It came to me in a dream~ ... No seriously I had a freakin hot yummy dream about this and I stayed up from 11pm-3 no it's 3:45 A.M exactly :) I had to write this down before it went poof! And I got encourage to write more by someone who reviewed my first story ever saying I did good :D.

Summary: It all started with just a few innocent touches and glances. What happens now that they realize they're urges and they are alone in the office at night? Smut smut because I love smut :D Shizaya, AU, vulgar language... ish ;)

Pairing: SHIZAYA

Disclaimer: I do not own Durarara not the characters, if I did there would be hot yummy smex every day! *q*

Warning: AU, Smut, boyXboy

It started with a few innocent glances, whispers and a few "accidental" brushes of shoulders or hands. It went on for months in the office. No one notices because it was not like they were acts of sexual harassment.

Before either one knew it they're innocent glances and accidental touches turned to intense stares into the others. Vibrant red eyes mixing in with mocha ones. The whispers turning into vulgar language as the taller man made the smaller one shiver with pleasure. They're touches still innocent… (Ok fine, maybe a few sinful ass grabs, grinding and only some knees rubbing against clothed members.)

After a days work of filing papers, writing reports and arguing with clients, Izaya Orihara was worn out. He leans back in his chair and looks around. 'It seems everyone has already left. I'll finish up this last paragraph and leave' He sighed and went back to finishing.

He suddenly feels a hand on his shoulder looking up from the screen to see his favorite person of all. Shizuo Heiwajima.

He smiles and looks back at his screen. "I see you're still here Shizuo." He says pointing out the obvious. Shizuo leans down to the raven-haired man and whispers in his ear.

"I see you're still working." Izaya shivers at the feeling of being so close to him. Reminds him of the time they were in the break room alone for the first time, when they dared to do more.


Izaya finishes his lunch and throws it in the trash. Going to the fridge to pull out another small water bottle. As he grabs the bottle the fridge door shuts for him all of a sudden.

He feels someone's presence right behind him, so close behind him practically having his chest right on his back.

"Finished lunch Izaya?" Says the mysterious man, in a husky voice right in his ear. Izaya jumped at the sound of his name and the familiar voice.

"Yeah Shizuo, did you want some?" He asked with a grin.

The blonde chuckled behind him and pressed a little closer to the smaller man and took his hands off the fridge to slowly ghost over Izaya's hips.

"Mmm, well I do want something..." He whispers with a barely auto-able yet noticeable predator growl at the end of the sentence.

Izaya stood there realizing what the taller man said and pushed back his rear teasingly, earning another growl, which was deeper this time. The hands Shizuo had that were hovering over slim hips gripped on them as he pushed into Izaya.

Then as they were about to slowly grind into each other they heard a roar of laughter coming close to the door and stopped their actions to distance themselves.

End flashback!~

'If only those damn guys didn't walk in I could've had Shizuo in the palm of my hands' Izaya thought as he came back to reality. He got up pushing both his chair and Shizuo back as he looked around the office.

This time they were definitely alone. Finishing his paper seconds ago, he turned his computer off, made sure everything on his desk was organized and looked back at Shizuo.

"Not working anymore," he says replying to Shizuo's earlier question in an erotic way.

Izaya stared at Shizuo as he stood there in his entire god like glory. Nice tanned skin showing from rolled up sleeves, such a tall proportional body. His features on his face so perfect, especially those eyes. Those deep mocha orbs just had the tendency to look up and down Izaya's body with whatever chance they got. Those perfect sinful lips always moist as Shizuo's tongue likes to snake it's way out to coat them with salvia. Making sure Izaya watched. 'His eyes and lips always make my knees go weak.' Izaya thought to himself. It's like the god above carved this ideal man just for him.

"Izaya?" Shizuo waved a hand in front of the raven-haired man, causing him to snap out of his trance and wipe the drool that was threatening to fall out the corner of his mouth.

Shizuo chuckled and then looked at his colleagues' body as well.

'And that laugh!' Izaya shouted in his mind. 'His laugh always turns me on'

Izaya's eyes followed the taller man's and he let out a small moan. Inside he knew that Shizuo was mentally undressing him.

He wanted sooo badly to have Shizuo take him right there, right now but that's no fun if there's no teasing.

Shizuo stopped his glances as he looked at Izaya with suggestive eyes. Izaya knew what Shizuo wanted and now they are alone in an empty office, giving Shizuo this only chance to pounce on him.

Before Izaya can say anything he felt a pair of hungry lips engulfing his. His eyes widened then narrowed as he let himself get devoured by the man. He steps back from the force of the kiss only to be stopped by the edge of his desk. He slides himself on top of it and continues to get taken over by the blond. This is their first time kissing.

