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TCOT Unexpected Corpse The Epilogue

The blue-green water of the Pacific Ocean glistened like diamonds in the golden rays of the morning sun. The calm waves picked up momentum as they made their way toward the sand, their bright white peaks rising taller the closer they came to the shore. The sound of them rolling in and finally coming to break against the stone wall outside the room woke Della Street from a peaceful sleep. As she opened her eyes and looked at her surroundings a smile began to form at the corners of her mouth. Feeling strong arms around her and warm breath on her neck, her smile grew wider and she snuggled up close to Perry Mason, turning into him a bit and placing her head on his chest, content just to lie still, hearing the steady rhythm of his breathing. She stayed in that position for a while longer, then as quietly as she could, extricated herself from his arms and slid out of bed. Shrugging into her robe, she walked over to the French doors leading to the lanai. Softly opening them, she stepped outside and breathed deeply. Taking in the breathtaking sight around her, she said to herself, 'Well, Mr. Mason, once again you kept your promise and once again you've outdone yourself. When you said you were taking me to paradise, you weren't kidding. Mmmmm...Hawaii. It doesn't get any better than this.' Della covered her mouth to stifle a yawn then giggled slightly as her tummy rumbled. Walking back into the bedroom, she was happy that Perry was still asleep. She had plans for her wonderful lawyer and she needed a little more time. After making a quick call from the phone in the living room of their suite, she headed for the shower, a mischievous gleam in her eyes, a sly smile on her lips.

Even before he opened his eyes, Perry felt Della next to shower, a mischievous gleam in her eyes, a sly smile on her him, felt her warmth and softness. He breathed in her scent…the bubble bath she used, the talcum powder, the lotion, and finally the perfume. Della always used just the right amount of each to attain the desired effect…and it always worked. Perry didn't know exactly how she did it but he didn't care. He always loved whatever she used and was intoxicated by it… her. She was his elixir: her hair, her smile, and her eyes...oh God those eyes! They were the windows into her soul and with a smile and a look, he always knew what she was thinking, what she wanted, what she was feeling. Perry breathed in another scent as he felt something soft traveling from his forehead down to his chin. Opening his eyes, he smiled as he saw the delicate flower. It was one of the roses from the two dozen he'd had delivered the day before-the day they had arrived. He wanted to make sure they were the first thing Della saw when they entered their suite and had instructed the hotel manager very specifically where to place the vase.

His gaze finally came to rest on Della's beautiful face and his eyes locked with hers. She had climbed onto him and her face was mere inches away. "Good morning, handsome, how's my favorite attorney?"

Perry grinned and put his hand on Della's cheek. "Good morning to you too, baby. I'm just fine, especially after this." Perry reached up and put his hands around Della's waist, tugging her to hm. "I thought you'd sleep in this morning. After all, we are on vacation and this time it's for real. No mysteries, mayhem, murder or police. Just you and me, all alone in paradise."

"I know that Counselor, but it's so beautiful here and I don't want to waste one minute of this spectacular day. So I ordered breakfast and I thought that after we eat we could take in some of sights. Then maybe later this afternoon we could go down to the beach and just sit on that gorgeous white sand, swim in that inviting water and have a few of those drinks with the little umbrellas in them. How does that sound?"

"That, Miss Street, sounds like the best plan I've ever heard. Of course we'll do whatever your heart desires, you know that. But first…" Perry's eyes twinkled and he raised his eyebrows suggestively, pulling Della closer to him. He was already beginning a trail of gentle kisses down her face, lips caressing and adoring, while his hands removed the robe and reached underneath the silky nightgown that covered her soft, warm skin.

Della had a hard time speaking. "Per…Perry…Break….breakfast will get…get cold"

"I don't care. We can always order room service again or go out. Right now, I'm hungry for something else."

The gentle kisses began to intensify and Perry slid his hands under Della's back holding her just a bit tighter. He then moved his hands over her breasts, down to her waist and hips, his fingers brushing over them so lightly that Della shivered. When his hands reached her thighs, she moaned and Perry effortlessly moved her slightly so that she lay beneath him and had no doubt as to his intentions. His arms moved seductively up and down her body and he met her lips with his own, leaving sensuous kisses on her mouth. His kisses then moved up and down her body…tasting her...teasing her...tantalizing her. She trembled as he loved her, withering in his arms.

Holding Della, Perry felt his own intense feelings begin to overwhelm him. He began to perspire, his heart beat faster and his pulse raced. His thoughts at that moment were to only please her, to give her pleasure, to take great care with her, to let her know how much he loved her. Although he always made sure Della knew he loved her with words it wasn't enough. He wanted more – he needed more. He needed to show her how he felt by making love to her and in that love he would gently, tenderly, let her know how much she meant to him.

As their desire and need for each other intensified, Della's coherent thought process became foggy and she felt herself being drawn further into blissful oblivion. As much pleasure as Perry was giving her, the most important thing to her at this minute was to fulfill his needs….to show him how much she loved him, and how much his touch pleased her. Softly and sensuously she began to rub his chest in circles then worked her way up to his neck, his throat, and finally his lips, brushing them with the lightest of touches. She held his face in her hands, ran them through his thick dark hair and down to the back of his neck, stroking him with just the tips of her delicate fingers, all the while repeating the course her hands had taken with soft kisses. Suddenly, breathing heavily, Perry reached out and held Della's hands to him, kissing them softly. Pressing his lips to hers, he kissed her first gently, then deepening the kiss with a hunger and passion that left Della witless. Just before Della lost all coherent thought and gave herself completely and willingly to Perry's control, she heard him gasp, then call out her name. Perry led them to the brink, waited until he felt that neither one of them could last another minute, then brought them together in a vortex of spinning exploding light and sound, leaving them both spent but deliriously sated.


