All the Best Cowboys

Summary: All the best cowboys have daddy issues. Karl and David are not exceptions. Based on the TV mini-series.

AN: I have no knowledge of Dinotopia past the mini-series. Probably a series of missing scenes and character studies and backstory, there is so much missing backstory.


Karl was a dick. David had always thought so and would have to make it a point to make sure Karl knew that he was a dick. If Karl hadn't cheated on the test then David wouldn't have been angry and said all that crap he didn't mean. Then Karl wouldn't have pushed him and they wouldn't have started fighting and fallen ten thousand feet towards their watery grave.

Which only reminded him: Karl was a dick. Because Karl completely knew David was afraid of heights and had asthma and couldn't swim very well. So Karl had to combine every stupid thing David was bad at and push them off a balcony.

Then David hit the water and all thoughts about his dick of a brother passed from his head. He slammed down, in what might have been the most epic belly flop of all time. It was cold and it hurt. All the air was knocked out of him and he automatically tried to pull in a breath, except it was all cold water. He choked and tried to swim up, unable to breathe and panicking. Except it was all white water, he couldn't tell where the light was coming from and had spun so many times that he was too dizzy to be able to know which way gravity was pulling him. David kicked and reached with his arms. He tried to go with the current, use its momentum to help guide himself to the surface but nothing was working.

The water was getting fuzzy and he knew his kicks weren't as strong as they were. He could barely move his arms anymore when he felt something snag the back of his shirt. He was pulled towards the glittering surface and after what felt like an eternity, he broke the surface. David took a short, shuddering breath and immediately started coughing. Water spilled out his lips with every cough.

Arms slipped around his chest and David heard murmuring. It was comforting even though he couldn't exactly tell what was being said.