I murdered a Prince of Equestria. Murdered a boyfriend. Numerous times. Killed several ex-boyfriends. Killed an innocent pony. Killed scumbags. Killed the kidnapper of my Rarity. My sweet, lovely angel. And I killed my peace of mind. Why did I do it all? I wasn't too sure. I think I wanted to protect Rarity, but after nearly kissing Rarity, and hearing her confession, I just wanted that kiss. I wanted to feel it's sweet embrace, washing away my pains and troubles. Her confession made me forget my pain, so I sought out the love she felt for me. I thought that it would wash away my pain, so I chased her. I chased her to the Carousel Boutique, and ran into the doors. I saw Rarity's shadow upstairs, so I ran up there, tracking blood everywhere. I saw her run into a room to the left, so I ran into that room also.

A guest room for Sweetie Belle; it was empty. Window wasn't open. I looked around, feeling oddly calm. I am protecting Rarity, I had no reason to feel guilty. The murders before? Necessary. Golden Shutter? Trial and error; you learn from your mistakes, and I did. I wasn't doing anything wrong, I was protecting many in the name of love. Many; the many faces of Rarity. All of them. Generous, beautiful, charming, seductive, dramatic; all of her faces.

"Rarity? Dear, I don't want you to be scared! Come out dear," I said, standing on my backlegs.

I belched out the Death Note, and used the blood practically oozing off my arm. I opened it up and the blood slowly dripped onto the notebook. I grew another inch, and my spines sharpened into blades.

"I won't hide it anymore. I want to have an honest relationship. Please? I killed them. I don't like it, and I don't want to, but I have to. Tonight was proof! You need protection, and this tool lets me!" I checked the closet of the room, finding nothing. I poked my head in. "Ra~rity! I love you! I need you to love me! I need you to understand why! Twilight will protect me, so I must protect you! It is a circle of love, and it will always return to you!"

I stopped speaking, and turned around. I looked around frantically, starting to hyperventilate.

"Ra-Rarity? Come o-on out, my l-love. Please, you love me!" I walked to the door, noticing it closed after I swung it open. I growled. "OUT OF MY WAY!" I shouted, kicking the wooden door in.

I ran down the stairs and took a corner into the kitchen. I looked around before flicking on the light. I felt tears stinging my eyes, and I felt the panic returning. I started breathing eratically, and I opened the cupboards.

"Rarity? Did you lie to me? You couldn't lie! I..." I stopped, remembering her face earlier. "You were in tears? You cried? Who made you cry? Was it Blue Star? I killed him already! The bad pony is gone!"

I flipped through the pages of the Death Note, looking at all the names I killed.

"It's easy, you just gotta say what the ladies wanna hear, and they'll be giving you access to their beds in no time at all."

"Did it hurt? Your face screamed pain, right? I'm sorry! I had to kill you! You were going to hurt her. Ha! She doesn't deserve pain!" I shouted, closing the Death Note.

"GET OUT YOU LYING, MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR A BOYFRIEND!" a voice rang through my head.

"Yes, you told that bastard your thoughts! He hurt you, and you decided his fate!" I shouted again, holding the Death Note on the new page once more, regardless of the blood drips.

I ran out of the boutique, stumbling as I did. My head felt dizzy and my mind was numb. I looked around the area, seeing the streets almost barren. A trail of blood followed me into the boutique as the blood dripped off me on my way there. I followed it back to the forest with my gaze, and saw a lavender mare running towards me. She had tears on her face, and she slowed down upon seeing me. She almost cowered immediately, and the silence only made it worse. Crickets chirping in the background, and clopping in the distance. I saw her, and smiled. I dropped the Death Note and ran up to Twilight. She took several steps back, shaking her head. I reached my arms out and knelt down, lifted Twilight off the ground, and hugged her.

"Mommy! I am so glad you're here! The bad pony kidnapped Rarity, but I got him! I can't find Rarity, though! I need to find my love, Twilight!" I shouted, setting Twilight down gently.

I turned and ran back to where I dropped the Death Note. I looked at it and turned around, seeing Twilight's shock at the note' cover.

"Twilight, I'm a flippin' hero! I protected Rarity with this!" I said, walking forward and flipping the pages open. I wasn't sure what page she saw, but it made her shriek.


I lowered the notebook and my expression of urgency faltered. I looked at her with confusion. Twilight continued shaking her head. I turned the page to see the names of the three ex-boyfriends. I sighed, and closed the notebook.

