Chapter 14-Objectives Completed

It seemed almost like weeks, if not Months since Optimus began decoding the Iakon Database on the Nemesis with Soundwave not that far away, and had so far decoded only two Omega Key locations. To say that these encryptions were difficult to crack was like saying that Soundwave was the silent type and Optimus conveyed to Megatron that he suspected Alpha Trion being responsible for their current difficulty in breaking the high level encryptions in the first place. Megatron agreed since Soundwave himself was one of the best information and encryption breakers outside of Iakon and was a few steps behind the Prime in decoding.

As good as Optimus Prime (or Orion Pax) and Soundwave were, they were still quite a few levels below the Master Archivist himself, and it would take some time to decode the coordinates for all of the Omega Keys.

As for Jack, he had healed fully by that point, and went relic hunting with Knock Out with the two actually bonding a bit when it came to racing. How Knock Out actually liked street racing, the thrill of it, and took serious offense to anyone scratching his finish like that one human did in one race before he came to Jasper Nevada. Jack agreed that you don't mess with another man's or in Knock Out's case, bots' finish at any point during a race.

That was just mean.

"Well this is the second Omega Key we've acquired. Hopefully, Soundwave along with Optimus will have successfully unlocked the next one, and we can get Cybtertron back to what it looked like before the war," remarked Knock Out with slight impatience in his tone while he held the key in his hands while they walked through the abandoned human summer camp where the Ground Bridge first took them.

He wasn't fond of nature.

"You should be lucky we didn't go to the first one in Egypt. You never would have been able to get the sand out of your systems," replied Jack with Knock Out shivering when hearing about that.

"All that sand getting into...places! How can you humans even tolerate it?! And all the changes in temperature? Intense heat during the day and aft freezing cold during the night in that one place. I don't think I'll never fully understand this planet," said Knock Out with Jack shaking his head.

"Just be glad we didn't go to the arctic to find this," replied Jack with Knock Out once more shivering from the Decepticon Medic.

"True. I just wish I could examine that Star Saber we picked up not that long ago after one of the coordinates revealed it to us. Truly a sword made fit for a Prime. It sure is a beauty," added Knock Out with Jack nodding.

"I just wish Megatron could wield it. Though I imagine he will after he has been made a Prime," replied Jack with Knock Out nodding while the Ground Bridge opened up.

"He could, but its color doesn't really fit him. Perhaps Optimus can make one for him with the Forge that better suits his colors," countered Knock Out with Jack letting out a small chuckle.

"What is it with you and fashion?" questioned Jack with Knock Out shrugging.

"Call it what you will, I just know certain colors clash, and others meld together well," answered Knock Out with Jack sighing.

"Another successful retrieval I take it?" questioned Megatron after he saw the duo come onboard his ship via the Ground Bridge.

"Without a fuss Lord Megatron. Found it deserted near a lake area. Should we get ready to find Omega Key number three?" said Knock Out with Jack looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Did you just rhyme on purpose?" asked Jack with Knock Out ignoring him.

"The third Omega Key is being recovered by Dreadwing and a team of Insecticons in a forested area," answered Megatron with Jack nodding since he understood why they were needed.

"No doubt in case they need to dig for it," Jack filled in for Knock Out.

"Exactly. While they are away, Optimus has decided to decode what he assumes is the last, and possibly the most complicated encryption for the final Omega Key," answered Megatron with Jack nodding, but a frown was on his face, and it was clear the boy was now thinking of something no one had yet to realize yet.

"There is still an issue we haven't addressed yet regarding when the restoration of Cybertron is over," said Jack with the two Decepticons looking at him now and so was Optimus since any issue regarding Cybertron deserved his full attention.

"What issue Jack?" asked Optimus after he motioned for Soundwave to take over for him until he finished this conversation with the boy.

"The supply of energon you and every other Cybertronian will need once the planet is running again. That was one of the main reasons the war started right? Aside from what Sentential Veta Prime did to make things unequal among the masses?" said Jack with Megatron and Optimus looking at each other before they realized the boy was right.

"That is indeed a problem. With so many of our kind throughout the galaxy returning to our home planet, plus those that will be born from the Well of Allsparks, energon will be strained, even if what is mined here from this planet were taken from every source, and would cause a new problem to arise," said Optimus with Megatron growling in anger since this was indeed a problem they had miscalculated.

"This planet has some deposits of energon that are massive, but they are sadly in places where mining them is not possible, and would only cause problems if we tried," added Megatron with Jack nodding.

"What about the synthetic energon Ratchet was working on?" asked Jack while he wondered if it was possible to go down that route.

"Synthetic energon?" questioned Megatron with narrowed optics.

"Do you recall the Cybertronian Data Cylinder that held knowledge left by the ancients? It sent the formula on how to create synthetic energon right into Bulkhead's mind and compelled him to right out the formula while overriding his own memory banks. Over time, it would have erased his entire personality, and mind of everything he knew aside from the formula," answered Optimus with Megatron's optics widening.

"So that's why you wanted the data cylinder so badly. You wanted to save the Wrecker's mind from being consumed with this knowledge," replied Megatron with Optimus giving him a brief nod.

"While I wish to have a supply of energon that everyone could share, at the time when the incident occurred, I was not about to sacrifice one of my best for it, and be an empty shell afterwards. I can only assume you would feel the same way if Soundwave or Dreadwing had been in Bulkhead's situation," stated Optimus with Megatron nodding while glancing at Soundwave for a moment.

