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Chapter 1

Old Enemies, New Allies

Previously, on Return of the Mandalorian Knights:

Alpha sighed a bit "Well, that's where the second person who helped save Master Drallig comes in." He said, confusing the others more.

"Who?" Zule asked, before they all heard a chuckle. An all to familiar chuckle to most of them. "That, would be me." A equally familar voice said, and the others turned to the source, and to their shock and horror, stood Asajj Ventress.

"Hello everyone," the Former Dark Acolyte said, grin plastered on her face, "I'm back,"


RAS Prosecutor

Hanger bay


For a few seconds, the group of Clones and Jedi aside from Cin looked at Asajj in shock and horror, frozen in place after seeing the Former Sith Acolyte alive, once again defying her reportedly being killed.

Zule, was the first to respond.

"YOU!" She shouted as she force leaped towards Asajj, igniting her Lightsaber, ready to attack. Asajj's eyes widened as she swore and activated her own lightsabers to defend.

Zule's green lightsaber clashed against Asajj's own green blade.

"How are you still alive! Why are still alive!" Zule shrieked as she fought a battle of dominance with the one who had cut her arm off on Ohma Dun.

The former apprentice of Count Dooku didn't say anything as she held the Falleen's green blade at bay.

"Say something dammit!" Zule yelled as she gave a push and the Dark Acolyte flipped backward.

"Zule wait! Stop!" Marik shouted, trying to get his lover to stop. But his cries fell on deaf ears as Zule continued her attack on who she believed to still be a Sith Acolyte.

The Falleen Jedi continued to go on the offensive with Asajj, while Ventress continued to merely defend, as much as her inner instincts from past battles demanded her to attack.

'Damn! I wasn't expecting this Padawan to be here!' Asajj thought as she continued to block Zule's attacks. The recently turned Mandalorian Knight noticed how stronger she was, and how the orange skinned woman was more vicious, but not being corrupted.

Meanwhile, Marik watched as his lover fought against the former Sith Acolyte. Realizing he had to do something and quick, he ran to his G-9 Rigger Freighter, the Ge'tal Orar.

'I gotta do something, and fast!' he thought, as he rushed up the boarding ramp. He quickly found what he was looking for, his own personal Bes'kad Blade (Looks like Ulquiorra's katana from Bleach, only the grip is black instead of teal) and he drew the blade as he rushed back outside.

The duel between the Former Sith and the Jedi was still going on, with Asajj still on the defensive. However Zule then used a force push, and forced Ventress into a wall as she ran forward. "This is for my arm!" She shouted as she was about to jump up and attack Asajj. The Former Sith closed her eyes, prepared for intense pain.

However, she was surprised when she heard the sound of a lightsaber hitting metal, followed by a gasp from Zule. She opened her eyes, and to her surprise, she found Marik standing there with his Sword, holding off Zule.

"M-Marik, what are you-" Zule said, but Marik cut her off.

"Zule, I love you, but you need to cool it!" He shouted, sternly causing her to flinch a bit. "It seems obvious to me that Ventress here isn't trying to fight us!"

Zule couldn't believe what Marik was saying to her as he knew it was Marik who promised her, that he will make Asajj pay for what she did to her.

"Uh, Z-Zule," he said, "You're about to burn my shoulder off," Zule looked, and indeed her lightsaber was dangerously close to Marik's right shoulder, grazing against his Beskar Shoulder plate.

Zule quickly, but still a bit reluctantly, deactivated her lightsaber. Marik then proceeded to drop his sabre and tear off the Shoulder plate, revealing the second degree burns on his shoulder. The Mandalorian was then suprised when Zule embraced him.

"I'm sorry Marik," she said, and Marik could tell she was crying, just by the sound of her voice, "I'm so, so sorry,"

Marik then embraced her back, "It's not your fault, cyar'ika," he said softly, "Besides, we both know I've had worse."

A cough interrupted then, coming from Asajj "Well, if Zule's done trying to kill me," she said, "Can I please explain why and how I'm here?"

Marik gave the Dathomiran Nightsister a hard look.

