Josh rolled outta bed rubbing his blurry eyes, getting outta bed slowly so the creaking of the floorboard doesn't wake Nick. Josh walked down stairs to the smell of breakfast. He took a seat at the table, His aunt greeted him "Goodmorning, sleepy head" She set's a cup of warm blood, and sticky buns in front of him,"So what happened at midnight?" Ask's Aunt Meredith. "No clue. We left early" Josh shrugged. "Is it cool if Josh stay's another night? His parent's won't be back until monday night. "As long as you boys can find your way to school in the morning." Nick walks down stairs and sits at the table. Josh's Aunt hands him a plate of bacon, egg's and toast. Aunt Meredith get's up from the table "See you boys later, i have a long shift today." Josh ran his hand through his hair.