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Chapter Twenty-Six: Is Not Golden


We went to our dressing room, gathered our belongings and went outside. There was a limo waiting for us and we climbed inside. Leaning my head against Edward's shoulder, I just collapsed against him. "It's done," I croaked.

"It's done. Now, we get you home and healthy, dolcezza," Edward murmured, kissing my forehead. He guided my head down to his lap and idly played with my curled hair. However, he grew stiff. "We're not going to the hotel, Bella."

"How do you know? I get so lost in New York," I said, looking out the window.

"We're driving away from the city and off the island," Edward growled. He lowered the partition. "We're staying at the Waldorf. It's the other way."

"You're not going to the Waldorf," sneered a familiar voice. "We've got a bone to pick with you and your bitch wife." Glaring at the partition, I saw the eyes of my worst nightmare.

"Jacob," I squeaked before fainting dead away.


"I'm so glad that she remembers me," Jacob sneered, speeding up the limo. I held Bella close to me, reaching for my cell phone. I sent a text to Uncle Carlisle, Jasper and Kate, informing them that Jacob had commandeered the limo in New York. I also dialed 911, hoping that someone would hear what was happening.

"What do you want, Jacob?" I asked, trying to keep my voice even.

"To finish what I started," he growled.

I gulped, panicking at what he was implicating. I kicked my bag closer to my body and I reached inside of it, finding my revolver. I shoved it into my boots and tried to think of ways to get out of this mess. However, we were flying down the highway. "Nothing to say about that? Are you bored with her sloppy pussy already? Did she give you the clap?"

"Fuck you," I spat. I held Bella tighter and I could feel her fever through her clothes. She was so sick and didn't need this crap. I wanted to take her home. I wanted to protect her. I desperately needed this to end. I could faintly hear the operator on my phone. Slipping in my blue tooth, I hissed into the contraption. "My name is Edward Masen. My wife and I, we're being held against our will…"

"Where are you located, Mr. Masen?" asked the operator.

"We're driving on a highway, but I don't know if I can keep talking to you. My captor is giving me…We're in a black limo and our captor is Jacob Black. He's wanted for…FUCK!" The limo turned harshly and we flew down an exit ramp.

"I see his active arrest warrant, Mr. Masen. I've triangulated your location and I have dispatched several police officers toward your location." The car stopped and the door was wrenched open. Jacob grabbed phone from my hand and he stomped on it.

"You think you're so fucking slick," he snarled, pulling me out of the car. With a closed fist, he hit my face. His next shot, I deflected, slamming my fists into his kidneys. It wasn't until I heard the cock of a hammer that I stopped. Turning around, I saw Royce King along with James standing in front of an unmarked van. Victoria was standing, submissively next to James. Royce was holding a gun, aiming it at my head. Slowly, I raised my hands, deferring my surrender. "Not so tough when you've got a gun pulled on you, hmmmm?" Jacob sneered.

"Grab the whore," Royce said coldly. "We are going to have some fun with her since our other playmate…well, she's no longer with us." Royce pushed at Victoria. She stumbled, catching herself on the van. Looking at her, I saw that she was completely broken. Her eyes were dead and she looked drugged beyond all recognition. Royce nodded to James who ambled toward me. He lightly patted my back and hips, looking for a weapon. Stupidly, he didn't check my shoe. James gave Royce a nod. "Put him in the car. Sedate him."

"No! Blindfold me, but do not sedate me," I growled. Royce shrugged and I felt a pinprick at my neck. Blackness swirled all around me. Faintly, I did hear the sirens and Jacob yelling that we needed to go. James lifted me, hefting me over his shoulder and slamming me into the van. I groaned. With a swift kick to the ribs, I felt Bella's unconscious form fall against my side and I was out.

I don't know how long I was unconscious. When I finally came to, I was handcuffed to a bed and the sun was just barely peeking over the horizon. My brain was full of cobwebs and I was sick to my stomach. Shaking my head, I looked around the room. I was grateful that my wife was in the room with me. However, she was handcuffed to a chair. Her face was bruised and there was dried blood underneath her nose. Her clothes were still intact and I prayed that they hadn't…

Don't go there, Masen.

