Hey guys, Jessie here. since I have no more ideas for the orichalcos returns, I'm making another story to ward off any disappointment. Plus, everyone gets to meet my Yami, so say hello Maya!

Maya: Hi everyone!

Jess: Maya, since I'm lazy and forgetful, can you do the disclaimer?

Maya: Sure! Jess doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh GX. If she did, she'd most likely hook up with Jesse.

Jess: MAYA!

Maya: Enjoy

Jesse: (mutters) Damn Yami...

It was saturday, 2:41 if you want to be precise. I was playing on the computer to pass the time. Mom & Dad where at work, so I had the house to myself. Even Aron was at his job, corn-tastiling.

Wait a minute; I forgot to introduce myself. The names Alice, Alice Drake. I have soulder length hair, blue eyes covered by glasses, and a scar here and there. Everyone I know calls me Ace. Mostly because of my card skills, like poker and 21. But I also get straight A's on my report card, but I don't brag. That's because I'm a geek over Yu-Gi-Oh. yup, I said Yu-Gi-Oh, AKA the best anime EVER! If I could, I'd live with Yugi and the gang in domino. But instead, I'm stuck in boring ol' detroit. Of course, I watched GX and 5D's too, and a bit of ZEXAL, that sucked. I mean, ga-ga-ga magician looks A LOT like dark magician, but they give it the name "ga-ga-ga magician"? The guys of Kanomi were either very drunk or just plain stupid when they made a card like that.

But, I suppose I could rant later. For now, I'll stick with my adventure. One question before I start: Have you ever dreamed of being in your favorite cartoon/anime? Well, I did, all the time. I'd fantasize to my heart's content, or how ever the hell you wanna put it. But I never thought I'd actually get to go there. Like I said, I was on the computer, watching Yu-Gi-Oh GX on Hulu. I thought it mixed comedy and duels perfectly. I also love the character Syrus. I mean, the dude gets 0 cred from everyone and mistreated as a no one. personally, I think his roid deck is down right adorable. OK, maybe he has a bit of a reason to have people tease, but I think he should have more credit. Any who, I was watching the 2nd episode when everyone get to Duel Academy and Chazz asked Jaden (very rudely, I might add) for a duel.

I was sitting inside while a huge ass thunder-storm was brewing outside. I didn't mind, gave me a reason to not go out so I can enjoy having some time to watch GX. That's just the beginning. I was laughing at the scene were Jaden and Syrus "meet" Chumley, and when they screamed like little girls. What can I say, boys will be boys, even anime boys. But, unannounced to me, lighting struck the telephone pole outside. It traveled down the wire, down to house and through ever wire inside, including the charger to my dad's laptop. Not only did I get a super shock, but I also blacked out.

About 5 hours later...

I woke up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Hold on, shore? Detroit is nowhere near an ocean. Adding to my confusion, I saw Yu-Gi-Oh cards all over the beach I woke up on. I picked them all up to find out that they're my deck from dueling network, even Pandaborg and Kuribon. Well, here's what I'm picking up: I stuck on a beach with my dueling network deck and I have no food, water from the ocean, and no shelter. What a swell day I'm having (not). "OK, calm down, Ace, all you need is a layout of the area, and I can find food and water" I reassure myself. Right, I talk to myself too, sue me. I walked along the beach 'till I found a building I know all to well. "No way...it can't be" I mumbled to myself, because I was looking at freaking Duel Academy!

"This is unreal! How did I end up in Yu-Gi-Oh GX?" I asked myself. I was both excited and scared at the same time. I was excited to see Jaden and everyone, but I was scared that I'd be trapped here and may never see my family again. Mom, dad, hell, I'd even miss Aron. "snap out of it, Ace" I scorn at myself, "this is no time to be negative, you need to find a way in, but how? The entrance exams are over and I have low dueling skills". It was true, I suck at dueling. Every time I had a good card to use, I'd forget the effect or I'd forget it was facedown on the field. Either way, I need in, or I'll have be a beach hobo, and I'm not gonna let that happen. I guess I'll start by getting inside the academy, but that's easier said than done. Just for everyone back home, the academy has as many rooms as the empire state building! yes, it's that big. But, if memory serves, chancellor Sheppard's office is on the top floor.

