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The following chapter will be the tour around the world, some exotic sexy times, and leading up to the angst. Not this coming chapter but the one after it will be the drama-filled one. I promise you, though, a happy ending. Always a happy ending.

Chapter Sixteen: Around the World in Three Weeks


xx New York xx

I'm so fucking tired. Why in the hell did we spend all night making love? Right, we celebrated the offer on the house. The accepted offer. Edward and I were going to move into a brand new, four thousand square foot home with a pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I couldn't wait to make love to him in that massive pool. I definitely was giddy with anticipation over him taking me in front of the window, pounding me from behind.

Gah…I really need to stop. I'm getting wet and well, my poor pussy is so sore from all of the lovemaking/fucking we've been doing.

"Stop squirming, Bella. I need to cover the dark-ass circles under your eyes," Ginny hissed at me. "What the hell were you doing last night?"

"Celebrating," I smirked.

"Fucking. You were fucking. Lucky girl," she snorted. "But, now, I've got to cover the consequences. I need the heavy-duty spackle, damn it."

"Bite me, bitch," I growled playfully. She rolled her eyes and finished addressing the mess that was my face. Once deemed suitable, I went into the room for my interviews. For six hours, I talked with members of the press about the movie, my life, Midnight Dawn and Edward. I evaded the conversations about Edward, just saying that we were, indeed a couple, and were very happy with each other.

Shortly before six, Ginny grabbed me and we go to the hotel. She explained that Edward was down in the salon getting a haircut and a manicure. She shoved me into the shower, demanding that I not wash my hair. I hose off and shave my legs. After my shower, Ginny massaged some lotion into my skin before putting on my makeup for the premier. Once my makeup was done, I put on my satin, royal blue dress that left little the imagination. It was very form-fitting and had an open back. Underwear was not an option. My jewelry was a borrowed sapphire and diamond necklace and earrings from Harry Winston.

Once I was done getting ready, I walked out to the living room of our deluxe suite in the W Hotel. Edward was wearing a Dior tuxedo with a red boutonniere. In his hands, he held a single red rose. When he saw me, Edward's face broke into a radiant grin. I floated towards him and he handed me the rose. "For you, my love," he murmured, kissing my neck.

"It's beautiful," I cooed.

"God, you two are so fucking nauseating," Ginny snickered, taking the rose from my hand and pinning it into my hair. "I love you both. I'm going to bed. See you at the airport." She breezed out of the room and Angela breezed in. She chattered about the premier and how we needed to get going. Edward just stared at me like a love-sick fool.

"What?" I asked, arching a brow at him.

"You're gorgeous, dolcezza," he purred nuzzling my ear. "Love you."

"Love you more," I grinned. "You know what would really make me love you more is if you can make this premier go away and we can sleep!"

"God, you're telling me," he laughed.

"You were here all day. You slept," I pouted.

"Nah, I didn't. I ran some errands. I couldn't stop my brain from working," Edward shrugged. Angela huffed and tapped her wrist. Edward rolled his eyes, guiding me out of the room. We clambered into the limo and drove the short distance to the same movie theater where Metropolis premiered. I shuddered, remembering the events of that evening. Edward noticed my reaction and he tucked me to his side, kissing my forehead. "I'll keep you safe, dolcezza."

"You always do," I murmured.

Angela rolled her eyes as she laughed lightly. "Okay, kids. There are no interviews with this premier since it's colder than a witch's tit out there. Just a few photo ops before you head inside."

"How cold is it, Angela?" I asked, looking at my thin dress.

"About twenty degrees," she cringed, wrapping her faux fur wrap around her shoulders.

I grumbled, psyching myself out to walk the red carpet in nothing more than a glorified negligee. "Is that wise? Bella's dress is so thin. She should have a wrap, jacket or something," Edward argued.

"It's about a hundred yards to the entrance of the theater. Ten minutes tops and then we'll get her in a coat. It's the joy of being a star," Angela grimaced. "This cold front came in so suddenly that they didn't have time to set up the heaters on the red carpet. I'm sorry."

"I just pray that I don't shoot lasers with my nipples," I quipped, looking down at my breasts. Too late. We were inside of the limo and my tits were standing at attention. I made a face, cupping my boobs, trying to hide the evidence of the cold against the blue satin. That didn't help. It just rubbed the fabric against my nips and made me wet. Edward was watching me fondle my breasts and he was shifting uncomfortably next to me. "I'll stop. Sorry, baby."

The limo stopped at the theater, just around the corner. After a few minutes, the limo approached the red carpet and the door opened. Holy fuck! It's cold! Edward got out first, offering me his hand. He looked chilled in his wool tuxedo. I was trying to keep my teeth from chattering. The cameras were flashing as Edward tucked me under his arm. He kept me against his warm body, trying to keep me as warm as possible.

