Han's 5 senses


where had everything gone one moment he was kissing her tasting her amazing lips then the next thing he knew was he was blind unable to see a world with his friends standing by him mourning the carbonitized han as he was trapped in a world of darkness never to see light


He could not hear a word or a whisper but in his mind he heard leia crying and Chewbacca grunting a word of comfort to her he could not stop her sadness as he was in a suspended animation form in a ship heading for jabba's desert palace


he could only feel cold and quickly colder as he sorrowed for leia what was he to do he was trapped in a cold block of ice a frozen frown on his face a frown that showed only the painful freezing process that in cased him here now he felt like he was on a wall as many sentiments would stare at him hanging like a old trinket on jabba's main palace wall


he could already smell the slimy slug crime lord as he slithered to his throne room he hated the gutty creature and all he could do was smell the retched slug squirm by him and he could smell the ugly gamorean pig guards that guarded the place that he hung


Now han could taste her lips pressed against his again was he dreaming or was he dead? Was leia really in front of him holding him and kissing him softly but forcefully? He loved that taste and he soon knew it was her that he was not dreaming he wanted to have her forever if she'd let him but now he savored the taste of her precious lips against his own how he loved those perfect lips he almost could jump for joy if only he could see

The end