Sannin's Students

Chapter 1

Training Trip




"Bijuu/Summon Thought'


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7 Years after Kyuubi Attack

Sarutobi sat at his desk doing paperwork while he waited for his two remaining students, Tsunade Senju and Jiraiya. He had called the pair a week ago so that they could do something of the upmost importance. Checking to see the cost was clear, Sarutobi pulled an orange book from his draw, and started reading, giggling as he did.

"Guess you like my books sensei," Jiraiya bellowed from the window, startling the old man.

"Dammit Jiraiya, you could've given me a heart attack," Sarutobi yelled.

"Sorry, but what did you want," Jiraiya chuckled.

"We'll wait till Tsunade gets here," Sarutobi stated before going back to his book.

"Um, sensei, you must be getting old, because Tsunade is right in front of you," Jiraiya laughed. Sarutobi looked up from his book in fear of the wrath that the blond woman could unleash.

"Sensei, I suggest you put the book down, NOW," Tsunade ordered, the old man immediately threw it in a random direction, the flying book then hit Jiraiya square in the nose.

"So what did you want sensei," Jiraiya asked, rubbing his nose from the book that had just hit him.

"First I have something to tell the two of you, your godson is alive," Sarutobi told the pair, whose face went from serious, to flabbergasted, to pure rage.

"Where is he then," Tsunade growled, wanting to protect one of the few family she had left.

"He is at the hospital, but before you two rush out, he is one of the reasons that I asked you to come here," Sarutobi said, "The boy of course is Minato and Kushina's son, but he is also the contains the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Naruto-kun is hated by the villagers because of this and he is constantly attacked, I have done everything in my power to help him but the council has blocked me from doing much, so I want you to take him out of the village with a recently made orphan, Sakura Haruno. They both have great potential, and I have seen that the two get along well, so I'm making it your job to train and protect them."

The two nodded in agreement before Jiraiya spoke up, "How long will we be out of the village?"

"6 years, you will come back for the graduation exams so that they can become ninja, if they don't want to be ninja, then they don't have to, agreed."

"So where are they," Tsunade asked.

"They are at the hospital," Sarutobi answered her, the two disappeared via the use of Shunshin, Sarutobi checked the room again, and picked up his book and went back to reading.


Jiraiya and Tsunade appeared just in time to see Naruto being surround be a large mob, the two went into action quickly and grabbed the blond from inside the ground and protecting him.

"Oh, Jiraiya-sama, Tsunade-sama, have you come to help us kill the demon," A villager laughed, the next second, the man was missing his head. The rest of the mob looked at Jiraiya who had a Rasengan in his hand.

"Why did you kill him," someone asked.

"First, you broke the Third's law, and second, you're attacking a FUCKING CHILD," Jiraiya yelled, the killing intent that came off of him was enough to knock out the civilians.

"Please d-don't hurt me," Naruto muttered, Tsunade looked at the boy in shock.

"No, we won't hurt you, we're here to help you and a girl named Sakura Haruno," Tsunade cooed, trying to comfort her fellow blonde.

"You're not going to hurt me," Naruto gasped.

"We aren't going to hurt you, but do you know were Sakura is," Tsunade asked and Naruto nodded his head.

"Yeah she is over there," Naruto said, pointing a finger towards a pink haired girl in the corner. Tsunade looked at Jiraiya who nodded and walked over to the girl.

"Are you okay," Jiraiya asked the girl, who just looked up.

"Who are you, and what do you want with me," Sakura asked, trying to make herself as small as she could.

"My name is Jiraiya, me and my friend Tsunade are here to help you and Naruto," Jiraiya said as softly as he could.

"Why would you do that, we're just orphans," Sakura muttered.

"Because, we are Naruto's godparents, and we heard that you are his friend, and I don't think that he would want to leave a friend in pain like this," Jiraiya explained to her.

"You really want to help us," Sakura asked, Jiraiya just smiled and nodded his head. He stuck out his hand and Naruto took it, the two walked over to the pair of blondes.

