It was 2 years after the horrible time. The Beldam powers are really weak, without Coraline. The Beldam needed revenge on Coraline..

"Coraline Jones, explain why this girl in your school was pushed by you.." My Mother asked me.

"She's annoying! Even more than me!" I replied.

"Just because she's popular doesn't mean your enemys." She said. She worked back at the kitchen counter, cooking some sort of meal for lunch.

"She made fun of my imagination, annoys me, and gets into my beezwax!" I exclaimed. Clunching my fists.

"Aren't you a little too old to have that much imagination?" My Mother asked.

"Also, you know that door in the living room that you keep avoiding?" I swallowed.

"Yes.." I replied. Looking nervously.

"I found the key for it." She said.

Jenny, the popular girl. Broke into my house while I was shopping with my mother.

"I'm going to get one of your dolls to show to the whole school, haha" Jenny whispered, walking in the kitchen. She looked in the drawers for evidence that it was hers. But she saw a button key inside the drawer.

"What is this?" Jenny asked. She had a sudden urge to go to the living room. Jenny saw the door leading to the other world.. She opened the door, and it was a purple magical tunnel.

"What the.. Whoa.." She said.

Yea, I know that was short, but at least I've made Coraline a new enemy from the real world.