"Yes, please do, or I swear, I will make good on the promise I made to Zule two years ago," he said, and Zule smiled softly, glad he still thought of her first.

The former Acolyte sighed, "Well, it happened after the shuttle that had my 'corpse' was loaded onto, along with Alpha, took off from that planet," she began, "I wasn't dead, but I was in an ancient Sith Trance that placed me in a death-like state so I can heal my wounds. When I awoke, I demanded for the pilot of the Medical Transport to take me as far away from Dooku, the Separatists, the Sith and Jedi as possible, which lead us to the Unknown Regions."

This news confused Marik, Zule and the others considerably. Seeing their confused expressions, Ventress elaborated "I'm assuming Obi-wan didn't tell you what happened on Boz Pity?" She asked, "Dooku had brought me back to life, and placed cybernetic implants to amplify my rage and fighting ability. When I awoke, I sensed Obi-wan and Anakin, and attacked them. However after our battle, Dooku abandoned me...again, so he wouldn't have me slow him down. So he had one of his droids shoot me in the back."

The eyes of everyone widened at that, shocked that Dooku would just abandon Ventress like that, "After that, I just went ballistic, and attacked Obi-wan, but Anakin 'killed' me." She continued, putting the emphasis on 'killed'. "So when I came to on that shuttle, I didn't want anything more to do with the Sith or Jedi."

The others were shocked by that news as she continued.

"Afterwards, while traveling through the Unknown Regions, we accidentally came upon them," she said as she remembered that day when she and Alpha came upon the homeworld of the Neo Mandalorians and the Mandalorian Knights. The ones who took her in and trained her in their ways.

"The Mandalorian Knights," Marik answered the unasked question. Asajj nodded "Yes," she said. "After treating both mine and Alpha's wounds, since we were still pretty banged up after Boz Pity, their current Mand'alor gave us an offer for me to join the Knights, and for Alpha to join the Neo Mandalorian Military. We both accepted, for me it was because I thought it would give me a chance to atone for what I've done during the Clone Wars."

Revan nodded a bit before turning to Alpha "I can understand that, but why did you join Alpha?" he asked, and said ARC Trooper sighed.

"Because they showed me things that made me change my views about everything I once belived in the Republic," he said, causing everyone to become confused, while at the same time, nervous.

"What do you mean?" Rex said, a little uncomfortable at that.

"This whole war, what we had trained for, everything. It was all a lie," he said, shocking the others. "I met up with Jango, who explained to me that Dooku was the co-founder of the Grand Army. Not only that, but I learned that Palpatine personally ordered the execution of any Clone who attempted to Desert, or refuses to follow orders. They also showed me signed orders from Palpatine to begin using Clones from Spaarti Clone Cylinders, as well as recruiting birth born humans into the GAR. He planned to have the Veteran Clone Troopers train these new troops, and once we were no longer needed..." he let it trail off there, but the others all got the picture.

"That son of a...," Marik growled out, since he always considered all the clones he trained beside his brothers.

Rex meanwhile suddenly remembered a certain Clone Deserter on Saleucami, that could be in danger, along with his adopted family.

"I gotta get to Saleucami," he said and everyone turned to him, confused on what the Clone Captain meant.

"Why Rex?" Ahsoka asked her friend.

"I...didn't tell anyone this, but I met a deserter, on Saleucami, two years ago. And, I let him go," he said, causing everyone to look at him with suprised expressions.

"You. Rex? Let a deserter go?" Fives said, greatly perplexed by Rex's past decision. The Clone Commander just shrugged "It felt like the right thing to do," he said, "Besides, he already started a family back there, I'm not cold enough to tear him from a wife and kids!"

"Calm down Rex," Revan said, with a smile "We understand, hell, I'd probably do the same thing if I were in your position."

Marik, who was having his shoulder looked at by one of the Slice Hound Clone Medic Troopers, gave his surrogate brother a grin.

"Knowing you vod, you probably would," he said, and Revan smiled back.

