the globe, but I'm getting paid really well. Go me!"

"Dork," I snorted.

"Hey, you're part of that package. I have to make you pretty, too, Masen."

"I think I did pretty well for tonight, yeah?" I asked, slowly turning. "I even put that shit in my hair."

"You'll do. But, New York? You're getting a haircut and those nails are atrocious!" she said, scrutinizing my hands. I rolled my eyes, ripping my hand from hers. She stuck her tongue out and I did the same. "Bella! Come on, girl! You're going to make your date, who looks mighty fine, late for your premier!"

"FOUND it!" Bella squealed, hopping on one foot as she slid on her red heel on. She was wearing a strapless black dress that had a train and a sweetheart neckline. Her hair was curled and pinned over her right shoulder. Adorning her neck and ears were my mother's earrings and necklace. I gasped quietly, seeing them on her. I bit my lip to quell tears from falling down my cheeks as the memory of my mom wearing flooded my memory. Bella straightened and looked at me. Quietly, she walked toward me, wiping my cheek. "You look so handsome, Edward."

"Not as beautiful as you," I choked out.

"Don't cry, baby," she murmured.

"I know," I chuckled, wiping my face. "Just seeing you wear that…made me miss her, made me love you more…it was emotional overload. I promise I'll pull it together."

"You don't have to," she said, swiping her thumb under my eye. "I get it. I really do."

"I know, dolcezza," I whispered, taking her palm and kissing it softly. "You really do look absolutely gorgeous. The dress is perfect and the jewelry truly adds to it."

"It's classic," Bella said, running her fingers along the rubies.

"Guys, I hate to burst your emotional bubble of gooeyness, but you have to go. Angela is barking mad," Ginny said, waving her cell phone. "You're already fifteen minutes late PLUS there's traffic." Ginny arched a brow, pointing to the door. "Hurry it up, kids!"

Bella rolled her eyes and picked up her red jeweled clutch. Inside of it were her keys, cell phone, cigarettes and a lighter. "Ginny, I need my lip gloss. The red stuff?"

"Got it," Ginny replied, handing Bella a long, rectangular tube. "Have fun and don't get too schnockered at the party afterward. You've got an early flight tomorrow and some press junkets as soon as you land. Not to mention the premier tomorrow night."

"Yeah, yeah," Bella said, waving a dismissive hand. "Come on, baby. Let's go and get this over with."

I offered her my arm and we left her condo. Ginny was going to clean up, finishing the packing for us. The ride down to the first floor was quiet. I was still trying to calm down from seeing Bella in my mom's jewelry. I never expected her to wear it at the premier in Los Angeles. The fact that she did, floored me.

I helped Bella into the limo, only to be screamed at by Angela. She was hissing about our tardiness. Bella just nodded while I spaced out. There was nothing that could be done, really. Bella couldn't help losing her shoe. We couldn't control the traffic.

When all was said and done, we managed to get to the premier with no problem whatsoever. We got out of the limo and together, Bella and I walked along the red carpet. Instead of walking as bodyguard and client, we were walking as a couple. Bella's hand was clasped in mine as she smiled for the paparazzi. I stood next to her, smiling that I had this gorgeous creature on my arm. During the interviews, Bella dragged me next to her and acknowledged me as her boyfriend several times. She was amazing and she was mine.

At the final interviewer, I was asked a few questions, which shocked me. The woman asked about our relationship and the Midnight Dawn movie. I was straightforward and vague at the same time. Yes, I was with Bella and I loved her with all of my heart. They didn't need to know that within the first ten minutes of saying 'I love you' we were making love in her bedroom. Long story short, we love each other. Very much.

Afterward, we went inside and I was separated from Bella. She walked up on the stage of the theater with the director and her two costars to introduce the movie. I sat down in one of the assigned seats for Bella and me. She introduced the movie with grace and poise with the right amount of humility as well. They finished with the introduction. The lights went down and the movie flickered to life. Bella slid into the seat next to me, lacing her fingers with mine. "Don't hate it," she hissed in my ear.

"Never, love," I replied, kissing her temple.

She wrapped her arms around my bicep, snuggling against me. I held her close as we watched her movie Snow White and the Wicked Queen. It was not what expected, honestly. It was better. Bella was excellent in this romantic adventure movie. She played the part of Snow White perfectly, with the perfect blend of innocence and attitude. Coupled with extraordinary special effects, the movie was nothing short of amazing.

