CHAPTER 2 ( Sorry this one is extremely short. There is more to come soon!)

Durant was pouring himself another whiskey when he heard Lily fall. Unsure at first, he set down his glass and knocked on her door.

"Everything alright?" He asked, his index finger brushing the top of the handle. He listened for a response, but it didn't come.


He tapped more loudly on the door this time before turning the handle. He opened it only a hair. From this angle, the lamp on the desk cast a faint glow over the tub. Lily was laying in it, one of her arms dangling off the side. It was limp. He didn't call to her this time, but rushed to the tub. Moving as quickly as he could, he lifted her naked, steaming body from the water and set her on the floor.

"Henri, for god's sake!" Durant shouted, reaching for the robe that Lily had discarded on the floor. He had soaked his waist coat and trousers, but didn't care. Shifting her in his arms, he carefully wrapped the grey robe about her form, synching the tie at her waist. His manservant shuffled into the room as he placed a pillow beneath her head. Durant only turned to him after ensuring that she was breathing.

"Empty the tub and go fetch the doc from town… now!"

He was breathing hard now; he could barely think about what to do next. While Henri quickly drained tub, he debated about laying her back in it or on the bed. The tub seemed a better option as the bed was further away. Lifting her again in his arms, he gently lowered her back into the tub. At this moment, she started to speak. Her first words were garbled, but he clearly made out a name: Cullen. It pained him to hear that name and she said it again, more clearly.

"Lily." He said softly, petting her head. Surely she was saying something else, but she shifted this time, her back arching as if leaning into an invisible presence. She fell limp. This time her head dropped forward and she started to cough.

"Don't die on me," he groaned and lightly slapped her cheek.

"Lily!"She didn't budge and he slapped her again.

Finally, her eyes flew open and he sighed deeply. He wanted to embrace her, but decided against it. Instead he lifted her from the tub and set her on the bed. Doc would be her any minute and he would need to change. As he started to move, Henri and Doc rushed into the train car.

"I got the doc! We is here!"

Durant stepped aside as Doc proceeded to look Lily over, checking her pulse. Henri brought him another whiskey, but he waved it away and strode from the room. There was another time in his life when he felt just like this. He had been young then—so enticed by his beautiful wife that he succumbed to her every whim—until work took over. She grew restless then, constantly demanding his affections. Then one night, he came home to find her legs dangling out of the tub, her blonde head swimming beneath a surface of suds. He nearly broke her ribs while forcing the water from him lungs, and she never forgave him. Never looked at him at him the same way because he reminded her how unhappy she had become. All he could do was send her to her sister's house.

In so many ways, he could never compare his wife to the young woman in on this train. Lily was a fighter. She wore ambition like a pearl necklace, her elegant mannerisms framing her every move. More than that, she made him feel alive again and he wanted her at his side.

"She'll live, Durant." The doctor said and patted him on the back. He extended his hand and Durant shook it, paying him in full.

"My thanks to you Doc."

The older man nodded, ducking out the door. A draft of wind blew across him as he followed the Doc out into night. He shivered, remembering that he needed to change his clothes. It would have to wait. He had business to take care of, and it had everything to do with Bohannon.