Fifteen minutes later, we're inside and Edward wrapped his tuxedo jacket around me as I shivered uncontrollably. Once I got control of my body, we went into the theater. Like in Los Angeles, we introduced the film. However, we didn't stay to watch it. Personally, seeing it once was more than enough. In the movie theater, we had a catered meal and drinks until the end of the movie. Then, we went to our hotel for a soiree with some of the reporters and critics.

Around one in the morning, we poured ourselves into our luxury suite and barely make it to bed before collapsing, naked into the king-sized mattress for a much-needed night's sleep.

I never slept so hard in my life. When we woke up, nearly twelve hours later, we were both rested and ready for our trans-Atlantic flight to London's Heathrow Airport. Our flight didn't take off until ten at night. Edward and I decided to go shopping for Christmas presents for our family while we're in New York, having everything shipped to my condo in LA.

At seven, all of us went to JFK Airport to board our flight for London. Despite our nearly twelve hours of sleep we had in the hotel, Edward and I fall asleep on the plane quickly and wake up once we arrived in…

xx London xx

Our time in London began with several press conferences, press junkets and photo ops. There was some time to do some sightseeing but I was coming down with a nasty something due to the weather in New York. I prayed that I could get over it quickly before the premier in London.

Not happening…

Edward pretty much demanded I sleep the day of the premier while he went sightseeing with one of my costars and Angela. Ginny promised to take care of me. As much as I wanted to sleep, I wanted to be out there with Edward. London was a beautiful city and very romantic. I wanted to walk along the Thames River. I wanted to ride the London Eye. I wanted to…

Stop fucking coughing. God damn it!

"Will you take your medicine and go to sleep, Bella?" Ginny groused.

"Fuck you," I grumbled in my hoarse voice.

"Nah. I like dick," she giggled. She handed me a cup with red liquid and three pills. "Nyquil, expectorant, vitamin c and ibuprofen. I'll wake you up at four." I grabbed the pills, popping them into my mouth and downing them with the Nyquil. "London will be here when you're not on a time crunch. You and Edward can fuck on the London Eye once you're healthy."

"We're not going to fuck on the London Eye, bitch," I muttered, climbing into the too big bed.

"Whatever, Bells. I saw you two getting fresh on the flight over," Ginny cackled.

"We did not!" I wailed pitifully. Okay, we did. He fingered me somewhere over Greenland when we thought everyone was asleep. He was horny and wanted to join the mile high club. The first class cabin was filled with people from the movie and yeah, I thought they were all asleep. Everyone except Ginny, apparently.

"Uh huh, you did. Your sex sounds were quite loud, chickadee. Not to mention the squelching sound of his fingers inside of you," she snorted. "Next time, go into the bathroom if you want to fool around, Bella."

"You suck, Ginny," I pouted, tossing the down comforter over my head. She just laughed heartily, closing the door behind her. Within minutes, the medications and my exhaustion caught up with me. I crashed, snoring loudly. When I woke up, I was sweltering. I looked around me and saw Edward draped over my body, curled around me protectively. Awwwww…so sweet, but damn it, he's hot!

I wriggled out of his embrace and looked down at him. His cheeks were flushed and he was sniffling. I got him sick. I brushed his hair from his face, frowning slightly. I got out of the bed and stumbled to the bathroom. After peeing and brushing my hair, I looked in the mirror.

Death becomes her.

Ginny walked into the bathroom, wrinkling her nose. "Forget the spackle, you need a face transplant."

"Why do I keep you?" I quipped, arching a brow at her.

"Because I'm a miracle worker. How are you feeling?" she asked as she checked my forehead for a fever.

"Like ass," I griped. "I think I got Edward sick, too."

"Typhoid Mary," Ginny said as she picked up the thermometer. A few moments later, she's cringing at the readout. "I may have the doctor check you both out. However, you need to go to the premier. There are heaters on the red carpet. Edward, though, may have to stay back. Dear God, I never knew a man could make those noises." A loud snort came from the bedroom followed by a grunt. "If he starts farting, I'm leaving."

"Come on, Ginny…he's sick. So am I," I grumbled. "Not all of us have the constitution of an ox."

"Strong Irish stock," she laughed as she pounded on her chest. "Alright, Typhoid, hop in the shower and wash everything. I'm straightening your hair." She nodded and left the bathroom. I coughed some more before I went to shower stall.

Once I was done with the shower, I ate some light dinner. Edward was being examined by the doctor. I was next. The doctor ran a rapid strep test and it came up negative for Edward. However, he did get diagnosed with an upper-respiratory infection and given some antibiotics. Me? I wasn't so lucky. I had strep, bronchitis and if they didn't nip this in the bud early enough, it could turn into pneumonia.