James walked into the room, his face pinched and angry. He saw that I was awake and he sneered. "We almost got caught, Masen. Those fucking cops…we had to torch the limo. Royce was tempted to do it with you and the starlet inside. You ruined me. Ruined Jacob. Ruined him…"

"We didn't do anything," I snapped. "You ruined yourself. Couldn't keep your hands to yourself and had to have her. And Royce is just an idiot. He should still be rotting in jail."

"But he's not," James said as he walked over to Bella, brushing her hair back from her face. He jarred her chin up, backhanding her hard. She fell with a grunt and moaned quietly.

"Stop it, you asshole," I growled, pulling on my restraints. Frantically, I looked for some way to escape but the bed was nailed to the floor. I checked my boots, feeling my revolver still inside and was secretly grateful for that, but I had no way to get to it. My hands were handcuffed to the metal bars of the bed. My wife was being attacked by a monster and couldn't do a fucking thing about it."

"JAMES! Stop it," Royce growled, dragging Victoria into the room. She was wearing a leash and her hands were bound in front of her. What the fuck? Royce handed Victoria's leash to James and he righted Bella. "We have to make it look like she wanted to kill herself. Or that her husband offed her for cheating on him. If she's covered in bruises, the ME's going to know that something was up."

"Of course they're going to know. We still planning on finishing…" James began. Royce slapped James, sending him flying across the room. He landed on a chair, breaking under his weight. Victoria dropped to her knees and cowered.

Royce helped Victoria up and whispered something in her ear. She calmed immediately and walked over to James. Helping him to his feet, James and Victoria left the room. Royce picked up a small rag, wiping down Bella's face. She had a nasty cut along her temple. His actions were almost caring until he spit on her hair. "Bitch," he snarled.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked.

"Because it's starlets like Isabella fucking Swan that ruined my reputation. I'm registered sex offender. Did you know that?" Royce asked. "All because this little girl didn't tell me that she was sixteen when we fucked. On top of that, she ended up pregnant. Stupid bitch used the kid at trial to pin it on me."

"So, you're masterminding this because you feel like you got a bad rep because you're a father?" I scowled.

"I'm no father. That brat was put up for adoption," Royce snorted derisively. "That stupid bitch ruined me. She lied to me and ruined me."

"Maybe you shouldn't have been thinking with your dick," I suggested. Royce roared, punching me in the nose. I felt it crack and blood was pouring out. Spitting out blood, I glared at him. "How many times were you raped in prison? Did it you like it in the ass?"

"I'm going to fucking kill you," Royce growled, pulling out a gun from his jeans and pressing it between my eyes. I shut up. "You and your bitch whore are going to pay for what you did to James and Jacob. Isabella will never be able to have children when I'm done with her. You're going to watch as we all take turns with her. But not today. That would be too clichéd. You and she need a chance to say goodbye, if she ever regains consciousness."

"What did you do?" I asked, my heart stammering in my chest.

Royce shrugged. "She woke up on the drive here. I gave her a little too much sedative. Her heart rate is really slow." He put his gun back into his pants, sauntering out of the room. "Jacob will be back later with some food for you." He slammed the door shut, locking it. Bella's head was lolled at an awkward angle. She was moaning quietly.

I have to help her. I have to get out of here. I struggled with the cuffs but I wasn't budging. My head was pounding and I still feel the blood pouring out of my nose. I was growing weaker, but I had to stay awake. Growling in frustration, I fell back on the bed, hating every moment of this. It wasn't long before I lost the battle in staying conscious.


When I woke up again, I felt a warm cloth on my face. Opening my eyes, I saw Victoria. I jumped, trying to get away from her. "Edward, stop," she chided.

"You're working with them," I snapped.