"Are we ready to go," Tsunade asked, the young Naruto looked up to her.

"We are we going," Naruto asked.

"We're leaving the village for 6 years," Jiraiya told them.

"Why are we leaving for that long, what about my friends," Sakura cried.

"The reason we are going is because Jiraiya and I are going to train you two to become strong ninja," Tsunade explained.

"You're training us to be ninja, YAY," Naruto shouted, jumping from joy.

"Wait Jiraiya and Tsunade," Sakura muttered before it hit her, "You two are part of the Legendary Sannin!"

"You are correct there," Jiraiya laughed.

"Come on, we need to leave before more villagers come," Tsunade suggested, Jiraiya nodded and grabbed the two children and Shunshin'd away.

Hokage's Office

Sarutobi sat reading his Icha Icha book when Jiraiya and Tsunade reappeared with Sakura and Naruto.

"Well hello there," Sarutobi greeted.

"Hi jiji," Naruto shouted, everyone in the room besides Sarutobi was shocked at what the boy said.

"Did you just call the Hokage an old man," Jiraiya laughed before he fell to the ground grabbing his sides.

"Naruto, don't disrespect the Hokage like that," Sakura yelled.

"It's fine Sakura, I consider Naruto my grandson," Sarutobi told her.

"So why are we leaving jiji," Naruto asked.

"I wanted to protect you from the villagers, and Sakura was added because of a recent tragedy and because she is your friend, so I want you two to become strong enough to protect yourselves and your loved ones," explained the hokage.

"Right we'll do just that," Naruto announced, "AND I WILL BE THE HOKAGE!"

"Hold your horses, you won't leave until tomorrow, so pack you stuff, and meet us at the front gate at 9:00 tomorrow morning," Sarutobi said. The two children nodded before running off.

"Those two are going to be a force to be reckoned with when they get older," stated Jiraiya, Tsunade and Sarutobi nodded at the statement.

Next Day


Naruto and Sakura walked side by side towards the gate, and saw that Tsunade and Jiraiya were already there. As they got closer, the pair got closer to the gate, they heard a loud noise behind them, a large crowd of villagers and ninjas charging towards them. Jiraiya and Tsunade acted immediately and grabbed the children, before Jiraiya summoned a toad to ride on.

"Just before they were about to leave, Jiraiya decided to let out his anger, "If you attack these children EVER again, Tsunade and I will personally end you."

That caused everyone in the mob to freeze at the threat, they knew that they stood no chance against two Sannin.

Six Months Later

"Jiraiya-sensei, when are we going to learn some super cool jutsu," Naruto complained as he finished his last lap around their training field. Tsunade and Jiraiya had given the two training regimens that fit the two, Naruto's was focused on chakra control and physical exercise, while Sakura's was made to increase her chakra levels and physical strength.

"You've have been training hard for the past six months, so I guess I'll teach you some jutsu," Jiraiya sighed.

"Shishou, can I learn some jutsu too," Sakura asked.

"Yes you can learn some too," Tsunade smiled.

"So what are we going to be learning, how to breath fire, summon an animal," Naruto shouted.

"No, you're just going to learn how to use the basic Academy jutsu, Clone Jutsu, Replacement Jutsu, and Transformation," Jiraiya told them, Sakura just nodded excitedly, while Naruto's head just went down that he would be learning any cool jutsu.

One Year Later

After learning the basic Academy jutsu, Sakura and Naruto's training had increases dramatically, so Tsunade and Jiraiya decided to increase their training a bit more.

"Alright you two stop your training for a minute," Jiraiya ordered, as the two dropped what they were doing and went to their sensei.

"What do you want Ero-sensei," Naruto asked.

"Dammit gaki, stop calling me that," Jiraiya yelled.

"Jiraiya, shut up, but to answer your question Naruto, we're going to start training you in our aspects, Naruto you are going to learn how to summon toads and learn a few of Jiraiya's techniques, Sakura, you're going to learn how to use medical jutsu and start learning my immense strength. Also, we're going to find out your elemental affinities, take this paper and channel chakra into it, if you have fire, it will burn, wind will slice it to pieces, lightning will crumple, earth will turn the paper to dust, and water will make the paper damp," Tsunade explained to the pair, before handing them a piece of paper. They both channeled chakra and looked at the results; Naruto's was sliced into many pieces, while Sakura's was turned to dust.

