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I was stuck between him and a wall, and I need an escape. If I don't I might not like what's about to happen. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's start at the beginning...

The day before...

I was in the middle of cross-dresser Crowler's class, bored out of my mind. He was talking about my charmer deck, which I already knew about. Easy A on a quiz over that. I let my eyes wonder, and something caught my eye. It was an obelisk blue student in the back. He had green eyes, black hair similar to Atticus' and glasses. From back there, he was just staring at me. What the hell is he looking at me for? He saw I caught him and looked away. I bet he was making up crap about how I suck at dueling or something. Obelisk dorks tend to do that. I've only known two obelisk blue students who aren't total assholes are Alexis and Jesse. Admitilty, he is fairly attractive, but I'm a geek and he's more like Jaden. Our personalities don't mesh. And before you ask, mesh is a word I made up for the hell of it. I'm making my own damn language! Damn, I'm ranting again. Anyways, the bell to let us know that school was over rang. I got my stuff and was about to head out. That is, until I'm stopped by the dude who was staring at me. Oh great, here comes the generic slifer based insults, and most likely ones that say girls can't duel.

"Um, hey, are you Ace?" He said, blushing. That's new.

"Yeah, why ask?" I answered. He probably just wants to say, "I want to duel and mop the floor with you!". I swear to Ra, if he says that I'll give him the ass kicking of a life time!

"Well, I was wondering if you, umm, wanted to hang out, duel maybe?" He says shyly. Ok, now I'm lost. He's not a complete douche? Wow, didn't see that coming.

"Ok, let's try my place" I say, giving my room number, "But pull anything, and you'll be meeting hell in human form". He jumped, but not that much. Almost like he was expecting me to say something like that. Ok, now I'm just getting paranoid. I might as well give him the chance to prove he's not a jackass like other obelisks.

I headed to my dorm after the encounter. I looked around, and my room was littered with clothes and trash I was too lazy to pick up. Ok, time to clean up.

"Can we help?" I hear Aussa say. 'Bout time someone other than Hiita shows up.

"Sorry, but I had to train Marmot, and everyone else had to help with training too. Hiita's the one who's skipping our sessions"

Man, talk about a rebel. She sounds like Urd from Ah! My goddess.

"From what?"

Another show I use to watch, but it was a bit above teen.

"I'll stop asking"

Good idea. I finished up before 6 o'clock. I had to say we did a good job. Thanks to Aussa, I got done just in time. The reason I say that it because I heard knocking on the door, meaning the dude arrived. Crap in a bucket, I forgot to say the time. Oh well, he made it here, didn't he?

"Hey dude. welcome to casadel-Ace-o" I say, a bright smile on my face. He just looked at me while blushing. What's up with him? He walks in and sits at my desk. It seems like he's just enjoying being here. "Hey, I never caught your name, who are you?" I asked.

"Oh, right. My name is Andrew, but you can call me Andy" He says, still blushing. What's up with this guy? I just shrugged it off, he might be nervous about trying to not be like the other obelisks. Oh well, I guess I'll never know.

"So, what kind of deck do you use?" I asked, popping up a random question.

"Oh, I use a warrior deck. They show that I stand for what I believe in" Andy still seemed shy, but it was like he knew what I liked. I'm probably just over thinking it. People are allowed to have the same interest, can't they? "So, Ace, what do you want to do?" Andy asks me, vary nervously. My eyes instantly lit up.

"I thought you'd never ask!" I told him, grabbing him arm. He blushed as I pulled him out of my room. I know the perfect spot to duel in. I dragged him to forest, where I know I'd find a good place. I don't know the academy like the back of my hand, but I can find my way around. I found the dock where Jaden and Zane would have dueled if I didn't stop the disciplinary action squad.

"Well, it's nice, but why are we here?" Andy asks. I instantly smirked like an idiot.

"I walked by this place a few times, and I thought it would be a cool dueling spot. I like it, don't you?" In that moment, I saw him freak out and blush like a school girl.

"Well, yeah, it is pretty cool" He said, twiddling his fingers. Ok, this is just wierd. He's acting like a fanboy meeting Demi Lovato or something. Guys, the greatest mystery of humanity.

"So, how 'bout a duel?" I ask, my eyes gleaming with excitement. He looked dead in my eyes and blushed. Looking, I see I was an inch away from him. "Sorry, I just have a cravin' to duel". After saying that, I backed up. "So, you up for it?"

"Sure, I mean," He said, blushing still, "I haven't dueled in a while". What with this guy? He's blushing like I'm a celebrity, and he's giving off an aura of fanboyism.

"I know, I can sence this too" I hear the voice of Pandaborg say.