But, I was also fairly biased.

When the movie was over, the audience applauded. Bella blushed and stood up with the director and her two costars again. They cheered as they waved. Then, security ushered us out the back of the theater since the crowd was growing slightly unruly. We all got into our waiting limos and drove to some swanky restaurant for a small premier party. It was perfect since neither Bella nor I ate any food prior to the movie. Me, I forgot…Bella was just too nervous. At the party, we shared a plate of some delicious appetizers and drank some champagne to celebrate the premier.

My cell phone rang from my pocket. I took it out, not recognizing the number. "Hello?" I asked.

"Is this Edward Masen?" asked a female voice. "This is Jordyn Brody."


"Yeah, hello. Um, you and your girlfriend put an offer on my house that I have for sale in the Palisades. Are you still interested?"

"We put several offers out yesterday. Which one is it?" I asked, taking Bella out onto the patio of the restaurant.

"White home with a pool," she replied. "Four thousand square feet…"

"Right, I remember now," I chuckled. "Let me put you on speaker. My girlfriend is standing with me."

"Sure," she said.

"Go ahead," I explained. Bella was nestled next to me, shivering slightly in the late November cold.

"Well, I'd like to accept your offer," the woman said. "I've had several offers but none were as enticing as yours."

"So, we can move in after the first of the year?" Bella asked. "Close on December 19th?"

"Yes. I've already moved out. It's empty and ready for whomever to move in. But, then again, you know that since you've walked through it," she laughed. "I've signed the paperwork and sent it to your realtor. I wanted to contact you in person to say that I accepted your offer. Thank you!"

"No, thank you," I said, grinning eagerly. "We truly appreciate your taking our offer."

"I'm happy to be rid of it. I bought it on a whim but found that I did not care for Los Angeles weather. So, I moved back home with my long-time partner, Brynn, in New York City. I hope you are happy there."

"We will be," Bella squealed.

"I'm glad. You both have a wonderful Christmas and we'll be in touch soon," Jordyn said.

I hung up my phone, looking down at Bella. She was blinking in disbelief. "We're home owners, dolcezza," I said, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "We got the house."

"The house I wanted," she frowned.

"Bella, we could live in a box on Hollywood Boulevard. I'd be happy just so long as I was with you," I chuckled against her curled hair.

"Well, we're not going to live in a box on Hollywood Boulevard. We're going to live in a nice home in the Pacific Palisades," Bella yelled, jumping into my arms. I was as excited as her to own a home together. I kissed the shit out of her until the director called us into the restaurant to toast the first round of positive reviews.

I know Bella and I could care less about the reviews. We had our house.

Our home.


We didn't get to sleep after the party. Slipped underneath Bella's door was the contract from the realtor. Emmett must have signed for it while we were at the premier and the party. We read through it and signed our names at nearly one in the morning. I used part of my inheritance from when my parents died for the earnest money. I transferred it to my checking account, (thank goodness for online banking) writing out the check for the contract. Then, we spent the rest of the night celebrating by making love.

The next morning was brutal as I tried to fax off the contract to the realtor and get a courier to pick up the check along with the hard copy of the contract. We could have had Emmett drop it off, but I didn't honestly trust him. Nor did Bella. Emmett was a great guy but a bit of a ditz. He'd probably wipe his ass with the check or something.

Try explaining that to the realtor…ewww.

The courier arrived five minutes before we were supposed to leave for the airport. I handed him the contract and check, asking for verification once it was delivered.

There was a fifty-thousand dollar check in there, bucko. You lose it…I'll kick your scrawny, pimply ass. After I make you pay for the check you lost.

The lack of sleep didn't help my anxiety about handing over the check to a twenty year old courier. Alas, I handed it over, demanding that the courier guard it with his life. He quivered as I stared him down, nodding that he would drop it off as soon as he left, forgoing the other stops he had to make. I handed him a hundred dollar tip, sending him on his way.

Shortly after the courier left, the limo arrived to take us to the airport. Our dress clothes were being shipped or brought with Ginny. All we needed to bring was casual and business casual wear for publicity junkets and any sightseeing. Bella was insistent on seeing some attractions in Paris, Berlin, Cairo, Beijing, Tokyo and Sydney. We had a few extra days in each of those cities. Bella was struggling with her massive suitcase. "Dolcezza, let me help you," I chuckled, taking the bag from her hands.