"Well, Naruto, it looks like you have a very high affinity for air, which is rare, even among wind users, which in itself is also rare. Neither me nor Tsunade have a wind affinity so we will have to find a teacher for you, but for you Sakura, I'm also an earth affinity so I can help you," Jiraiya told them, "Now, back to training for you two."

3 months later

"Dammit, where are they," Naruto complained, "They're three hours late."

"Naruto calm down, I'm sure they have a good reason," Sakura said trying to calm the blond down. As she looked at the entrance of the restaurant they were in, she saw Jiraiya and Tsunade staggering in. They walked over to the pair with a big smile on their faces.

"Naruto, have I ever told you that you remind me of your dad," Jiraiya slurred.

"Wait, you knew my father," Naruto yelled, "AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME!"

"Yeah, he was the Fourth Hokage," Jiraiya said, "But don't tell Naruto."

At this point, Sakura started cleaning the alcohol from the Sannin's systems as Naruto was just sitting in shock. After most of the alcohol was cleaned from his system, Jiraiya looked at Naruto in fear at what had happened to his student, "What happened to Naruto."

Naruto shook of his shock before looking at Jiraiya with hatred, "Is it true, is the Yondaime my father."

Jiraiya and Tsunade's eyes widened before Jiraiya nodded his head, "Yes he is Naruto, I'm sorry we held this from you, but we just wanted to protect you from your father's enemies, please understand."

"I'm going to go get some fresh air," Naruto growled before he stomped out of the restaurant, after grabbing his bowl of ramen of course. Naruto sat around grimacing why no one, not even his grandfather, had told him about his dad, hell, didn't anyone trust him, oh, did they think that the Kyuubi shouldn't be their precious Fourth Hokage's son.

"Yes, go kill them my child," Kyuubi said, trying to goad Naruto on.

"SHUT UP," Naruto roared.

"Um calm down Kit," Kyuubi attempting to calm Naruto down.

"Why did he have to seal you in me, why didn't he kill you, or seal it in someone else, not his son," Naruto cried.

"Kit calm down, something is happening with your body, and I resent that me dying comment," Kyuubi said before pain started shooting throughout Naruto's body.

His first reaction was to just lie there, in too much pain to scream, before a larger wave hit him and he screamed out in pain. A large crowd of people gathered around the boy to see what was wrong, Naruto saw their lips moving, but he heard no sound over the pain. The crowd continued to grow and Tsunade, Sakura, and Jiraiya pushed their way to the front to see Naruto. Tsunade immediately went to work on trying to dull the pain but it just felt like nothing was happening. Naruto felt relief as the pain went away for an instant before coming back twice as strong in his eyes. His hands immediately went to try and scratch out his eyes, as they felt like they we're melting, reforming, and doing it again. The pain subsided again, as he felt one final surge of pain welling up inside him, the pain surfaced and Naruto released a wave of chakra that knocked everyone around him away. He was glad that the pain was gone and slipped into unconsciousness so that his body could heal.

Three Days Later

Naruto woke up in his bed and looked to his right to see that Sakura was sitting next to him. He tried to get up but his arms and legs were restrained, Naruto sighed, "Sakura-chan, wake up Sakura-chan. Uh, Sakura-chan, Jiraiya's about to grope you."

This caused Sakura to throw a chakra enhanced punch straight into Naruto's jaw, breaking it, along with many other bones in his face. The restraints that were holding Naruto down were broken and he went flying into the wall, his head had gone all the way through wall, and on the other side, unfortunately for Naruto, was Jiraiya and Tsunade having sex.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," Naruto screamed before banging his head on the wall to knock himself out, after Naruto's scream, Jiraiya and Tsunade looked up, while Sakura burst into the room and looked at the two nude Sannin, and an unconscious Naruto. Sakura just slowly shut the door and walked out of their hotel room.