The kiss was heated and inviting, he felt something glide across his bottom lip then a sudden nip making him gasp. Shizuo taking this chance to deepen this kiss, he slithers his tongue into Izaya's mouth, making him mewl underneath him and shiver.

Izaya threw his hands up into those blonde locks, only to intertwine his fingers in them. Pulling the taller man closer to him.

Shizuo comfortably settled himself between the raven's legs, hooking onto the hollow of his knees, pulling their waists closer together.

Izaya pulled back from the kiss, resulting in a trail of saliva that followed then broke. A sighed moan slipped through his lips when he felt the man in front of him using those sinful lips to massage his sensitive neck.

As good as it felt, Izaya wanted to take control. He lightly pushed the man off him.

"Sit" He commanded. With a seductive tone and half lidded lust filled eyes.

Shizuo did as he was told and sat down on the chair. Izaya now had a clear view of the tent that was pitched in the blondes' pants. He nearly moaned from the sight. He couldn't believe that the guy every single girl in the office, had fantasies of, who didn't go a day without having at least all sorts of beautiful women thrown at him, is right in front of him after making out panting 'Hard,' with a massive boner and staring him down like an animal in heat.

Izaya didn't want this to be the first and the last time they do this, he didn't know how long Shizuo was going to have this attraction towards him, because what he felt toward him was much stronger. So he's going to make it worth his wild.

He hopped off the desk and stood in front of the false blonde. He gave him a tempting lick of his lips before turning around and wiggling his hips. He slowly started to abandon his jacket. Looking over his shoulder as it dropped to the ground. He could here a low moan coming from the man seated in the chair. He saw the desire in Shizuo eyes. He shuddered when he noticed Shizuo looked like a sex god sitting in his thrown waiting to be pleasured. He turned his whole body back around to face him.

He moved his hands up his body leisurely to his tie, undoing it with smooth ease and with just 1 finger. When it slid into his hand he thought of something to spice things up. He already discarded the buttons from their holds a while ago, letting his shirt hang loosely off him.

He took 4 steps towards Shizuo with an alluring sway to his hips. He leaned both hands on the arms of the chair before kissing Shizuo passionately. He melted into the kiss, meeting his tongue with Shizuo's once again.

Shizuo nipped his tongue then sucked on it earning a small moan from the raven.

Izaya's knees buckled and he rested one knee in between the other's thighs. Unconsciously rubbing it against his erection.

Shizuo bucked his hips into the knee. Both the friction and the kissing stopped causing him to frown. He wanted more. He soon felt cloth and darkness being wrapped around his eyes.

"You know Shizuo. When one's eyesight is taken away, all the other senses heighten," he purred. To prove his point he licked and nibbled the grown man's earlobe feeling him squirm beneath him and his breath hitch. He unbuttoned Shizuo's shirt, revealing a toned chest, stomach and a nice set of abs.

Izaya bit back a moan and practically fainted at the sight. 'I knew he was hot, but god damn was he looking extremely 'fuckable' now!' Izaya held back the urge to lick all over those abs.

He slid his hands to go down Shizuo's chest to his abs feeling them quiver underneath his touch. He smirked and then went down on his knees. Caressing the inside of Shizuo's thighs, he moved his hands up just to stop right at his clothed member.

'Now's the moment of truth' Izaya thought excitedly 'If he's perfect all around there's only one more place to look.' He fiddled with the belt finally getting it detached. He unbuttoned, and then unzipped his pants pulling them down to his knees to find a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

He then palmed Shizuo's length getting an unmanly moan in return. 'Hehe, cute' He pulled down the underwear torturously slow. Leaving a sexually frustrated Shizuo to groan in disappointment at how slow it was going.

He then bucked his hips forward causing the underwear to pull down faster.

"Tsk, tsk Shizuo. So impatie-huge!" He shrieked out, red eyes widened as he stared at what stood proud before him. He's never seen anything so big in his entire life! It had to be nearly a foot long! 'Ok fine 9 to 10 inches, I was always good at getting exact measurements' Izaya was speechless he couldn't stop gawking at the massive anatomy, he also found out the the man wasn't a natural blonde.

"Shizuo…" He breathed. Blinking after the lack of moisture from staring, he felt his own pants tightening.

"Izaya… Hurry" He panted feverishly. This snapped Izaya out of his train of thought.

"Now what exactly do you want me to hurry with?" He asked obviously knowing what he meant. He maneuvered his hand to the base of the member, feeling it pulse and watching as pre-cum slowly oozed from the tip. He blew on the head, hearing the man in the chair hiss in satisfaction.