Could I get the night off?


I'm still going to the premier, minus one pitiful looking Edward. He wanted to come but the doctor wanted him to stay at the hotel. The doctor also wanted me to stay at the hotel but contractually, I couldn't. However, as a result of our illness, we were going to delay departure to Dublin so we could no longer be 'contagious.' The production company booked an additional night in the hotel.

My hair was blown straight and I was dressed in a red lacy gown with Edward's mother's jewelry. Once I was dressed, I checked on Edward. He was trying, unsuccessfully, to stay awake. I was drugged within an inch of my life; the antibiotics, cough suppressants, and ibuprofen to keep my temperature down.

"You look beautiful, dolcezza," Edward rasped. "I wish I was able to go with you."

"One of us needs to get healthy," I said, giving him a sad smile. "I'm sooooooo sleeping all day tomorrow, wearing your big comfy sweats and eating only soup."

"Sounds like a phenomenal plan, baby," Edward said, giving me a crooked smirk. Angela came into our room and handed me a silver wrap to go around my dress. Edward settled into the pillows and I left with the director, Geoff, to go to the premier. To say I was miserable was a vast understatement. I barely got through my interviews without hacking up my lungs. Sitting through the movie was torture since I couldn't really breathe through my nose and taking a breath, in general, was difficult. The party after the premier was a not pleasant since all I wanted to do was crawl back to the hotel, strip off my dress and sleep. I didn't want to be pleasant. I didn't want to be personable. I wanted to be sick and miserable. I wanted to curl up under the down comforter and shove Vicks up my nostrils.

It didn't happen. Instead, I smiled. I schmoozed. I sneezed.

The director did keep his promise and I was able to sleep all day and all night before we departed for…

xx Dublin xx

No lie…Dublin was a blur. I got sicker while Edward got better. I only know that I wore a purple dress and some uncomfortable heels. Oh, and I sneezed on Edward, covering his entire lapel with snot at the premier.

I slept some more and I started to feel human the day we left for…

xx Paris xx

When we arrived at the George V, Edward and I were encouraged to go to the spa for some pampering. After nearly a week of feeling like shit, I was all for getting some relaxation done. Edward and I got a couple's massage. Then, we separated and I got my girlie bits waxed along with my legs and underarms. The finale was a manicure and pedicure before going back up to the room. Unfortunately, I had to go do press junkets for the next two days. Conversely, after the premier, we had two days to sight see. PLUS, our after party after the premier was going to be at the Moulin Rouge.

I was excited for that, even though I was still hacking up my right lung.

The press junkets were pretty standard fare. However, there were a few jackass reporters who made commentary about my date for the London premier. Was there trouble on the horizon for you and Edward? Getting bored already? Are you cheating on Edward, America's newest favorite actor? When I explained that I was sick and that Edward was, um, sicker, they backed off.

For the Paris premier, my dress was a black, strapless sequined dress. My hair was curled off my face, flowing down my back in luscious, bouncy curls. I wore Edward's mom's jewelry again and he melted when he saw it adorning my neck and ears. He looked handsome in his Dior tuxedo. It hugged his muscular body perfectly. I wanted to rip it off his body with my teeth.

Being sick makes me horny. It has been over a week since Edward and I last made love. I sooooooo do not count the finger fucking on the plane.

Bella needs some of Edward's cock…give it to me, baby!

Shoot. Me.

I did ask the doctor about my birth control at the hotel in reaction to the antibiotics. He asked me what I was on and I said that I got the shot. He even asked when I last had the shot, which was prior to our departure on this trip. He said that antibiotics would have no ill effects to my birth control. Phew! No condoms!

"Bella, stop staring at me like I'm an ice cream sundae," Edward snickered.

"That was me on Thanksgiving," I giggled, teetering over to him. Edward's pale skin flushed and he smiled wickedly. I pulled him down so I could whisper in his ear, "Want a repeat?"

"No condoms, baby. I know that antibiotics…" he frowned.

"I asked the doctor when he checked me out this morning," I explained. "The Depo shot is not rendered ineffective by antibiotics. Besides, didn't you say you wanted children?"

His responding smile was beaming as he laid his hand on my very flat belly. "I do want children, Bella, but I want to marry you first."

"Oh, GOD…the nauseous twins are back," Ginny quipped as she handed me my purse. "I liked it better when you both were bitchy and sick, not able to make goo-goo eyes at each other."

"Will you stop complaining?" I laughed. "If you don't like it, go find some random Parisian and have him woo you."

"Well, that sounds like a plan. I'm actually going to the after party at the Moulin Rouge. Angela is picking me up in the limo. I've already got my dress and my dancing shoes," Ginny squealed. "Oh, here's your lipstick and cell phone."

