After wishing for her best friend Carol (better known as Painwheel) and the two became best friends again, Filia started to become concern about the Skull Heart transforming her into a Skullgirl. Later on, she use a spell to separate Samson as a symbiotic parasite humanoid and the two fall for each other, which led them to marriage and having a daughter named Christine. Days later, Filia can't take the pain of the Skull Heart's power anymore and left home without telling Samson. Sensing the Skull Heart's powers, Samson sets out to rescue Filia and leaving Christine full care with Carol. After defeating the Skullgirl, which turns out to be Filia, Samson uses the Skull Heart to let her live and the Skull Heart granted his wish as it told him that her daughter will become the next Skullgirl when she gets the same age as her mother. With all of their might and power, Samson and Filia make sure that their daughter does not become the Skullgirl and will train her once she turned sixteen in their hope to defeat the new Skullgirl and destroy the Skull Heart.

Years later, Christine was now an average sixteen year old girl who goes to the same school as her mother went with her best friend Danielle. They were sitting in the back of the room watching their teacher, Ms. Victoria writing a new school lesson on the board.

"Man, I'm so bored," Danielle whispered to Christine. "I wish I was back at home relaxing on my bed or even go to the beach to soak some waves."

"Come on, Dani," Christine whispered back. "School is not that bad. But I do wish the bell ring for lunch."

"Easy for you to say," Danielle snapped. "You're the smartest student in the entire school. Also, I heard rumors that there's a new Skullgirl out there."

"Skullgirl?" Christine echoed. "Who's that?"

"I don't know," Danielle replied with a shrug. "But all I know is that she's evil."

Christine's eyes widened. "Now that you mention it. Last night, I had a strange dream of myself walking to a mysterious room filled with skulls and there was a floating artifact that shaped like a skull in the middle of the room saying this it your fate."

"Hmm, I see." Danielle said, understanding her friend's dream. "Maybe its one of those destiny fate stuff. A lot of people have those."

"Do you have that?" Christine asked.

"Something like that, but it's too complicated to tell." Danielle replied.

Before Christine could ask more, the bell rang and every student ran out of the classroom. Christine and Danielle grabbed their backpacks and headed to the cafeteria. After lunch and the rest of the boring classes, Christine waved Danielle good-bye and ran home.

As she opened the door and entered in, Christine spotted both of her parents and her little six year old brother Isaac sitting on the couch watching the news about the Black Egrets. She went up to her room and change from her school uniform into a dark purple short dress with white trim with ankle dark purple boots. She looked at the mirror for a closer look but realized that her blonde hair has changed into purple. She let out a small gasp and headed downstairs. Christine can't get her dream struck in her head and she should ask her parents about it. But what if they react or could careless about it? There's only one way to find out.

"Hey, mom and dad. I have to tell you something." Christine spoke.

"What is it?" Samson asked. "Nice dye by the way."

"I had a dream last night and it's been haunting me all day," Christine responded.

"What kind of dream?" Filia asked curiously.

"I was a mysterious room filled with skulls and there's a weird floating skull telling it's my fate," Christine explained.

Samson and Filia gave each other frightened yet curious looks before facing their daughter. They know what they have to do for the sake of their daughter and their son.

"Christina, Isaac, there's something we have to tell you two." Filia spoke in a gentle tone. "You two were born with parasite powers from your father."

"What do you mean?" Isaac asked.

"You have parasite powers that you can control from your will," Samson explained. He turned to face his daughter. "And Christine can control her parasite power from her mother, which is why your hair has changed color."

"Having a parasite hair?" Christine asked. Then, she let out a smile. "Sounds cool."

"So when can we start?" Isaac asked eagerly.

"You tomorrow, but your sister has to leave immediately." Samson replied.

"What? Why?" Christine asked in a shock,

"Ever since you were baby, the Skull Heart was transforming me into a Skullgirl and I have to leave home for your safety but your father had saved me and now the Skull Heart is after you since you have a connection to it." Filia explained. "You must battle the Skull Heart's will and destroy it."

"Oh." Christine frowned. "Danielle told me about the new Skullgirl out there, but I have no idea where she is."

"She's at the New Meridian inside the Grand Cathedral of the Divine Trinity." Samson said.

"What does the Skull Heart do anyway, mom?" Isaac asked.

"The Skull Heart can grant only one wish if your heart is pure, but if not you will transform into a Skullgirl." Filia answered.

"Alright. I'll go." Christine said with a sigh.

"Good luck, sis." Isaac smiled as he gave his big sister a hug.

Christine hugged back her brother and leave home in a search for the Skull Heart.