Title:  Harry Potter and The Mighty Queertet

Author:  Star and Victory Thru Tears

Series:  AU of Mighty Queertet.  Set after Breeze, but Sun doesn't happen we skip straight to the end of the summer holidays.

Date Started:  9th June 2002

Rating:  R, because we live for slash.


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Disclaimer:  Disney owns the Ducks, J. K. Rowling owns Harry Potter.  Vic owns Maya, Star owns Taz.

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Summary:  Ducks/Harry Potter Crossover.

Notes:  You might want to read Smoke, Snow and Breeze before this.  You don't have to, but it gives back story.  However, I'll sum it up very quickly.  Charlie and Adam were together (on and off since they were 13, they are now 15) but broke up because… well, no real concrete reasons, a lot of little things, Charlie spending more time with his best friend (Taz) than Adam mainly.  Fulton and Portman are together, (there was angst for them, Fulton's parents disowned him when they found out he was gay), and Taz and Maya are OC's, who date each other.

Part 1 ~ Adam's POV By Star

      "Adam, it's like a thousand degrees in the shade."  Maya points out tiredly.  "There is no way in hell we're going to go up into your attic.  It's going to be twice as hot up there."

      "No way in hell."  Taz repeats firmly from her spot beside Portman.  They don't like each other, but he provides enough shade for her to stand in.

      "School starts on Monday, isn't that a big enough form of torture?"  Charlie adds.

      "My Dad's paying us."  I reply.  "And he got rid of Daniel for most of the summer break, I owe him."

      They exchange looks, I know they're all desperate to say that they don't owe him anything, but we're the Queertet, we travel as a pack.  Which means they're stuck cleaning the attic with me.  I hide a grin.

      "Fine."  Fulton says.  "Let's go."

      "Let's go die a painful and airless death."  Taz mutters.  Portman cuffs her lightly around the head.  She looks like she wants to retaliate, but can't be bothered.

      We troop up several flights of stairs, encountering Daniel on the way.  He considers taunting me, but sees Fulton and Portman and rethinks his decision.  I don't know why everyone's so scared of them, they aren't thugs.  They couldn't even break my dorm room door down before school broke up.  Of course, it's handy to have them around to glare at people.

      Finally we reach the attic.  As Taz and Maya predicted, it's hot and airless.

      Taz sums it up nicely.  "I've died and gone to hell."  She looks around.  "I know this is hell because this place is big enough to have it's own zip code."

      "So what exactly are we doing?"  Charlie asks.  "Are we just tidying or are we getting rid of stuff?"  His tone is cold.  So much for all that love stuff he was spouting at the end of the school year.  It's been two months since then and still nothing.

      Then again, we've spent the entire summer break ironing out the crinkles in Fulton and Portman's relationship.  Luckily that worked out, I wouldn't say things are perfect for them, but they're as good as they can get without divine intervention.

      "Earth to Banksie!"  Portman snaps his fingers in front of my face.  "You're not going to pass out are you?"  He adds in a worried tone.

      "Sorry, I was spacing."  I reply.  "Um, let's see if we can get away with just tidying."  I don't want to be up here any more than they do.

      "Let's all tackle different areas."  Fulton suggests.  "It might be quicker that way."

      We all separate, except for Taz and Maya because Taz refuses to go anywhere by herself.  She's convinced she'll get lost.

      "You're rich, why don't you pay people to do this."  She mutters.

      "Taz!"  Maya hisses, giving me an apologetic look.

      Much as Taz annoys me at times, I understand.  She's deeply intimidated by wealth, Maya told me so herself, it makes her either act crazy (but it's too hot for her to do that) or make comments like that.  "Taz, my Dad is paying us.  We're cheaper and we don't have a union to complain to."

      She gives me a big grin and wanders off to the far corner with Maya.

      Fulton looks around.  "Couldn't you just convince your Dad to move house and leave all this stuff behind?"

      I grin.  "Believe me, I tried."

      He and Portman start moving boxes in to a tidy stack instead of the heap they were in before.  I find something to occupy my self with, other than Charlie that is.  I have to get over him, he's obviously over me.

      I hear a burst of static and the sound of a warped record being played.  I turn around and see that Taz has found an ancient gramophone.  She grins joyfully as the music begins and grabs Maya and begins waltzing with her.  I notice that they've also found some old clothes up here.  They're both wearing the dresses that were fashionable about a hundred years ago.  Lord only knows which relative of mine they belonged to.

      They start singing "Once Upon A Dream" and I realise that it's the music used in Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

      I turn to Portman, gesturing at the waltzing lesbians.  "Why does that look so familiar?"

      He and Fulton start laughing.  I decide I don't want to know.


      We all turn towards Charlie.

      "You arghed?"  Maya asks.

      "Something wrong, dear?"  Taz adds quickly.

      I swear, if they use that gag one more time I'll throw them down the stairs.  They've been saying that for months.

      "What the hell is in this trunk, Banks?  Rocks?"  He yells.  "I nearly broke myself in half trying to move it."

      Naturally it's my fault.  Of course.  "Why didn't you just ask for help?"  I snap back.  I didn't mean to, but he just gets on my nerves.  He's either icy cold or pissed at me.  There's no middle ground.

      "Maybe it's full of gold!"  Taz suggests quickly.  At first I think she's just having one of her mad fits, but then I realise that she's trying to lighten the mood.  "Budge over Charles!  I wanna see!"

      Ok, she's trying to lighten the mood by having one of her mad fits.

      "Bite me, Taryn.  There won't be gold in there."

      Taz looks a little thrown that he snapped at her but shrugs it off.  "Gold's heavy."  She replies, tugging Maya over to the trunk.

      The Bash Brothers share an amused smile, and hurry over.  I think Portman wants to see the disappointment on Taz's face when it turns out to be a mouldy old set of encyclopaedias or something.  I find myself wandering over too.

      "So what is in here?"  Charlie kicks the trunk angrily then rubs his toes, cursing in Irish.

      I take a closer look at the trunk then shrug.  "No idea.  We used to have a key for it but it vanished.  When I was a kid I was convinced it was shrinking."

      They all smirk at me.  "Hey, I was just a kid!"  I defend myself.  "Look how Taz is and she's fifteen."

      Taz looks at me, her bright purple eyes blazing.  "Cheers!"  She replies happily.  "So can we get this thing open?  I'm dying to know what's inside."

      "Probably just books, Purple."  Charlie ruffles her hair.

      "Maybe they're exciting books."  Maya says.

      "You do realise that the only reason we're all so interested in this trunk is because it's locked."  Portman points out.

      We all nod.

      "We're aware."  Fulton confirms.

      "Maybe we can lever it open or something."  I suggest.  Portman's right, the minute we knew we couldn't see what's inside we're all painfully curious.

      We all kneel around it, to peer at the lock.  Taz and Maya are touching the top of it, their fingers intertwined, Fulton and Portman are both prodding the lock, seeing how sturdy it is, Charlie has obviously decided that for the moment he's had enough of the trunk and is sitting on top of it and I'm running my fingers over it, wondering how the leather has stayed mould free when every other trunk up here is coated in white mouldy slime.

      That's when the weirdness happens.  It's like being on my pain pills, just before I black out.  I feel like I'm being pulled forwards in a very floaty way.  I don't feel like I'm on the ground at all.  I feel the others around me and wonder if I'm about to pass out.

      I've gotta stop taking those pills.