"Ra, I hope I'm right" I prayed to myself. Yeah, I'm so much of a geek I make Yu-Gi-Oh references like "Thank Ra" or "get your game on!", crap like that. I'd figure I'd need a blazer to get in, so I picked up a Silfer red one. What? Silfer is an awesome card and Silfers have more fun. Well, to explain how I look, I had a blazer like Jaden wears while I still had on my jeans and maroon sash. I had on my black, gray, and pink sneakers and purple ankle socks. I walked by Chazz and his goons, giving him one of my dangerous glares. As you can see, I don't like Chazz much. He's a douche, and he'll always be a douche. "What are you looking at, Silifer slacker?" Chazz angrily asks me. I felt like saying "A douche raised by two bigger douche's", but instead, I said, "Just another stupid, stuck-up boy". OK, not the smartest think I did, but it was better than what I was thinking.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!?" a now angrier Chazz asks. Man, I can be such a dumbass, but I can't back down now. "Another, stupid, stuck-up, boy" I say slower than before. OK, do I really think it's a good idea to piss off Chazz? Maybe not, but this is fun as hell. I mean, sure I've pissed boys off before, but it was never this much fun. "YOU LITTLE BRAT! I'LL CRUSH YOU LIKE I'LL CRUSH THAT DORK WHO BEAT CROWLER!" an extremely pissed off Chazz yelled. OK, fun's over. "Well,nicetalkingtoyou,gottago,bye" I said extra fast, then I did something really stupid, I ran. Of course, being a thick-headed idiot, Chazz ran after me, yelling, "GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE TWARP!". Man, I pretty much screwed myself over. Luck for me, I learned how to control my running speed to make sharp turns. I quickly made a left, and...OH CRAP! AN ARENA! A DEAD END! NOT GOOD! "Now I've got you, you little brat" Chazz taunts. yup, I'm screwed. "Hang on, let's be reasonable" I try to negotiate, "can't we talk this out like civilized human beings?". I gave a "please-don't-kill-me" smile.

"No way, you're dueling me now!" Chazz exclaims, "Take out your duel disk". I gave a nervous laugh. You see, I never got one of those plastic fakes, so I've stuck with table-top and online dueling. "What? All bark and no bite?" Chazz asks tauntingly. "It's not that, I'm a table-top duelist" I explained. Chazz gave me a confused look, "What?". Oh, you have to be kidding me. He doesn't know what a table-top duel is? WHAT A MORON! "I'm a table-top duelist, meaning I duel people without a duel disk" I dumbed down for him. "How'd you get in without a duel disk?" Chazz asks me. Oh, this is the perfect set-up. "Nunya" I told him. "Nunya?" he echos. "None ya damn business" I tell him, then laughed my ass off. I've been waiting for somebody to set themselves up for that for, like, ever. Plus, as a bonus, Chazz was the one I used it on. Talk about an awesome set-up. "THAT'S IT, YOU'RE DEAD!" Chazz screams at me. If there was ever a time I needed back-up, now would be a good time for it to show up. "Hey man, what are you doing?" A familiar voice said. YES! Thank Ra, help from Jaden, I'M SAVED! "Jay, wait up" I hear Syrus say. "HELP ME, THIS GUYS OFF THE DEEP-END!" I shouted to Jaden. Hopefully, his stupidity won't kick in when I need his help most. "Let her go," Jaden demanded, "What did she do to you any way?". "SHE INSULTED ME!" Chazz countered.

