Hey guys! I decided to make another My Music story and it's gonna include my fave couple in the entire universe: Scene/Intern 2! If you guys watched this week's MyMusic Live or at least beginning: you'll understand the story. They said Scene disappeared and hasn't updated anything and I thought it would make a easy fanfic. I really do wonder where she is though.

"Intern 2, have you seen Scene come to work today? You're usually the first one here so I just want to know. I haven't seen her today." Indie said approaching his desk. He figured that the answer would yes and she was doing an early errand for Rotfl:Brbttyl:) but knew it was better knowing it's true then not.

"Um...not really. I thought she was with Metal and Rotfl:Brbttyl:)." Intern 2 answered slowly looking up from his laptop.

"Weird, Metal said he hasn't seen her either and Rotfl:Brbttyl:) hasn't seen her too."

"You don't suppose she hasn't shown up to work today, has she?"

"Shu-" He was about to say then paused. He was actually right, "Maybe you're right. But she didn't call in sick today or anything. I'll just schedule a meeting right now to see if anybody's seen her so we don't have to worry."

But nobody knew where Scene was.

"Alright, has anybody done anything to upset Scene lately? Maybe she doesn't want to show up or something."

Nobody answered.

"I'm sorry to make this worse but I checked on all of Scene's social media accounts and she hasn't updated them. At all." Idol said looking through her laptop for any updates.

"Facebook? Tumblr? Twitter? Google+? Myspace? Anything?" Indie responded.

"No. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Really? And nothing." Idol responded.

"Intern 2," He pointed at him, "You'll be filling in for Scene on today's MyMusic Live with Techno and Dupstep."

Intern 2 nodded. But he couldn't help but ask, "Should we inform the viewers about this? They might get really mad if they don't get an explanation on why Scene will probably not host this week's 'MyMusic News'."

"Shut up In-" He stopped again. Man, was Intern 2 going on a roll, "You're right. Mention that also. It will keep them informed and it won't create chaos. Meeting dismissed!"

The MyMusic Live was a success as usual, with a fake Shawn White and a singer who's a bit like Idol: What could make the Live show even better? Scene was the answer to Intern 2. He worried alittle but tried to show no emotion about it.

While working he tried to remember if anything bad had happened the past few weeks. He felt like something must connect to her disappearance.

He remembered the cake on her head, twice. The often running in and out and the yelling Metal gave Scene that day when she accidently clicked stop for the shooting of Rotfl:Brbttyl:)'s music video. How she tried hard to get Indie to notice her but would fail. How hard she worked for Rotfl:Brbttyl:) and making sure they were happy and they were mean and cruel to her in return.

He suddenly stopped working.

Wasn't it possible that Scene...couldn't handle it anymore? He made himself get rid of the thought. She would never do that and he knew her well. He looked at Scene's empty desk. She should be there working and giving that usual smile to Indie. He even missed that annoying Nyan Cat song she played on her computer.

When nobody was looking he searched through her desk. He still felt the pain on his arm from Hip Hop shooting him but ignored it. There must be something that can give him a clue. Anything. He opened the drawers and there were stacks of paper and fanmail she recieved: cluttered. Some were open and some were not. He found a notebook and knew it must be something. He closed it and looked through it at his desk.

The notebook was filled with work assignments because she was a bit forgetful and there were some stars or hearts drawn in every once in a while. He flipped toward the final page and he read it:

"How can I be such a screw up?

Rotfl:Brbttyl:) must hate me for clicking stop on their music video!

Metal threw cake on my head: twice! The cake was good, though.

And Indie: he doesn't even notice me! No matter how hard I try: I fail. :(

Maybe, I just won't show up tomorrow. It's so hard trying to impress him when he doesn't notice me and Rotfl:Brbttyl:) are so mean to me! I wonder if they'd care if I just...left."

He read it twice before taking it in. No, this can't be Scene. Scene was the happy, optimistic girl not the sad, pessimistic girl. It was like she was a different person. He put the notebook back in its place and tried to get back to work. He'll have to find her. Maybe she will show up tomorrow. He hoped so.

Poor Scene! I just realized that her relationship with Indie was exactly like mine! I had a crush on a guy and tried to get him to notice me. I let him talk about himself and I even tried watching 'Robot Chicken'! It failed. Miserably. :( But I'm over him now! So anyway, review below and peace out!