Part 6 ~ Fulton's POV

By Victory Thru Tears

      This isn't good. Slightly comforting, but still not good. Now after Taz's little outburst, the wizards look more scared than we do. We've got to find a way to keep her shut up. I'm thinking maybe binding her arms and legs and stuffing a sock in her mouth, and then tossing her into a closet. Hmmm. Maya might not go along with that. Then again, we could always toss Maya in with her.

      I think one of us should speak now, just to try and ease the tension. I look around at my friends. None of them look quite ready to talk. So does that mean it's going to have to be me? Great. That's not quite fair…Adam's the one who got us into this mess, he should do it. Or Portman, he's the biggest. Or hell, Charlie is the captain of the Ducks, doesn't that count for something? And Maya's used to dealing with Taz. So why do I have to do it?

      I clear my throat, and step forward slightly. "Uh, sorry about her. We try to keep her tied up, but sometimes her girlfriend doesn't take too kindly to that."

      "Girlfriend?" The redheaded boy repeats. I wince as Maya jabs me in the ribs.

      Whoops. That's right, no one here knows us, therefore no one knows about our sexual preferences. And I guess it's something Maya didn't want flashed all around a strange and magical castle.

      "Uh, yeah, as in her friend…that's a girl." I stutter, trying to ignore the glare Maya is giving me. Taz, on the other hand, looks even more hyper now that this has been said. Charlie is having quite a tough time keeping his hand over her mouth.

      The three wizard-things in front of us don't look convinced. So I plaster a grin onto my face and step back next to Portman against the wall.

      After a few glances are exchanged, the witch speaks again. "So you're Muggles, huh?"

      Now it's our turn to exchange some looks. Muggles. It doesn't sound like a mean word, but I still don't like it. However, the headmaster told us before that we were, so I'm just going to take his word for it.

      "Uh, yeah." I answer.

      "Where are you from?" She asks.

      "Minnesota." Portman finally speaks up. I give him a look, which he returns with a grin. I guess he thinks he's brave, now that he's said one word.

      "Ooh, Minnesota!" Her eyes light up. Ok, that's not right. Who gets that excited at the mention of Minnesota? These people are definitely not normal.

      "Yes, I know of Minnesota…that's where the Viking wizards first landed! I heard that it was all ice and they had to use one gigantic melting charm just so that they could live there, but it's also famous for the ice dragons. Did you know that an ice dragon - " Harry, the one with the glasses, nudges her with his elbow, and she cuts off. Her friends are giving her a look, much like the one we just gave Taz about five minutes ago. Only, Hermione seems pretty brainy…and Taz is as dim as a busted lightbulb.

      "Or…" Hermione checks around at her friends before she continues. "It's also famous for the biggest mall in America?"

      At this, the Queertet smiles and nods. Mall of America we can do, Viking wizards we cannot.

      "Not trying to be rude…" Harry trails off, and adjusts the glasses on his nose. "But what are you doing here?"

      "We have no idea." Adam answers. I look over at him, he sounds dead tired, and he has that almost transparent complexion about him. Hmmm, that's not good. Maybe we should get to bed. "We just touched the trunk, and appeared in your school."

      Harry narrows his eyes. "Does the name Voldemort mean anything to you?"

      "Harry!!!" The redhead, Ron, hisses. "Say You-Know-Who, would you?!"

      Harry sighs for a moment and gives Ron what looks like a very forced smile. "Fine then, You-Know-Who."

      "Uh, I don't think so…" I check around at my friends, everyone shakes their head.

      "Ok, good." All three of the wizards look relieved.

      "So, erm, what year are you in?" Hermione asks after a few moments of silence.

      "Year?" Charlie repeats. Ha, so now that I've broken the ice, none of them seem to find a problem in speaking.

      "Yes, how old are you?" She says, somewhat impatiently.

      "Oh." Charlie looks somewhat embarrassed. I wouldn't - it was messed up question.

      "We're all fifteen." Maya says.

      I clear my throat and grin. "Actually, I just turned sixteen day before yesterday."

      "Old bastard." Charlie mumbles, also grinning.

      "We're all fifteen, too. Well, I will be in a few weeks. That would put us in fifth year." Hermione stresses the last two words. I'm not sure if I like her attitude much, she seems like a total know-it-all.

      "Right." Taz says, finally freeing herself from Charlie's grip. "So do you know lots of magic?"

      "Well, yes…it usually comes with going to a school for witchcraft and wizardry…" Ron looks mildly amused by Purple, and also a little scared. Understandable.

      "And you all have never heard of anything magical?" Hermione asks.

      We shake our heads.

      "Yeah, neither had I, until I got my letter to come to Hogwarts." Harry says. He looks around for a moment, and smiles. "And it is a bit overwhelming."

      "You bet." Adam gives him a tentative smile, and out of the corner of my eye I see Charlie tense. What's his problem? Adam's just smiling at the guy…Charlie needs to learn to keep his temper in check. If he's so wound up about Adam, why doesn't he just tell him how he feels? …Again?

      I notice Maya give a big yawn from next to me, and even Taz looks tired. Maybe we actually should get to bed. It's been a long day, even if we have somehow lost 6 hours by landing up in England.

      "I think we're going to be leaving now." I say somewhat awkwardly.

      "Right, we should do the same." Harry says, grabbing a silvery piece of material from his pocket. He nods at his friends, and throws it over their shoulders. They immediately disappear from the neck down, and although I saw it coming, I still jump.

      After muttering a few goodbye's, the Trio starts to walk away. I turn back to my friends, preparing to give the password to the suit of armor in front of the door. Suddenly, we hear footsteps again, and Harry reappears, without Hermione and Ron. He has a strange look on his face.

      "Listen, if you need anything, there's Gryffindor tower." He points down the hall to our left, at a portrait of a gigantic lady in a pink dress. "The password is Semper Tenax. Just tell the Fat Lady that, and she'll let you in. We're in there, and we'll help you if you need it."

      "Semper Tenax, that's Latin for Ever Holding Fast." Portman says softly.

      We all look at him with raised eyebrows, and he shrugs with a small smile on his face.

      Maya sighs. "Trust you to know a dead language, and still fail English."

      Harry laughs, and pulls the cloak over his shoulders again. "I mean it. If you need anything, Ron, Herm, and I will help you out."

      We nod, and he disappears again after giving us a small smile.

      You know, I'd have to say that the people here are even odder than the concept of the castle itself.