"F-fuck… mmm…you know…ha…w-what I mean" He stuttered out. Izaya portrays an evil playful grin across his face.

"Well… I don't know what you want me to do," He announces innocently but still with a wicked smile he knew Shizuo couldn't see. He decided to lick the base of the large rod to the top in one quick move. Shizuo throws his head back and groans at the sudden feeling.

"T-that! Mmm… fuck, do that again… Izaya… don't make me beg." 'Oh but that exactly what I want' He starts to tease the head with the tip of his tongue just a little, waiting for him to give in and beg Izaya to suck him.

"Damnit!" he hissed out. "Izaya p-please it's so painful." He begs. Izaya gladly swallows up as much as he can of the throbbing limb. Shizuo bucked his hips slightly, only for Izaya to push them back down. He moved his head up and down slowly. He sucked, pulled and swirled, almost daring him to cum into his mouth.

He was going at an unbearable speed for Shizuo causing him to get irritated, groaning in frustration and thrusting his member deeper into his mouth. He could tell this surprised him from the small choked sound he heard as he released in his mouth, forcing Izaya to swallow all of it.

Izaya moaned when he left the warm liquid go down his throat. He sucked a few more times causing the blond to shudder, making sure he got all of it 'God he tastes so good' and then let go with a faint 'pop' sound.

Now Shizuo was a hot panting mess. Izaya got up and caught his lips, he moaned lightly into the kiss. After what happened, now Izaya was the one with the painful erection. He disposed of both his and Shizuo's pants and underwear somewhere while Shizuo was climbing down from his high.

He planted himself on his lap grinding and rolling his hips to relieve at least a little bit of the pain only to find out he wanted more of the delicious rubbing. He began to reawakened Shizuo's length, which in no time was fully erect again.

Izaya smiles "Shizuo you get aroused easily don't you?" He continues to use his skillful hips bringing them both satisfaction.

They both started to fill the office with loud moans and the small squeaks of the chair from their rocking. With his lips Shizuo felt his way around Izaya's body only to latch onto a perked nipple causing the raven-haired man to whine from the sudden feeling.

He chuckled lightly "Izaya, your body is so sensitive and honest" he maneuvered his lips to latch onto to the neck of the smaller man and began licking, earning a shameless cry of pleasure.

Izaya couldn't take it anymore "Ahh…. S-Shizuo…. Please…" He mumbled "I-I want you… Shizuo..." He pleaded desperately and tugged at Shizuo's hair.

Shizuo reached both his hands onto Izaya's rear groping and squeezing both cheeks. 'Mmm… nice' He thought as he gave it a quick smack receiving a wanton shriek from the man on him.

He used one hand to find Izaya's member and start to stroke it teasingly. Going slow then speeding up for only a quick second then agonizingly slow again.

Izaya cried out "Shizuo stop teasing me"

With that said he stops. Izaya, relieved yet disappointed, tried to find his breathing.

Shizuo brought up one hand to feel around so he could find Izaya's mouth. Once he found it he felt how soft they were and then guided three fingers near his mouth. "Suck" He commanded with a low growl following after.

Izaya shivered. He was supposed to be in control but he didn't care. It's nice to be dominated sometimes too. He willing took the three fingers moaning and sucking around them making sure to coat them well as he thrust his erection up against Shizuo's again.

The blonde bit back a moan at the amazing friction he felt. He slid his fingers out of the raven's mouth. He reached back behind him and with one free hand he spread a cheek, while the other hand rubbed the fingers around the puckered entrance, taking one finger and sliding it into him slowly. The hot inside walls of Izaya squeezing around his finger . 'It feels like my finger's going to fucking melt off.'

Izaya moaned loudly, arched his back and the heat rose to his face, "M-More… Shizuo…." He panted pushing his hips into the finger. He adds another one, this time feeling Izaya wince at the pain but quickly getting used to it.

"You don't seem to be in much pain for your 'first time'?" He says with one eyebrow raised.

"I-Idiot, I've been waiting…aaah… for this… mmm… m-moment so I knew… ah… it'd hurt" He tried to explain, only to have Shizuo show a frown because he didn't quite understand.

"I tend to …mmm…finger myself…oooh…every other …Aahn… night thinking about… AAH… about y-you, so now you kno-AAAH ~!" Shizuo already entered a third finger while Izaya was talking and quickening his thrusts to what he was saying. Imagining him using his own fingers and hearing his name slip through those succulent lips as his other hand moves up and down his shaft.