"Damn straight," he said, and turned back to Rex, "We'll head over to Saleucami after we head to Manda'yaim and rest for a bit. We'll talk with Lady Artemis and see if she can spare some Ne'tra Kad Commandos," he said, and Rex nodded in thanks, grateful for their help. After that, everyone heard that they were prepared to enter lightspeed for Mandalore.

Soon, the Prosecutor came upon the fight between the Neo Mandalorians and the Home Fleet. After managing to get past the section of ships that were too damaged to fight, they joined with the Fleet, and soon all ships have jumped to hyperspace.


Meanwhile on the Kot'Be Kote

Hanger Bay


Nyreen was busy checking on her ship, while making sure the 501st Clone Trooper showed signs of waking up. Even though she could trust Kal of what he said about his mind being wiped of Order 66, she wasn't taking any chances as she kept her trusty Merr-Sonn Model 6 Blaster pistol by her side, and had the clone's hands in binders.

But, as she was checking the Navi-Computer for any bugs, she didn't notice the Trooper's closed eyes twitched.

'Uhh...' The Clone thought, 'Damnit, I have the headache of the century!' He tried to move his arms, but then he realized they were binded down. 'What the hell?' He then opened his eyes, and took notice that he had binders attached to his wrists, pinning him down onto a bed. After that, he realized he was in an unfamiliar surrounding.

'Where the hell am I?' He thought, 'Last thing I remember was...wait...ok, I remember waking up in the barracks, the Commander was giving us the orders too...' he then blinked 'Hu...that's weird, I can't remember what orders he gave us...everything after that is just one big blank.'

His ears then caught the sound of voices outside his room.

"About time you got back Kal, I was getting nervous with that 501st Clone in my quarters," said a female voice, and the Trooper raised an eyebrow at that.

"I know, I'm sorry Ny," said a gruff male voice, "Did you check if he woke up, yet?"

He could hear the female voice, Ny, if he heard her name right, sigh at that.

"I checked about 20 minutes ago, just before the warship jumped to lightspeed," woman said, then he heard the male say something that made him nervous.

"Well then, it wouldn't hurt to check again now," he said.

"Fine, fine." The woman voice said, as he heard footsteps. Then the door opened, and the trooper closed his eyes and pretended to still be asleep.

"See? Still knocked out." Ny said. The clone mentally sighed in relief, however then he heard Kal hum in thought. "Something wrong?" Ny asked.

"Yeah, now that you mentioned it," Kal said, and the clone heard a few more steps and when they stopped near him, he then felt a finger hit him on the side of the head. He tried not to scrunch his face in irritation, but when he felt another flick to the head, he did just that.

"Okay Adiik, time to stop playing opossum," he heard Kal say, and the Clone growled a bit as he reopened his eyes, and saw two people standing there, the woman 'Ny', and the older man 'Kal'. "What's your name?"

"Where the hell am I?" The Clone asked, with narrowed eyes, "And who the hell are you?"

Kal sighed at that, "Where you are Adiik is a Luxury Yacht 3000, currently sitting in a hanger, on a warship heading to Mandalore," he said, making the Clone's eyes widen in shock.

"Wha- Mandalore? But the last thing I remembered is being at the barracks, on Coruscant!" the clone said, "And you didn't answer my question of who the hell you are?"

Kal just had to sigh at the clone's attitude, this kid was worse then Revan when he first met him. But, at least from what he said, he knows that he really doesn't remember anything from the bridge extension. "I doubt you've ever heard the name Kal Skirata?" He asked, and the Clone rose his eyebrow.

"Skirata...where did I hear that before..." he said, before his eyes widened "Wait, aren't you one of the Instructors for the Clone Commando's and ARC Troopers?"

Kal grinned a bit, "You got it. I guess you have heard of me," he said.

"Only that I heard you hate Kaminoans along with a few others, and that you're really short-OW!," he cried out when Kal smacked him upside the head, and giving him a death glare.

"Don't call me short," he growled out, while Ny resisted the urge to laugh out loud, "Now then, what is your name, Trooper?" he asked again.

"CT-30-0014/5050, sir." The Trooper said, but Kal didn't look satisfied. "And?" he asked, "you have a name after that?"