That Night

Naruto woke up for the second time that day restrained in his bed, looking over to his sensei, "Why am I restrained?"

"Well first it was because you were still having spasms about what happened three days ago, then after you caught me and Tsunade having se…"

"NO, don't say it, please," Naruto begged, not wanting to have that thought in his head.

"What, it's only natural that we do that with each other, especially with those breasts," Jiraiya drooled.

Tsunade walked up from behind him and smacked him in the head, "Shut up you pervert, he has been through a lot in the past three days."
"What did happen three days ago," Naruto asked, scratching his head, "Last I remember is me lying on the ground in a ton of pain."

"Naruto take a look at your eyes," Tsunade said handing him a mirror.

Naruto took the mirror from her hands and peered into his eyes. They were now a light purple color with three black rings around a small pupil. The eyes looked as if they demanded that they were revered.

"What happened to my eyes," Naruto yelled at Jiraiya.

"Well Naruto, that is a very powerful dojutsu, the Rinnegan, it was said to be held by the founder of chakra, the Sage of the Six Paths. I have seen one other set of Rinnegan from a former student. This dojutsu holds great power, it is the ancestor of all other dojutsu and has the ability to use all elements and sub elements. There are also many other unknown abilities of the Rinnegan, but I'm sure you'll figure it out," Jiraiya explained.

"You said that it was passed down by that Sage guy, does that mean my dad was decided from him," Naruto asked.

"No, it was your mother, Kushina Uzumaki, the Uzumaki clan was an off shot of the Senju, who was one of the descendents of the Sage of the Six Paths, the other main descendants were the Uchiha," Jiraiya told him.

"Can you tell me about my parents," Naruto asked.

"Well, you better get comfortable," Jiraiya said, "It's going to be a long story."

4 and a Half Years Later

Two 13 year olds walked down the road towards the large gate, one was a blonde haired boy who was in black shinobi pants and a blue shinobi shirt, and he had on a black short sleeved jacket with red flames trimming on the bottom. His blonde hair was held up ponytail with two strands framing the side of his face, he wore a pair of dark sunglasses to hide his eyes, his cheeks had black markings that look like whisker marks, if they weren't there, many would believe that he was the Fourth Hokage. The pink haired girl next to him wore black combat boots, black shorts, and black gloves. She wore a red sleeveless shirt with pink apron skirt.

"Well, how does it feel to be back in Konoha Naruto-kun," Sakura asked her partner.

"It feels good, I'm going to prove to these villagers that I'm not a demon, and I SHALL BECOME HOKAGE," Naruto announced, while Sakura just laughed.

The two continued to walk towards the gate and admired the beauty of the forest that surrounded their home village, they stopped at the check in point where both of the Chunin had the same expression.

"H-hokage-sama," they stuttered at the same time, startled to see an exact replica of the Fourth Hokage.

"No, the name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, and this is Sakura Haruno, and goodbye," Naruto told them before walking away. The pair continued to walk through the village as Naruto got stares from the villagers, not stares of hatred, no, they were stares of awe. Naruto just smirked at the looks that he was getting, glad that he wasn't being hated for a moment in his life. He continued until he arrived at the Hokage's Mansion. Naruto walked in with Sakura right behind him and they both just Shunshin'd past the secretary and into the Hokage's office.

Sarutobi looked at who was the one that had entered his office, and after seeing who it was, his reactions matched that of the villagers, "Minato, is that you?"

"I'm hurt jiji, you can't even recognize your own grandson," Naruto chuckled.

"Naruto, that's you," the hokage asked.

"Yeah, look just like my dad don't I," Naruto laughed.

"You know about your dad," Sarutobi yelled.

"Yep, learned it from a drunk Jiraiya," Naruto told him.

"Dammit Jiraiya," Sarutobi muttered.

"Well, I just wanted to tell you that we're here, me and Sakura-chan are going to leave, see you later," Naruto said as the pair walked out.

Chapter 1 End

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