Suzy holds her hand up against the window, against the cold smooth glass, Henry's hand mirroring her own on the other side. The day had simply been too much to bear: going from Henry's arms back into harsh reality for her ex-husband Steve's wedding, discovering her mom had died and that she lived with Aaron now. Her chest feels like a cannon, her heart set to explode. Aaron comes up behind her and caresses her shoulder; she wants to violently shrug his hand off her, please, not here, not now, not in front of Henry standing there outside with that sweet smile growing ironic. How can she know what happened between Aaron and the shell of herself left behind while she was with her Henry? It's not Aaron's fault, but his touch, so secure, makes her want to scream and cry. All day he had been so kind, so helpful, so patient, perhaps the sort of man she would've fallen for if it weren't for Henry. Henry's hand drops from the glass, the smile on his lips gone, only his eyes burning into her now. Suzy says, "Aaron, I need to step outside for fresh air and just be alone for bit."

Aaron kindly tells her, "Of course, darling," and mercifully removes his hand.

She enters the night garden of her mother's house just as Henry sinks down onto a bench. "What now, Suz?"

"How are you here?"

"Right, big fucking question. I've been asking that myself from the start."

"No, I mean the Elysian has been torn down. You never were able to pass that wall of fog you told me about, but here you are in Mom's yard." She sits down beside him, aching to hold his hand.

"Dunno. I just was here suddenly and looked in the window, saw you and the kids and that lucky bastard Aaron."

"Mom passed on. I think that's why I'm here with Aaron. She couldn't keep watch over my shell and make sure things would unfold as I'd want while I was with you."

He leans his head back, looking up at the sky, away from her eyes. "Maybe your mum wanted you with him. He's . . . alive. He can get you a cup of tea, hold you when you cry, just be with you. He loves you Suz, even just the you left behind not in full gear."

"God damn it, Henry, don't, just don't. He was the one we both picked so you I could get together. Brilliant idea that was."

Aaron opens the door and says, "Suzy, you're talking to yourself. I think all this opening up emotionally has exhausted you. Come on to bed." He holds his hand out for her to take.

Henry stands up, turns, and begins to walk away. Suzy shouts, "Wait! Give me a bit more time to sort things out." Henry stops; his back still toward her while Aaron withdraws the hand he'd been holding out to her. "Aaron, just let me . . . remember Mom in my own way here in her garden. Please, a little more alone time."

Henry snarls, "You don't need to ask his permission."

At the same time, Aaron nods, concerned. He tells her, "I'll just tuck Verity in and send Elvis to bed." He's so enmeshed within the family he takes the responsibility so casually? He closes the door, leaving her staring at Henry's back silhouetted in the moonlight. She gets up to go and stand beside him.

"I lost Mom while we spirited. Am I going to lose you too?"

"Aw Suz, I'm sorry. Anyhow, I don't even know if I can leave here. I just don't want to hang about when you go back inside and climb into bed with him."

"I won't, Henry. You think I'd go from your arms to his? I'll tell him I feel sick and want to sleep on the sofa. I just have to figure out a decent way to end whatever this is between him and me. Please, come in with me. Maybe we'll share a dream."

Henry looks down at her, each line in his face all the more precious to her now. He grins and says, "Maybe I'll try and take over his body again, poor ol' sod. Give his body, if not his mind, a going away present."