The Clone looked at him for a moment before shaking his head "No sir," he said, "I'm...a fairly new clone, I only just recently got off of Kamino, and was transferred to the 501st...I never got a name other than my designation. My squad would just call me Rookie or Kid...didn't quite like that."

Kal shook his head at that, "Well, I don't wanna call ya by your designation all the time. So I'll give you a name," he said, much to the Clone Trooper's suprise, as the old Mandalorian Training Seargent dug through his mind for anything that could be a good name. He then looked at the Clone's armor, more specifically the blue trim.

He smiled as he finally thought of a name for the Clone.

"I got it, from now on, you'll be known as Kebiin," he said, and the Clone thought about it.

"Kebiin...that's Mando'a" he asked, and Kal nodded "Ya, so what do ya think?" he asked.

The Clone thought about it a bit more, before he smiled a bit "Well, I can't think of anything better, so Kebiin it is." he said. "So...could you let me go now? And explain how the hell I got here in the first place?"

Kal sighed, and looked to Ny and nodded to the smuggler. Said smuggler sighed as she brought up a small controller and pressed the button on it. The binders trapping the now named Kebiin to the bed, released his wrists, and he sat up on the bed.

"Well Adiik, tell me one thing," Kal said, "What's the last thing you remember before waking up here?"

Kebiin thought about that "The last thing I remember is waking up in my squad's barracks," he said. "The Sargent then came in, telling us we had new orders...after that, nothing." He shook his head "I can't even remember what his orders were, its weird as hell."

Kal sighed at that, wondering how he was going to break the news to him.

"Tell me, how many of the GAR Contingency Orders do you remember?" he asked, and Kebiin blinked in confusion, but he closed his eyes as he began to think of the Orders he and his brothers were instructed to memorize by heart. As he played the first 65 Orders in his head, his eyes snapped wide open when he realizes he can't remember the 66th Order, or what it entails.

"What the? I can't remember the 66th Order, I...I don't even know it even existed," He said, a bit panicked. "There had to be an Order 66, this doesn't make any sense."

"There is an Order 66," Kal said, "But all information on that order was erased from your mind by a Mandalorian Force User a few hours ago."

Kebiin looked at Kal like he was crazy "H-how is that possible?" he asked, "and why would he just erase one order from my mind?"

Kal sighed a bit "Theirs no easy way of telling you this, so I'll be straight forward." He said, "Order 66 was pretty much an Order that told all of the Clones of the GAR to kill their Jedi Commanders." Now, Kebiin was looking at Kal as if he were bad-shit insane.

"W-what?" he asked, "Why would we be ordered too-"

"Order 66 officially means that the Jedi have betrayed the Republic, and must be executed." Kal explained, "However Palpatine is using 66 as a way to remove the Jedi from play all together. As it turns out, Palpatine is a Sith Lord, the true leader of the Separatists. He had Dooku create the GAR for him, so that once the Jedi were tired by the war, he'd use Order 66 to wipe them out, and replace the Republic with a Galactic Empire."

Kebiin couldn't believe what he was hearing, he really just couldn't believe it.

"B-But, that's impossible!," he said, "How could we've easily fall for something like that!,"

"Because, Clones were trained from birth to obey any order," Kal said, "Not to mention the Genetic Modifications they made to ensure absolute loyalty. Thankfully though, I've heard a large number of Clones around the galaxy are not following 66, and are protecting their Jedi Generals. I don't know exactly how many, only that their a lot."

Kebiin managed to calm himself after hearing that, glad that other clones are not following orders like a bunch of droids.

"T-That's good news at least," Kebiin said, "So...what happens now?"

"That, is for you to decide." Kal said, "You can't return to the 501st, since they'll think you're a traitor for not following 66, so it leaves you with only a few options. First, once we get to Mand'alor you can go on your own, and try to start your own life...or, if you want, you could stay with me and my family. I'll train you like I did the Null ARC's and Omega Squad, and show you how to be a real Mandalorian...what do you say?"

Kebiin was shocked at that, as was Nyreen as she looked at the head of Clan Skirata.

"Are you serious Kal?" the smuggler asked incrediously, and the Former Cuy'val Dar nodded.