The Decepticon spymaster was invaluable to Megatron and worth far more to him then any formula for synthetic energon.

"It would also explain Ratchet's sudden power flux when he attacked me in the energon mine I was in when we fought for a brief moment," commented Megatron with Optimus nodding.

"At the time, the synthetic energon Ratchet used on himself without my approval was that of an incomplete formula, and had proven to be unstable when it brought out a side of him I have never seen before," stated Optimus with Jack nodding.

"It basically lowered his inhibitions and make him speak his mind on certain matters. It made him say what he kept bottled up inside his processors and do what he would normally refrain from doing...well normally," added Jack so Megatron could understand just what the stuff did.

"I see. That is a problem. The incomplete version is quite dangerous in bringing out such a side to any of our kind. However, if a perfected version of it existed...," commented Megatron with the others around him nodding.

"It could be the solution to the inevitable future problem we will have with the supply of energon our people will need once our planet is restored," Optimus filled in.

"Do you have any of it at your base Optimus?" asked Megatron with Optimus shaking his head no.

"I ordered Ratchet to put the project on hold and he has not made anymore of it since that incident," answered Optimus with Megatron nodding before Knock Out stepped in.

"Well its a good thing I have some of it in the lab," remarked Knock Out with the others looking at him.

"How?" asked Optimus curiously.

"I went back to the area in the cave where I fought him and what your Medic tried to destroy. I was able to recover a single drop of it and replicate what was there, but I have yet to test the stuff, much less learn what it was until now," answered Knock Out with a confident smirk on his face.

"We should begin working on a means to perfect the synthetic energon immediately! Who knows how long it will take to make a proper version of it when Cybertron is restored," commanded Megatron with Optimus agreeing since there was no telling how long it would be until such an unlimited source of energon was created.

"Ratchet should be brought in on this project Megatron. He understands the incomplete formula we have on hand and would wish to see it perfected," stated Optimus with the Decepticon Warlord agreeing since the two Medics working together could speed up the process.

"Me? Working with that grouch? I knew him before the war even started. He's not what you call...the sharing kind," commented Knock Out with Jack letting out a chuckle.

"And that way Ratchet gets upset when you break something he needs? It never gets old when Bulkhead damaged something useful," added Jack with a laugh.

"You will work with Ratchet on this matter Knock Out. The future of our kind may one day depend upon your shared success," stated Megatron with Knock Out nodding.

"Unfortunately, Ratchet will be hesitant to work onboard this vessel Megatron. Even if I give the order, he will be reluctant to obey, and may not work effectively to his maximum potential," replied Optimus while Megatron let out an annoyed sigh of frustration.

"I have an idea that might work," remarked Jack with everyone looking at him.

"What's the idea? I'm not going to hate it am I?" asked Knock Out with Jack shaking his head no.

"You can work in a neutral location. Work at a base of operations that is neither the Autobot base or this Decepticon Warship. Use one of the government facilities on the planet no one is using with Cybertronian tech from here that can be setup on the base. I'm sure Agent Fowler can arrange it if we pitch the idea the right way to him before he talks to his own superiors on the matter," answered Jack with Optimus thinking it over before nodding.

"Not bad Ripper. I'm sure such a location will help Ratchet focus on the task at hand and Knock Out will be able to have the necessary working space to work on the project," said Megatron with Optimus nodding since it would make the Autobot Medic feel relaxed in such a chosen base of operations.

"Also, I think we should bring Raf, and...Janus in on the project," added Jack while not wanting to call the man his Father.

He just couldn't call him that.

"Are you sure Jack?" asked Optimus seeing the slight tenseness in the boy.

"Raf's a genius, who can understand what Bee says when no other human can even begin to understand what's coming out of him, and my...and Janus isn't a slouch either in that area. He may have been in prison, but his mind hasn't rusted since then, and its not like the man can just run off. Where would Janus go anyway if he did? The man is still considered an escaped prisoner and fugitive. We can have him work on the project with the others and Fowler can convince his superiors it will be productive in helping him serve his time doing something constructive for a change," answered Jack with Optimus nodding in agreement.

"Great. I'll have to watch where I step," remarked Knock Out while getting a glare from Megatron.

"You have to do that regardless on this ship when it comes to Ripper. I suggest you do that with the two humans you will have as assistance with on the matter," said Megatron, as Knock Out quickly nodded with a nervous smile on his face, and decided to stay quiet for the moment.

"I will contact Agent Fowler to setup the necessary arrangements," said Optimus before heading to a nearby communication terminal.

"I thank you in advance for bringing this to our attention Ripper. It saved us from having to deal with a short lived Golden Age on Cybertron and sent us right back into another conflict," said Megatron with Jack nodding.

"Thank you Father," replied Jack in a humble voice.

"Lord Megatron, we have received word from Dreadwing. He says the third Omega Key has been retrieved," said a Vehicon with Megatron grinning.

"Excellent! Open up a Ground Bridge to let him and the Insecticons back onto the ship," ordered Megatron to Soundwave.

"And now there is one left," stated Jack while slightly wondering why the last one was the hardest to decode.

It must have been in a very secretive location.

