Sannin's Students

Chapter 5

Naruto vs. Team Guy (and Sasuke) and an extra opponent



"Summon/ Bijuu Talk"

'Summon/ Bijuu Thought'

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Hokage's Office

"Okay, looks like you're done with missions for today Kakashi so you may…"

"KAKAKSHI! My Eternal Rival, what a fine team of genin you have," a loud voice interrupted the Hokage. Kakashi turned pale white and froze on the spot. The genin in room turned around to see a man in green spandex and a Jonin flak jacket with a bowl cut, and noticeably large eye brows. Behind him were three other people. The first was a girl with Chinese style clothing and two hair buns, next to her was a boy with a white shirt and dark brown shorts, and bandages on his arms and legs. But what all three of them thought was the creepiest, was another boy, who looked like a smaller version of the man who had just yelled at their sensei. (Basically Team Guy from Part 1)

"Hello Guy," the Hokage greeted, breaking the silence, "How did your mission go?"

"WONDERFUL," Guy shouted with enthusiasm."

"Alright then, you have the next few days off," the Hokage said, "Now would you both please leave, I have important work to do."

Both jonin nodded and walked out of the room followed by their genin teams.

The moment they were outside the Hokage's Tower, Guy began to yell, "Kakashi, I challenge your genin team to fight mine!"

"I accept," Naruto answered instantly, "I'll fight them alone."

"What Youthfulness," Guy exclaimed, "will you accept my youthful genin."

"Yes Guy-sensei," all three of them agreed.

"But first I must introduce them," Guy said, "the girl's name is TenTen, next is Neji Hyuuga, and finally, my most youthful student, Rock Lee!"

"My name's Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze," Naruto greeted, "Training Ground 7, five minutes."

Naruto Shunshin'd away followed by Kakashi and Sakura. Sasuke was left alone as Team Guy ran towards where they would be fighting Naruto. Sasuke smirked and began gathering chakra into his feet.

"Alright, I'm gonna do it," Sasuke said, and tried to do a Shunshin. Let's just say that the Sasuke shaped hole wasn't on that building a minute ago, 'God Dammit.'

Five Minutes Later

Naruto sat on the middle pole at training ground 7, in front of him were TenTen, Neji, and Lee.

Sasuke walked onto the battlefield, in-between the two sides, "I'm fighting too."

"Alright, you can be with them," Naruto said arrogantly. Sasuke growled, but stood next to Lee. Kakashi made the sign for the battle to begin. Lee, Sasuke, and Neji charged Naruto while TenTen pulled out two scrolls. Neji and Lee both threw a flurry of strikes towards Naruto, but none of them connected. Sasuke came up from behind Naruto and tried to grab his arms, this was unsuccessful, as Naruto just threw his head back, nailing Sasuke's headband, stunning the Uchiha. Bored of dodging the punches of Neji and Lee, he sent a pulse of Chakra to his butt, which, when he farted a second later, launched hum into the air.

"So, you ready to really start this," Naruto asked. Without giving the genin an opportunity to answer, the blonde rushed them both, planting his fists into their stomachs.

"Eight Trigrams: 16 Palms," Neji sputtered, and began striking Naruto's left arm. After the 16th strike, Naruto's arm went numb, and Lee kicked Naruto in the stomach, knocking him back. As Naruto got up he saw a multitude of paper bombs littered around him. 'Fuck me.'

As the bombs went off, Naruto launched himself into the air, and with the force of the explosion, Naruto was launched higher than he meant to go. Utilizing a quick Wind Style jutsu, he pushed himself over the pond near the training ground.

Seeing Naruto crash into the pond Neji relaxed and got prepared to leave, "This is over, come on, TenTen, Lee."

"It isn't over yet Neji," Naruto said, rising out of the pond, "This fight is just getting started, so you better get serious. By that I mean using your Byakugan, and Sasuke, use your Sharingan to. Let's see how well my Rinnegan does against them."

The two dojutsu user growled and activated their Dojutsu. Neji entered a Gentle Fist stance and went first, followed by Lee and Sasuke. Aiming for the tenketsu, Neji unleashed a flurry a strikes, followed up by Lee and Sasuke joining the fray. Naruto knew that Neji and Lee would be the hardest to deal with, so he blocked those first, allowing a few of Sasuke's attacks to get through. Naruto saw Lee and Neji step back just a bit to see TenTen preparing to throw two large shuriken towards him. Taking the small opportunity, Naruto rushed towards TenTen, striking her in the head, just enough to knock her out.

With the Sakura, Kakashi, and Guy (The Observers)

"I'll go get TenTen," Kakashi said. A hand shot out to stop him.

