Note:This is my USUK Titanic fanfiction, based on the script by James Cameron. Titanic has been a movie of passion for me since it first came out, and is still my favorite movie. I love it to pieces. I'm also a huge Hetalia and USUK fan, and what more perfect for a fanfiction for them than Jack and Rose. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I've written a few books, but this is my first fanfiction. I'm not quite used to the site yet so bare with me! That's all! End


The ocean is beautiful. That in itself is truth, as it holds a magical world thriving with life, in an untraversable expanse of area that strives to crush all those who don't belong; those in which who belong to the surface, not the cold, salty waters of the ocean. Although the crispness, the coolness of its waves excites a certain curiosity, it numbs those who aim to reach too far and touch. It's deadly, aching a human body upon contact. The destruction of its depths may not express the image of danger, but its dark deepness and feel holds less warmth than fire or lava. At least lava can take life quickly.

Yet somehow, the ocean is still beautiful, for an infinite amount of reasons. It tickles all our senses, and entices all our feelings. There's a certain love for what we can't have- what we're not supposed to have. The thrill of not knowing what could be, and developing enough to have a chance to maybe reach that desire practically suffocates all original logic. It's worth it. It's worth the struggle. It's worth the wait.

Amazingly enough, the ocean doesn't make a point to move as quickly as the surface. In the deep darkness, it locks all time away, never moving forward. Unlike us, the ocean excels at simply being, and accepting life as it is, and death as it comes. Such a haunting and impossible existence it carries in our world, of course it would excite the curiosity of many a man to find stillness on a planet that seemingly has none. There are riches held within those moments captured forever in time at the ocean's floor. One moment, however, calls to particular individuals, representing the past's wealth and legend. Only Titanic can only in her breast the Heart of the Ocean otherwise known as 'La Coeur De Le Mer;' a beautiful pendent made from a blue diamond said to belong to King Louis VXI himself before his beheading around the French Revolution. The blue diamond was then cut, and placed in a chain of silver and diamonds, making it one of the most beautiful, rare and expensive pieces of jewelry every crafted. However, Titanic took the pendent with her to the ocean's bottom in April of 1912, where it's laid at rest from man's mind and abilities for years. However, much like most mysteries, eventually its idea and memory creeps back into existence. Only man would want to approach the scene of a timeless death closed in a sunken ship in search of such a jewel.

In the pitch darkness, with nothing but water and pressure, light made itself known in the abyss. Cradling down, falling lightly as the water moved around them to cushion their weight, two Deep Sumbersibles drifted slowly to the ocean's floor. Their lights searching, striking through the dark nothing as the shadows proceeded to reform where they once were. The Sumbersibles made their descent for approximately two hours before the radars signaled solid surface and their checkpoint. Groggy, maybe a little submitted by the long and dark trip down, the men inside the machine are shaken awake by the downward thrusters safely landing their vehicle. The passengers inside are then jarred alert at loud thump of the vessel's final landing. The men smiled at one another, checking their equipment over briefly before one states in glee, "we're here."

Minutes pass as the two subs traverse along the bottom, the sub lights washing over the featureless sands and clay of the ocean's floor. A young, quiet Icelandic man known as Emil steadily drove the sub onward, his face peering into the dark through the window's centerpiece while another, Lukas, monitored the sidescan sonars, keeping a large object in display and direction on the screen.

Emil sighed, the dark expanse seemingly everlasting before them. "Do you see it yet? I do not see it…"

Lukas kept quiet for a moment, keeping a deadpan state on the radar before answering cooly, "Turn left. She is right in front of us…. Eighteen meters… fifteen… thirteen, you should see her by no-..."

"There!" Emil exclaimed, as the large bow of the sunken ship came into view, morphing from he pitch black like a ghostly apparition. It stood strong, not moving an inch or changing since the ocean swallowed it 84 years prior. Emil proceeded to carefully drive the sub over the railing of the bow, the long treaded rust reaching for the sub's bottom like seaweed.

Lukas grabbed a camera from a small compartment under his seat and fiddled with it for a moment. He flicked the buttons on, moving the camera's view over to the third man in the corner of the small Sumbersible. Matthias, the expedition captain. He was a fair skinned man with dirty blond hair, sweat filled from the anticipating trip down to Titanic and blue eyes vivid and young in continuous excitement. His work had paid off- he got this thrill every time he saw her; Titanic was within his reach. He ran a hand through his bangs, the sweat moistening his palms, and turned to Lukas and the camera with a deep sigh of relief. "It still gets me every time, y'know."

Lukas handed the camera over to Matthias and returned to his own job before Emil chimed in, "it is just the guilt from you stealing from the dead."