"No. No, I'm not," she said, her eyes filled with sadness. "I'm here, yes, but…I'm trying to help you."

"Bull shit," I growled. "You were there that night when Bella was attacked. You were an active participant."

"I was higher than a kite and strung out on coke," she argued. "I've seen them lose it. It's some scary shit."

"Why should I believe you?" I asked, narrowing my eyes. "How can I know that you're not part of their plan? Their ruse?"

"You don't but I assure you, I'm not. Look, I know what they're planning. I'm just a piece of furniture to them now. They only use me when they need to fuck," she said, her eyes glazing over. "I take it and then I resume my usual cowering. They think that they broke me. In a way, they did, but not enough for me to roll over and pretend that this shit that they're doing is horrifically wrong. They're all asleep and so I wanted to check on you. On her."

"Is she okay? Bella is sick. She's got an upper respiratory infection and she was running a fever," I said, shooting a glance at my wife.

"She's still running a fever but I gave her some ibuprofen. She's really out of it. They clocked her really hard when she woke up and Royce…he gave her twice the dosage of the sedative. She's going to be down for at least two to three days," Victoria frowned.

"Again, why should I believe you?" I asked.

"Because, I know you have a gun in your boot. Because I know that in five days, Royce, James and Jacob are planning on fucking every hole that your wife has before slicing her into little bitty pieces. Because I want to redeem myself from that bad shit that I did. Because what they're doing is…you have to trust me, Edward," she cried, her face crumbling. "I'll do all that I can."

"So, you know what their plan is. What are you going to do to stop it?" I asked.

"I have the key to your handcuffs," she replied. "You have to stay tethered to this bed until I unlock them." She pulled a small key from her bra. "When you are free, you need to take her and run. Get the fuck out of here." She shuddered. "I'm calling the cops in three days. Don't eat or drink anything they give you. It's laced with medication that will make you sleep. I'll try to slip you something that isn't…Just trust me."

"I don't, but I have no other choice," I said coldly. She nodded. Reaching into her bag, she fed me a sandwich and some water. When she finished with me, she gave Bella some medicine and water, which was a struggle since she was so loopy. Victoria looked at me sadly before ducking out of the room, locking the door.

I fell back on the bed, staring at the water stained ceiling. I didn't know where we were. I had no way of contacting anyone. My wife was looking like death and I had to put my blind faith into a psychopath who originally helped in Bella's attack. Huffing out a breath, I decided that I had no other choice but to trust in Victoria that she would help us. That we would get out of this. I just prayed that this abduction won't completely shatter my wife's already fragile psyche.

An hour after Victoria came into the room, James and Jacob dragged me off the bed. I didn't want to leave Bella, but Royce said something that he couldn't handle the smell of urine. They tossed me onto my knees outside of the house we were staying in. It was in a heavily wooded area. I couldn't hear any cars so it was safe to assume that we were far away from civilization. "Take a piss, Masen. Be grateful that Royce is allowing you this luxury. Try anything stupid and I shoot off your balls," James spat, aiming his gun at my junk.

Clumsily, I stood up and ambled a few feet away from them. I undid my belt and peed quickly. The water that Victoria had given me sat uncomfortably in my bladder. When I was finished, I struggled to button my pants with the cuffs still on. Jacob apparently thought it was too long. He kicked my legs out from underneath me and I landed with a heavy thud. The air pushed out of my lungs and I groaned, rolling onto my side. Jacob reared back, kicking me in the back. I could feel my old injuries from before begin to bark.

"Jacob, man. You're doing it all wrong," James laughed and I felt another blow to my back. I tried to roll away, but Jacob stood in my way. Between the two of them, my stomach and back were bruised and I was in agony.

"You fucktards," Royce snarled. "I understand your need to show your dominance, but he's already down and handcuffed. If you want to fight him, at least take the cuffs off." Royce bent down and he helped me to a seated position. "Are you okay?" he asked, feigning concern.

"Fuck you," I spat. Royce didn't like my response because I felt a hard blow to my head and then…nothing.