So, if someone insults you, it gives you the right to chase them down and scare the living crap out of them? What a swell guy (NOT!) "You insulted me first! I was just looking your way and you called me a Slifer slacker!" I argued back. God damn, I'm a bigger idiot than I thought. Why did I have to throw myself back into the argument? "STAY OUT OF THIS!" Chazz yells at me. "Who's the damsel in distress here? I'm sorta stuck in this, whether I like it or not!" I shout back. Man, this is not gonna be my day. I swear, if I talk to the bad guys like this, I'll get everyone killed. "Well, I'm the one holding you hostage, so I can make demands, like telling you to shut up!" Chazz yells back. Well, we would have had a longer argument if Alexis didn't come in. "Chazz, let her go" Alexis tells him. THANK RA FOR ALEXIS! "Oh, come on, she insulted me!" Chazz tried to argue. "Well, we need to get to the obelisk welcome dinner" Alexis reminded him. Oh shit, the welcome dinners! If I attend, Banner will know I'm not a student and I'll be kicked out before I can even get in. Wait, don't I need papers like my birth certificate and crap like that? Oh shit, I'm in trouble! "Fine, you're off the hook, for now" Chazz tells me, leaving the arena. "Damn, that was scary!" I exclaim, "I need to not be so cocky, it might kill me one day". Jaden, Alexis, and Syrus looked at me like I was crazy.

Right, I need to introduce myself to them. "Sorry," I apologized, "My name is Alice, Alice Drake, but please, call me Ace". "Hey Ace, my names Jaden" He introduces. "I'm Syrus, nice to meet you", "And I'm Alexis". Wow, I just met the gang, face-to-face, AWESOME! "Well, if the obelisk welcome dinner is on, maybe the Silifer dinner is on too" I brought to everyone's attention. "That's right, " Alexis agrees, "you'd better get going". "OH MAN!" Jaden shouts, starting to run. "Wait up, Jay" Syrus wines. I ran after the boys, hoping Banner won't know I'm not a student.

After a long run...

The boys and I finally made it to the Silifer dorm, and it was pretty average. A few rooms and an outhouse, not much, but you take what you get and not complain. That's what I've learned any way. From the obelisk blue outfit that Chazz wore, I must be in season 1, but what episode am I in is the real question. I'm taking an estimate when I guess that I'm in episode 2. That was the episode I was watching anyway. The boys and I got inside the little dining area to hear groaning from the other students. Man, they're so ungrateful. Do they even know that kids in other country's are starving with no food? how oblivious. "Hello there, my students," I hear the familiar voice of professor Banner say, "My name is professor Banner. Before we get started, why don't we share something about ourselves-". He was cut off by Jaden's chewing. Man, he eats like a damn elephant, maybe even two. "Jaden, we're suppose to say something about ourselves" Syrus protests to Jaden. "Here's something, I'm starving" Jaden shoots back. Wow, it's stomach first and talking later for him. "Jaden, he's coming over... I mean it" Syrus warns him, but it was too late. "Well, since some of us are impatient, why don't we eat" Banner tell everyone else.

I ate my portion without complaint. I'm use to eating junk food like chicken patties and pop-tarts. To be honest, it was pretty average, just like everything else Slifer-like. We got back into Jaden's room, only for Jaden to slump to the floor. How is he such a great duelist if he's as lazy as I am? I will never know. I tuned out the conversation 'till I heard Jaden's electronic notebook (or what ever the hell that thing is) go off. It was Chazz. "Hey dork, tell that twarp that I've got a spare duel disk, so now we can duel. She better come, or else". Son of a bitch, he doesn't know when to give up. Might as well duel him, so he doesn't stalk me for the time I'm here. "Welp, might as well take care of this" I announce, "you boys can come, if you wanna see that dork get his ass kicked". "you know it!" Jaden exclaims. "I guess I'll go" Syrus wines. HOLY CRAP! I can prank Zane now! sweet!

The boys and I went to the arena Chazz trapped me in. "Well, I thought you'd never show up" Chazz says. Well, lets see if he can survive my element charmers.

"Game on" we both say

Chazz: 4000
Ace: 4000

"I'll go first" I exclaim. My hand was dian keto, Kuribon, Petit Dragon, Gigobyte, swords of revealing light, and I just drew spiritual fire art-kurenai. Pretty good hand so far. "I play my friend, Petit Dragon (600/700), in defence mode" I say. Chazz sneered at my dragon for being weak. I'll show him the power of my element charmers, one way or another. "I end my turn, you turn, dork".

