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She exhaled deeply and ran a tired hand through her hair. Somewhat damp from having to wear the chicken head costume for 60 long minutes, Kyoko wiped a clean towel over her forehead and gulped down a good sip of water from her plastic bottle before she stripped the rest of the hot outfit. Tonight's show was once again a great success. More people were tuning in to the reality show by the day, especially now that she had been given a bit more leeway with how she wanted to portray her character.

In fact, most fans liked the strange antics of Bo, even at times when Kyoko hadn't planned to act that way at all. She always managed to trip over someone or knock something over on stage, but most people assumed it was a part of the act. And thankfully, it always worked out that way.

The director of the show, however, was less than pleased. After Kyoko's first disaster of a debut as Bo, he could never find it in his heart to forgive her. She tried her very best to get into his good spirits, but after countless attempts and a string of failures, Kyoko figured as long as she didn't infuriate him, then things will be just fine the way they were.

"Good job today, Kyoko," a crewman said, balancing a large microphone stand over his shoulder as he stood by her dressing room door. "That little dance at the end tonight was priceless. You were really funny."

Kyoko laughed nervously. "Yeah, had that planned out and everything," she said with a strained smile. Once again, luck was on her side tonight and she prayed with all her might that it will forever remain so.

He smiled. "Well, I look forward to next week's show. Have a good night!"

"You too."

Kyoko waved in farewell until he walked past and then let her hand fall miserably to her side. This job was a lot more stressful than she ever thought it would be. She presumed acting like a mute chicken would be simple, but the large head, thick costume, and massive chicken-feet shoes were all carefully designed instruments that somehow led to her doom in just about every airing. It sure was a hell of a job.

She gave a wary shake of her head as she neatly put the costume away. But even though it wasn't the best job in the world, Kyoko had to admit she did have a sort of fondness to it. It was the one time where she could act freely, without worrying what the world thought of her. That in itself was very valuable, especially in the entertainment industry.

By the time she had freshened up and changed into her normal clothes, it was already pretty late into the night. Most people had left the TBM building by now so there really wasn't anyone there except for Kyoko as she made her way down the hall.

She checked her cell phone and saw that it was 8:45. She had to get back to LME by 9:30 in order to prepare for her next job.

Smiling, Kyoko replaced her phone back to its rightful place and slung her purse over her shoulder as her mind casually drifted. It had been a while since she had taken up the role as Cain Heel's little sister and she was quite eager to return. Kyoko would never admit it out loud, but she quite enjoyed being Setsu the rebel. Although her choices in clothing would not be Kyoko's first pick, her air of confidence and nonchalance made her a very empowering character.

Of course, Setsu would be nothing without her brother. And at that thought, a slight blush colored her cheeks as Kyoko wondered if he was driving to LME by now.

She hadn't seen him in the last couple of days and couldn't help but feel somewhat excited to see him again, especially now that they were working together. He always seemed to bring out her best acting ability. Whether it was because he was her teacher or his undeniable talent, Kyoko cherished every moment by his side.

Although she had never once thought of him as a brother, she had to admit that he made a very believable one. The joy she felt whenever he responded to her acting was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Cain, although dark and insensitive to others, was anything but with his sister Setsu. Normally, Kyoko wouldn't approve of such pampering, but when playing his little sister she couldn't help but relish in his over-bearing ways.

Not to mention, she herself had a tendency to spoil him as well. The odd sibling complex between the two was quite a sight to behold, but nevertheless, Kyoko gave it her all and gladly poured her heart and soul into the role.

She finally reached the end of the hallway and pushed the button for the elevator. Humming a wordless melody under her breath, she cheerfully tapped her foot upon the vinyl floor and waited until the quiet ding of the bell signaled the arrival of the machine.

Once she stepped inside, Kyoko pushed for the lobby floor and leaned back against the center wall. But just as the elevator reached the tenth floor, the double doors suddenly slid open again. Curious, Kyoko tilted her head to the side to see who would be boarding at this time of the hour.

Her jaw dropped open.

Both of their eyes couldn't have gotten any wider. The surprise on their faces said more than enough. He stood by the open doors in a pair of ripped, faded jeans and a simple black t-shirt, looking like the modern version of Satan himself. Kyoko could scarcely believe it. And before he could even utter a sound, she finally awoke from her stunned stupor and shouted:


He blinked in frustration and scowled. "What? You're the only one who can set foot into TBM?"