I woke up again and it was dark. My stomach was rolling. Victoria held a garbage can under my mouth as I lost my meager contents from my stomach. Every inch of my body was in pain and I felt awful. "What time is it?"

"Nearly three in the morning. Royce hit you over the head with a baseball bat," Victoria frowned, wiping my face. "He tried to take it out on Bella, but I distracted him." I looked up at her. Victoria's face was covered with bruises and two distinct handprints on her neck. "I also got her onto a bed."

"Can't you call the cops earlier? This is torture," I hissed, flopping back on the bed. The room spun.

"No, I can't. Royce is the only one that has a cell phone. James and I are going on a supply run in a day and a half for some gasoline and firewood. They plan on torching this place after…" she trailed off. "We couldn't load that into the van with you and Bella inside of it. While James is buying that shit, I'll use a payphone or talk to the shop owner. I look like I've been attacked so they will hopefully help me. I will give you the key to the handcuffs before I leave. Do not release yourself until…until we come back. Bella should be awake by then."

"They haven't harmed her, right? She's only sedated?" I whispered.

"Yes. Only sedated. I've been…" she trailed off. She looked at me and her face paled, even with the bruising. "I'd rather it be me than her. I'm coherent. I can fight back. She can't. Not now."

"I still don't understand why you're helping us," I said, growing tired.

"I have my reasons," she said, her eyes narrowing. "You need to rest, Edward. You've got a concussion. I'll check on you in a couple of hours." Victoria got up and covered me with a ratty quilt. She also checked on Bella, covering her as well. I could hear Bella's labored breathing from here. She was getting worse. At least she was covered and I was hoping that Victoria was taking care of her. Not able to fight it, my eyes drooped and I fell into a deep slumber.

I lost an entire day, drifting in and out of consciousness. When I was somewhat lucid, Victoria told me that the guys were talking about moving up their plans. She pressed the key into my palm, her eyes filled with sorrow and fear. Early the next morning, I heard Victoria and James get ready to leave. Bella was moaning on her own cot. Her face was flushed with fever and her breathing was raspy. Once the car pulled away, I twisted my hands, unlocking the cuffs. I kept the cuffs on and I walked over to Bella's cot. Feeling her forehead, she was burning up and shivering. "Dolcezza," I cooed. "I'm going to get you out of here. I promise, love." I was grateful that she was still asleep. Her poor body was in pain from being sick and her mind was in overload in seeing Jacob.

I heard some footsteps coming to my room. Darting back to the bed, I loosely bound myself to the bed and pretended to be asleep. I overheard the entire conversation of both Jacob and Royce.

"She's really sick, Royce," Jacob said as he ripped off the blanket off Bella.

"She won't fight when we fuck her," Royce replied, his voice dead. "I bet her ass is nice and tight."

"After we have our way with her, what about him?" Jacob asked.

"Kill him. I want the last thing he sees before he dies is his wife, bloodied and broken from us. We'll torch the place afterward," Royce said, walking closer to me. "You know? I don't find this to be as redeeming as I thought it would. Do you?"

"I don't fucking care as long as I get to feel Bella's tight, wet pussy around me," Jacob growled. "Can't I kill him now?"

"No, Jacob. Remember, you want to see him broken when we torture his wife," Royce sneered. "Now, we've got a long night tonight. Let's get something to eat and catch a nap." They left and I opened my eyes. Unlocking the handcuffs to give my shoulders a rest, I started devising a plan to kill those mother fuckers. If only I had more than six bullets. I had to be accurate with my shots. There were three of them. I had to be lethal. I had to. The future of our lives laid in my hands and the hands of Victoria. I was grateful for the key to handcuffs but another gun would have been better. I was ready to kill these fuckers.

This nightmare was ending and it sure wasn't the way that they had planned it. They're going to burn. Not. Me.