"Ratchet has agreed with some reluctance to work with Knock Out on the project and Janus has agreed to assist as well. Our young human charge Rafael can not, as he is too young, and we cannot have his family know of his involvement with us," said Optimus, as he just finished talking to everyone at the base, and saw Jack sigh.

"Well...maybe Knock Out, Janus, or Ratchet can send him some test sample data when time permits," offered Jack with Optimus nodding since that idea did come up.

"Raf's thoughts exactly. The boy wants to see the synthetic energon perfected for use for all of us and will help when he can though his time doing so will be shortened on account of his Mother becoming suspicious of his afterschool activities," replied Optimus with Jack smiling.

"How is the decoding of the coordinates for the last Omega Key coming along Optimus?" asked Megatron with the Prime looking over at Soundwave working on it.

"Soundwave and I are working together on the decoding process Megatron, but this level of encryption for this Omega Key is the most complex of them all. I feel it will take our combined skills in this field to find the last Omega Key coordinates," answered Optimus with Megatron nodding.

"I won't keep you. Inform me when you have located it so we can plan on sending out a proper retrieval team," stated Megatron with the Prime nodding.

They were getting closer.

(Autobot Base Omega One)

"You can't be serious? Working with Knock Out on synthetic energon? Its bad enough we have to partner up to find the Omega Keys, but now we have to combined our efforts for this too?" questioned Smokescreen with Ratchet sighing for what felt like the billionth time at the new recruit's complaining.

"Smokescreen, as much as I dislike the idea of working with Knock Out, it is clear we need their help to perfect the synthetic energon, or the new age on Cybertron will be a short lived one. Even if we mined all the energon from this planet down to the last drop, it would only sustain the estimated masses we will no doubt have for a short time, and cause another war for the remaining amount that's left. Synthetic energon when perfected and safe to use will be key to solving that particular problem after Cybertron is restored," explained Ratchet for the billionth time.

"And working with the Decepticons on this project is the best way to achieve it? Don't you have any concerns that Knock Out will snuff your Spark out when the project has been successfully completed?" questioned Smokescreen with Ratchet pausing in his preparation for moving to the neutral base Agent Fowler setup for them.

"Of course I do. Anyone, who has lived as long as I have, and seen the war like I have will tell you that I trust the Decepticons as much as I trust Scraplets to not eat us. But with the prospect of peace and the need for energon to sustain it afterwards...I can't just ignore this opportunity to perfect the synthetic energon so no one has to suffer from the lack of it," answered Ratchet with Smokescreen looking at him in shock.

"Plus you get work with Cybertronian tech rather then the human kind this time around," commented Janus with Ratchet looking a bit sheepish.

"Well...there is that," replied Ratchet while trying to keep the look on his face hidden from the others.

"I knew it," replied Miko from her position in the human area with Ratchet grumbling something about annoying human femmes.

"Just keep us in the loop Ratchet. There is no telling what might happen," warned Arcee since she wasn't about to celebrate just yet.

"Will do," replied Ratchet before the Ground Bridge opened and sent him to the set of coordinates Agent Fowler provided.

"I wish my Jack were here. Then again, I don't want him to see me all bloated, and fat like some overweight Constructicon," mumbled Airachnid with her eyes looking at the Ground Bridge longingly.

"Your mood swings aren't going to be a problem while I'm here?" questioned Arcee with Airachnid letting out a small chuckle.

"Not right now at the moment. Though why you are still here is beyond me. This is the perfect opportunity for you," replied Airachnid with Arcee raising an eyebrow at her.

"What are you talking about?" questioned Arcee with Airachnid letting out a chuckle from her mouth.

"Isn't it obvious? You could request to be on the Nemesis to see Jack. Maybe even try seducing him like I did and using the various methods I used to...," answered Airachnid with the unfinished sentence hanging in the air for Arcee to understand what she was implying.

"What? Seduce Jack? Are you out of your fragging mind? You want me to do what you did and possibly...well be like you are now?" questioned Arcee with Airachnid's chuckle increasing.

"Please! You are hardly like me. Oh! You mean the state I'm in now. Sorry. I don't think my processor is functioning properly," answered Airachnid with the Autobot femme now unsure of how to talk to her.

"You know what I mean Airachnid. You want me to go the Decepticon Warship, to see Jack, to do what you did with him, and get pregnant with his Sparklings? Why? Why are you even suggesting it to me?" questioned Arcee with Airachnid sighing.

"Because Arcee, as much as I despise you with all of my Spark, I know Jack cares about you deeply, and you care about him just as deeply. It almost hurts me in a way knowing that I have to share him with you, but at the same time, it doesn't bother me, as I was the first of us to achieve something no one thought possible, and was his first among us to be with Jack to make it happen. I can live with the fact you will get to enjoy the spenders of such a thing knowing I was the first among us to have it," answered Airachnid with Arcee narrowing her optics at the Spider Bot.

"You act like this is a competition between us. That you've somehow won against me," remarked Arcee with Airachnid letting out a laugh.

"Haven't I? Since the beginning of our feud, it has always been a competition between us in game of who could hurt the other the most, and I have come out the winner with the most victories. I killed Tailgate, which hurt you, I hurt Jack when he was once a prisoner, and hurt you again in the process. I have laid with Jack, which hurt you, followed by the fact I carry his offspring, and we both know that hurt you the most due to your feelings for Jack that reside in your Spark. Of course, I am a gracious winner, and that is why I want this game to end on a high note for both of us. We both get what we want and the feud between us ends," answered Airachnid with Arcee looking at her in shock.