"I'm dead serious," he said and looked back at the former 501st Trooper, who had yet to answer, "Well Adiik, what's it gonna be?"

"I...I don't..." Kebiin said, at a loss for words. Then, he sighed "I...I would like to think about it, before I decide." He said, and Kal smiled and nodded.

"Sure, take all the time you need Adiik," he said, and patted the young clone on the shoulder, "In the mean time, when was the last time you ate?" he asked, and Kebiin looked a little embarassed.

"Uuhh, exactly how long have I been out?" he asked, and it was Nyreen who answered.

"About six hours," she said, and Kebiin nodded.

"Then yes, I am hungry," he said, making Kal laugh.

"Well come on then, I'll show you to the galley of this ship and introduce you to my family," he said, and Kebiin nodded and got up.

"Exactly, what type of warship are we on?" the former 501st Clone asked the Mandalorian training seargent.

Kal shrugged "According to the Admiral of this fleet, he said its a Atiinir-class Battle Carrier," he said. "Other than that, I don't know much else except it looks a lot like a Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, only it's much bigger."

Kebiin's eyebrows rose at that, "How big exactly?" he asked as they headed to the boarding ramp of the ship.

"I'll tell you this Keb'ika," Kal said, "It's a lot bigger than a Dreadnaught, or a Venator, I shit you not,"

The Clone was stunned by that as they begin to disembark from the yahct, and soon entered the flight deck of the massive warship.

"Whoa," Kebiin said in shock, and Kal chuckled.

"Exactly my reaction of seeing the inside of this thing, and this is just one of two of the hanger pods," he said, "Come on, let's not keep the others waiting,"

Kebiin nodded, and followed Kal and Ny toward the galley of the ship.


Hours later, near the Alderaan System


The Sundered heart, the personal Starship to Senator Bail Organa, remained idle in its position near the Alderaan system.

The CR70 was not alone, as there were seveal other ships surrounding it, some docked to the small Corvette. Among these ships was a Consular-class Cruiser of the c70 retrofit, a CR100 Farstar-class, a Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, a Marauder-class Corvette, and a YG-4210.

In the meeting room of the Sundered Heart, there was a small gathering of Jedi Knights and Masters, including the only known surviving members of the Jedi Council, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The others were General Rahm Kota, leader of the Kota Militia. Mak Lotor and Kass Tod, commanders of Mantis Company. John Cypher, commander of Demon Company, and one of the best pilots in the Jedi Order. Jade Lee, with her Clone Commander Trips, the General of the Hades Corps. And finally, Jade's former master Taylor Masao, and her twin brother, Robert Lee, who command Hunter Regiment.

Jade and Trips had just finished explaining to them about their recent communication with Lady Artemis, and how she informed them about the other Clones who defected and protected their Jedi Commanders.

"If we add them all together, including our own forces, we have the total of two sector armies worth of Clones." Jade concluded, and the others all looked at her and Trips in shock.

"Two Sector Armies?" Rahm asked shocked. "I had hoped some clones wouldn't obey 66, but so many?"

"Believe me sir, I was a bit suprised myself," Trips said, grateful that many of his brothers choose not to follow Order 66.

"That is good news at least," Obi-Wan said, feeling relieved, "After being shot at by my own troops on Utapau, I didn't think that there were clones who disobeyed orders,"

"Yes, fortunate we are, that not all Clones have turned against us," Yoda said, "Plan our next course of action, we must,"

Obi-Wan nodded at that, and then he and Yoda explained to the others about the homing beacon back at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and how it's being used as bait to lure any surviving Jedi back home, only to be slaughtered. Everyone immediatley agreed on that. It was then that Yoda felt something through the Force he'd never felt before.


"Master Yoda?" Obi-Wan asked concernedly.

"A Disturbance in the force, I felt." Yoda said, "Felt this powerful, never before one has."

"What is it, the Sith?" Taylor asked, but Yoda shook his head "No, this feeling...neither Jedi nor Sith it is not." he said.

Everyone's eyes widen at that.