"Mother, I am so sorry. I never wanted this. I never wanted to kill. I accidentally killed Blueblood. After that, I couldn't stop. I was too far in, and I couldn't stop. I wasn't able to. I knew after I heard Blackhoof badmouthing Rarity, that she would hurt herself," I said, looking down.

I glanced up to see Twilight's face with tears flowing freely, and she didn't shake her head. Her mouth moved, but no words came out. I resisted the urge to cry myself.

"I had to protect her, mother. I love her. I can't stand seeing her get hurt, and the other ponies..." I shook my head again. "I couldn't let that happen, mother! You told me that everything would work out, but I couldn't wait for that. I had to make sure she was safe," I said, shaking the Death Note.

"No, Spike. You weren't protecting her. You were hurting her, and us. You hurt me, Spike. I love you so, so much, and I'm willing to die if it meant protecting you, but this? I would never take another pony's life to save you. The only chance of me taking a life would be to extract revenge for you, and that's just out of hot-blooded passion." She stepped forward, closer to me. I felt my entire composure crack, and I looked down at the Death Note. "I worked so hard to catch the one responsible, Spike. Helping Rarity sleep a good night was a nice goal, cracking open this case and ending these deaths... these murders-"

Murder. This was murder. I murdered Blackhoof in cold blood, and watched his agonized face as he died.

"-no matter the reason, Spike, murder is always wrong. I love you more than anything in the world. I would fight Princess Celestia herself if it would protect you, but," she said, looking away.

I felt my heart crack and shatter as she spoke. She looked at her hooves, before looking back up at me. Her brow was furrowed, and she sniffled.

"I can't accept this. This is murder, Spike. You've murdered many ponies, and I can't accept that," she said, stepping closer.

I shook my head, hyperventilating even more. My eyes widened as I looked down at the lavender mare. I coarsely groaned, and my shoulders went tense. I clenched my eyes shut, and felt my body violently shaking. Her voice rang in my head.

"When you're sick in bed, I'll be making you soup."

I deepened the claws on the Death Note's cover, and felt a pang of guilt rising in my chest. That nagging feeling, tugging at my heartstrings. It suffocated me, and I couldn't take it.

"When you're carrying your bride onto your chariot, I'll be there to congratulate you."

I threw my arms, opened my mouth, and prepared to roar, feeling my dry throat bugging me. I felt my anger swirling around like an intense flame.

"Even if Equestria hates you as an adult, I will be there to protect you... at any cost."

I didn't roar. I swung my arm around blindly, opening my claw and grabbing at what I thought was an appropriate time. I heard the sound of magic, halted instantly as my claws grasped a horn. My head snapped into position, and I saw Twilight's pained, scared expression.

"YOU SAID YOU WOULD PROTECT ME YOU LIAR!" I shouted, lifting Twilight off the ground.

She let out a pained scream as she slapped at my arms with her forelegs. I roared coarsely. I didn't loosen my grip, and I didn't feel remorse. I felt my claws disturbing the skin on her back, and I could see the pain on her face. But I didn't care.


She flew pretty far; across the street, and was heading for a corner of a house. A purple glow surrounded her, and she gently touched down on the ground. I looked away to see Shining Armour staring me down, unable to believe what he was seeing. Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie arrived next to Shining Armour, and each of them bore horrified expressions. Rarity didn't look like she was looking at a friend dying, or a friend in pain. She looked at me like a monster, and quickly, Shining Armour stepped forward.

"STAY BACK, GIRLS!" Shining Armour shouted, his horn lighting up and his Royal Guard armour appearing on his body.

Shining Armour immediately ran forward, his horn lighting up. I growled, falling on all fours and taking a deep breath. I unleashed an intense green flame that spread in different directions. Shining Armour generated a shield around him, and he jumped into the air. I saw him up, and stopped breathing flames. I leaned back, crossing my arms preparing for Shining Armour's hit. Nothing happened, and I instead felt the ground below me slam into my gut, knocking me up.

Shining Armour landed on the around, and he let out a grunt as his horn lit up once more. I quickly recovered, and realized that even on all fours, I was taller than Shining Armour. I glared at him, feeling the tears evaporating on my hot cheeks. I quickly spat out a gob of fire which impacted the ground right at the base of Shining Armour's legs, and he shouted from the pain. He looked down and quickly extinguished the flames. His leg armour was still steaming, but he ignored it. His horn glowed once more, and I decided no more. I lunged forward, immediately closing the distance. Shining Armour attempted to jump back, but I swung my arm forward, wrapping my claws around his forelegs. The cold metal clashed with my fiery hot body.

