I look outside my window, my wet socks with my shoes off out on the mat. Dark clouds and streaks in the air, and i feel my phone in my pocket vibrating, i just ignore it. I take a step out onto the porch, and watch the rainfall. I just sit and listen for a while... then i hear the faint sound of my name being called from the woods, i ignore it, then the sound grows stronger, hard to ignore i get up and walk toward the woods. I look around and see something glowing, curious i walk toward it. As i get closer i relise it's a man, pointing a gun my dirrection. Not just any man, a hunter. I go into shock. starting to run triped over a branch, i get up as fast as i could and continue to run, ignoring the cold snow benethe my feet. Looking back i trip again, listening to the sound of my heart drumming in my ears. This time he stands above me, scared i randomly throw punches. Kicking and screaming he grabs me by the arm "what do you want from me?" i scream. the man looks at him "I want the boy, I want Josh." Squirming, the attacker lift's him up, the boys neck near his face. "tell me, or it's your life." Opening his mouth to speak the attacker opes his mouth to reveal fangs and bites into the boys neck.