Back to School

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Summary: Hermione is back at Hogwarts to complete her education as an Eighth Year. But wait… is that Harry Potter?… as the new DADA Professor?! What's Harry to do when all he can dream/think about is giving Hermione detention and seeing her in her school uniform... or more specifically without her school uniform?

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. . . . . . . .HxH.


"Surprise and happy birthday!"

Hermione Granger couldn't believe it. Making her way into the Room of Requirement, she just could not believe the sight before her. In the eight years she had known Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley NEVER had they EVER planned something so spectacularly lavish for her birthday. Truthfully, she had assumed that they had forgotten it was her birthday once more and had resigned to be content with the care package she had received from her parents.

"Merlin, did you two plan all of this?!" Hermione asked excitedly. She quickly made her way to Harry and Ron and pulled them both into a tight hug. Just as quickly she pulled away and gave them both a playful swat on the arm. "You guys should've at least hinted! I would've dressed up a bit! I'm still in my school uniform." She said with a big smile.

"Yeah, well if we had given you even the slightest of hints; your clever mind would've already guessed what we had planned. Then it wouldn't have been much of a surprise." Ron replied with a pout while rubbing where Hermione had swatted him, pretending it had hurt.

"If you dressed up anymore we'd have a big problem." Harry grumbled under his breath. Hermione, who had been distracted by waves of red hair, as the rest of the Weasley family came to wish her a happy birthday, had not heard Harry. But Ron had.

"I think the only person who would've had a problem is you." Ron whispered with a smirk and a wink. Harry chose to ignore the comment and continued to watch Hermione as she made her way around the room, greeting all of her other guests. He watched as she would smile and thank each person with a hug.

As Harry looked over the room and saw all the happy faces, he couldn't believe it had been just over a year since he and his friends had started the Horcrux hunt and approximately five months since the defeat of Voldemort. Truthfully, Harry had never thought he'd live this long. Of course he had hoped and dreamt of a future, but a life beyond Voldemort had always seemed like an impossibility. However, seeing Hermione now, watching her in a relatively stress-free environment. This, he concluded, was what he had been fighting for. If not for anything else- for her and her future.

Even though it had only been five short months since the Last Battle, it felt like a lifetime had passed by. Between the reconstruction of the Hogwarts Castle, the rebuilding of the Ministry of Magic, and the capturing of the remaining Death Eaters, it had been a very eventful five months.

After the last battle, Hermione and Ron had become a couple. However, to onlookers little had changed in Hermione and Ron's relationship. Never really moving passed friendship- all that had changed was the occasional snog. Hermione and Ron called an unofficial break in their relationship and went back to being just friends by the end of their first month together. So it came as a surprise to everyone when a week into the month of June, Hermione came rushing into the Burrow with news of finding the "perfect" girl for Ron. It was at that moment when everyone found out that Hermione and Ron were no longer an item.

Harry and Ginny had never gotten back together after the whole Voldemort affair. After everything had settled down, they had met up once or twice before Ginny had been spotted on the arms of Anthony Goldstein. Only a select few knew the whole story, but it had turned out that while Harry had been on the hunt for the Horcruxes, Anthony had been the one to console Ginny.

Harry remembered the day that he and Ginny had met up for the first time alone. Ginny, who had been plagued with guilt, had spent a better part of a day crying in Harry's arms. Even though Ginny had never crossed the line beyond that of a platonic friendship with Anthony, she couldn't stop apologizing to Harry for falling in love with Anthony. She had been inconsolable during that time, so sure that she had ruined not only her relations with Harry, but with Anthony also.

Harry, who had been more relieved than upset, told Ginny she had nothing to apologize for. He then proceeded to tell her how he had changed during the hunt and had been more worried about breaking her heart than anything else. And though they hadn't discussed it at the time, he had a suspicion that Ginny had known somewhere in the back of her mind that his heart had always belonged to another.

It was with Harry's help (a well as Ron and Hermione's), that Ginny was finally able to confess her feelings to Anthony. Through a series of theatrics and fake tears, Harry was finally able to ensure that in the public eye it had been his fault that he and Ginny never got back together.

. . . . . . . .HxH.

"Happy birthday to you~

Happy birthday to you~

Happy birthday to Hermione~

Happy birthday to you~"

Harry's thoughts were brought back to the present by the raucous sounds of everyone singing to Hermione. He realized that her cake had been brought out and that the lights had been dimmed.

Harry could feel his heart begin to thump uncontrollably seeing Hermione lit up by the candles. She was so beautiful and he couldn't help but smile goofily at the sight. He had missed her so much in the past couple of weeks (since she had begun her seventh year at Hogwarts)- so much more than he'd like to admit to anyone, even himself. He couldn't believe how much he relied on her. Just her presence was enough to get him through the day. He wasn't really sure how he survived not seeing her for the two months she had been away in Australia.

Hermione had left for Australia on the 20th of June (just a few days after she had announced she had found Ron a girl). Harry had insisted on going with her, but she wouldn't allow him to come. She told him that though she appreciated the gesture, she wanted to spend some time alone with her parents. It was at that moment Harry realized he might not survive without her. It sounded ridiculous and dramatic now, but at the time, he couldn't help but worry. He had been afraid that she was going to leave him for good and that she might not come back to him. He could hardly be blamed for nearly jumping Hermione at Heathrow Airport when she had come back.

