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"Alright butterflies, settle down. Welcome back to your FINAL semester here at Hollywood Arts!" Everyone cheered at that statement. Yes, it's our last five months of high school and my friends and I intend to make the most of it.

"Now, for your final production, I am going to mix it up a bit. This time, instead of me choosing the play, I am leaving it as a student project. I have already chosen whose play will be done, and the rest of you may sign up for either BTS or supporting roles. I am sure this person already has actors in mind for lead roles anyway."

That was Sikowitz, wacky that one is, but he's definitely our favorite. He has a fetish for coconuts, claiming that is his thinking water (he gets visions I guess). His antics may not be conventional, but they're the reason we love him. He discovered Andre's calling as a more soulful musician rather than a rapper, submitted 3 of my playwrights to the local theatre (one of them actually got picked up for student summer series), recommended Jade and Beck for scholarships to theatre schools in North Hollywood, as well as finding Tori's calling in music, and finally she brought Robbie out of his shell and is now a top actor and playwright in our class.

We balance each other out, the six of us. I guess you can say we fall-in to several categories, but together we're dynamic. Tori's the all around golden girl, she's senior class president and everyone loves her. She's totally opposite from Jade, who's a rebel but will be a friend in need only she'll never admit that. The only thing they have in common is that they love to sing. We all do. They're my best girlfriends, my sisters (since I'm an only child). Beck and Jade have been dating since 8th grade. Those two love birds, Beck's the most loyal and handsome guy there is, the soft counterpart to Jade. He's the Leonardo DiCaprio of our Generation. Andre is the fastest runner on the varsity track team. With an average mile time of 4 minutes flat, you'd think that's all he'd be focused on. Think again, he loves music just as much as anyone. He tried to rap, which was fun, but when he wrote his first love song he realized he was more of a Marques Houston than a Jay-Z.

And then there's Robbie. He has to be the smartest boy in the world. I mean I'm not the brightest bulb but I'm pretty smart (Robbie knows I'm smart, everyone else questions my short attention span), but Robbie will knock your socks off with his knowledge. He is far from loser status but he does have his moments, I give him that. His parent's wealth makes him humble that he won't flaunt anything he gets, and he's just so adorable with his awkwardness. He's a great playwright that's for sure. He's been my best friend for 10 years, longer than any of them (Jade comes in a close second, I met her a year later).

Bell rings

"Tomorrow we'll continue talking about the final production. Have a nice lunch everyone!"

As my 5 friends and I gathered our things and started out the door, Sikowitz interrupted us. "Not so fast you 6! Come. Sit."

The six of us made our way to the front sitting in the first row; Tori next to Andre, following Jade and Beck, and Me and Robbie on the other end. "Are we in trouble?" Tori asked worried that her perfect record was shattered, though that would never happened even if she tried.

"No you're not, calm down." Sikowitz reassured her.

"Then why are we here? I'm hungry, Sikowitz" Jade complained

"I missed you too, Jadey. Anywho, I'm here to tell you, congratulations."

We were all confused. "For what?" I spoke for all of us.

"Let's not pretend that I don't favorite you children because I do. You kids have the heart, personality and potential that every teacher wishes to have in his students. So I doubt it would be surprising that I have chosen 6 valuable jobs for you all in the final production."

"WHAT?! Really?!" Tori exclaimed.

"Yes really. Andre and Tori, you two are in charge of the music and Jade and Beck the two leads," Sikowitz said smiling.

"Uh, what about Cat and Rob?" Andre asked.

"Ah, yes. I know I said one lucky student will be the mastermind of this production, but choosing between Cat and Robbie is like betting the worst odds in the lottery. You two will be the writers of the play, as well as the directors. With that, I already knew the roles Cat and Robbie would give the rest of you."

"OMG congrats you guys!" Tori and Jade screamed.

ME? A playwright AND director? Someone pinch me.

"Sikowitz, I can speak for both Cat and I that we're flattered with this honor, but are you sure you want us to take on that responsibility?" Huh. I guess he read my mind.

"Yeah, this is a huge responsibility. Robbie and I only acted together, we've nether done any writing together."

"Let me tell you something, in this business the truest artists are those who trust their gut and never fail. Not once has my gut feeling failed me. I see something between you two, call it a spark, and I am confident that you two will create the best play this school has seen in 50 years."

I know he was referring to "spark" as in creativity between Robbie and I, but I couldn't help but take it as more.

Robbie and I looked at each other, smiling shyly we both made a decision.

"Well, when you put it that way…."

"Then thank you for giving us this wonderful honor."

That moment our best friends and Sikowitz were congratulating both Robbie and me.

"Wonderful, I will email you the details of the story you will write. Alright now get your tushies to lunch, see you all tomorrow!"

With that we stormed off to lunch. Our friends took us out and treated us for lunch as a congratulatory gift so the rest of the day went amazingly well. Didn't really know how it could get better than this.

Seventh period came and we were watching some documentary about King Arthur so I started zoning out. Then my phone vibrated.

Hey Cat, I never got to formally say congratulations. I knew Sikowitz would choose you while she was talking in class. You're amazing. Can't wait to work with you. –Robbie

Aw Robbie you are too sweet! And no, I really thought she was talking about you, not me! :P –Cat

So he was thinking about me in class huh? Well I know it was about the class, but still. I'm sure by now you know that I've got a small crush on Robbie. He and I, as much as we have a group, we do seem to be complimentary to the vibe of the relationship. He's the only one who understands me, even though I don't tell him everything, he knows a lot about me that most people don't. Like I said before, he's the smartest boy I know, a little on the nerdy side but I've always found him rather…. cute. I may come off as a beauty with barely any brains, but not once has ever called me dumb. Sure I've had a few boyfriends and guys flirt with me and it's fun but come on, I've got some integrity. I won't just let a guy touch me. He's never made a move on me like most guys do, which I absolutely respect about him, but lately I wish he would… If he wanted to take me and have his way with me I would say yes in a heartbeat. Imagine a cute nerd with so much hotness an- oh my God here I am rambling again about him. Focus, Cat, focus!


Ahaha well I guess she's right, great minds think alike! Wanna meet up after school to shoot some ideas? Meet at your locker after class? –Robbie

Sounds like a plan ;) – Cat