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I opened the door and showed my Mother.. Bricks?

"Coraline, I told you, the Other World is all a dream" Mother told me.

"It- it's not!" I exclaimed. Looking at the bricks carefully.

"I swear it's not! See, watch me go through the tunnel." I crawled and went through the bricks. But fell in a dark pit!

"AUGH!" I screamed. I fell... down into an endless pit.. Mother opened the door, and looked down. It was the Beldam! She grinned.

"No! You tricked me!" I shouted. I closed my eyes with tears. I fell hard onto my back. And felt unconsiounce... It was pitch black..

Jenny walked past Coraline's house, but walked back and looked. Should I? Jenny thought. But, after what happened and what Coraline saw.. I don't think I should go back.. She heard a scream. Jenny eyes widen and looked into the window, the door was open, and nobody was home.. This was her chance.. Jenny ran into Coraline's house and in the living room, she looked at the mini door, it was still there. Jenny opened it and a tunnel appeared!

"Yes!" Jenny whispered. She crawled through the tunnel, crawled and crawled, and entered the Other World. The "Other Mother" was in the kitchen. Jenny had stand back up, and walked over to the kitchen.

"Hello, Other Mother" Jenny said. Other Mother looked at Jenny, with her creepy button eyes.

"Hello, Jenny" Other Mother replied. She grinned and held a present box.

"This is for you.." Other Mother grinned wider.

"Uh.. thanks.." Jenny said. She took the present and opened it with, 2 buttons, sewing needle.

I woke up, luckily I didn't die. But I still felt bad. Where was I? I thought. I was in.. a factory? With buttons and sewing machines? I had stand up and looked at many dolls hanging up, there was tons of them! The Beldam must've taken these children's souls.. I looked the buttons, and picked one up. I threw it out of the window and.. It went floating! I turned around and saw The Beldam.

"AHH!" I screamed. I walked backwards and fell on my back.

"Hahahaha.. Coraline.. Now that you're here.. This won't hurt a lot.." She grinned.

"No! You're not sewing buttons in my eyes!" I screamed. I reached for a big button and threw it at her, she held it in the air.

"Your "friend" Jenny just had given up her eyes.. for buttons.. And now that I have the power from her, I can KILL YOU!" The Beldam explained. She grabbed a sewing button and poked my eye, I flintched and scrambled to stand up.

"Ow!" I cried in pain.

"It won't hurt much if you STAY STILL!" She shouted. I ran towards a painting and threw it at her, but she threw it back and it hit my head. I fell backwards.

"Ugh..." I moaned. The Beldam motioned towards me and held me in the air.

"This is the end Coraline. This is goodbye." The Beldam laughed.

Jenny looked in the mirror. There was buttons instead of eyes, but she wanted to stay here. So it was really worth it. She smiled and went downstairs, she saw another mini door, but in the kitchen. Jenny heard shouting, screaming, and crying. She walked slowly towards it. The noise made a rumble, making the whole house shake a bit, she tried to keep her balance, but fell.

"Oof!" Jenny said. She got back up and crawled through it. And saw me. Jenny had stand up and widened her buttons when she had looked at Coraline with... Button eyes...

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