He yelped in pain as my grip tightened, cracking his leg armour. He still managed to focus his magic enough to create a flash bang in front of my eyes. I released my grip, instead swing my arm again to throw Shining Armour across the street. He rolled into a set of flower pots, and I felt my eyes struggling to adjust to the darkness after the flash. It was like I wore a pair of sunglasses at nighttime.

"STOP IT!" Rainbow shouted, dashing forward.

I turned my head just as Rainbow tackled me in the neck, wrapping her legs around me and using the momentum to push me over. I stumbled to the left before falling on my side. I felt Rainbow Dash pounding on my neck, but it was more like a constant pinching. It annoyed me, and I stood up effortlessly. I reached my arm up, tearing up again.

"You're loyal to your friends! Why are you attacking me? YOU LIED WITH TWILIGHT," I shouted, grabbing her with my right claw.

Applejack let out a shout, galloping and bucking me in the wrist. Without even grabbing Rainbow, I retracted my hand, and swatted at Applejack. Applejack was quickly yanked back by a magical presence along with Rainbow Dash. Shining and Twilight yanked the two athletic ponies back. Another pony stepped forward, this recognized as Rarity. Her face had a scowl with tears streaming down her face. Her teeth were gritting and her horn was lighting up. My face had lit up with guilt and relief at a friendly face.

"Rarity, my love," I said, reaching a claw forward to brush away her tears.

She punched my hand much to the shock of everypony else... as well as myself. I retracted my hand, rubbing the area she hit as if she hurt me physically. It was only mentally. My mouth was agape and my eyes were wide. She hit me? Why?

"DON'T TOUCH ME YOU MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH!" she shrieked, shooting a spell at me.

I didn't bother stepping out of the way, unable to process the event. The spell collided with my chest and I felt severe pain course through my body. I felt a warmth gush out of where the spell hit and I felt myself falling backwards. Landing on my spines, I finally touched the area where the spell hit, and pulled it back. Blood. Not Blue Star's blood... but my own. It was warm. Really warm. Warmer than a ponies. It was dragon's blood. I felt panic shoot through my mind as I realized what had happened.

Rarity attacked me... and it wasn't in self-defence. The spell burned deep, through my soft underbelly. Shock ruptured my body, and when it subsided, I realized what happened again. A lung was gone, and the other was damaged. I felt my breathing becoming insanely rapid and the heat seared through my body, growing colder as the blood left. Pressure hit my chest far worse than any of the guilt could. I felt regret and sorrow for pushing Rarity this far, but it wasn't the pressure.

The pressure was death. I rolled over onto my side, coughing, or attempting to cough. I clutched my chest as if it would hold the blood in and repair my innards. I began to suffocate heavily, feeling the burning sensation ripple through my throat. It was like a bad cough times a thousand; I was hacking up something, yet the small opening made it complete hell. Instead, the stuff I was trying to cough up was coming out the hole in my chest.

My head slapped onto the ground, unphased by the dust entering my right eye. I writhed, curling up as I began to realize I couldn't suffocate. I turned my head frantically, whipping it in all directions before I settled on looking at the ponies. My friends, my mother, my uncle, and my love... all looked at me with rage. Shining Armour glared at me like a monster. My friends looked at me with disgust. My mother looked at me with such disappointment... and my lover, was the head of it all. Her expression... didn't exist. No smile, no frown, no angle to her brow... she doesn't care. I felt everything crash down around me. I reached a claw out as tears spilled out my eyes. I didn't care about the other factors. Everything was for my love, but that's gone. My friends? They hate me... but please, not her too...

"MO... MO... MOM... MOMMY..." I spat out between desperate, violent gasps.

"I said I would kill whomever was responsible for your death, but you chose this path. This was all you, Spike... and now, I'm going to stay true to my word," Twilight said, stepping passed Rarity.

Realizing what she meant, I attempted to shuffle back, panicking as I did. I rolled onto my back, feeling all of my strength vanish as I attempted to breathe. Eventually, the wound caught up to me. I lost feeling in my limbs, I felt my mind blanking out, and I felt my entire body growing intensely heavy. I felt my eyelids closing, and I looked over to Twilight. There were no tears on her face, but a look of pity instead. Her horn lit up, magic encasing my entire body. A sharp pain jolted through my entire being...

... now my story is at it's end.