Though he had always thought that she was pretty, he had to admit that the trip to Australia had changed her in a way that made other boys notice her too (much to his chagrin). Harry suspected the Grangers, nay the Wilkins, had spent a good amount of time and money stuffing her back to shape. And though it would have been winter during her time there, the much needed sun had added color to her deathly pale complexion (which had been the result of hiding in a tent for the better part of a year).

. . . . . . . .HxH.

"Time for presents!" someone (most likely Ron) shouted over the chattering of the crowd. At the announcement, Ginny took a hold of Hermione's left hand and led her to the table toppled with presents.

"This can't all be for me…?" Hermione asked as her eyes widened at the immense amount of presents on the table.

"Of course it is." Ginny replied surprised by Hermione's surprise. "Well, I suppose we haven't been the most attentive bunch when it came to your birthday, but we wanted to make up for it…" Ginny's voice trailed off as her faced reddened with the telltale sign of being a Weasley.

"Oh!" Hermione exclaimed before she took Ginny into her arms and gave the red head a tight hug (resulting in a couple of appreciative whistles and cheers from the males in the crowd).

"Oi! Where's my hug?!" A male voice (most likely Finnegan) called out from the crowd. It had sounded lecherous in Harry's mind, and it had taken everything in him to stop himself from going over to where the voice had called out from and pummeling the owner of the voice.

"Shut it Finnegan." Another voice from the crowd called out. "Come on Hermione, open them up! Gran wanted to thank you for your help during the summer so there is a little something from her as well." The voice continued. Harry smiled as he surmised the owner of this voice to be Neville Longbottom.

Hermione could hardly hide her excitement as she began to open her presents. Though she wasn't too positive she'd get anything she really wanted, she appreciated the kind gestures nonetheless. She noted that about forty percent of the gifts were knick-knacks she wouldn't really need (perfumes, trinkets, and various sweets) and about another forty percent were books (some she already owned, some she would never read, and one that actually looked interesting).

Once she got to the presents from her more intimate friends, she was able to really appreciate the presents. Varying from clothes, school supplies, and more books- she was glad to see that these gifts were a bit more practical as well as more her style.

When Hermione opened the lid to the last present, she immediately replaced the cover so that no one would be able to see what was in the container. Her face colored in a pretty blush before her head turned to where the gift giver was standing.

"Ginevra Molly Weasley!" Hermione exclaimed as she glared at the red head. "I… I…" Hermione stuttered out. She couldn't believe it. She was speechless! Never in her life had she EVER had an inability to form words.

"Merlin! I can't believe it. I managed to render Hermione Jean Granger speechless with a couple of racy knickers." Ginny said aloud- immediately covering her mouth with her hands, realizing her blunder. She hadn't meant for everyone in the room to hear what she had gotten Hermione (as a gag gift of course).

"I… I…" Hermione continued. Hermione's blush darkened with the disclosure of the contents of the container. Hermione couldn't fathom what had been going through the youngest Weasley's head. Why would her friend buy her such… such… things, knowing full well Hermione's preference to practical articles of clothing?

Hermione's eyes traveled around the room and she would have snorted at everyone's facial expression, that is, if she hadn't been mortified by the thought that she was donning the same exact expression.

It wasn't like she was a total prude. Contrary to what most people thought, she wasn't some innocent and naïve girl who didn't understand the concept of sex or the act of hardcore fucking(even those kinds of books could be educational). No, she wasn't even all that embarrassed about the fact that everyone in the room now knew she owned new racy knickers, it was the fact that she had no use for such frivolous things. From what she could tell, they were sheer and did not look like it would cover much- if anything at all! Not to mention she had no one to show it off to. They were completely USELESS!

"You couldn't have just bought me books?! What am I going to do with those…those… things? It's not like I have a reason to wear such articles of…of... things." Hermione hissed at Ginny.

Ginny couldn't help but chuckle. She found Hermione's distress too cute. "You don't have to wear it now- think of it this way, now you're prepared for the future." Ginny replied in a whisper and wink. Subconsciously her eyes shifted to where Harry stood. Ginny couldn't help but smirk at Harry's expression. It looked like a part of him was about to explode from embarrassment (and arousal) and the other part looked like he was contemplating pummeling all the gits who were ogling Hermione.

A very small part of Ginny felt a muted sort of satisfaction watching Harry fret over Hermione. She was over him, she knew her feelings for Anthony surpassed what she had felt for Harry, but she couldn't help but feel a slight pettiness toward her ex. She felt a tingling in the pit of her stomach when she teased him in such a way. She knew the reason for her (well intentioned) cruelty was to hurry Harry along in confessing his feelings toward the brunette.

"GINEVRA MOLLY WEASLEY!" Ginny heard her mother shriek. She couldn't help but shrink into herself at the sound.

"Oh! And that's my cue to disappear." Ginny said before she quickly made her way into the crowd in order to escape her mother's wrath.

