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Title: Dance Mania

Summary: Popular show "Dance Mania" decides to hold a competition. What happens when three of our favourite tennis teams are entered? Chaos unfolds..

Warnings: Umm, I don't really think are any.

Prologue: A Devious Idea

Fuji smiled to himself as he made his way down the faintly lit streets. The sun had set just about an hour ago, leaving everything with a bluish nighttime glow. He was currently on his way to the local post office.

He chuckled softly to himself as he went over his plan. If all went well it would be set in action by Friday, if not sooner. Even he had to admit this was one of his more...well thought out plans.

It was perfect.

Niou switched the television off and smiled to himself. A devious smirk set on his face. The trickster had an idea, an oh so brilliant idea. He stood up and quickly rushed into the kitchen. He needed to call Yukimura.

After dialing his Captain's number he quickly went over his idea with him. His smirk widened when his Captain willingly agreed. Together they began to formulate a plan and within the next hour they had a plan set and gone over.

Deciding to call it a night, Niou hung up and rushed up to his bedroom

He needed to send a letter.

Atobe sealed the envelope and wrote the address on it. Double checking that he had got the address he deemed fit for sending. He quickly called for one of his butler. Of course he didn't actually call. Why would he use his beautiful voice for something as trivial as that?

"You called Keigo-sama?" He looked up to see one of his many butler standing at attention infront of the doorway.

"Yes Ore-sama did," Atobe said, his voice smug and commanding. Atobe stood up and handed the uniform clad man the envelope. " Ore-sama needs you to immediately head down to the post office and mail this."

His butler nodded and rushed off, leaving Atobe to go over his plan. He couldn't help but congratulate himself for coming up with such a brilliant idea. His team was sure in for a pleasant surprise. He didn't know how his team would react, but he knew he could make them see the "Ups"of the,situation. After all Hyotei would win.

Hyotei always wins.

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