"If it was a boy maybe, but with TenTen, no," Guy stated in full seriousness.

"She's a teenager, I'm not going to do anything," Kakashi whined.

"With the books you read, I'm not so sure about that," Guy questioned him.

"Shut up and go get your student," Kakashi grumbled. Guy just smiled and disappeared, reappearing a few seconds later with TenTen in hand.

Back in the Fight

"One down, three to go," Naruto gloated performing a series of hand signs, "Water Style: Aqua Rifle."

Naruto shot a powerful stream of water out of his mouth, aiming for Sasuke. Neji intercepted, thrusting out a palm, releasing a chakra pulse, disrupting the attack. Lee charged forward and struck Naruto in the chest, stunning him for a bit. Allowing Neji to get closer and stop some of Naruto's tenketsu.

'Fuck, this is going to be harder than I thought,' Naruto groaned trying to get his left arm to full strength, "Sorry guys, I'm going to step back for a bit, but here's some entertainment, Shadow Clone Jutsu."

100 Naruto's appeared on the training ground, hiding the original from his opponents. The three genin were surprised by the amount of the Naruto's facing them. Lee was the first to exit the stupor and charged the army. His teammate was the next to charge the army, followed closely by Sasuke. The army was slowly destroyed to reveal the original Naruto, with what looked like flames coming off his arm.

"What kind of chakra is that," Neji asked seeing the fire was actually chakra. Naruto just chuckled and dispersed it, "None of your business."

"Don't take your eyes off your opponent Naruto-san," Lee said, appearing behind Naruto. Before the blonde genin could turn all the way around, Lee kicked Naruto in the back, launching him into the air. Sasuke took this opportunity and formed hand signs for his signature jutsu, Fire Release: Grand Fireball. The fire ball is launched upwards towards the airborne Naruto.The fireball explodes on contact, and Naruto is engulfed by the explosion.

"Neji is he out for the count," Lee asked. Neji shook his head, unable to speak, seeing the enormous amount of chakra the blonde genin is putting out.

"Wind Release: Maelstrom," Naruto roared through the smoke. The wind in the area begins to pick up, grabbing any light object it can. The wind continues to strengthen picking up the wood posts and the water from the lake, and in under minute, trees are being plucked out of the ground; joining all the other objects in the vortex of wind surrounding Naruto.

Kakashi, realizing what his student is going to do shouts, "Everybody, get DOWN!"

Everybody in the area goes for the ground, the vortex compresses for a second, until expanding out, unleashing all the objects it picked up earlier, causing a giant dust cloud to enclose the area. The dust cloud disperses, revealing trees upside down, pools of water littered around the area, a large hole in the ground, and two conscious genin. (A/N – Guy and Kakashi grabbed the unconscious ones)

"I'm impressed you withstood that Lee," Naruto complimented the genin.

"Thank you Naruto, but I guess it's time for me to stop holding back," Lee said, taking off the weights on his legs. Naruto nodded and also threw off his over coat, which on the inside, had weight seals.

"Let's finish this now," Naruto asked. Lee nodded and charged towards his greatest opponent as of yet. The two cocked their fist back, and threw them at the very last second, with all their strength behind it. The punches landed, and for a second all seemed to stand still, before the two genin flew back from the force of the attacks. Lee landed in front of his sensei who was smiling at how strong his student had gotten.

But Naruto wasn't so lucky; he landed in a small clearing, which was already occupied. When Naruto managed to get off the ground he heard two different voices who were moaning, which he recognized immediately.

"Get a god damn room you two," Naruto shouted at the lovers. The two raised their heads, revealing Tsunade and Jiraiya. Jiraiya just smiled and waved, but Tsunade, Tsunade got pissed.

"Naruto," Tsunade growled, Naruto got a worried look on his face. Naruto knew he should run but he was frozen in fear, "You're going to pay. Can't you ever let us have a good love making session in peace?"

Naruto just smiled and ran away as fast as his legs would take him, hoping a head start would get him far enough away from the angry female Sannin. But luck was not on Naruto's side today; a large rock flew past Naruto, barely missing him, 'SHIT!'

"Get back here you brat," Tsunade roared throwing another rock at Naruto. This one didn't miss, and sent Naruto right into the arms of Sakura (Hey this is an anime fanfiction, anything can happen), but again Naruto's luck was not that great today, and his face was on Sakura's chest (Lucky him, NOT).

"Naruto," Sakura growled, with a near perfect imitation of her teacher, and sent Naruto flying with just a punch, "GET THE FUCK OFF YOU PERVERT!"

Naruto had a sudden revelation in mid air, "Today is not my day."

Chapter 5 End

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