At the new Dentique, Suzy revels in all the upgrades. Certainly the shell of herself while she spirited was no slouch in dentistry. The new suite is in another historic building, but this one has four patient rooms, all color coded: coral, yellow, blue, and green. Color coding just seems so organized. Aside from Linda, there's another dentist (Dr. Marks), his assistant, and a receptionist for both of them. The business is in her name. They see many more patients a day; the money must be rolling in! She still is backtracking the finances each lunch hour to figure the whole thing. This Monday though, Linda keeps chortling and eyeing her oddly. God only knows what her psychic friends have told her. Suzy simply ignores it, easy to do in a larger office.

When she goes to pick up Elvis, he isn't waiting for her. He acts quite disgruntled when she calls him on her cell, telling her he's practicing his leading role in the school play. He reminds her he'll eat dinner with the cast and will be home around nine or ten. On a school night? She lets the matter drop. He hadn't mentioned any of this before, or perhaps he had while she was spiriting. There are all sorts of fragments of her life she's still trying to piece back together.

Picking up Verity seems normal enough up until she nearly causes a car crash because Henry is jauntily walking down the middle of a lane, vehicles whooshing right through him. She pulls over, shaking, as her own daughter chides her: "Mom, he's dead! It's not like a car could kill him!"

Henry happily jogs over and gets in the back seat, laughing. She can't help it; she yells, "What is wrong with you? You know I drive this street! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?"

It doesn't help that Verity is laughing. Henry tells her, "Sorry, luv. Didn't mean to scare you, just having a bit of fun." Verity babbles on to him about her new friends and he jokes with her about them. While it's wonderful he takes such an interest, exactly as she wanted him to, she can't help but notice he seems to know more about Verity's new friends than her own mother. She realizes she's still upset about Elvis; probably nothing would seem right to her at the moment. She hears Henry telling Verity, "Three friends dressing alike seems a bit dodgy to me. Besides, if you two wear skirts, what the hell is poor Dylan supposed to do?"

When they get home, Henry explains to her how he didn't have it off with Cally sometime during his life, and that, he informs her, is why Cally hates him so. Curious despite herself, she asks, "Why didn't you? You slept with so many women during your life, why not her too?"

He laughs which annoys her a bit. It's not funny. He tells her about some blues singer that had distracted him. Just once she'd like him to say he simply didn't fancy someone. She wishes she hadn't asked because he says something about this old singer being sophisticated and glamorous, two things Suzy knows she never is except in dreams. Don't ask about these things, she reminds herself. It's ridiculous to feel jealous of a woman from his life, even if she did make him forget about a model, a model in France, in Paris. The woman is probably dead anyhow and hopefully not lingering anywhere Henry might run into her. She enters the kitchen to prepare dinner and he follows her. "Would you chop an onion for me?" She realizes a second after she asked it what a stupid question it was. He can't and she never should have asked.

He doesn't sigh, look wistful, or get angry though. He just says, "Sure, right after you kiss me."

"Sorry, I forgot for a second. You seem so real, or so alive, even though I just saw the cars passing through you."

He sits down at the kitchen table, watching her. "You must've had a long day. If I were alive, Suz, I'd have gone back to England and grown old, and fuck knows where I'd be now."

She wishes she could put a hand on a shoulder. Yes, she admits to herself, sometimes she gets annoyed at him just because he is a ghost, nothing he can control. "Henry, I wish we could spirit without losing time in reality."

"You and me both. It's so wonderful just to be able to feel you. We have dreams though, and that's better than nothing." His smile grows broader. "Sometimes the dreams are amazing, like at my old flat."

Suzy nods, smiling back. Then she remembers another more recent time when the dreams didn't work and says, "I just hate when I dream of you but it isn't actually you, just my own imagination."

"I never had that happen to me. It would be terrifying though, all my worst imaginings seeming to be true."

"You just walk away from me, never even see me, which probably is my worst nightmare."

"Suz, it won't happen. I even managed to follow you here and escape the fucking Elysian just to be with you."

"I want to break all the limits with you, Henry my love."

He walks over to cup her face in his hand, but of course he can't. Still, she feels a slight tickle, not the sense of a warm palm on her cheek but something akin to a breeze. The phone shatters the moment, the quiet between them. She sighs and answers. "Suzy, this is Nick. Takeo and I were wondering if we could drop by with some of the music." Suzy asks Henry and he nods yes.

When she hangs up, he blurts, "Shit! I should've written a song for Verity, Wait a minute . . . Takeo here. I can chop the fucking onion for you!"

'Sometimes I still feel guilty about that one night when I see Zach. I know it was you, not him, but still it was his hands and his lips on me."

"He never knew, so no harm done."

"If a female ghost took over my body for romantic purposes with a living man, would it bother you?"

"Only if I knew. That's the beauty of it."