"Oh where is that…" the Weasley Matriarch griped. Her tone changed drastically once she came upon Hermione. "Oh Hermione, my dear girl. Happy Birthday," she said in her warm and motherly tone. Hermione now understood what Harry meant about the almost bipolarity of the matriarch. "I'm so sorry for my daughter's behavior. Now if you'll just point me to where she went, I'll make sure this does not happen again." Molly continued in a more clipped manner as she mentioned her own daughter.

"No harm done Mrs. Weasley. But… she went over that way." Hermione said with a smile and she pointed to where Ginny's bright red hair could be seen amongst the throng of people she was attempting to hide in.

. . . . . . . .HxH.

Harry couldn't believe it. Why would… Ginny… racy… knickers… Hermione. Harry couldn't help but blush at the thought of Hermione in… No, I can't do this to myself…ESPECIALLY not here… in public… but oh~ Hermione… knickers…

"Ehem… Mr. Potter…. Mr. Potter…. Harry Potter!"

Harry's thoughts were jolted away from his mind's eye, of Hermione in knickers, by the stern call of his name. Harry's eyes focused to the person standing in front of him. "Er… Hello Professor McGonagall." Harry said slowly whilst also berating himself for letting his fantasies get carried away.

"Good Evening Mr. Potter." McGonagall replied in a stern but friendly way.

"Er… thanks for letting us use the Room of Requirement for Hermione's birthday. We really appreciate it." Harry said awkwardly. It wasn't that he felt uncomfortable with his ex-Head of House, it was the way in which her tight-lipped smirk seemed to express that she knew what he had been thinking about before she approached and (rudely) interrupted him.

"Not at all Mr. Potter. Miss Granger is a delight and I was happy to oblige when you had owled me about this celebration," the Professor said with a warm smile. But in an instant her smile was gone and was replaced with a thin-lip, stern expression. "Though I would like to spend more time getting reacquainted with you, I wanted to discuss something of importance with you."

Harry couldn't help but feel distressed due to the seriousness of McGonagall's tone. "Er… okay."

"I do not know whether you are aware, but our current Defense Against the Dark Arts professor has just announced her pregnancy. Now normally, we would spend the remaining months that she will be with us looking for a qualified professor. However, we had been barely successful with filling the position the first time around, with all the Aurors busy with the aftermath of the last battle as well as fear of the position itself, that it will be impossible to find a professor this late into the school year," the professor explained.

"Er…okay." Harry said, not fully comprehending why McGonagall was talking about pregnant DADA professors.

"I was hoping you would consider the position." McGonagall said bluntly.

"Uhh.. What?!" Harry exclaimed. "I can't… I'm not… qualified to teach…" Harry continued with a strained voice.

"Well given your experience with teaching the subject three years ago, as well as what we all witnessed not five months ago, you are the perfect wizard to fill the role. I am told you have been staying at Grimmauld Place and have not made any conscience moves to further your career as an Auror. I hope that you would…"

Harry tried hard to pay attention to Professor McGonagall, especially due to the gravity of their discussion, but just five feet from where he stood he could see a young interloper trying to make a pass at Hermione.

"Thank you for the book Nigel. It looked interesting."

"No problem Hermione." Nigel Wolpert replied with a shy blush. "I had really hoped that you would like it and that you hadn't read it yet. I mean I always saw you reading a new book in the common room so I was taking a chance- hoping it wasn't something you've already…" His voice trailed off as he realized he was rambling.

"Oh, it's definitely something I haven't read yet. I have to admit, most of the other books I received tonight I have either read or would never read, but you seemed to have chosen a good book. I've been meaning to read more on the subject, but I was always caught up in one thing or another." Hermione said honestly.

It was a pity really. Harry had the vague idea that he had actually liked that Nigel kid. Ever since his support during the Triwizard Tournament and loyalty with Dumbledore's Army, Harry had thought he was good kid. Not so much anymore.

"Well, I hope we can discuss the subject further, when you have time of course." He added hastily. "I think you're brilliant and I would really like to…" Nigel's voice faded as Harry's focus returned to the person in front of him

"…and though it may be a bit unorthodox, I was hoping if you would consider the position, for at least this year."

"Yes Professor. I'll do it." Harry heard himself say even before he could process what he was saying. All he knew was he was red with anger and green with jealousy. Where does that kid get off calling Hermione brilliant. Of course she's bloody brilliant, she's Hermione. Discuss the subject… not bloody likely the way he keeps ogling her. If he so much as…

"What a relief. Now I will have one less thing to worry about." McGonagall said. "Please report to my office sometime next week to work out the details. Now if you'll excuse me, I must find the guest of honor and wish her a goodnight."

Harry's thought were once again interrupted by the professor as she excused herself. As he stood there all alone the full ramifications of his hasty decision making slowly began to wedge itself into his brain. What the hell was I thinking?! I can't teach… I'll just have to go find Professor McGonagall and… As Harry's eyes began to roam around the room in search of the professor, they landed on where Hermione stood surrounded by four unknown males all from different houses.

Best decision ever made! was all Harry could think before he made his way over to Hermione to save her from the rabid wolves all eyeing her like she was their next meal.

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