"I can't believe how heavy that thing is," she grumbled, glowering at her bag.

"We have clothes in each of our suitcases for three weeks, plus toiletries and such," I said as I tried to maneuver her bag and mine out of the door. "They're going to be heavy. Just wait until our ride home. They'll be laden with souvenirs."

"Fuck that shit. I'm shipping any souvenirs home," she snorted, pulling her hair back into a messy bun. "What are you going to do in New York while I'm doing my press?"

"Sleep," I smirked.

"You suck, Edward," she frowned. "We're idiots for not sleeping last night. You and your colossal peen, magic fingers and golden tongue."

"You weren't complaining when I was giving you orgasms," I said as I got onto the elevator.

"Heat of the moment," Bella said, leaning against me. "I loved every minute of it." Her arms wrapped around my waist and she sighed contentedly. "I can't wait until we're in our…our place when nights like last night will be a regular occurrence."

"Bella, I love you with my whole heart, but my body is sore," I laughed. "I'm not as young as I used to be and well, I need some recovery time, dolcezza. We'll save the all-night marathons for special occasions. Can you make do with heavy making out, some tongue action and perhaps some fingers?"

"I suppose. If you're okay with the same," she giggled, kissing my lips softly.

"More than happy," I chuckled.

The door opened and we exited to the lobby. The same limo driver who handled our transportation yesterday was there for us today. He looked a little worn around the edges but greeted us with a smile. We loaded up the trunk, driving to LAX. Traffic was brutal. Then again, it always was in Los Angeles.

After battling traffic, then the paparazzi and finally the security lines, we managed to get to our gate with moments to spare before boarding. We settled into our seats in first class. Bella was already nodding off as the plane taxied to the runway. I leaned my head against hers, shutting my eyes. I think I was asleep by the time we took off.

When I opened my eyes, Bella had her head in my lap and I was leaning against a pillow. I shook the sleepy fog from my brain, looking for a flight attendant. I caught the eye of one of them. "Can I get some water, please?"

"Of course," she smiled. She disappeared behind a curtain and returned a moment later with a bottle of water and some ice.

"Thank you," I said, taking the drink from her. "Are we nearly there?"

"About ten minutes from landing," she replied. "You may want to get her up."

"I will, thanks," I said as I brushed Bella's hair from her face. "Dolcezza, wake up."

"Mrpgh," she grumbled, turning her face toward my stomach.

I laughed lightly, running my fingers along Bella's cheek. "Beautiful, you need to sit up. We're going to land in ten minutes."

"Shit," she hissed. "I want more sleep, Edward."

"Tonight, love. We're not due to leave for London until late tomorrow. We can spend all day in bed," I said.

"Kay," she sighed, sitting up. She was adorably rumpled. Her hair was a riotous mess. One side was flattened from where she was resting against my leg. The other side was deliciously curly and begging for my fingers. On her right cheek were lines from my jeans and her face was flushed. She ran her fingers through her hair, growling lowly at what she felt. She tried to fix it but her curls needed a brush. It was in her bag, underneath the plane. Her messy bun became messier.

The plane landed and we got off, walking to the baggage claim. I picked up our massive suitcases while Bella contacted Angela for the number of our limo driver in New York. Once we got that number, we met up with the man who was chauffeuring us around for the two days in New York City. He drove like a maniac through downtown until we reached our hotel. Bella was whisked off to make her presentable for the press she needed to do for the movie. I checked into the hotel room.

I sat around for an hour, eating some room service. I knew I had to take a nap. My mind wouldn't shut off, though. I couldn't read. I couldn't focus on my new scripts. I was a mess. I was anxious about the house (which the check and contract made it to the realtor with no problem.) I was anxious about the trip. I was anxious about Bella.

We'd just decided to buy a house together. It was exciting but something was amiss. I paced in the hotel room, trying to put my finger on it. A half hour of my mumblings and pacing, I finally figured it out. With shaking hands, I dialed Angela.

"Is something wrong, Edward?" she asked in lieu of a greeting.

"Everything's fine," I breathed. "I need a name of a jeweler here in New York."

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