"You are insane. Its clear your mind has traveled down the perverse and illogical from the pregnancy," stated Arcee with Airachnid smirking at her.

"Perhaps it is. All the same, you can't deny that part of you wishes to have what I have right now, and experience what I did to make it happen. Don't lie Arcee. I can see it in your optics. The only thing holding you back is knowing he was with me first," replied Airachnid with Arcee frowning at her and looking away.

"Its not like that," countered Arcee with Airachnid still looking at her.

"Swear upon the Allspark that you are telling me the truth and I'll believe you Arcee," said Airachnid with Arcee's form going tense.

"I...I can't," said Arcee with Airachnid smirking at her.

"So you like Jack in that way too?! And want his kids like Airachnid?! Gross!" exclaimed Miko with Arcee groaning in frustration since she knew the girl would blab this to the others.

Keeping secrets were not the Asian girl's forte.

"Oh be quiet!" Arcee shot back at the girl before driving off while Smokescreen and Bulkhead just looked at each other.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear their disturbing conversation," said Smokescreen with the Wrecker nodding.

"Yeah. What you just said," replied Bulkhead before they went to get some energon.

(The Nemesis-Sometime Later)

"This can't be right," mumbled Optimus, as he finally decoded the last encryption for the Omega Keys, and turned to Soundwave with the Decepticon looking at the screen.

Though the Prime suspected the Decepticon spymaster would show his surprise if he had a face to begin with.

"You found the last Omega Key?" questioned Megatron with Optimus nodding.

"If what we have decoded is indeed correct, the last Omega Key we need is in fact inside of Smokescreen," answered Optimus with Megatron looking at his findings and was just as shocked as the Prime himself.

"How is this possible? Does your subordinate even know about this? Could he have been hiding it from us the entire time?" questioned Megatron with Optimus shaking his head no.

"I do not believe he would do that Megatron. Smokescreen is many things, but when it comes to the revival of our world, I have no doubts in my mind that he would have told me about the Omega Key. My guess is that it was put in his body sometime during his time at Iakon without his knowledge and most likely by Alpha Trion himself. It also helps explain why the encryption for this last Omega Key was so difficult to decode from the start," answered Optimus with Megatron nodding.

"How could it have gotten inside his body without him knowing? These Omega Keys aren't exactly small enough to hide and surgery of any kind would have put him in stasis for a time. He would have remembered a time when that happened," said Jack after jumping up onto one of Soundwave's hands.

"One of the relics we have recovered was the Phase Shifter. It is possible that Alpha Trion used it on Smokescreen during one of his routine stasis naps," answered Optimus with Megatron nodding in agreement.

"I don't suppose he'd willingly come up here with the Phase Shifter to extract it after a proper scan of his body?" questioned Jack with Optimus shaking his head.

"No. I will have to address him myself. If anyone else does, I believe Smokescreen will become agitated, and refuse any kind of investigation with his impulsive nature making him...violent," replied Optimus with Megatron nodding in agreement.

"I would be cautious of him Optimus. His tendency to act recklessly when around others or my troops brings Starscream's own past actions to the forefront of my mind," replied Megatron with Optimus nodding with a bit of reluctance.

"All the more reason for me to speak to him alone Megatron. If anyone here aside from myself were to talk to Smokescreen, it would only bring about hesitation, and mistrust from him in the end," stated Optimus with Jack sighing.

"No argument from me Optimus. He didn't exactly warm up to my presence when I told him my rank when among the Decepticons. The rookie is trigger happy. Damn near got ready to blast me into a hundred different pieces," added Jack with Optimus nodding in agreement before he moved to a nearby communication terminal to contact the Autobot Elite Guard trained warrior.

(With Smokescreen)

The Autobot Elite Guard trained warrior was currently driving at high speeds through the Nevada desert, loving the freedom of the open road, the ability to drive fast, no restraint, and no restrictions when like this. Sure the human police force would pop up, try to chase him for going over the speed limit, but they never did catch up to his form, and he could only let out a chuckle at how they couldn't keep up no matter how hard they tried.

"Optimus to Smokescreen, come in Smokescreen," came Optimus's voice with the Elite Guard Autobot stopping after putting the petal down on the break.

"Optimus, what's up?! Did you find all the keys? Or did the Cons break the agreement?" asked Smokescreen while hearing Optimus letting out something that sounded almost like a sigh of frustration.

"No Smokescreen. Megatron and the Decepticons have not broken the agreement. I need you to come in immediately. We have decoded the last encryption for the Omega Keys and require you here on the Nemesis with the Phase Shifter," replied Optimus while Smokescreen would have looked shocked if he wasn't in his vehicle mode.

"What? Are you sure? How do I know this isn't Soundwave playing a trick on me?" asked Smokescreen while sensing Optimus was getting a bit impatient with the stubborn rookie.

"I am sure Smokescreen. The last encryption was written by Alpha Trion himself and it revealed that the last Omega Key is in fact...inside of you," replied Optimus with the rookie transforming in the middle of the empty desert freeway and pacing around with a finger on his Comm. system.

"What? How is that possible? I think I would notice if Alpha Trion or anyone else put an Omega Key inside my body Optimus," countered Smokescreen since he found this hard to believe.

