AN: Hi there, Mea here. I've taken a break from my other fics because quite frankly I can't think of anything concerning them. This Candy fic is going to be written at my leisure. Seeing as I have nothing else to say other than the disclaimer (to which I own nothing other than Callisto and Inexari .) Onto the story!

It couldn't have been ten minutes before the school bell was supposed to ring. Inexari bounced in the seat of her aunt's powder blue convertible. Her aunt, Callisto, seemed unconcerned with her speed or Inexari's impending tardiness. Instead the woman casually flicked a strand of long magenta hair from her shoulder as she sang along to the soft rock tune currently playing. Xari glared pointedly at her but she either didn't see or was blatantly ignoring. her niece. So Xari bit back the insult that was building in her head and instead focused on the images flashing outside the window.

The day was dull, bleak and rainy. Even the trees drooped as the day gave off a certain grey feeling. Ugh. This was not a good omen for starting at a new school. Even a school called Sweet Amoris High School. She allowed a small snicker as the name once more rolled around in her head. Sweet Love? Who would name a school Sweet Love? A high school at that? School was drama, a veritable hell and cess pool of teenagers mowing each other over to fit in. High school was the worst. Friends betraying friends, sex, drugs, teen pregnancies, a plethora of annoyances. Xari just didn't see the point in it all.

She blue her electric blue bangs out of her eyes and sighed. "How much longer, Aunty?" She whined. "I'm late as it is."

Callisto paused in her off key rendition of White Houses to give her a blank stare. "We've been here five minutes. You mean hadn't noticed the car stopped?" The older woman pouted. "And here I thought you enjoyed my lovely singing voice."

Blushing furiously, and wanting to cuss out her aunt with a few choice words only half made up, Xari all but flew from the car.

The headmistress seemed like a polite enough lady, but Inexari could practically sense the tension radiating from the old woman. She had directed her to Nathaniel, the student body president. She listened as the boy prattled on practically tripping over his words here and there as he embarrasedly told her he was missing her ID. Bloody fantastic. Absolutely wonderful.

"So I have to do this all on my own?" She sighed as he handed her her paperwork.

"N-no," he said distractedly. "Just get a new ID. All your forms are correctly filled out." He shooed her from the council room and she was all too happy to am-scree. All too happy that is until an annoying thought plagued her.

"Where, in the Maker's good name, am I supposed to get a new ID?"

Castiel leaned casually against the old oak tree in the courtyard. He hated this place, but, he supposed, every kid hated school. He sighed as the wet day around him seemed to echo his thoughts. This place was so boring. Golden students, golden teachers. Boring, boring, boring! Oh, and Nathaniel was all too happy to try every sneaky trick to see him, the one person brave enough to stir up tr- ah excitement- expelled.

He glared at the double doors, knowing Nathaniel was somewhere behind them, and hoping his gaze would burn the school down. His eyebrows shot up as a girl stumbled through them. He observed her as she looked around in a sort of dazed confusion. Her hair was blue- and oh boy was it a blue- and her eyes looked like they contained chunks of glacial ice. She wore a pair of what looked like cut off shorts and a blue skull and cross bones top. He couldn't help but grin at the sight of her black all-star Converse. In comparison the rest of her clothes, her shoes were the only thing that seemed new.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." She glared at him as she came to move under the tree with him. She knelt down to adjust her laces and he took the opportunity.

"How does one, who obviously doesn't care for her appearance, wind up with top line shoes?" He teased her hoping to stir up some sort of trouble.

She stared up at him for a second, confusion apparent in her eyes before she glanced down. He saw her mouth make a small 'o' of recognition before looking up at him. "Happy feet make a happy person." She stated simply before turning her attention back to her feet.

He scowled, she hadn't taken the bait. "What's up with you anyway? You lost or something?"

"Sort of." She replied. Getting to her feet she dusted off her knees. "I'm new here. Name's Inexari. Friends call me Xari, at least they would if I had any friends." He blinked. Her words had sounded rehearsed, as if she had practiced this intro for awhile. "So Mr. Gloom and doom, you got a name?"

He stared at her incredulously. "It's Castiel."

"Nice shirt Castiel, that's a popular rock band right?"

"Yeah, didn't think girls listend to that."

Inexari rolled her eyes. "That's all my aunt listens to. Not that I don't enjoy it. Anyway, later."

She started to stroll off and he stared at her retreating figure. What- what just happened. He watched as she just reached the doors before turning around and shouting to him. "Oh yeah, where do I get a new ID?"

He grinned. Maybe this year wouldn't be so boring after all.

Xari grumbled as she turned in all her paperwork to the headmistress. She had spent the entire day running around bumping into the school bitches, a former friend and a potential new friend. She grinned, and of course there was Castiel. He was... interesting to say the least. She breifly allowed herself to ressurect the image of the redhead in rock clothing. She stifled a giggle. He played mind games with her or had tried to. She was just better at it. Not by much however as he had actually gotten her once.

"Hey, Inexari! Wait up!" Castiel appeared out of no where and she folded her arms over her chest.

"What's up, Red? My aunt's waiting for me."

"Just wanted to show you something." He grinned and grabbed her wrist.

Okay, she admitted with a smile, he had gotten her twice. The view from the top of the school had been stunning. Her aunt had apparently noticed her shift in mood because she asked with a playful smile of her own, "Good day?"

"Pleasant enough."