"Nice to know I'm not going crazy" I thought, knowing that talking to thin air would be wierd. "I still wanna know what's up with him. I mean, I'm not freakin' Miranda Lambert or something"

"Do not fret, Ace," Pandaborg tells me, "I don't feel anything on my metal detector, so he has no weapons. Plus, I do not see any dangerous elements on him". Leave it to Pandaborg to do a total search of some guy. Whatever, I thing we should duel.

"Ok, ready to duel?" I asks. He looked at the ground and nodded. Wow, he's shy!

After a long duel...(sorry, I'm very lazy and I don't know how to put it ^_^')

Ace: 150
Andy: 0

I'm surprised he had a deck like that brat that randomly dueled Chazz out of spite towards the Ojama Trio. All I had to do was use heavy storm and he was screwed. I walked over to Andy and offered my hand. "Good Game" I said. He blushed again and took my hand. Ya know, you get use to the blushing after a while. I guess I'm just use to people like that. "Damn, it's 11 o'clock already" I pointed out, "Better get back to the dorms. Do you wanna go to the light house tomorrow?".

"Ummm, sure, what ever makes you happy" Andy says, turning as red as a tomato. Ok, I want to know whats with that blush? I'm the basic wall flower that no one notices until we accidentally make contact. Even then, no one notices me. I guess I'm being paranoid again.

"So, we meet at the light house around 7?" I asked the blushing boy.

"Sounds good to me" Andy answers.

That's when we parted seprate ways, and I headed to bed.

"So, how was you're date?" Hiita asks, popping in on me.

"We're just friends, Mrs. Skips-a-lot" I threw back. I knew that'd piss her off.

"Nope, I'm good. Nice try though" Hiita shot back. Damn, I forgot the charmers could read my mind.

"And there's nothing you can do about"


"Let me think about that, no"

Smart ass...

"Oh, we talking about Aron now?"

Ending conversation.

"Not if I'm still talking"

Ending conversation.

Hiita kept talking, but I really wasn't listening. When I say "ending conversation" I really am ending the conversation. I put on my sleep ware and went to dreamless sleep. But, I could faintly hear Hiita smirk while saying, "Good night, Ace"

Chazz POV

I was in my room, thinking about Ace some how. Why can't I get her out of my head? I dueled her once and rarely see each other. So why can't I stop thinking about her?

"It's simply love, Chazzy" I hear a famine voice say. I shot out of bed and looked around. What the hell was that?

"Who's there?" I asked the darkness of my room.

"Calm down, I'm with Ace" The voice shot back. Out of no where, I see a faint flame, like someone lit a candle and walked in the room. With the added light, I could see a girl who had red hair, red eyes, and some sort of fox on her shoulder.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked the girl.

"Chazzy, all you need to know is I'm here to help with your relationship with Ace" The girl said. Relationship? What Relationship? I barely know Ace, what kind of relationship could I have with someone I don't know?

"What relationship? I rarely even know Ace!" I argued.

"Ok, then think about this: the day you and Ace where gonna go on your breakfast date, she started to cry about something and she didn't tell anyone, not even Jaden" . Jaden, he beat me in that exam duel with that wimpy card, Winged Kuriboh. How is that even possible? Kuribohs are the weakest cards in duel monsters, and yet one beat me. Wait, Ace was crying before? What could make someone like Ace cry?

"What happened?" I asked the girl.

"Something Ace has kept secret since she was 6" She responded. Was it really that bad? I mean, I know my brothers push me to be the best, but did she get hurt by someone before?

"Who are you?" I asked the girl.

"My name is Hiita, and I'll be seeing you soon" She said, then disappeared. What the hell just happened? Did I fall asleep and get a random dream or something? I just went back to my bed and went to sleep


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I need to fix it so it's on the radio and not an annoying BEEP-BEEP, BEEP-BEEP. Those alarms piss me off the most. I went on with my daily routine of blazer, jeans, hair, and teeth. I thought being at duel academy would be more fun than class every morning. I guess every paradise has a draw-back. I started to head out to class for the day, of course, I looked to see if Zane was at the light house. Not a single blunette to be seen. That means the spot is free for dueling.

Just to skip the boring the day, I'll start talking about how I was 18 minutes late to meet Andy. You see, us Drakes are always fashionably late, so I try to be the prompt one. As you can see, I fail epicly at doing so. So, I'm gonna have to try to put up a good game to make up for it. I was running at top speed to try make there on time. I made it, but I made it at about 7:20, give or take a minute.

"Sorry I'm late, us drakes are always fashionably late" I told Andy when I reached the light house.