"Which is why we need the Phase Shifter, as it is the only way Alpha Trion could have put it in you without anyone knowing until the last entry was decoded. Head back to base and retrieve it so we can find out if the information in the Iakon Database is indeed accurate. This is not a request Smokescreen. Its an order," commanded Optimus with Smokescreen looking distraught.

"You want me to come up there to the Decepticon Warship? Are you sure that is even wise Optimus?" asked Smokescreen with the sound of Optimus sighing in frustration being clear as day.

It was clear the Prime's patience was getting thin.

"This is not up for debate Smokescreen. It is important that you follow my command on this. We are on the brink of reviving Cybertron and according to the information we have just obtained the last Omega Key was secretly placed within you," answered Optimus with Smokescreen still a bit unsure.

"Okay. I'll head back to base and get the Phase Shifter. I'll let you know when I do and send a Ground Bridge to my coordinates when I'm ready," stated Smokescreen since he didn't want to give the location of the Autobot base to the Decepticons since the issue of trusting them was sketchy.

"Understood. Optimus Prime out," replied Optimus before he cut communication off with the rookie.

(The Nemesis-Med Lab)

"I'm not so sure about this Optimus. I Holding one of the Omega Keys? It seems a bit...out there!" said Smokescreen, as he sat on the examination table, and was with Optimus currently putting the Phase Shifter on his right arm.

"Stranger things have happened Smokescreen," replied Optimus Prime, as he put his hand into the Autobot's body, and moved around until he felt something in the rookie before he pulled out the final Omega Key.

"Whoa! I don't know whether to feel happy or scared that I was...what's the word to use? Violated?" asked Smokescreen seeing the last Omega Key in the Prime's hand.

"Perhaps, but Alpha Trion had faith that his plan to keep the Omega Key safe inside of your body would help us in the long run, and his faith was not misplaced," answered Optimus while walking over to where the other Omega Keys were gathered.

" do we make them work?" asked Smokescreen while Megatron and Soundwave entered the room to see the last key in the Prime's hands.

"The Omega Keys must be used to open what is called the Omega Lock, which is located on Cybertron. According to the message left by Alpha Trion in the Star Saber, the Omega Lock is tied directly to the Allspark itself, and its ancient power can somehow restore Cybertron to what it was before the war," explained Optimus before turning to face both Megatron and Soundwave while Smokescreen seemed to become tense around the two Decepticons.

"Unfortunately, it appears Alpha Trion failed to mention how to use the Omega Keys in finding the Omega Lock, and no doubt did that to ensure it never fell into Decepticon hands," stated Megatron with Optimus nodding.

"Alpha Trion did not anticipate we would unite together for the common goal or how they things played out as they did since Unicron's defeat by our combined efforts against him," replied Optimus with Megatron nodding in agreement.

"Now that we have all the Omega Keys out in the open, we need to find a way to locate the Omega Lock, and restore Cybertron to its former glory," said Megatron while he took hold of one Omega Key on the table and began to thinking what needed to be done.

"Its a shame that we can't make some kind of device to find the Omega Lock using the Forge of Solus Prime," commented Smokescreen with Optimus shaking his head.

"Such a device requires a sample of the Omega Lock's dormant energy signature. One we do not have. We must somehow use the Omega Keys in our possession in a way that will reveal to us the exact location of the Omega Lock," stated Optimus with Smokescreen scratching the top of his head in frustration.

"Shame we can't use the Forge to make some backup keys. What if we experiment with them and they break?" questioned Smokescreen with the Prime once more shaking his head.

"The skill needed to make new Omega Keys is a level of mastery I do not possess at this time. As such, I would rather use the Forge to make certain things we can use, or fix what have been broken. Smokescreen, I will leave the solving of this puzzle to you, and Jack after he is informed of this," answered Optimus before walking over to the Forge of Solus Prime.

"You're not going to help us solve this mystery?" asked Smokescreen while Optimus took a simple component from the nearby shelf and put it on a nearby table.

"No. I need to use the Forge of Solus Prime to help my Scout reclaim his ability to speak like the rest of us," answered Optimus with Megatron smirking at him.

"You always do think of others Optimus. No doubt the Scout will be happy to have his ability to properly speak returned to him," said Megatron while watching Optimus work with the Forge and the power being used to create Bumblebee's new voice box.

(Sometime Later)

Arcee found herself on the Nemesis, per her request to Optimus, and was surprised to get it after Megatron agreed since she had explained her reason was to see Jack. For some reason, the Autobot femme felt her internal temperature increase when she explained herself, and it spiked even higher in the red while walking through the Warship to find him. She didn't even know WHY she felt compelled to come here and see Jack in the first place. Maybe it was Airachnid's words. Maybe it was some whispery voice in the back of her processor telling the Autobot femme to do something. She didn't know. What Arcee DID know, is that she was here, on this ship, and looking for Jack to talk to him about the future.

Her future.

Their future.

What the future held for them and to a certain extent...for Airachnid.

'I must be going out of my mind. Coming here to this ship, to see Jack, to talk about that, much less hoping he would even consider being in a relationship to do that, and handle the fragged up way our lives had turned. To even consider patching things up with my most hated of enemies, sharing the one person in our lives that treats us both like we are special, and puts up with all our seemingly intolerable glitches,' thought Arcee, as she walked through the ship, and ended up finding Jack in the Med Lab where he along with Smokescreen were looking at the Omega Keys.