"Fine, my turn" Chazz says. I already know he'll play his chthonian soldier, so this will be a piece of cake. "I summon my dark blade (1800/1500), in attack" Chazz tells me. Wait, he has monsters other than chthonian soldier? What a shocker. "And now, dark blade, take out that stupid little dragon!" Chazz demanded. His monster slashed my little dragon in half, and he exploded into a million pieces. "I'll put a card face-down, and end my turn".

"Finally" I wine. I just drew Familiar-possessed Aussa, my twin in duel monsters from. Other than her brown eyes and shorter hair, we look a lot alike. "How about we kick things off by summoning my twin, Familiar-possessed Aussa (1850/1500), in attack mode!" I say, "Now, Aussa, take out that dark blade!".

Chazz: 3950

"And now, I play Swords of revealing light!" I tell him. Now he's screwed. "I end my turn, your go, dork" I tease.

"SHUT UP!" Chazz yells at me and draws a card. I hope this time it's something I remember from the anime. "Now, I summon chthonian soldier (1200/1400), in attack mode" Chazz says, "And now I use double summon to bring out another chthonian soldier, and use the card, chthonian alliance". Oh crap, that cards really gonna screw me over. Now one of the chthonian soldiers is up to 2800. But, I have my swords up, so he can't attack. "I'll place a card face-down, and end my turn".

YES! Thank you swords of revealing light! I drew secret village of the spellcasters, nice. "First, I'll play a field spell called secret village of the spellcasters," I exclaim, putting down said card, "This is how it works, if I have a spellcaster and you don't, you can't play spell cards". "WHAT!" Chazz wines. That'll cut him down to size. "And now, I end my turn, your go, asshole" I say, insulting him.

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" Chazz screams, drawing a card. "I'll put a card face down, your turn". "Sweet" I say, drawing a card. It was barrel behind the door, awesome. "I'll just put a card face-down and end my turn, your move, dorky". "WILL YOU SHUT UP!?" Chazz yells, drawing a card. "hmmmmm, nope," I say in response, "I've been raised around sarcastic people, thus, making me a sarcastic person. Don't like, don't bother". I could see the anger in Chazz's eyes growing. Man, what the hell am I doing? If I remember right, Chazz turns into a duel ghoul and runs after Jaden for being a pain in the ass for him. Great, now I'll be his target. I've really got to think things through more often. "I'll play my last chthonian soldier, bringing my super-powered chthonian's attack up even further!". OH SHIT! 3600! I'm screwed! "I'll put a card face-down and end my turn".

"Alright", I say, drawing a card. It was Dharc the dark charmer. Sweet! "First I'll let Aussa take out one of your normal soldiers" I demanded of my twin. She attacked the chthonian to the left of the super-powered one. The sword he was holding flew up in the air and came straight for me, just like I planed. "And now I use the trap card, barrel behind the door" I say, "here's how it works, if a card effect does damage to me, you take the damage instead". "WHAT!" Chazz exclaims.

Chazz: 2650
Ace: 4000

"I'll put a card face-down and end my turn, your go" I finish off. Chazz silently drew another card. "I'll start by summoning dark crusader (1600/200), in defence mode" Chazz tells me. "I'll put a card face-down, and end my turn". I queitly drew my next card. It was shadow spell, nice. Since my swords will drop next trun, I might as well give it a shot. "First," I exclaim, "I'll flip summon Dharc the dark charmer, and thanks to her effect, I can take one of your monsters, like another one of your chthonian soldiers". The soldier's red eyes turned blue and jumped over to my side of the field. "I'll put a card face-down and end my turn, your go".

Chazz, again, silently drew a card. "I'll start by attacking your dark charmer with my chthonian soldier". Man, how predictalble can you get? "I play my trap, shadow spell" I exclaim, "Heres how it works, you can't attack with that card, and your soldier loses 700 attack points". Chazz growls while he says, "I end my turn".

