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The Afterlife- Chapter Eight: Epilogue: Together In Death

After Jamie was brought back to the carnival, she decided to lay low for the next few days. Not that Vince would let her get up and walk around, anyways. He watched her like a hawk and made sure that she was well cared for. He would be damned if his girlfriend was suffering on his watch. (Just Vince being there helped her, but he still didn't believe that that made it alright for her to resume life like normal just yet.

The dead bride hallucinated up until about a week after she was drugged. While she was happy to see the world as it was supposed to be again, Jamie had a feeling that this would be far from over.

Max and the others looked after the brunette whenever they could, but Vince would tell them that he could handle it; he gave her gentle caresses whenever she was having bad hallucinations, he'd hold her hand and tell her that it would all be okay. And… somehow, he made it better.


Vince couldn't stand to see his girlfriend in her current state. She was thrashing around in her sleep, mumbling incoherently. The only coherent words he could hear were "don't" and "stop". From the tears sliding down her cheeks, to the way her body turned from side to side, obviously trying to squirm away from someone or something, the deceased cop barely knew what to do. The only form of comfort he could give her was his thumb stroking against her arm as lied next to her.

As she stirred awake, a sharp gasp escaped her lips. Her eyes began to water over as her eyes focused on her boyfriend. "Vince? Am I awake?" she whispered.

"Hey, take it easy," the deceased cop scooted closer to her and caressed her cheek. "And yes, baby, you're awake."

Jamie sat up and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's neck, sobbing quietly. It took her a good, long moment to regain her composure. "Is Conrad gone?"

"We took care of him, don't worry," Vince told her rather gently, running a hand up and down her back. "He won't ever be bothering us again."

The brunette nodded weakly, her lips shaking over the sobs that she was trying to hold back. "He took my life away from me, Vince. On the night that was supposed to be the happiest night of my life, he killed me!" Her sobs started up again, wracking through her whole body.

"I know. And I promise that I'm going to make it up to you somehow. It won't be much, but I promise you that I'll make your afterlife be exactly what you deserve," the cop's ghost pecked at her lips, "you deserve to be loved unconditionally, and to have someone to love just the same."

Jamie stared over at Vince through her tears and tried to rein in her sobs. She nuzzled herself into his neck and took a deep breath to try to calm down. "And I have that someone," she smiled into his neck, "he's pretty awesome."

The blonde let out a lighthearted chuckle and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend tightly. "Who's this guy, and where is he at so I can kick his ass for stealing my girl?"

She giggled quietly, wiping the tears away from her eyes. "It'll be hard because that guy is you, silly."

"Always hated that guy," Vince murmured into Jamie's hair, trying to fight a chuckle.

"Really?" the dead bride asked, picking her head up to smile at her boyfriend, "because I always loved that guy."

He grabbed her by the chin and pulled her closer, kissing her soundly. He couldn't think of anything to say to that; Vince knew that he loved this girl, knew that he had from the first time he saw her. As he pulled away from the kiss ever so slightly, it occurred to him just how he could make everything up to Jamie.

"What's wrong?" the brunette whispered against his lips, "why'd you stop kissing me?" she added in a slight whine.

"Jamie, what would you say if I asked you to marry me?" Vince saw his girl's expression change, "after you get better, of course. I want you have the dream wedding that you were denied a hundred years ago."

"I—I wouldn't know what to say, to be honest. I do want to marry you, but really, will it do us any good? It'll never be real," Jamie replied sadly, her eyes wavering back at him with a slight shimmer in them.

"It'll be real to us," Vince told her, slipping his fingers in between her own, nothing but love showing in his eyes.

The brunette nodded weakly and squeezed his hand. "You have no idea how good that idea sounds to me."

"I'll still call you Mrs. Faraday, if that's what you'd like," the blonde grinned down at her, pecking at her lips.

"I'd love that," Jamie whispered, a tiny grin spreading onto her own features, "Mr. Faraday."

Both ghosts melded their lips together in a kiss, sealing their conversation. If anything would lead to a speedy recovery, it would be the idea of finally having a wedding. Unfortunately, with ghosts, what you wore when you died could never come off. Including the engagement ring she was forced to wear, as well as the tattered princess-styled wedding dress. But, some things just could never work out in the way that you wanted it to.


Jamie couldn't quite believe what was going on as she heard the wedding march theme sound throughout the Carnival of the Dead's home. Max had been asked if they could hold their wedding there, and he took it amongst himself to contact a deceased preacher to do the ceremony. They knew that using the preacher that had all met at the castle was out of the question; the last thing that they needed was for Jamie to think that she was hallucinating again.

Vince would have dropped dead from lack of oxygen if he had been alive right now. He was holding his breath as he watched his ghost girl walk down the aisle. He was still in his police uniform, but hey, at least it was still somewhat formal.

Dominic, his best man, smacked him in the back and sent him a teasing grin. Jamie had stopped in front of her soon-to-be husband, who was just staring in awe. She had called his name once or twice before the teenaged ghost decided to step in. Once it finally registered, Vince held his arm out for his bride, and she looped her arms through his without another thought.

The brunette thought that the phrase "so happy I could die" would fit in well with her emotions over finally getting married. Rather fortunately, though, she was already dead.

Her groom smiled over at her as they turned towards the preacher, commencing the ceremony. With as much crap as Jamie had gone through over the years, it was a wonder that she even trusted trying to get married again. This time, though, she was in love with her groom, and even in these tough circumstances, they were still glad to be getting this ceremony at all.

"We are gathered here today to bring this man and this woman together in holy matrimony…"

When the preacher began, Jamie Fleming felt the most alive that she ever had felt in over a hundred years.


The conductor of the crazy train leading to and from the underworld loved getting bribes; it made it even easier when he decided that it was time to drop the train off of a bridge, preferably high ones. When he got money from a ghost kid with green scales—or, what he thought were scales—the conductor began grinning like a maniac.

"You want me to kill my next set of passengers?" the conductor asked, giving Dominic a grin, which showed off his mouthful of sharp fangs. For a hundred bucks, who was complaining?

"Not your next set," the teenaged ghost corrected, "'ve got just one tosser in mind."

The maniac looked over at the other ghost, who appeared to be chained up in a nasty knot of locks. "This the guy?"

Dominic nodded. "I need you to make sure that he gets on this train and never comes back," he replied, the slightest growl escaping his lips.

Conrad tensed up as the conductor walked over to him and sniffed him for... Whatever reason.

"You've been a very naughty ghostie," the crazed conductor grinned up at the Chandler heir, grabbing him by the chains and pulling him onto the trolley. After throwing him inside, the crazy guy came down the steps and took his money from Dominic.

"Good doin' business wiv ye," Dominic shook the madman's hand, who began to start cackling. As the teenaged ghost left, he could hear the train taking off; the conductor's head popped off and flew around the train, going to torment the living hell out of Conrad. But what was even more satisfying was the CRASH sound as the train collided with a bridge and flipped over repeatedly until it finally hit its watery grave.

Vince and Jamie could finally be together in peace. No one would ever try to split them up, especially not power hungry heirs. Even though the brunette had to wait for a hundred years to finally find her prince charming, it was so incredibly worth it.

And, after another hundred years, neither of them thought that much else would change.

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