Well Jack was looking while Smokescreen was slamming one against the table.

"You really are a moron. You know that right?" said Jack while he sat cross-legged on the table and Smokescreen glared at him.

"Well the keys aren't exactly showing us what to do and there is no instruction manual for them," countered Smokescreen while Jack raised an eyebrow at him.

"And smashing one of the Omega Keys against the table until it become bent or broken is a better alternative? Seriously? Did the Elite Guard forget to teach you to use your head and think? Or did you flunk that course?" questioned Jack with Smokescreen now looking to smack him with the key in his hand.

"Say that again. I dare you!" challenged Smokescreen with Jack smirking.

"Did you flunk the course on how to use your brain?" said Jack with Smokescreen, on impulse raised his hand holding the Omega Key, and was about to hit the teenager with it before Arcee stepped in with her own hand stopping the violent act.

"That's enough from both of you," commanded Arcee though she sent Smokescreen a harsh glare since the idiot was smashing one of the Omega Keys against a table and then planned to use it against Jack.

"He started it," complained Smokescreen before he was disarmed of the Omega Key and it was put down on the table.

"Yeah well I'm ending it. Go do something else while Jack and I take care of this," said Arcee with Smokescreen looking between the two.

"You can't! Optimus put me on this job," protested Smokescreen with Arcee rolling her optics.

"Yeah well I doubt Optimus will keep you on if he learns you're smashing one of the Omega Keys like a club on the table and then tried to use it against Jack," countered Arcee with Smokescreen looking at Jack and then back at her.

"He still started it," remarked Smokescreen in a childish fashion.

"And I'm ending it. Out! Now!" commanded Arcee while pointing to the door with Smokescreen reluctantly leaving the room.

"I knew you loved me," remarked Jack before seeing Arcee glare at him.

"Zip it! I'm here to actually help get things done. Why did you even let him do that to the Omega Key in the first place?" questioned Arcee with Jack giving her a "seriously?!" look.

"Aside from getting into a fight that would have done more harm then good...what could I do exactly?" countered Jack with Arcee thinking about it for a few seconds.

"Good point. Actually, THE reason I'm here is to talk to you...about us," replied Arcee with Jack looking at her with a raised eyebrow.

"About us?" asked Jack while Arcee nodded and he could tell she was nervous.

"Jack you are my friend and my partner. I was...I am proud to call you that, but...would it be possible for our relationship to go beyond that of friendship?" questioned Arcee with Jack looking at her with a bit of surprise that she would ask him that.

"Beyond friendship?" asked Jack with Arcee looking away for a moment.

"Yes. The kind you had or have with...with Airachnid," answered Arcee and was hated to say the same of the Spider Bot even now.

"Ah! I see. THAT kind of relationship. With the end results too, right?" replied Jack with a smirk on his face and it showed a hint of mischievousness while Arcee looked away with embarrassment.

"You're not going to make this easy on me, are you?" questioned Arcee with Jack letting out a chuckle.

"When do I ever make things easy for you? It takes all the fun out of my life Arcee. You know that!" answered Jack with Arcee sighing and decided to focus on the Omega Keys for a moment.

"We'll talk about this later. Now that we have to figure out how to use these keys to find the lock that will restore Cybertron," said Arcee with Jack smirking at her for a moment before turning to the puzzle in front of them.

"Shame you can't merge them together to make one big super key with a computer system. Maybe then it would tell us something," commented Jack with Arcee looking at him for a moment before taking two of the keys and smashing them together.

Cause them to fit perfectly.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Arcee with Jack smiling up at her.

"Oh yeah!" exclaimed Jack before picking up one of the keys, which wasn't easy on his end, and threw it to Arcee before she put it with the other two.

Within moments, all the Omega Keys were all connected together, and revealed a holo-projection of Cybertron with the location of the Omega Lock. Within moments, Jack called Megatron, and Optimus to the Med Lab where they showed what happened when putting all the Omega Keys together to show where they needed to go.

"Well done Ripper. You too Arcee. With the location of the Omega Lock now located, we can use the Space Bridge to travel to Cybertron, and use the Omega Keys to bring it back to life," said Megatron with Jack nodding.

"Where is it located exactly? I was only on Cybertron for a short time when I was first there," said Jack while looking at that section of Cybertron where the Omega Lock was located.

"Its location is around the Sea of Rust. A desolate place on Cybertron where the chances of a Cybertronian rusting was rather high. Not unlike Earth's desert wastelands where the intense heat would slowly destroy all non native organic life," answered Optimus with Jack nodding.

"Shame I can't go with you guys. I'm not exactly dressed for the occasion for heading back in a return visit to Cybertron," replied Jack with Optimus and Megatron frowning.

"I will ask Agent Fowler to procure another space suit or some means of protection for the trip Jack. You have helped us all come together for this momentous occasion. It is only fair you share in seeing Cybertron's restoration happen," said Optimus with Jack smiling at him.

"Don't forget Miko and Raf. We both know the former is going to raise all kinds of Hell worthy of a Wrecker if she doesn't go this time," said Jack with a chuckle soon following.

"She will too," added Arcee with Megatron raising an eyebrow at her before looking at Jack with the boy nodding that he wasn't bluffing.