"Any calls?" I asked. Ginny wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "See you at the after party." We hugged and Edward and I went down to the lobby. Outside of the hotel were a ton of paparazzi. "What's with the photog brigade?" I asked Angela.

"With the rumors floating around, they want to see if you and Edward are truly together," Angela replied.

"What rumors?" Edward asked in his deep baritone voice, deepened by his illness.

"In London, rumors began flying about a possible breakup between you and Bella because she showed up with Geoff. I issued a press release, explaining that both of you were sick but the rumor mill began churning out lies that Bella dumped you for the director of the Snow White film; that you ran off to be with Rosalie; that Bella aborted a baby and you dumped her, heading back to the states. Some of the rumors were debunked when you went with her to the Dublin premier, but there is a ton of supposition regarding your intentions," Angela said, wringing her hands.

"Can we sue them?" I asked, my anger seeping out of my pores. "Like with the situation with Emmett and Rose?"

"I've already got our attorneys working on it. The damage, however, has been done and now you are tabloid fodder," Angela grimaced.

"We've got to show a united front," Edward said as he wrapped his arm around my waist. "There was no cheating, no fooling around and we're head over heels in love with each other."

"I don't want to exploit our relationship, Edward," I said, arching a brow.

"I don't want the tabloids saying untrue things, Bella. If I have to make out with you to prove that we're okay, then I want to do it. I'm proud to be your boyfriend. I'm proud to be with you. I love you," he said, caressing my cheek.

"I love you, too," I whispered, kissing his mouth gently.

"Let's prove to the world that we're happy and still going strong," Edward said as he led me out of the lobby of the George V. The photographers were taking a million pictures. Their flashes were blinding. Edward kept his arm firmly around my waist, just above my hip, slightly touching my ass. I gripped his jacket and nuzzled his neck as we walked to the waiting limo. Just before we got into the limo, Edward took my face in his hands and gave me a searing, toe-curling, panty-wetting kiss. "Love you, dolcezza."

"Love you, so much, Edward," I replied, wrapping my arms around his neck. He grinned, kissing me again and helped me into the limo. Inside, we could hear the photographers ramble on in French, asking for more. Angela demanded that the limo driver take off so we could make it to the premier. He flew away from the curb, causing us to slam into the seats. Angela gave the driver a scowl as he drove through the streets of Paris like a maniac.

"I think we're going to die," Angela whimpered.

"I want another driver," Edward growled. Just as Edward was going to gripe about the man's horrific driving skills, we were thrown onto the ground by an abrupt stop. Angela scrambled up from the floor and stomped out to the driver's side. Edward looked up and noticed that we were at the premier. With the door open, on our knees, having our pictures taken. He gallantly got up and helped me out of the limo. He wrapped his arms around my body, tugging on my dress.

"Everything okay?" I hissed.

"It slipped. Nothing was showing but, I wanted to make sure that it didn't fall completely off," he murmured, kissing my nose. Twining our fingers together, we began walking along the red carpet. Edward never left my side, constantly touching me and obviously trying to debunk the rumors about our relationship being on the rocks. Inside of the theater, Angela told us that the limo driver was summarily fired. Additionally, she was going to head back with the new driver to pick up Ginny and meet us at the Moulin Rouge.

After the movie, Edward and I got into the limo with Geoff and his wife, who was in Paris on a modeling gig. Together we drove to Moulin Rouge. The director prattled on how awesome the reviews were for the movie. There was even discussion that my role was up for Golden Globes and Academy Awards. I blushed and buried my face in Edward's arm. He kissed my forehead, proclaiming his pride for me.

Inside the club, we ran into Ginny and Angela. Ginny was in a short black dress that hugged her curves. Her red curly hair was sleek and straight. She was talking to a tall man with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Prior to Edward, I would have launched myself at a guy like that but I encouraged Ginny to have a little fun.

Edward and I got some drinks but I knew that I was going to limit myself to just one. I was feeling better but still not hundred percent. We sat down. Well, Edward sat down and pulled me into his lap. We sipped our drinks as we watched the party all around us. Ginny and her mystery man were grinding on the dance floor. Geoff and his wife were also dancing lewdly on the dance floor. It looked almost like they were fucking.

"You okay, dolcezza?" Edward asked against my ear.

"Watch Geoff. Don't they?" I asked, thrusting my hips.

"They do," Edward replied, nuzzling my hair. His tongue moved up my neck and found my ear, flicking my lobe slightly. "I want you, Miss Swan."

"Here?" I asked.

"Yes. Here," he replied. "Well, not here here. At the club here." He chuckled darkly. "Go to the ladies room and make sure it's empty. I'll follow you in two minutes. Oh, and take off your panties."