"Are you sure Master Yoda?" Rahm said, his voice holding concern, as the Jedi Grand Master nodded.

"Positive, I am," he said, and then bore a puzzled look, "Strong in the Light and the Dark Side, this presence is. But sense no evil intentions, I do,"

Everyone was suprised by the words of the Grand Master. Jade more especially, she then thought back to when she blacked after recieveing the backlash of so many Jedi dying, she remembered the Force Vision she had.

"Master, when I blacked out after feeling the affects of Jedi falling to Order 66, I had a vision," she said, getting everyone's attention, "And I believe it's related to what you felt,"

"What was it Jade?" Taylor asked, and Jade sighed.

"Well, in the Vision, I saw a large assembly area of soldiers preparing for battle," she said. "I saw a lot of Clones in Phase-I armor, but I also saw figures in different variants of Mandalorian Armor. I remember also seeing a few looking like they were wearing a hybrid between Jedi Robes and Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor. And in the skies, there were numerous vessels I've never seen before, but held a resemblance too Dreadnaught Cruisers, only much larger."

The others were shocked by Jade's description, more so on the individuals wearing a hybrid combination of Mandalorian Armor, and Jedi Robes.

"So you're saying these...Mandalorian Force Adepts or whoever Master Yoda felt, are going to be potential allies in the future?" Rahm said incrediously, as Jade nodded.

"I believe so," she said, as Yoda thought on this, while still sensing the presence, and where it is.

"Hmm, at the Mandalore Sector, this presence gathers. Large numbers, there are," the Grand Jedi Master said, as he continued searching through the Force, and felt more signatures, "Others, there are, in the Outer Rim. Systems that border the Unknown Regions, they are at,"

"Wait? They're more?" Mak said in shock.

Yoda nodded "Yes," he said, "But our concern, at the moment they're not. Deal with the false distress beacon we must, then investigate Mandalore."

"Master Yoda is right," Obi-wan said, "We should worry about that before heading to Mandalore."

Everyone nodded in agreement at that. It was then Jade spoke up.

"I think it would be best to split up," she said, "One group of us will head to Yavin 4 to link up with Aayla and the Star Corps, another will head to Hoth to regroup with my Corps and head to Mandalore, while the rest of us head to Coruscant to disable the beacon,"

The other Jedi nodded in agreement at that.

"I agree," Yoda said, "Master Takeo, Young Robert, head to the Hoth System, you will," the two nodded as Yoda turned to Rahm, Mak and Kass, "Master Kota, rendevous with Master Secura at Yavin 4, along with Padawans Lotor and Todd, you will,"

Rahm, and the two former members of the Padawan Pack nodded in understanding.

"The rest of us, head to Coruscant, we will," he said, and everyone nodded.

"I'll have the Razorback head back to Hoth along with Hunter Regiment," Trips said and went to inform the captain of the Consular-class c70 refit cruiser to head back without them.

After saying their farewells to each other, the ships of the surviving Jedi split off into three groups and jumped. Heading off to their respective destinations.


Meanwhile, with Clan Skirata


The galley of the Kot'be Kote was live with activity as Neo-Mandalorian soldiers were telling stories about the battle in the Jedi Temple. Clan Skirata was occupying one of the tables as their newest member just finished his meal.

"So these Mando Jedi are descended from a group of Jedi-turned-Mandalorians, back before the Mandalorian Wars started, who left the Known Galaxy to the Unknown Regions and met with another splinter faction group of Mandalorians, and built their own Order of Force-Users?," Kebiin said hoping he got everything right.

"That's what I've been told," Kal said, "And not to mention that the Admiral of this Fleet is a Taung,"

That caused the others's to widen.

"A Taung?" Dar said, "The First Mandalorians? I thought they were extinct!"

Kal shrugged, "That's what I thought. Apparently some of them managed to survive after Mandalore the Ultimate's defeat,"

Etain who was holding Venku listened to what the Skiratas were saying. She read about the Taungs and how they were the original founders of the Mandalorian Culture. From what she knew the Taung species suffered heavy casualties at the Battle of Malachor V, at hands of the Jedi Revan, and were presumably labled extinct. Turns out that little detail was not entirely accurate.