"Optimus can setup the arrangements. For now Ripper, you can go relax with Arcee, or go see Airachnid. Maybe both," said Megatron with Jack nodding before he jumped onto Arcee's open hand.

"This way Arcee. I'll show you my personal quarters," stated Jack with Arcee smirking at him.

"Suddenly feeling bold Jack?" questioned Arcee while they headed in that direction.

"You have no idea how bold," answered Jack with the doors to the room the others were in shutting behind them.

"Their partnership is weird," was all Smokescreen could say at this point with neither Optimus or Megatron saying anything.

As for Soundwave, while the spymaster knew everything that happened onboard this Warship, he was going to make sure what Jack, and Arcee did privately was NOT known to him.

Or recorded for that matter.

There was just some things one should do with such abilities.

(Cybertron-Sometime Later)

"Wow! Its so...well you know," remarked Miko in her own suit, which she had painted different colors to fit her personality, and gave Agent Fowler a headache in the process.

"That's all about to change Miko. Just don't say anything that will upset everyone with us. Cybertron's current state is a bitter reminder of what was done here for well over a thousand years," said Jack currently beside the Asian girl, who looked a bit sheepish, but he knew that she understood, and would follow through with the order.

"I'm just glad we got to see the restoration of Cybertron," said Raf, who was excited to see this monumental occasion that would never be seen by any other human aside from his closest friends.

"No argument here little man. No argument here," replied Jack with a smirk before the combined force of Autobot and Decepticon arrived at the Omega Lock with the Omega Keys in hand.

Two in Megatron's hands and two were in Optimus's own.

"I've dreamed of this moment in my deepest of stasis naps. Seeing Cybertron once more become the splendor of the Galaxy that it once was during the golden age. Now I will see it become a reality," whispered Dreadwing while seeing Megatron and Optimus put the Omega Keys into position.

"Yeah. I've felt the same way. Its almost funny when you think about it. One moment, we're at each other's throats trying to kill each other, and the next...," said Wheeljack, as he couldn't believe this was happening, and it was clear Dreadwing couldn't either.

"Everyone is working together," finished Jack with Wheeljack and Dreadwing nodding in agreement.

"Hard to imagine this would happen, right Arcee?" asked Airachnid being held by several Insecticons supporting her body with Arcee standing right beside her.

"You can say that again," commented Arcee while looking over where Jack was and smiled slightly while the young warrior smirked in her direction from his own suit.

"So when should Jack and I expect to see you looking fatter then a Constructicon?" asked Airachnid with Arcee shooting her a look.

"That's none of your business," replied Arcee tightly with Airachnid smirking.

"I knew you would take my advice Arcee. I always could read you like a simple line of code," remarked Airachnid with Arcee letting out a growl, but kept her anger in check, and looked at Optimus putting in the last Omega Key.

"At long last Optimus, our home planet will be restored, and in time...all the energon our people will ever need," stated Megatron with Optimus nodding.

"Indeed Megatron. And in the process, you will become a Prime, and together we will bring about new golden age for Cybertron," stated Optimus with Megatron watching the power of the Omega Lock begin restoring Cybertron to its pristine state before the war.

"Its actually working," said Dreadwing in awe of what his optics were seeing.

"Soundwave, make sure you're recording all of this for Ratchet, and Knock Out to see since they are still on Earth working on the synthetic energon. I don't want them to be deprived of seeing this in action," said Jack with Soundwave nodding and doing just that since this would be a day long remembered in Cybertron's history.

It was something to be shared by all.

(Epilogue-3 Years Later)

The tall buildings of Cybertron shined brightly from the light given by the star that gave them a clear blue sky, as the Tower of Iakon shinned the brightest of them all. The slick white Cybertronian tower had several windows on various floors to look over the grand site of the area, as far as Cybertronian optics could see, and at the very top floor of the Iakon tower stood none other then...Megatronus Prime. The former Warlord of all the Decepticons had done all that was asked of him and had at last earned the right to be a Prime. He looked over his home world, as his fellow Cybertronians walked through the streets on the various levels of the planet, and all that had happened since Cybertrons restoration.

A transmission was sent out throughout the known galaxy and all others that only those of Cybertronian tech could pickup telling all the masses that scattered of the planet's return to glory. Of the peace made between Autobots and Decepticons with the war being officially over with no further need for fighting. Within the first year of the transmission sent, hundreds of Cybertronians from both sides flocked back to Cybertron, the recording that was provided by Soundwave of the Omega Lock bringing the planet back to life sent in the transmission helped convince them it wasn't a trick, and with Optimus standing side by side with Megatron while it happened further proved the war was indeed over.

As for the synthetic energon, it had taken roughly that same amount of time nonstop with nearly countless tests, and careful study before the green liquid was perfected for safe use for all Cybertronians without the side effects Ratchet suffered when given to him during that one time. Even then, both Medics agreed it could still use some fine tuning since they had yet to fully perfect it to the way the synthetic energon was intended, and probably still wouldn't perfect it for many years.

At least the synthetic energon was safe to use and the fear of an energon shortage was averted in part thanks to Jack bringing the issue up prior to using the Omega Keys to activate the Omega Lock. Megatronus had seen the energon stockpiled on his Warship and what was mined from Earth being depleted at a fast rate that would have spelled doom for the now golden age of Cybertron was now having if the synthetic energon wasn't looked into for study.