"Who says I'm wearing any?" I quipped as I got up from his lap. Biting my lip, I sashayed away from him and walked to the back of the club. I found the women's room and was giddy that it was already empty. I leaned against the door, waiting for Edward's cue. A quiet knock alerted me to Edward's presence and I opened the door. He slipped in and flipped the lock.

"I want fucking proof that you aren't wearing any panties, Isabella," Edward said, grinning at me. "Pull up your dress, baby."

I moaned as I hiked up my sequined gown. I stopped when the gown reached the tops of my thighs. In the corner, there was a bench and I sat down, spreading my legs to show Edward my pussy. Using my fingertips, I languidly caressed my lower lips. "See?"

"Play with your pussy, baby. Make yourself come," Edward growled.

"What should I do first?" I asked innocently. I bit my lip, still moving my hand over my wet folds.

"Circle your finger along your clit, Bella. Make yourself nice and wet," he commanded as he removed his jacket. His eyes were trained on my hands, watching me pleasure myself. "How does it feel?"

"Hmmmm, good, but you're better," I moaned, smacking my pussy a few times. "I love when you kiss me here, kissing my pussy like you kiss my mouth."

"Do you want me to kiss your pussy?" Edward smirked. "Or do you want me to fuck your pussy?"

"Fuck my pussy," I begged. "Can't I have both, though?"

"Only one, Bella. Now, put those sexy fingers inside of you," Edward said lowly as he moved to unbuckle his belt. I did as he asked, gasping at how wet I was. "Show me, Bella. Show me how aroused you are. I want to see that arousal on your fingers, baby." I bit my lip, removing my fingers from my body. They were drenched. "Put those fingers in your mouth, Bella. Tell me how good you taste."

I whimpered as I moved my fingers to my lips. Slowly, I ran them along my mouth. He let out a strangled moan as I licked my lips. Keeping my eyes on him, I eased them, individually between my lips. Letting out a low moan, I bucked my hips slightly at the flavor of my pussy. My other hand tugged down the top of my dress and I pinched my breast.

"Tell. Me," Edward choked out.

"Sweet and succulent," I purred. I kept moving my hand over my lips before I suckled them back inside. "Shall I continue?"

"Yes," he snarled. "Make yourself come, Isabella. I want to see your pussy quake from your fingers."

"It won't take long, baby," I said. Moving my hand down between my legs, I began circling my clit. "Yes, just like that."

"Fuck yourself with your fingers, Bella," Edward hissed.

I moved so I was laying on the bench with my legs spread as far as they could go. I could see my reflection in the mirror. My pussy was red and needy, begging for release. Not to mention, dripping wet. I didn't keep my eyes there for long. I turned back to Edward who was watching me with rapt attention. My right hand was toying with my clit while my left slid between my folds, curling inside. My moans filled the large room, amplified by the hard surfaces. Edward had released his pants and they were slung low on his hips. His erection threatened to tear the wool of his tuxedo pants.

"Are you close, Bella?" Edward asked.

"Yesssss," I moaned.

"Get on your hands and knees, baby. Play with your clit once you're there," he said. I nodded and climbed to have my ass in the air. Edward's long, hard and thick cock was now protruding proudly from his muscular body. He gently smacked my ass. I glowered at him. "Touch your clit, Isabella. You're not following instructions."

I licked my lips and moved my hand back to my clit. Just as my fingers touched my body, Edward slammed his cock into my pussy. Immediately, I came around his cock. He grunted as he held onto my hips, moving quickly and forcefully inside of me. Truly, he was fucking me. I loved it. "More, Edward. Harder, baby. Please?"

He put his leg up and began pounding into me. I put my hand on the wall so I could move back to him, feeling him deeply inside of me. "I'm not going to last, Bella," he panted out.

"Fuck, me neither," I whimpered. "Right. There. Yes! Baby! Oh, fuck yes!"

"Shit, Bella, I can feel you hugging my cock," he said, his voice filled with awe. With an animalistic grunt, he spilled inside of me, filling me with wet, warm release. He eased out of me and pressed a kiss to the middle of my back. "Don't move, dolcezza. I want to clean you up."

I nodded, watching him tuck himself back into his pants. Then, he got a few towels, wetting them and wiped between my legs. He kissed both of my ass cheeks before he helped me off the bench, lowering my dress. His eyes were contrite and he frowned slightly. "What's wrong, Edward?" I asked, brushing back some of his hair.

"Was I too rough on you?"

"No, baby. I loved it," I murmured, wrapping my arms around his neck. "Didn't you?"

"Every time with you is amazing but we just fucked in a bathroom and I left a handprint on your ass," he grumbled.