Shizuo snapped back to reality stopping his actions when he felt the man on him jolt his body into him, gripping his shoulders tightly and screaming his name.

"Izaya?" he couldn't see anything so he didn't know if he hurt him or not.

"Oh f-fuck, aahh~! There again S-shizuo~" he yells as tears cloud up his visions from the intense pleasure, enticingly rolling those hips onto Shizuo's slender fingers.

He licked his lips when he continued moving his fingers back into the same angle only to feel Izaya's body convulsing on him.

"You like the way I finger you, huh?" He asks in a low voice that makes Izaya tremble with anticipation.

"Mmm… Aaah… I do~ I love it! I-aaah~ feels soo… uuhn… good!" He exclaims. He pushes into the fingers harder.

"Aaaahh!… S-Shizuo… Please…" He mumbled out "E-Enter me… Shizuo...uhn~" Izaya cried out.

Shizuo was fighting the urge not to cum so early just from hearing that pleading cry from his soon to be lover.

Izaya was already about to burst from holding it in when his prostate was being teased. He took hold of Shizuo's member and guided it behind him to his entrance, pulling out the fingers inside of him making him moan at the feeling.

He undid the makeshift blindfold, revealing to Shizuo a stunning sight. Dark red eyes, deep with lust hidden behind long eyelashes staring right back at him, his member twitching, threatening to cum. Those delectable lips, so plump and swollen from his nips and kisses earlier. His shirt hung low now by his elbows revealing his entire upper body.

Shizuo was drooling. Staring at the hot, fuckable mess in front of him. He grabbed Izaya by the back of his head pulling him in for a passionate, spine tingling, toe curling kiss Izaya has ever had before.

They broke apart with their foreheads against each other gasping for air.

"Shizuo, please… fuck me…. Hard" He whines into his ear only fueling Shizuo's sex drive even more.

He grips firmly onto his hips positioning himself while rubbing tauntingly against the entrance.

"You better hold on tight, Izaya." He moans slightly

Before the raven could even think, a wave of pain and pleasure rushes through his body. He throws his head back and screams. Shizuo tries a few slow pace thrusts, finding the position not really comfortable.

He stood up and placing Izaya onto the desk before throwing those slender legs of his shoulder. Eyes widen open to the sudden new position, Izaya gasped. The pain now completely gone he felt Shizuo pulsating inside him as he waited for him to get comfortable.

They pulled in for another heated kiss, tongues battling it out. Shizuo used this distraction to thrust violently into his lover hitting the same bundle of nerves that had him screaming his name earlier, to only hear him screaming it again.

Izaya felt the drool going down his chin and his mind go blank as he just got fucked mercifully on the desk. With each thrust Shizuo buried himself deeper into the smaller man hitting nerves and areas of him that Izaya didn't even know he could feel.

He felt he was going insane. The desk beneath him shaking and protesting at the vigorous movements. He knew he was flexible but he never had his knees so close to his ears before. Papers flew off the desk, as did his pencils, mouse and keyboard.

Shizuo was biting down onto his neck sucking and licking the bruises he made. The sucking and licking stopped in one spot on Izaya's neck, which made his eyes to roll back and moan loudly as at the same moment his prostate was hit dead on once more making his vision blur and see white spots

"Aaah! Aaahh.. uuhnn.. fuck…. Aahh.. ooohh.. mmm… Shizuoooo.. s-s-so-ah!… rough~!" He screamed through out basically the whole building.

Shizuo was breathing heavily onto Izaya's neck.

"Mmhmm… but.. Ah.. you like it" He smirks, He's starting to get really, really close to his orgasm as he felt the oh so familiar feeling in his abdomen but he new this time he was going to come harder then usual.

A few more powerful thrusts into Izaya's prostate made him go over the edge. He tried to cling on to something, anything as he felt his body trying to curl itself in, he shot his eyes open, not remembering when he closed them, as he came hard between his and the blonds' chest and stomach.

The tightening hot walls around Shizuo drove him to pure bliss as he came deep inside the raven-haired man all the way to the hilt. Having his name slip through his lips. As his vision blurred a bit.

They rode out their orgasms a bit before pulling out, making Izaya squirm a bit and picking him up to collapse on the floor together.

They laid there on the floor in the afterglow for about ten minutes before looking into each others eyes. Izaya was about to fall asleep until he heard some sweet words whispered into his ear.

"I love you Izaya, you are and forever will be mine and mine only" He kisses his temple and continues "like hell I'm going to give you up."

Izaya giggles and whispers back an 'Iloveyoutoo' before drifting to sleep.

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