As for Jack, he was back on Earth, raising his Sparklings he had with Airachnid, and Arcee there while occasionally coming to Cybertron to visit. From what Megatronus had heard, Jack's femme sire was shocked that he was now not only the Father to Airachnid's offspring, but Arcee's offspring as well, and had collapse in shock at the incredible news. Megatronus didn't know why the human femme had that reaction, but then again it was probably due to the shock of her being an actual "Grandmother" as human's called it when a femme's child was old enough to have a child of their own, and yet the title itself had a certain...prestige to it. It also made him a Grandfather too, as Jack still called him Father despite Janus being somewhat in the picture again, and Megatronus wondered if the boy would ever truly forgive his biological sire for the past deeds done against him.

Could Jack truly forgive Megatronus himself for doing what he did to him? The torture? The cybernetic enhancements that were surgically implanted? The reprogramming of the boy's mind? The missions that killed humans? That nearly killed several of the Autobots when in battle?

Deep in his Spark, the former Decepticon Warlord turned Prime believed Jack did forgive him, and the belief was further enforced when the boy visited with a smile on his face. Jack was not one to lie to him or hide personal feelings when they talked to each other during the last three years since Cybertron's return to greatness. The boy had sought out both Optimus's and Megatronus's guidance equally on matters of the heart while giving them the same level of respect in return. As for Jack himself, the now young man had long since regained much of his dark colored hair, though he kept it short, the kind you would find with the military unit among the human's Marines, and Megatronus was told they were considered the elite fighting unit. They trained hard, fought hard, and believed in loyalty to each other that one could easily respect. In fact, Jack had joined the Marines when he was old enough, though his femme sire was against it at first, but her son had explained he couldn't spend his life in Jasper anymore, and that the "greater workings of the world, and beyond were calling to him" with Agent Fowler being there to throw in his support too.

He can't exactly stay in Jasper as it is with his appearance June. Your son kind of sticks out like a lit Roman Candle in a dark cave with his enhancements. The military brass I report to are already aware of his condition and they want to recruit him to the fold for capturing some of the remaining M.E.C.H. agents scattered throughout the world. Silas and the majority of his group were caught, but there are a few digging deep while making plans of their own in the next few years. Like it or not June...the boy will be needed and soon. The Autobots and Decepticons will be too busy doing their own thing in bringing back Cybertron's populace back along with working on the synthetic energon to help us with this matter.

June knew Agent Fowler had a point and finally relented though she knew that a proper cover story for those that knew Jack had to be created to ensure no one knew what had become of him. Since Jack had first been taken to the Nemesis, June had informed the school of her son "studying aboard", and wouldn't be attending school there until further notice with Agent Fowler having played the necessary role to backup her lie that did become partially true later on.

And sure enough, Jack had answered the call to fight against the various evil's his world had produced with the scattered M.E.C.H. agents setting up their own organizations to continue Silas's work. Jack officially joined the military within a year since Cybertron was brought back to life while unofficially hunting down the enemy and following their movements when it was required.

By after two years and three Months of scouring the globe for them, Jack was successful in completely ending the M.E.C.H. organization, and what organizations branched from it. The tech confiscated was studied thoroughly and was used to help mankind rather then destroy it like such things would in the wrong hands. Janus had, after he was secretly pardoned of course, became Head of the new Science Division setup to use such advance technology to help heal the bodies of humans, and lengthen their life spans further. The technology was used to cure diseases, find tumors before they spread, and even get rid of certain cancers that popped up. June herself had been recruited to help with this, despite being overwhelmed at first, and recently went from nurse June Darby to Dr. June Darby.

The femme girl named Miko was currently with Bulkhead on Earth in the country of Japan in the city called Tokyo, as the girl was now old enough by human standards to drive, and made up a rather bizarre cover story to her parents on how she acquired the Wrecker in his vehicle form. Dreadwing and Wheeljack came along to see the sites of that part of the world since they had learned much about the culture there being truly unique. They both particularly liked the stories of ancient samurai warriors, wielding swords in battle, fighting for the honor, and glory of the Daimyo they served.

Though they never fully understood the whole monster movie thing with Godzilla and the giant lizard's constant returns to destroy stuff.

As for the once small boy that was once Rafael, the young hacker had eventually decided to share the secret of knowing alien robots with his parents, and Megatronus had to admit the boy's sires along with his siblings took things remarkably well. Aside from the sudden screams of fright, some fainting, and sudden humans cursing from the surprise of seeing several giant robot aliens transforming of course. The large family of the boy were even more shocked that Bumblebee was the boy's ride to school all this time and they never knew about it.

"I see you are enjoying the view of the outside once again Megatronus," said Optimus with the Prime walking over to him.

"Its difficult not to Optimus. I never would have imagined this possible if not for Jack's help," stated Megatronus with Optimus, not having his lower face plate cover on, looking at him with a genuine smile, and put a hand on the former Kaon Gladiator's shoulder.

"Agreed Megatronus. Our lives and the given outcome with Cybertron's own restoration would be very much different now if it were not for Jack Darby's actions in uniting us together for a common goal," replied Optimus with Megatron nodding in full agreement.

"I have made sure Cybertron's history regarding the moment our new golden age came to pass was made possible not just by you or me Optimus, but by Jack as well. He deserves nothing less," said Megatronus while Optimus smiled further and the two Primes looked at the vast area that was Cybertron below them.

Peace had been last!


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