AN: After a while away from Life With Derek stories, I have decided to come back. As the story begins, something tragic happens, but ironically, it will be something that changes how everyone looks at one certain guy. This will take place before Alexander joins his father's old crew, but they will be here. Basically, it is sort of an AU (Alternate Universe, for those who did not know) story. Enough backstory, let's begin!

Chapter One: Prologue

Alexander laced his fingers around the back of his head, gently matting down his medium length blonde hair. He hated being at home by himself. That meant that there was almost nothing to do, and when he was at home by himself, that would lead to him doing something illegal. Well, somewhat illegal. He laughed as he remembered the time that he dragged Derek, his best friend, over to his sister's home, and he went into her home, and slipped some dye into her shampoo. It turned her hair green for a week, and before she knew what happened, the two were long gone. Of course, he and Derek were over Derek's home pretending that nothing happened. What made matters worse what that she was a cop, or to be more specific, a detective.

Alexander sighed, and grabbed his stuff as he slowly made his way through his house, and locked the door behind him. He took a quick look in his pocket as he checked to see that he had everything that he needed, and needed to get back into the house. He gave himself a quick nod when everything was there. He jumped when he turned and saw three guys in biker gear sitting in front of his house. He knew who they were, and he knew exactly why they were here.

"Hi, guys. Jack." Alexander said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Hi, yourself. You know why we are here, right?" Jack, the leader of the guys that were on the bikes said.

"Yeah. I am not seventeen, yet." Alexander said. Jack sighed, took off the helmet on his head then placed it on his bike, and walked over to him.

"Yeah, you are your old man kid, alright." Jack said, messing with Alexander's hair a little bit.

"I know about my old man, especially the F.O.C, so you don't need to tell me about them." Alexander said. Jack briefly looked back towards the two guys that came with him. They were busy looking around, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. Then Alexander almost jumped out of his skin when he noticed that George and Nora, (Derek's father and stepmother) came out onto their porch, and looked right over into this direction.

Jack noticed how uneasy the current situation was for Alexander, and he decided to cut the visit short right there.

"I know man, but when you do turn of age, we are going to have a little talk." Jack said. "I have to go, but it was nice seeing you."

"Same here. I will see you around, I guess?" Alexander asked.

"Sure. We will be watching you." Jack said, he started his bike up, and took off, along with the guys he came here with.

"Man, I knew that this was not going to be a boring day." Alexander said to himself. He shrugged his shoulders, and went over to The Venturi-McDonald home.

"Hey, Alexander, is everything alright?" George asked as he entered their home.

"Everything is alright. That was just my uncle and his friends." Alexander said. George gave Alexander a look as to say that he was not buying what he was saying, but he just shrugged his shoulders and let him in.

"Is Derek home?" Alexander asked, quickly changing the subject.

"He is right upstairs in his room." George said, pointing upstairs.

"Alright, thanks." Alexander said, heading up the stairs, and right into Derek's room. Derek's room was a mess, to say the least. All Alexander could do was look around, and laugh. Derek was laying on his bed, either staring off into space, or he was asleep.

"Geez, where's your maid?" Alexander said loudly, getting Derek's attention. Derek sat up, and looked over towards his friend.

"Well, she is not here yet, but I am sure that your sister will be happy to do the job." Derek jabbed at him.

"Whoa, Rip Van Winkle. Did I disturb your nap?" Alexander shot back.

"I am fine, what do you want?" Derek asked.

"I needed to get out of my house, I hate being there by myself." Alexander said.

"I heard Dad and Nora talking about some bikers in front of your house. What is up with that?" Derek asked him.

"My uncle and his less than savory friends. Trust me, leave it at that." Alexander said.

"Okay." Derek said, giving Alexander a shrug. Alexander sighed at his friend, and looked at the clock on his cell phone.

"Well, I would love to sit here and stare at you, but I have to go and grab my food that I ordered.

"See ya, my trouble making friend." Derek said.

Alexander gave Derek the bird, and slammed his door.

"Jerk." Derek said, laying back down, and going to sleep.

Alexander entered the restaurant, and went to the counter to grab his food. He payed and was about to leave when he ran into a familiar brunette leaving the restaurant as well. Alexander smiled, and calmly walked behind her. When they were both out onto the dark evening street, Alexander snuck up behind her, and grabbed the teen by the waist, and she jumped. She calmed down when she saw that it was Alexander.

"Geez, why did you do that?" Casey McDonald said.

"Nice to see you too. Let me walk you to your car?" Alexander said. Casey looked at him for a few moments, and sighed.

"Sure, I am parked back here." Casey said, pointing to the back parking lot. Casey and Alexander walked there, but there minds were elsewhere. There was a sort of attraction between the two. Alexander had a thing for her since he first saw her. Derek and Alexander played tricks on Casey, but Alexander would always feel bad for doing so.

Casey knew very little about Alexander, and that is what attracted her to him, honestly. He lived with his brother, and his sister was a detective. His parents died when they were younger, and whenever anyone would bring up anything about them, Alexander would tense up and not say anything about it.

"Here we are." Casey said. "Thanks."

"No problem." Alexander asked.

Casey was inside her car, and looked up, and saw this...

Someone wearing a hood appeared in front of Alexander, and shot him multiple times. Alexander fell to the ground, and the guy turned his attention to Casey. He pointed the gun at her, and tried to fire, but the gun appeared to jam. Angry for the obvious reason, the guy ran off. Casey got out of the car, and ran to her friend.

"Alexander? Alexander, stay with me!" Casey screamed into his face.

Alexander's vision began to fade, and his last sight before he passed out was Casey's pretty face...

AN: So the story offically starts here. Trust me, everything is going to start to show next chapter. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!