"It's ok, Ace" He said, blushing again.

"Why do you blush when you see me?" I finally asked him. I was going find out what makes him blush, even if it kills me.

"Well, I...um.." He stuttered. Oh crap, I think I set him off! What do I do now?!

"Relax, Ace, I don't think he intends to hurt you." Pandaborg interjects, "I sence a rise in blood pressure and his heart is beating faster, though"

"Hold on, I know what's up now!" I yell in my mind.

"You like me, don't you?" I asked Andy. He looked at me with a shocked expression on his face. Looks like that's the case.

"Ok," Andy finally says, "I have a huge crush on you. You're one of the strongest duelists I've ever met, and you look cute". Ok, my turn to blush. No one ever calls me cute, EVER! " I just wanted to spend some time with you". Wow, so really was a fanboy for ME! I'm normally the quiet geek no one pays attention to, so why is he even notice my existence?

"But, no one ever really knows I exist," I argued, "how do you even know my name?"

"Who wouldn't know the girl who beat Chazz Princeton?" He says, getting a huge grin on his face. So that's how he knows me! How come I'm getting so much praise for one duel?

"Andy," I argued, "I only won because I got a streak of good cards. If I didn't, I would have had my ass handed to me on a silver platter, and most likely wouldn't be able to keep said silver".

"But, you beat me, and your exam partner" Andy shot back. Crap, he won't give up! "Ace, I... I want you to be mine". He pushed me against the wall, no escape. The one time he's bold, he's about to rape me. I was stuck between him and a wall, and I need an escape. If I don't I might not like what's about to happen. I would have screamed, if someone didn't tackle Andy. Holy hell, it was Zane! He's the one saving my sorry ass. This just means I need to work on not being a DID (damsel in distress). Zane royally kicked Andy's ass and He ran off. Out of pure instinct, I hugged Zane.

"Dude, your my hero!" I screeched. Yeah, I made a promise that I won't lose my V card until after college and marriage. So, as you can see, losing it to someone like Andy wasn't going to be good.

"I maybe cold, but I don't exactly 'agree' with rape" Zane says, not even looking at me.

"Oh come on, Hard Ass, lighten up, you just saved me from being raped!" I said, squeezing him tighter. Zane was turning blue, meaning it was time to let go.

"Like I said, I don't 'agree' with that" Zane tells me in his cold voice.

"I still owe you something" I tell him. What could I do to show my appreciation? Oh, that should work. I took him by the shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. "How about that?" I asked, being a bit smug. Zane's cheeks turned pink, out of embarrassment. I giggled a little at his facial expression. What can I say? Some people make funny facial expression. I don't have any idea what to do now. Do I give him another hug? Say good-bye and leave? Option two sounds better than nothing. "Thanks for saving me, but I think we should get back to our dorms, it's getting pretty late..." I said. Ok, not the way I planned it, but better than nothing.

"I guess, later" He said, turning around to leave. I don't know why, but I reached out and grabed his arm.

"Can...you...walk me to my dorm?" I asked, fear evident in my voice. I don't want to give Andy another chance to take my V card. The question seemed to take him by surprise, but he nodded. I don't blame him about being surprised. I'm normally a bit cocky, and now I'm showing some sort of weakness. Wait, I'm showing weakness? Dammit, that's the one thing I wanted to avoid, especially around Zane. I know he'll turn into mega-phyco-emo Zane next year, and he'll do nothing but prove he's the best then. If I get in his way during that time, showing this weakness, there's no telling what he could do.

We finally arrived at the slifer dorm, safe and sound. Zane was about ready to leave, but bfore that I told him thank you again. As soon I made it inside, I went to my bed and pulled out the diary I got at Dorathy's. I opened to an empty page and started to write.

Dear diary,
Today was very eventful. Remember Andy? Turns out he's a fanboy for me and almost raped me. I got lucky, for Zane came to my rescue. I'm lucky he's still just neutral and not super-phyco-emo Zane yet. You have no Idea how much I want to save everyone from all the pain up ahead. From Haou, Mr. Shroud, the Shadow Riders, Sartorious, Aster the asshole, and so many other dorks I want to rip their head off. I just don't feel right to lie about this, but I can't change too much. If I change too much, I could make thinks worse than whats going to happen. I don't care if Mahad gave me the Ok, I just don't want everyone else to get hurt because I decided to change something big. I just wish I could tell at least on of them, then I wouldn't have to worry about all this and I could get their opinion on all of this craziness. Gotta get to sleep, later.

Alice Drake

After that, I put my diary in it's hiding spot, put on my sleepware, and went off into dreamless sleep.

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