"Stop worrying," I said as I kissed his nose. "It's been too long since we've had sex. What we just did was exactly what the doctor ordered." There was a loud thump on the door and some disgruntled voices. "Shit, we should leave. Do I looked thoroughly fucked?"

"Yes," Edward snorted. "Do I?"

"You're rocking the sex hair but you always rock the sex hair," I said as I handed him his coat. He eased it on and kissed me deeply. Flipping the lock, we walked out of the bathroom. All of the women waiting in the hallway were shell shocked. Ginny was the third person in line. Discreetly, she held up her hand and I gave her a high five. The rest of our time in Paris was spent shopping, making out, making love and having fun until we departed for our next locale…

xx Madrid xx

In Madrid, it was a one day stop. No press junkets or press conferences. We only had the premier and then we were leaving early the following morning for…

xx Berlin xx

By the time we reached Berlin, Edward and I were completely over our nastiness that we caught in New York. We were also roughly halfway through the press tour. The remaining stops on the tour were going to take longer to get to but I was excited to go since I hadn't ever been to a majority of those locations. As a result, our stop in Berlin was slightly longer.

We arrived in the early afternoon. I left to go do my press obligations and Edward wanted to prepare a date for us in Berlin. Just the two of us. No Ginny. No Angela. No Geoff. No paps. Just us. The premier was tomorrow evening and we were leaving immediately following to go to Cairo.

After the press junket, I was directed to Ginny's room. Edward and I had a suite in the hotel. So, I was kind of surprised when I walked into Ginny's smaller room. She sat me down and began curling my hair. "What are you doing?"

"Making you gorgeous for your man," she smirked. "I have a dress, jewelry and shoes for your date with Edward. With the paparazzi, he made arrangements for you to have a romantic meal in your room."

"Oh," I replied.

"He's all sorts of awesome, Bella. If I hadn't felt like I was kissing my brother, I would have tried to make it work with him," she said, pinning my hair up. "But, I think I found my prince charming. You know the guy from the Moulin Rouge?"

"Blonde guy with the blue eyes?" I asked.

"Yeah. His name is Paul and he's here in Berlin on business. We're meeting at the bar here in the hotel before going out to dinner."

"Is he an American?"

"Yeah. He lives in New York but he seemed into me," Ginny grinned.

"Did you?" I asked, waggling my brows.

"We did," she blushed. "He's got a massive dick and what he does with his tongue; it should be illegal."

"Good for you. Just be safe," I said.

"I am," she replied, kissing my cheek. "What color for the fingers?"

"What color is my dress?"

"Mint green," she replied.

"The pink," I answered, pointing to the baby pink in her hand. She nodded and gave me a manicure before attacking my face with some light, pretty makeup. The last step was putting me in a soft, elegant one-shouldered mint green cocktail dress. It was so unlike anything I normally wore but I immediately fell in love with it. Ginny released my curls and pinned them up with a rhinestone clip.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Ginny giggled as she handed me my key and purse. I shot her a look and she cackled as I walked out of the room, toward the elevator. I pressed the button and the doors opened, revealing a very sexy and sweet Edward standing, holding a bouquet of flowers.

"How'd you do that?" I asked, laughing lightly as I took the pastel flowers from him.

"Magic," he grinned, kissing my lips. "You look radiant, Bella."

"Hmmmm," I purred, stepping into the elevator. "So do you. Sexy, classic and oh so fine." I cupped his ass. "Very, very fine."

"I knew you loved me for my ass," he snorted, wriggling against my hand. The elevator opened and we walked to our suite. He opened the door and on the dining room were candles, dinner, champagne and more flowers. All around the room were votive, tea light and pillar candles, giving the room a cozy, warm glow. Edward led me to the table. With a crooked smile, he helped me to sit and poured me a glass of champagne. Real champagne from Champagne province in France.

"This is perfect, Edward," I said, looking around the room. "We needed a quiet evening to ourselves."

"I know, dolcezza," he smiled. "As much as I love traveling, I'm ready to go home."

"Too bad we've got four more stops after this," I said, wrinkling my nose. "I want to go home, too. Trust me when I say that I'll be so thrilled when we're back in the United States, sleeping in my bed."

"Why not my bed?" Edward asked, arching a brow. "I know I live in an apartment and yes, right now it's a bit of mess since I'm in the process of packing everything up, but why not in my bed?"

"Do you want me in your bed, Mr. Masen?" I asked.

"I do, Miss Swan."

"Well, then, it looks like you're going to have an overnight guest once we get back to the states," I giggled, holding up my glass. Edward clinked his glass with mine and gave me a warm, lopsided grin. "Speaking of moving, how are we going to handle that?"

"You said that you want to keep your condo, right?" Edward asked. I nodded. "Why don't we keep the furniture you have in there and get all new stuff for our new home together?"