Four hours later, I had a crude plan figured out. I just hoped that Victoria followed through with her part of it, by calling the police. I didn't know where we were and we had to be missed by now. My phone call to the 911 operator that abruptly ended and the burnt limo had to be huge clues as well. I just hoped that my own body would hold out. I knew had at least bruised ribs and my head hadn't stopped pounding since Royce decided to use my head for batting practice. Bella was no better, either. When I checked on her before I put the cuffs back on, she was burning up and I was afraid that she would not overcome this ordeal.

An hour after that, I heard the van pull up. James barked something to Victoria. I heard them go at it harshly and then a few smacks before a door slammed. Victoria scrambled into our room and she looked even worse than before. Her face was more bruised and her clothes were torn. "I called the cops. I told them where we were. There's a massive manhunt going on for you two," she said. "It's on every single news station."

"What do we do now?" I asked as I unlocked my cuffs.

"You go. Leave," she said as she wrapped her light coat around Bella's form. "There's a gas station a mile south of here. Get there and the cops will reunite you with your family." She smacked Bella's face. "Wake up, Bella. Come on." My wife moaned. "You are going to have to carry her."

I nodded, walking over to Bella's cot. I was weak and I wasn't sure how I was going to carry her down a mile, on uncertain terrain. Bending down, I slung her over my shoulders in a fireman's carry. My body protested but I gritted through it. Victoria led me out of the small bedroom and through the rustic but dirty living room. Just as we were about to walk out the door, Royce screamed.

"GO!" Victoria yelled. I balanced Bella and started sprinting away. It was dark and I had no idea where I was going. I wasn't sure if it was south, north, east or west. I just had to get away. I heard a gunshot and I cringed. There were two more and then nothing. Victoria probably paid for this betrayal with her life. As I moved further into the woods, I heard the distinct sounds of cars traveling up toward the cabin. Putting Bella down, I leaned against a tree, trying to discern what was going on. I pulled out my own weapon, looking around furtively for Royce, Jacob or James.

Flashlights were now invading the woods. I crouched down in a protective stance in front of Bella.

"You stupid fucker," I heard over my shoulder. "You think you could get away?"

Turning around I saw Royce. His clothes were blood stained and his eyes were crazed. He was holding his arm gingerly. "This isn't over, Edward. Bella and you will pay for your sins with your lives."


"FUCK YOU!" Royce growled. He raised his good arm, holding a large gun and aiming it at Bella. I cocked my revolver, aiming it at Royce's head. "I will win, asshole. I will always win."


The flashlights were moving closer and I stood to my full height, blocking Bella from his shot. "No, you won't. It's over, Royce." He screamed and he shot his gun. I managed to shoot mine but I felt a burning sensation in my body as I flew back onto the ground. Bella weakly moved to cover me, reaching for my revolver. She held it up, shaking and crying.

"SIR, WE'VE FOUND THEM!" yelled a male officer. He shined his flashlight on Royce's face. I had hit him square between the eyes. However, I wasn't able to breathe and I was getting cold. "Mrs. Masen, put the gun down. It's over."

"My h-h-husband's b-b-been shot," she spat out, pressing her hand over the burn. "Help him, p-p-please?"

I looked up at her. She was so sick and frail looking. "I'm sorry…I love you, dolcezza," I wheezed out.

"Don't you s-s-say g-g-goodbye," she growled. "You're going to be fine. You're going to be fine. You have to…I love you…"



The police officers scooped Edward off my lap. They carried him to a waiting ambulance. A female officer helped me off the forest floor, but I stumbled, weak and sicker than a dog. They led me to the ambulance as well, wrapping me in a warm blanket as they began working on my husband. The doors slammed and I slumped against the wall of the ambulance. I was so tired and felt awful. Edward was pale, almost gray as they stripped away his shirt.

"Oh, my God," I coughed, looking at the bruising on his chest. "What happened?"