Matthias rolled his eyes with a smug smirk, somehow expecting nothing less from Emil. He held the camera up and looked out the small, circular sub window again at the sunken ghost ship as it closed in around them. "Thanks, Emil. Work with me here." He composed himself and continued, "it still gets me every time…. To see the sad ruin of the great ship sitting here, where she landed at 2:30 in the morning, April 15th, 1912," he paused, staring longingly at Titanic's beaten form before whispering in dramatic regard, ".… after her long fall from the living world above."

Emil rolled his eyes towards Lukas and mumbled something in Icelandic before Lukas ever so gingerly stated to their 'captain,' "you are so full of shit." Matthias laughed.

The subs drove along what seems like the endless deck of the wreckage. In comparison, the 22 foot long submarines looked like little insects scaling a building. Matthias took a deep breath, absorbing the constant mystery of it all. "This is our ninth dive. Here we are again on the deck of Titanic. Two and a half miles down. The pressure is three tons per square inch; enough to crush us like a freight train going over an ant if our hull fails. These windows are nine inches thick and if they go, it's farvel in two microseconds." The sub finally landed on the boat deck next to the old officer's quarters. The other sub followed, landing on the roof the deck house nearby. This was their stop. Matthias stood and turned to Lukas and Emil with a wide grin and his hands on his hips. "Right, let's get to work, fellas!"

Lukas slipped on a pair of 3-D electronic goggles and grabs the joystick controls of their ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle). Outside the sub, their small ROV floated forward from its cradle under the hub, and began its journey inside Titanic's wreckage. It's stereo and video camera swiveled on its hood like the eyes of an insect as it proceeded to descend into the shaft that was once the glorious first-class staircase. It continued to descend several decks, relaying images back to the sub of ornate interior designs now old and drenched in ever forming rust that almost appeared as natural forming grotto. It grew over many things, consuming the familiarity of items we would find of lively comfort on the surface and turning them desolate and lonely. The ROV sent back images of old mirrors, disintegrated paintings, grand furniture…. Yet one image caused a slight stir in Lukas' stomach: he cringed at what appeared to be skull of a child, the dead yet concerned eyes somehow staring back at him, only to realize it was just a child's doll. It still filled him with a sense of discomfort, knowing that doll once belonged to a living girl. It was a play thing. A source of comfort. It couldn't have been much comfort as the water began rising...

He turned the ROV into a black doorway, the sitting room of Promenade Suite, one of the most luxurious suite rooms the Titanic had to offer. "I am in the sitting room now. I am heading to B-54."

"Stay off the floor, Lukas, Don't stir it up like you did yesterday," Matthias scolded, watching the ROV image carefully through a monitor. The robot delicately crossed the ruins of the magnificent suite to another room, where the remains of pillard canopy bed could be seen, along with some broken chairs and dresser. Examples of fine living. "Okay, I want to see what's under that wardrobe there." The ROV's mechanical arms moved to delicately clamp the wardrobe's mantle within it's grasp- only as softly as a robot could manage within its steel claws. There was a constant threat of crushing anything it picked up. "Easy, Lukas, take it slow…" The ROV gently began to tug the wooden frame away, as the oceans' sand and dust moved in an ever-warping cloud around the debris until it finally settled once more on the old floor.

Lukas stared in silence at the monitor, while Matthias' face grew vibrant like an excited child. Lukas finally murmured, to certify the situation, "are you seeing what I am seeing?"

Matthias' grin grew wider and he grabbed the sub's microphone, their one connection to the surface. He laughed out loud, staring at the image of the old combination safe on their monitor. With a well deserved cockiness, he said slyly to the men waiting above, "It's pay-day, boys."

Cheers and toasts could be heard amongst the crew back on the surface as they pulled the two Subersibles back on board with a winch cable, along with the combination safe, dripping wet against the afternoon sun onto the deck of their excavation ship. The Russian Research Vessel's crew gathered around expectantly, along with a research crew to document the safe's contents and a documentary crew Matthias hired for the momentous occasion. He wouldn't deny his moment glory being forever recorded for history! The Heart of the Ocean was within his grasp! Now, all that awaited was the grand 'opening.' "You rolling?" He asked the cameraman with a huge grin, his heart fluttering for joy in his chest.


Matthias nodded to the technicians who then immediately begin drilling safe's hinges. "Well here it is! The moment of truth! Here is where we find out if the money, the sweat, the time to charter this ship and these subs- to come out here to the middle of the Northern Atlantic…were worth it. If what we think is in that safe…," Matthias began sounding reluctant to get his hopes up, "…is in that safe…, will be." He grinned almost wolfishly in anticipation of his greatest find. The door is finally pried loose, clanging onto the deck. He moved closer to the safe, peering inside the safe's wet interior. There was a long moment… his expression immediately grew sour. "Shit."

Lukas joined him, staring at the safe's useless contents. "Matthias, this happened to Gupta and his career never recovered."

Matthias growled lightly under his breath. He turned to the cameraman and shoved his hand in the lens, "get that out of my face."


Finishing Note: To be continued in the next part!