"What about your stuff in your apartment?"

"It's shit, honestly. Most of it is going to be donated," he said, wrinkling his nose. "The only things I'm bringing with me are my clothes, computer and a few things from when I was a kid."

"I think I'll like shopping with you for our new furniture in our new home," I beamed. "There is one request…a piano."

"A piano?" Edward gasped.

"Edward, I remembered how you looked when you played for me at your old grade school. You miss it," I said, taking his hand in mine.

"I want to put it in the room overlooking the beach," Edward whispered. "You'll beautiful as I make love to you on our piano as the sun sets."

"Can we make love now?" I begged.

"Let's eat dinner and I will make love to you, Miss Swan. I want to make up for my boorish behavior in the Moulin Rouge," he blushed.

And he did…all night long.

I was still feeling his loving when we arrived in…

xx Cairo xx

I was dragging by the time we got to the hotel in Cairo. It was nearly six in the morning. I only had about four hours to catch some sleep before getting ready for the press conference. Thankfully, it was just a press conference. An hour-long press conference.

After the conference, which was very sedate compared to the other conferences we'd had, we went back to our hotel rooms to get some more sleep. What time zone am I in? Ugh…so tired. Later that night, we had our premier. It was quiet and all of the press was respectful.

The next day, we took a day trip to the pyramids in Giza and we acted like moronic tourists. I got to ride on a camel and fell when I got off of said camel. Edward also rode a camel but didn't fall. I glowered at him as he smirked, walking past me.


I smacked him and made some comment that he'd be sleeping alone if he kept up with his cocky attitude.

That changed his tune and he turned into nuzzle-monster, kissing my neck and apologize for acting like a jackass. Who was I kidding? I needed to sleep next to Edward in the worst way. I was actually freaking out for when we got back to LA; that I wouldn't be able to sleep without him. He needed to pack up his apartment. I needed to pack up my condo. We had the wrap party for Midnight Dawn, Christmas and New Year's.

"Don't think too hard, dolcezza," Edward purred against my ear.

"Just thinking about going back to LA," I said, shrugging my shoulder. "I've gotten kind of used to you sleeping next to me, Edward."

"Me, too. But just think, after the first of the year, we'll be sleeping together permanently," he said, cupping my neck gently.

"But, leading up to that, we're probably going to be sleeping separately," I grumbled.

"Bella, I love you. You're it for me. But there will be times where you want my smelly ass out of the house. I'm surprised you're still with me after my bout with the sickness," he snickered. "I'm an asshole when I'm sick. Didn't you notice that?"

"No. I was too busy hacking up my diaphragm," I deadpanned. He laughed, hugging me to his body. To emphasize my point, I had a coughing jag. I was about ninety-five percent over this bug except for the coughing. The dry, arid air of Egypt wasn't really helping much. Perhaps I'd feel better in…

xx Beijing xx

Not so much. You'd think that since the Olympics were here that the city would be clean and nice. Parts of the city were really nice. I mean, really nice. But there was a stench in the air that I couldn't pinpoint. Most of the pictures I took in China, I had a looked like I was smelling a dirty diaper.

The one high point in Beijing was going to see the Great Wall of China. The sheer size of it boggled my mind. The fact that it could be seen from space was outstanding and that we were standing on it…yeah, it was really cool but I was ready to go home.

Only two more stops…

xx Tokyo xx

The flight from Beijing to Tokyo was long and we were all getting a bit short with each other. Even Edward and I were arguing over stupid shit. The constantly feeling of jetlag, staying hotels, eating catered meals and wearing fancy clothing did not make for a very pleasant experience.

Traveling the world is amazing. Don't get me wrong. But, I'd rather do it over the course of more time. Not. Three. Weeks.

Staying in hotels, well, that shit got tired pretty quickly. Yes, we stayed in five-star hotels with amazing bedding and good food, but it wasn't home. I missed my pillows. I missed my mattress. I missed my house.

I also missed cooking for myself. I was so excited in Beijing that our suite had a kitchenette, but couldn't find a store that had the food I wanted to cook. I was dying for some lasagna or fried chicken or pizza. I'd give my right arm for a slice of greasy pizza and an ice cold beer.

Lastly, I was done wearing the fancy clothes. I had worn some beautiful dresses and gorgeous jewelry, but I want to put on a pair of jeans, one of Edward's t-shirts and flip flops. I'm done. I'm sooooo done.

"Bella, come on, baby doll. We've got to do your hair for the Tokyo premier," Ginny smirked, having a little too much fun with a curling iron.

"Fuck. Me."

xx Sydney xx

Last stop! Last stop! Last stop!

Praise the lord!


