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Summary: Jasper is a ranch owner; his father was one as was his grandfather. Jasper's life was perfect or so he thought. He had a job, a great girlfriend and the best friends a guy could ask for, but all that changes one day when he gets a letter.

I woke up at the crack of dawn, like I do every morning wrapped in the arms of my Bella. The sun was already shinin' through the window; it would be another hot day, but that was nothing new in Texas. I eased my arm out from under Bella's head and made my way to the bathroom. I wasn't in the shower for long until I heard the curtain being pulled back and Bella's arms wrapping around my waist. She murmured a good mornin' after placin' a kiss on my shoulder. We showered together; placing kisses all over each other and when we were all cleaned we got out. I toweled off Bella and then myself we then went to get dressed, because we would have a long day ahead of us. The fence needed to be repaired in the south pasture and Bella had to meet with the doctor concernin' one of our cows.

We walked downstairs hand in hand to find that my brother Peter and his wife Charlotte were already up and in the kitchen. The smells of coffee brewin', bacon sizzlin' and eggs cookin' only got stronger the closer we got to the kitchen. When we walked in we saw that Bella's brother Emmett was also up; he usually slept late seein' as how he was a bouncer at the newest honky tonk in town. Em was sittin' at the table with a plate piled high of food and his cell plastered to his ear. Bella and I walked over to Char who was puttin' the eggs onto two plates for us. Bella gave her a hug and I placed a kiss on her cheek, we both then grabbed a cup of coffee and went to sit next to Em at the table; Peter was also sittin' at the table, readin' the paper and shakin' his head at whatever he was readin'.

While we ate we discussed the ranch and the chores that we all would be doin' today. When we asked Em why he was up so early, he told us that the he was goin' to meet with some friend and they were goin' huntin', so he wanted to make sure that he had a good breakfast. Once everyone was done, I placed a kiss on Bella's lips and then made my way out to the barn. I greeted the other ranch hands that lived and worked on 'Whitlock'. When I reached the barn, I went over to my horse; a beautiful black stallion that I named Major. My grandfather had given him to me

when I was seven and Major was just a foal. When asked why I named him Major, I told my family that it was in honor of grandpa; he was made a Major while he was in the army.

I got Major ready to go for the long ride, which wouldn't bring me back till night, I made sure that I had everythin' that I needed to fix the fence as well as a packed lunch. Once I had everythin' ready, I went to open the barn door wider and then got up on Major and rode out to the south pasture. It was mid mornin' by the time that I reached the spot that needed fixin', I let Major graze while I worked. As the day worn on the sun got hotter and I was drenched in sweat, at one point, I took off my t-shirt. When I got hungry, I stopped and called Major over so that I could get the lunch that was in his saddle, I gave him some of my water and a carrot that I brought along for him.

Finally as the sun was startin' to set, I was able to pack everythin' up, because I was finished mendin' the fence. I pulled my shirt back on and called Major over from where he was standin' in the shade and began the ride home. It was nearly dark when I reached the main house. I led Major into the barn, got him all cleaned up, got him fed and then I went to the main house and up to my room to get a shower and change into fresh clothin'. Once I was showered and dressed, I went downstairs and headed into the kitchen. When I walked in I saw Bella and Peter playin' cards while Char was at the stove pullin' some cookies out of the oven. I asked how everyone's day was as I was gettin' my supper heated up again. Bella told me what was wrong with the cow, Char told us that while the doctor was here, she had him look over the pig too, because he wasn't eatin' much and Peter said that he was just about done mendin' the roof to the chicken coop.

Once we were done eatin', we decided to have a movie night. It was Bella and Char's turn to pick the movie so the girls went down to the rec room while Peter and I made popcorn and grabbed other snacks and drinks. Em came home just as the popcorn was done poppin', we asked him how his huntin' trip went and he said it was great, he got a couple of deer. I asked him where they were and he said in the barn, he just wanted to come and let us know that he was home. After Em left to clean up his kills, Peter and I took the food and drinks down to the rec room and told the girls that Em was home. When everyone was settled we started the movie, about halfway through the second one Em came down to join us.

Char was the first one to fall asleep and then Bella, so once the movies were over, Peter carried Char up to their room and I carried Bella to ours after sayin' goodnight to Em. I took off Bella's socks and then her jean shorts, leavin' her in her panties and t-shirt knowin' that she would be more comfortable. I then got undressed myself and then climbed into bed. As soon as I was settled, Bella moved so that she had her head over my heart and her leg flung over my legs. She murmured that she loved me and was out like a light. It wasn't long until I was pulled into sleep as well. Tomorrow was goin' to be another long day.

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