It was almost noon.

The servants of the house were starting to get worried since their master had yet to emerge from his room. The captain had given them orders the previous day that no one was to enter his room anymore and while they were confused, they listened. There had been a sharp look in his eyes that clearly said, 'Stay away or you will never be seen again.'

By now breakfast was cold as stone and they knew that he would be furious if he didn't get a hot meal when he woke up but they made no move to start lunch.

"Someone needs to go check on him. He could be hurt," one said.

"But he was very clear that we stay away!" another cried nervously.

"It's our duty to make sure that he is up by a certain time!"

"He's been at sea for weeks! He's probably tired!"

The door to the kitchen was pushed open with a creek and they all turned to see a small boy poke his head in.

"D-Desole," he whispered. "I-I was hungry a-and the other b-boy said to come h-here…"

All of the servants stared at the boy, all agreeing together silently.

They could send him in to check on their master.

"Little boy, we will give you some food," a tall man said. "But first you have to do something for us."

Matthew nodded.

"Okay. What is it?"

"Our master, the man who brought you here, has not yet woken up for the day and we are worried about him. Would you mind going to check and see that he's alright?"

The boy nodded again.

"Okay. I can do that."

The tall man smiled.

"Good. Now leave this room, head for the main staircase, you should have seen it when you first came in, go up the stairs and down a few halls until you see a big door. It has golden handles. Just peek inside and see if he's awake. If you can't tell, very quietly, and carefully, tiptoe over to him and just check to see if he's breathing. Does that make sense?"

"Oui. I will be right back!"

With that he darted out of the kitchen.

"We might be able to get rid of one of the brats sooner than we had hoped…"

Matthew had gotten a little lost. He barely spent time in houses, his Papa was almost always on the sea, and this one was much bigger than he had ever been in before. He had followed the directions as best he could but he still had managed to lose his way.

"Maybe down here…?" he whispered to himself, heading to the right. He walked down the hall for a few minutes before he heard a small noise. Confused, he continued down the hall, trying to figure out where the noise had come from.

Suddenly he heard another noise, a little louder; it sounded a bit like a whimper. Then there was another. And another.

Following the noises, he made his way to crack in the wall. As he peered inside he saw what looked to be a bedroom with a figure moving a little on the bed. He started to pull away, glad he was able to tell the servants that the man was fine but something caught his eye.

Another person appeared in his vision.

He walked up to the figure on the bed and chuckled quietly. Flipping on a lamp, Matthew could see that the standing figure was the Englishman and the one on the bed…well he couldn't see them very well but they appeared to be naked with their head hidden; he couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman either.

The Englishman ran his hand down the leg of the person on the bed. When he reached what seemed to be a recent gash, he pushed his fingers into it causing the other person to make a strangled noise in pain. He laughed and pushed his thumb in, moving his fingers around and drawing out streams of blood.

"It is so nice to see you like this," the man said, still not removing his hand. "After all the pain," On the word 'pain' he twisted his fist causing the other to yell. "And suffering you have put me through I finally can enact my revenge." His hand was finally removed and his once pure white gloves were drenched in red. The person on the bed tried to say something and apparently the captain understood because he replied, "No no no. Killing you wouldn't be as enjoyable as this is…plus you are my new toy, aren't you? I would hate to have to get a new toy so soon after getting you." He raised his bloody hand to the other's hair and ran it through, dying it red. "And my new toy doesn't want to leave me either. My new toy gives me pleasure and occasionally I give my toy pleasure…when it earns it…So why would you want me to kill you?" He pulled his pants off, Matthew hiding his eyes quickly, before leaning down to whisper in the person's ear, "Besides, if you died what would I do with your little boy?"

Matthew kept his eyes closed but whatever the captain did next tore another heartbreaking scream from the person he realized was his Papa.

AN: So yeah...more France abuse...and quite a bit of it...

Not only that but it seems the servants of the house do not like Mattie and want to get rid of him and Alfred. Oh no!