"We don't know, Mrs. Masen. We received a call from dispatch, alerting us to your location. We're going to take you and your husband to a nearby hospital and medevac you to a level one trauma center in New York City," one of the EMTs explained. She quickly examined me, determining that I had pneumonia from the crackles in my chest. She covered my face with an oxygen mask, encouraging me to breathe deeply. I couldn't do that. Not with my husband fighting for his life. From what I could discern, it was a 'through and through,' whatever that meant. The bullet went in through his shoulder and came out his back. They had sedated him since he was so agitated. I hated that I couldn't see his eyes. I wanted to see his eyes. I had to…

"Mrs. Masen, keep breathing the oxygen. Your sats are too low," the EMT chided. "Hyperventilating will not help you."

"Is he going to be alright?" I croaked out.

"We think so, but the doctors will have to look at him once we get him to Bellevue," the EMT explained. "You also need to be looked at. You're very sick."

"I have to be with him," I whispered, pulling my oxygen mask down. She huffed, putting it back up and warning me to keep it on my face or I would have to be intubated. Huffing, I sat back, breathing in the warm oxygen. We arrived at a nearby medical center only to be rushed to a waiting helicopter. Scrambling on board, we flew over trees and eventually the ocean before I saw Manhattan below us. The helicopter banked and landed on the rooftop of one of the buildings. Two sets of doctors were on the roof. One set was dressed in surgeon's scrubs and the other was holding a wheelchair. "You're separating me from my husband?" I cried, looking at the EMT on the helicopter.

"You're being admitted, Mrs. Masen," he said calmly. "You're running a high fever and you're very sick. You need medical attention. If you don't get help, you won't be much assistance to your husband. Besides, he's going directly into surgery to repair the ligaments and tendons to his shoulder."

The helicopter landed and the blades stopped moving. The two teams approached the helicopter. The surgical team came first, talking to me about Edward's impending surgery. I told them to do whatever they needed to do to make sure that he woke up. I signed his release and then I was led into the wheelchair, where I was brought down to different floor. A nurse helped me shower and then a doctor came in, diagnosing me with bacterial pneumonia and banning me to my quarantined room until my lungs cleared up and the infection had stopped. As I was getting settled, Charlie came into my room. He hugged the shit out of me, crying for the first time since, well, ever.

It had been nearly five days since we were supposed to arrive home. Edward's cryptic 911 call was leaked to the press and the limo, which had been burned with two bodies inside, was plastered all over the news. After further investigation, the bodies were the limo driver that was originally assigned to us and a homeless drifter that had crossed paths with Royce and his motley crew of assholes. I was too sick to really understand what was going on, plus the sedation that Royce had injected me with made me loopy. "Dad, can you stay with me?" I asked, feeling drained all of a sudden. The adrenaline rush that I had experienced when I was in the woods and on the chopper had worn off.

"Of course, Bella. I'm not going anywhere," Charlie said, taking my hand. He brushed my hair back and smiled softly before I succumb to exhaustion and sickness.

Two days after I was admitted, I was finally allowed to visit Edward. I was no longer infectious and finally breathing somewhat normally. I had a long road to recovery and now prone to upper respiratory infections, but I was finally better. Was I discharged? No, but I could at least get off the damn respiratory floor and see with my own eyes that my husband was okay. Esme and Carlisle had visited me, informing me that Edward was fine, but I needed to see him.

Charlie rolled me in the wheelchair to Edward's private room on a medical floor. There had been a scandal of our photos being leaked from our hospital rooms. However, the hospital found the culprit, a nurse who was down on her luck and in debt who sold them to the highest bidder. She was fired and the hospital was covering all of our medical expenses due to the gross violation of our privacy. Plus, they didn't want to get sued out the ass.

I was ready.

Bella, the bitch, was back and staying for good.

Parking me in Edward's room, I bit back tears. He was sleeping and his arm was strapped to his chest. He didn't look gray like he did in the ambulance, but his skin didn't have its usual pinkness. I stood up, picking up his good hand and pressing his palm to my cheek. The movement startled him and he smiled. "Dolcezza," he breathed. "I've missed you."