I drew a card, and it was Dark Magician, SCORE! "I sacrafice chthonian soldier and my dark charmer to summon one of my big boys, the Dark Magician (2500/2100), in attack mode". Everyone in the room stared in awe at the magician. What? Do they think that Yugi was the only one with this guy? "And now, Dark Magician, Take out that soldier with DARK MAGIC ATTACK!".

Chazz: 1450
Ace: 4000

"Now, I'll have Aussa take down dark crusader, and end my turn". Once again, Chazz silently drew another card. I hope this somehow comes to a draw, somehow. "I'll put a card face-down, and end my turn". "Man, he's either low on options, or that's a trap to wipe out my Dark Magician" I pondered to myself. I drew a card, and was fairy meteor crush. "Now, I'll use Aussa to attack you directly". Game over, I win. "You just got charmed" I say, making up my own catch phrase

Chazz: 0
Ace: 4000

Wow, I won against Chazz. THAT'S SO AWESOME! I walked over to him. "Good game, dude" I said, giving him a hand. Chazz looked up at me with disbelief. I guess this is a shock to him to see someone who hated him try to help him now. "What? I can't give my opponent some respect?" I question. After a few seconds, he awkwardly took my hand, and my face felt my cheeks tingle. Oh ra, am I blushing? OH HELL NO! "well,nicetalkingtoyou,gottago,bye" I say in a speedy voice again. I then, ran out of the arena. What the hell am I suppose to do now? I'm not officially in the academy, so I'll get busted if I attend in class. Might as well talk to the chancellor to see if I can get in.

I quietly made my way to the chancellors office. I knocked on the door, and it opened to Shepard. "Well, I've never seen you around here before," Shepard says, "what do you need?". "I was wondering if maybe I could join duel academy," I put in my sweet voice, a voice I only kick out in an emergency, "I already traveled all the way here, I've even beat one of your students. I never caught his name, but he had black spiky-ish hair, obelisk blue student, and had chthonian soldier". "My, that's Chazz Princeton," Chancellor Shepard says in awe, "you beat him?". "Why, yes sir" I said proudly, "I did". To be honest, I was surprised myself. I mean, when ever I duel on dueling network, I lose most of the time. Everyone in a while I get lucky, but that's it! Maybe I just got lucky, like what Chazz said when he dueled Jaden in the anime. "Well, a girl with that kind of skill deserves to be in the obelisk dorm!" Chancellor Shepard says. Man, do I really have to be stuck with a bunch of snotty girls. "Um, sir?" I question, "If it's ok with you, can I be in the slifer dorm? I'd prefer to work my way up than have it handed to me, thank you". I looked at Shepard's face to see understanding in his eyes. "I understand, slifer red it is". YES! I get to be a slifer!

Shepard gave me a schedule and extra red blazers for me. I went to the dorm to find out it was next to Jaden's, that's pretty cool. I would have gone in, but someone stopped my by my shoulder. I turn around to see it was Chazz. Oh fuck, I'm in trouble! "Ace, I just want to say that I'm sorry" Chazz admits. At least I can say I got Chazz to apologize to me, but my guilt didn't let me have Chazz take the fall. "No, I'm sorry," I apologized, "I said that comment without knowing who you were". Well, guilt, are you happy? "I still wanna make it up to you" Chazz tells me, "Why don't I invite you to eat with me at the obelisk dorm?". Was he asking for a date? "Sure, how about tomorrow morning? I need some breakfast after skipping it so much". "It's a date" Chazz said, than blushed, realizing what he just said, "Or uuuuum...uuuuuu". I shut him up by kissing him on the cheek. "It's a date" I said, then closed the door. I got a breakfast date with Chazz? Plus the blushing? And the kiss? What's going on with me?

All I know is, I'm going to have one hell of a time here.

Well, that was fun to write, R&R!

Maya: yeah, and don't forget, Don't let anyone bring you down. Be who you are, and never give in to another persons words of hurt.

Jess: wow, maya, that was beautiful.

Maya: to be honest, I ripped it off the song China sang for that episode she went to hollywood for that contest.

Jess: Really?


Jess: again, R&R!