"So what's gonna happen when we reach Mandalore?" Corr said.

Kal sighed as he rubbed his temples, "Well apparently we'll be meeting with the main body of their fleet. And possibly their leaders,"

Atin thought about that, "From what I've seen of these Mandalorian Knights, they don't mess around," he said, "If what we saw on the bridge was any indication,"

The Clan nodded at that.

"Hey there!" a voice called and the group turned and saw five individuals coming toward them. Among them was the Mandalorian they met on Coruscaunt, Sol, "Nice to see you guys again,"

"It's you," Ordo said as he recognized him, "Sol wasn't it?"

Sol nodded, "Yep, and these are my friends," he said and motioned to the others, "The kid is Jaden Takeo...,"

The one who appeared to be 18 years old gave Sol a glare.

"...The lovely lady with the cute ears and tail is Kira Arahon...,"

Said girl flushed a bit, while Clan Skirata were surprised by the appearance of the young woman.

"...this Chakaar right here is my best vod, Nomin Cruach," the moment he said that, a man with apple green eyes, and white dyed hair in a military cut, and standing the same height as Sol growled.

"Hey! I'm not the Chakaar! You're the Chakaar!" Nomin said, while Sol laughed.

"And last, and certainly not least, we have the best Knight in the whole order," he said and placed his hand on the man who appeared to be the same age as him, but was slightly taller, at 6'3, had short military cut brown hair, his eyes were a mismatched jade green with gold flecks, and gold with jade green flecks.

"This, is Ryu Hisanaga," he said, and Ryu gave a smile in greeting.

"A pleasure to meet you all," he said as he sat down, "You must be Clan Skirata, we heard a lot about you back on Neo Mandalore,"

Kal and his family blinked at that, "And how would know that?"

Ryu gave the old man a grin, "We had scouts and...'observers' in the Known Galaxy keeping track of events since our ancestors Exile in the Unknown Regions after the Mandalorian Wars 4 millenia ago," he said and sighed, "And most of it not pretty since we saw many of our brethren being used by the Sith time and time again," he then bowed his head along with his four friends,"Then the Mandalorian Civil War erupted between the True Mandalorians and the Death Watch, while the so-called "New Mandalorians" cowered like rodents, and condemned both sides for using violence,"

Kal sighed at that since he fought in that conflict, but as a hired mercenary.

"I know what you mean Adiik," he said, "But there's nothing we can change about it now,"

They all nodded at that.

"So, what is Neo Mandalore like?" Kebiin asked, and Ryu shrugged.

"Nothing too fancy. Mostly mountains and forests in the northern hemisphere, while swamps and deserts make up the southern hemisphere with a large lake making up the equator," he said, "The local fauna span from the tiniest of herbivores, to the biggest of carnivores,"

Clan Skirata blinked at that info.

"Sounds like it's a mix between a paradise and a hell," Niner said, and Ryu shrugged.

"Well, home is home," He said, "Anyway, we should be at Manda'yaim in a little bit. Best get yourselves ready,"

With that the group of Mandalorian Knights left, leaving Clan Skirata with some questions answered, but leaving more questions.


One Hour Later


The fleet of ships exited Hyperspace, coming into view of the ancestral homeworld of all Mandalorians, with it's moon, Concordia, orbiting it.

"Sir, we've exited Hyperspace," said one of the CIC officers, as Admiral Haran nodded.

"Good," he said, "Proceed to orbit around Concordia,"

The officer nodded and relayed the order.

Ara'anov then looked at the holo-image of Mandalore, a small smile on his face showing his thoughts on seeing the Birthplace of the Mandalorian culture. Around the vicinity of the planet were large numbers of ships, totaling almost 650 in all.

'What a grand sight,' he thought to himself, 'After over four thousands years, we are home again. By now the Outer Rim, as well as the rest of the Known Galaxy will know of our return. And we will show them that we are no longer the blood thirsty barbarians they remembered from the past, but as a new people,'

As he said this a squadron of fighters flew by the larger capital ships, as the small fleet rejoined the vast Armada.

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