I couldn't respond. I was too busy crying. I wanted to throw myself into his arms, but he was injured. He tugged on my hand and pulled me to his chest. I snaked my arms around his neck, nuzzling his good shoulder. "You're okay," I breathed, coughing quietly.

"I will be," he said, kissing my forehead. "I've got some physical therapy to do to rehab my shoulder, but I'm fine."

As we were talking, reconnecting as best we could, Kate and a detective from New York came into Edward's room. "You're both here? Perfect," Kate smiled. "This is Detective Colin Kilaney. He's been leading the New York side of this fiasco."

"What happened? I was so sick that I didn't really know…" I frowned.

"Well, the limo driver was killed while you were taping SNL. From what we could gather, he was stuffed in the trunk of the limo while Jacob waited for you. After that, 911 received your call, Edward and the police dispatched officers to your last known location. They found the limo on fire with two victims," Kate explained. "They were ready to pronounce you dead, but the clothes on the victims didn't match what you wore to the soundstage."

"Using our toll way cameras, we saw that Jacob and James drove a dark, unmarked van. They traveled north into a cabin just west of Poughkeepsie," Colin explained. "We lost them when they got off the toll way, though. It wasn't until a red-headed woman approached a store clerk, asking to use the phone, that we got our first lead. It was a big one. She gave us the exactly location of the cabin and where to find you."

"Victoria," Edward frowned. "She helped us escape. She was the one who gave me the key for the handcuffs. Did she make it?"

"She was shot three times. She's in the ICU, fighting for her life and the life of her unborn baby," Kate frowned.

"She's pregnant?" Edward breathed. "That's why she helped us…"

"Do you think she'll make it?" I asked.

"If she does, she will be charged as an accessory for your first attack," Kate frowned.

"What about the rest of them?" Edward questioned. "I know what happened to Royce."

"That was a hell of a shot. Right between the eyes," Colin praised. "Where did you learn to shoot like that?"

"I used to work in private security and as a body guard. I have a license to carry," Edward huffed.

"Edward, relax. You're not in trouble. It was a justifiable homicide. You're not being charged," Kate said, smacking Colin's arm. "Now, all three men were shot by Victoria. Jacob was shot in the balls and he bled out on the scene. He's dead. James, on the other hand, was shot in the back and he's paralyzed from the waist down. He's being held in the prison ward here at Bellevue."

"What happened to you? Tell us what occurred at the cabin," Colin pressed gently.

Edward told the story of our time in the cabin and what had happened. He told them of his distrust of Victoria, but how he had to rely on her and ultimately, it was her that saved us. Jacob and Royce were dead and would never hurt us again. James was looking at a long prison term, confined to a wheel chair. Victoria was the only part of the story that made me sad. While she had been a part of the original attack, she had turned around and helped us. I prayed that she would survive. I prayed that her baby would survive and that they would have the opportunity to be happy.

"What now?" I asked.

"We only have to contend with Rosalie. She was in protective custody but now since the threat is gone, Emmett needs to decide if he wants to press charges," Kate said. "The nightmare is essentially over, Bella. You can go on and live your life."

"I just want to go home," I sighed, leaning my head on Edward's shoulder. "I want to…"

"I'm with you, dolcezza," Edward cooed, kissing my forehead. "I can't wait to sleep in my own fucking bed without the damn beeping."

"That we can't help you with. That's all up to your doctors," Kate snorted. "We'll be in touch regarding your testimony about James." Edward and I nodded, snuggling close to each other. "Just heal, be happy and love each other." With a wink, Kate left with Colin.

"Seriously, I can't wait to go home," Edward said. "This has been…"

"Yeah," I sighed. "But it's over, Edward."

"I know, dolcezza," he said, hugging me close. "I'm happy it's over because now we can truly move on with our lives." He cupped my chin, staring into my eyes. "I love you."

"I love you more," I murmured, brushing my lips with his. Cuddling to side, I finally let go. It was over.

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