The soft tropical breeze traveled up from the ocean and over the sand, gently covering the crowd with its perfect warmth. The stars sparkled like tiny diamonds against a black pallet and the pearl orb of the moon spread its yellow glow lighting up the brilliantly clear night sky.

Against this natural beauty, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the 'Pink Palace,' stood tall and big, it's majestic beauty sitting on the sands of Waikiki beach with another grand entrance on scenic Kalakaua Avenue.

This evening the hotel was hosting a dinner outside on one of six lovely terraces. Tables were laden with both traditional and American fare and had been placed along the back of the lanai. Tikki torches graced the perimeters. A band in one corner, complete with a lovely singer, played rock and roll, swing and romantic music, encouraging the guests to dance.

Perry and Della, dressed casually in keeping with the night's theme, walked hand-in-hand toward the festive setting. Perry wore khaki slacks, a short sleeved navy polo, a brown alligator belt and brown loafers. Della, looking beautiful as ever, wore a flowing rose colored skirt and a three quarter length sleeve pale pink blouse patterned with tiny flecks of darker pink. Around her tiny waist was a white leather belt, and dainty flat pink sandals completed her ensemble. Her hair and make-up were perfect as always. Around her neck was a simple garnet necklace and matching stud earrings in her ears. The bracelet that Perry had bought her graced her wrist. Even though they were dressed casually, many a head turned as the handsome attorney and his stunning secretary appeared on the terrace.

After mingling with the crowd for a few minutes, they found a small table in a remote corner and sat down to sample the delicious food from heaping plates. Perry reached across the table and took Della's hand in his. Bringing it up to his lips, he kissed it gently. His voice was soft as his eyes met hers. "Will you dance with me?"

"Of course I will, Counselor. Della's smile was spectacular and her voice was silky and seductive.

Perry rose from his chair and circled the table to help Della out of hers. Putting his arm around her waist, he led her onto the wooden dance floor. Holding her close, he led her around the floor as she easily followed his lead, both mesmerized by the music as well as the sultry voice of the chanteuse. Anyone watching them would have sworn they had been dancing together forever, so graceful and perfect were they in their movements.

Without her heels, there was even more of a height difference between the couple so Perry had to bend over to whisper in Della's ear. Softly, he began to hum, then sang the words to the song that was being played.

Love me tender,
Love me sweet,
Never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
And I love you so.

Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfilled
For my darlin' I love you,
And I always will.

Love me tender,
Love me long,
Take me to your heart.
For it's there that I belong,
And we'll never part.

Love me tender,
Love me dear,
Tell me you are mine.
I'll be yours through all the years,
Till the end of time.

The couple remained on the dance floor for the next song, which was one of their favorite waltzes. Perry gently pulled Della a bit closer into his embrace, leaving soft kisses in her hair and on her forehead.

When the song ended, Perry nestled Della's chin in his hand then bent over to leave a sweet kiss on her mouth. "Let's walk down to the water, okay?"


"Sure. It's a warm night. I don't want to go swimming, darling. I just want to stand at the edge of the water. How about it, are you game?"

"All right, but is there any particular reason?"

There was a mischievous gleam in the lawyer's eyes as he took hold of Della's hand. His voice was softly coaxing. "Come with me, pretty girl."

The couple slipped off their shoes and walked down to the water, to stand in the sand and watch the waves roll in and then back out to sea.

Moments later they heard the voice of the singer come over the microphone. "This next song is a special request. It's for a beautiful woman from the man who loves only her… always and forever."

Perry gazed down at Della lovingly and said softly, "only you….always and forever."

There were tears in Della's eyes as she looked up at Perry. She started to speak but he tenderly hushed her by placing his finger on her lips, then pressing his mouth gently on hers. When they broke away his voice sounded suspiciously rough with emotion. He brushed a bit of windblown hair away from her face and said, "this song is just to let you know what you mean to me."

Della's voice was barely a whisper. "I will always love you too, sweetheart."

The song began and Perry took Della in his arms. She placed her arms around his waist and they swayed more than danced to the song.

When no one else
Can understand me
When everything
I do is wrong
You give me love
And consolation
You give me hope
To carry on
And you try to show
Your love for me
In everything you do
That's the wonder
The wonder of you
Oh wonder of you

And when you smile
The world is brighter
You touch my hand
And I'm a king
Your kiss to me
Is worth a fortune
Your love to me
Is everything
And you're always there
To lend a hand
In all I try to do
That's the wonder
The wonder of you

I guess I'll never know
The reason why
You love me as you do
That's the wonder
The wonder of you

As Perry held the woman he loved in his arms, he began to tenderly caress her face, neck and arms where the sleeves of her blouse stopped. His voice was low, almost reverent when he spoke. "You are the single most important thing in my life. You are my partner, my best friend, my lover. You are so beautiful and I thank God for you every single day you're with me. And every day I love you more."

Della looked up at this incredible man who she loved with her whole heart and soul. Her eyes held a promise of things to come and she spoke softly, her voice filled with love.

"Oh Perry, you're everything to me. I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I am the luckiest girl in the world." Her voice turned sultry and teasing. "But I think it's a bit chilly out here and since I didn't bring a sweater I need something…or someone to warm me up."

Perry said nothing as he led them to where they had left their shoes in the sand. Bending to retrieve them, then handing both pairs to Della, he picked her up in his arms and carried her back to their room. Their laughter could be heard in the echo of the sea as the waves rolled in and then back out again.