Kyoko glared menacingly. "Catch the next one. This one is full."

"Fuck that," Sho replied as he stepped inside. "I want to go home too, you know."

Furious, she flew at him with tightly clenched fists and yelled with every thump upon his large head, "GET-OUT-YOU-STUPID-IDIOT!"

"What the hell?" he hollered, dropping the heavy guitar case in his hand and bringing his arms over his head as protection. "You're fucking insane!"

With great effort, he was able to get a hold of Kyoko's slender wrists as the two silver doors slid shut behind him. She painfully wrenched free of his grasp and pressed herself against the opposite wall, as far away from him as the room possibly allowed. "You! Stay over there! And don't talk to me!"

He scoffed. "Why the hell would I want to talk to you? You think I want to be in here?"

"Then why didn't you wait for the next one?" Kyoko snarled.

"Why didn't you?" he spat back.



Kyoko gripped the rail behind her until her knuckles turned ghostly white. Out of all people to take an elevator ride with, it had to be this stupid bastard. God must be punishing her. Seeing his disgustingly mustard-colored hair and narrowed blue eyes were more than enough to make her blood boil. Kyoko could take just about anything the world threw at her, but one second with this guy could easily send her over the edge.

Of course, it wasn't like Sho wanted to be here either. He didn't exactly enjoy Kyoko's company when she was in a rage like this. But considering everything that had happened between them, she will always act like this around him. In fact, she would probably never treat him like a civil human being again. Not like he cared. He had plenty of people who adored him. Sho didn't need her.

Angry now, he slammed his palm against the already-glowing button for the lobby. Sho then swiftly moved to the opposite wall away from her and glared at the frustrated actress over his guitar case that was now safely tucked underneath his chin.

Kyoko's eyes narrowed.

Sho glared back.

The tension dangerously crackled between the two. And with every second that passed, it only started to build and build until they were both suffocating. But Kyoko refused to be the first to look away. She would not concede defeat. Sho also stared her down like a hawk. He wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of making him sweat.

But unfortunately his weakness won out first. "Nice outfit," he finally smirked, unable to bear the uncomfortable silence any longer. "Is that how you normally dress for a job? No wonder you're just a second-rate actress."

"Look who's talking," Kyoko snapped. "Can't even buy a decent pair of jeans?"

"This is how cool people dress."

"Wow, never realized the hobo look is in. You're doing a fantastic job then."

He clenched his hand into a tight fist. "Shut the hell up."

"Make me."

"You sure about that?" he threatened, taking a step forward.

Kyoko growled. "I dare you to come over here and try," she replied, primed for attack.

Snorting at her tense stance, Sho leaned back against the wall again and said, "Forget it. I don't hit girls, no matter how flat-chested they are."

"Well there's something we both agree on," Kyoko answered with a sneer. "We don't hit girls."

"You know what, you—!"


They froze.

"What was that?" Kyoko whispered.

Sho looked up confusedly and shook his head. "I don't know."


Kyoko instantly straightened up and swiveled her head around. "Did we just stop moving?"

"I don't—"

"Oh my god, we're not moving."

"Hold on—"

"The elevator stopped. THE ELEVATOR STOPPED!"



Kyoko rushed towards the box of buttons and started to push for any floor. Any floor would work. It didn't even matter if it took her all the way underground. She didn't care as long as she got off. There was no way she could stay in here! SHE CAN'T STAY IN HERE!

"Kyoko, stop! You're going to—!"

"DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE GRAVITY OF THIS PROBLEM?" she shrieked over her shoulder. "We're not moving!"

"I get that!" he shouted back angrily. "But don't start pushing—!"


Kyoko and Sho whipped their head towards the ceiling. Barely breathing, the two stood in the very center of the room, back to back, and waited for whatever doom was going to come next. Were they going to plummet a hundred feet? Was the elevator going to combust? What the hell was going on?

Nothing could be heard. It was eerily silent, as if there was nothing around them. Not a soul.

Sho gulped nervously. "Kyoko?"


"I think we're—"