Two and half weeks of traveling the globe and we just arrived in Sydney and were driving to the Intercontinental Hotel. Edward was snoozing next to me. Ginny and Angela were talking about the plan for tomorrow. Since our flight took up most of the day today, we were going to have tonight to decompress. Tomorrow would be the press junket and the day following would be the premier.

This premier was going to be different. Since it was the last stop of our tour, the production company rented out the Sydney Opera House for the movie. It was a big hullabaloo since we were the first film to do that. I was excited since I'd never been to an opera house and the Sydney Opera House is famous.

In the hotel, Edward ordered room service and he was jonesing for some pizza as much as I was. He ordered the pizza off the menu and wrinkled his nose when he saw that it was three tiny slices with barely any cheese and some unrecognizable vegetable on it. "I want pizza. I want to go home," he whined, flopping down on the bed.

"Me too, baby," I said as I put the untouched pizza outside of our room. I crawled into bed with him and put my head on his chest. "In two days, we'll be leaving."

"But, we've got another day on the plane. That's not including the layover in Oahu," he grumbled. "Are all press tours like this?"

"This one was a bit much," I replied, kissing his neck. "Typically, press tours will be a week and half, traveling to four locations, maybe five."

"I can't wait until we're home," he sighed, kissing my lips softly. "Now, would you hate me if I try and find a good pizza joint and have them deliver it to the hotel?"

"I'd love you forever if you do," I giggled. He grinned and went in search for a phone book. He found the number for a Pizza Hut and ordered four large meat lover pizzas, inviting Angela and Ginny to our suite. We gouged ourselves on the pizza, which wasn't as good as the pizza from home but it was better than the yuppy shit the hotel tried to pass off as pizza outside of our room. As we finished dinner, Ginny's cell phone rang and she skipped off, squealing that it was Paul. Angela left as well and Edward and I decided to partake in some sexy times.

Lots of sexy times.

Edward's tongue should be bronzed. He's kissed every single inch of me and then some.

The press junket was tiring but that was expected. Afterward, the hotel hosted a cocktail party for the remaining press and we all enjoyed specialty drinks and delicious appetizers. Edward stayed next to me, holding my hand or kissing my shoulder as we chatted with the Sydney press. I wore the same dress that he had chosen for me for our dinner in Berlin. I felt at ease here in Sydney. Most of the press kept their questions about their movie and were over the moon excited about my relationship with Edward.

The next day, Edward and I spend some time doing some touristy things in Sydney. Mainly, we took a ferry around the Sydney Harbor and walked up to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It felt nice to be out and about in late December, wearing short sleeves and enjoying the sun on our faces. It did make for a very pissed off Ginny. She bitched that my skin looked red and splotchy due to the impromptu decision to go out in the harbor.

However, Ginny did work her magic and made me gorgeous. Edward stood next to me and smiled proudly and lovingly as we left the hotel to go to the opera house. On the red carpet, we all laughed, smiled and enjoyed each other's company since it was the last time we were going to be together like this for the movie, Snow White and the Wicked Queen. For the final speech, Geoff and I spoke from our hearts, thanking the city of Sydney and the opera house for making this possible. As we finished our speech, the largest screen I'd ever seen rolled down and the movie began.

Seeing myself on that screen was shocking to say the least. I couldn't watch it. My ass looked huge and don't get me started on my nose. At the conclusion of the film, the crowd applauded and we all smiled, waving at them. We were ushered out into the lobby of the opera house and enjoyed another cocktail party.

The following morning, we all woke up hung over and bedraggled. However, there was excitement in our eyes. After a twenty-four hour flight to Oahu and another six hour flight to LA, we'd be home. Once we went through security, we waited for our flight and I could tell that we were all equally as anxious to get back home. This was a lot of fun, but the idea of sleeping in my own bed was like a siren's call.

The flights were not all that bad. Edward and I slept through roughly half of the flight to Oahu and watched a couple of movies for the second half of the flight. On the flight back from Oahu, Edward and I surfed the web to find a style that best suited us for our new home.

Three weeks and a day later, the plane touched down at LAX and we were back in the states. It's nighttime and the airport is damn near deserted. Thankfully, we didn't need to go through customs due to our layover in Oahu. Edward and I picked up our baggage, dragging our feet toward the waiting limo for us. Inside, I cuddled up to Edward as he gave the driver his address. I know I said I'd stay with Edward but I desperately wanted my own bed, but was too tired to fight.

I didn't even realize I had fallen asleep until Edward laid me onto his bed. "No, stay," I whimpered.

"I have to get the bags. I'll be back, Bella," he whispered. I nodded and curled up on his comfy bed. I must have dozed since the next thing I knew, Edward was curled around me. "Welcome home, dolcezza."

"Love you," I mumbled sleepily, curling up in his arms.

"Love you til the moon and back," he said, kissing my ear.

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