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It felt as though he was wandering for hours.



"Is anyone there!?"




'Was that Izaya's voice?'


"Shizuo please…"

"Open your eyes..."

Few hours later.

His eyes started to flutter open periodically trying to stay open. He saw white cloud his vision every time he tried to open them.

After a couple minutes of struggle he finally got his eyes to fully open and tried to focus any image to show up in his eyesight. He soon heard faint sounds of beeping and… and breathing mismatching his own.

He felt his hand twitch under a strange weight on top of it and felt his wrist have a tickling sensation.

He blinked his eyes tiredly and attempted to move his head to the strange feeling on his hand. He saw a pile of raven-hair assaulting his slightly numb hand.

'I know that hair anywhere…' He gave a weary smile and a small chuckle. The pile of hair shuffled a bit and he heard a small sigh.

"Shizuo…" His eyes grew wide and tried to move his lips and voice his lovers' name only to be stopped by the sound of a door opening and a familiar voice.

"So, it seems his wounds are just about done healing just give it a wee-Shizuo!" He stared up at the bespectacled doctor with a clipboard and a happy beam spread across his face.

The small raven on his hand lifted his head. Shizuo saw a drained expression and drool going down the side of his mouth, and watched him wipe it off.

Exhausted, puffy scarlet eyes mixed with well rested ones and the room went silent for about a minute or two.

"Sh…Shizuo" Izaya's eyes grew wide and then they immediately tear up.

"Shizuo!" He screams and jumps into the blonde's arms.

Shinra and the nurse with him laughed as Shizuo grunt from the hug and as Izaya cried intensely in his lover's arms.

"How dare you almost l-leave me like that!? Y-you scared me to death and I thought I-I was going to lose you f-f-forever!" He stuttered out as he cried onto the taller mans' chest.

"I'm sorry Izaya, I didn't mean to scare you like that, will you forgive me?"

"Idiot!" He pulls his head up and looks into the brown eyes he thought he'd never seen again before kissing him passionately.

Shizuo's eyes grew wide and he melted into the warm lips he thought he'd never feel again.

The nurse gasped, blushed and turned around, while Shinra walked over to the two pulling them apart.

"Hey, hey. Don't forget you guys are still in a hospital. You can have your fun when your not in public."

The two smiled at each other before nodding back at the doctor. The raven put his head back onto his lovers' chest.

"Well Shinra I guess I owe you 2, huh?" He chuckled to himself. Izaya lightly leaned into the rumbling in the man below hims' chest.

"It's ok Shizuo! I will drop the 2 you owe me as long as you make Izaya happy, got it?!" He smirked at them and winked at Shizuo before checking the medical equipment hooked into the blonde.

"So… How long have I been out?" He questioned them all.

They all looked back at him giving a small smile.

"2 and a half weeks, Shizuo" Shizuo blinked 3 times.

"Man, that long? Well at least it was a good nap." He gave a small chuckle and kissed the raven's forehead.

"Well, since you're awake you get to be dispatched today, Shizuo. Just so you know your wounds are basically all healed up. Just for the next week, no vigorous activities, kay?"

He glared at Izaya making sure he got the hint and the raven only hissed back in frustration knowing exactly what he meant.

Shizuo caught on too. They all talked for a few hours before Shizuo was officially sent home.

When he was sleeping he had a few dreams about Izaya and him on a vacation. So for the next week he was going to make his plan go in motion.

2 weeks later.

Shizuo couldn't wait to go home after work because tomorrow was Izaya's birthday and he wanted to make it special for him. For the next 2 days, him and Izaya decided to go on their first vacation together. They knew it was short but it still counted as a vacation.

They went on plenty of dates after Shizuo woke up and got out of the hospital. They caught up on a lot of things they've missed to know about each other when Shizuo was unconscious and when they were in a fight and Izaya was ignoring him.

Izaya learned that Shizuo was a great cook/baker. Shizuo learned… That Izaya wasn't. He taught Izaya one day how to bake a cake and it turned into a hot sticky mess. Not the cake… they did.

Shizuo also learned that when Izaya's sleeping he loves to have his head stroked, he practically purred and it over-loaded Shizuo's cute meter, making him almost suffocate his lover with a full strength cuddle.

Izaya already knew that Shizuo had amazing strength and made him glad because he felt safe.

Also Izaya found out that Shizuo has a sweet spot right underneath his right ear, which turns him on instantly, and always resulting him tackling Izaya to the ground, the sofa or the bed and fucking him ruthlessly till he was completely spent and begging Shizuo to stop but actually wanting more.

Shizuo knew he had a huge sexual appetite, and felt bad for Izaya knowing he couldn't last for more then 3 rounds without passing out when Shizuo on the other hand could go for 4 or 5 especially after being sex deprived for a month.

Shizuo found that the more time they spent together, the more he was falling for the raven, just when he thought he couldn't fall for him anymore then he already had. Also reminiscing at all the things he already loves about him and will always love.


The next day Shizuo and Izaya woke up early to get last minute things together before they missed their train. They were on their way to a beach house Shizuo's family owned and allowed him to use whenever he felt like it.

He really wanted to make this birthday special for him. He already had the whole day planned out for them, but if Izaya wants to do something else then he wouldn't mind.

When they got off the train they took a taxi to drive all the way to the beach house. Shizuo watched Izaya bouncing up and down in his seat in excitement while looking out the opened window pointing at everything he saw.

"Shizuo look! The ocean! It's so beautiful, I've never seen the ocean in person, only on tv and other things." Izaya watched the ocean shimmer in amazement. He couldn't wait to go in it.

"Yeah, beautiful." Shizuo wasn't talking about the ocean he was talking about Izaya. He was so head over heels for him he always wanted to be with him, he loved seeing that cute childish look on the male's face. It makes him want to see it all the time.

He remembered he really wanted to take Izaya down to the beach. What better time to do then for his birthday and after his recovery.

Izaya went on to tell Shizuo what he learned about certain sea creatures and shells through out the car ride.

He didn't mind as long as he was happy.

The car stopped at a big two-story house with massive windows and a big front door.

"Shizuo what's that?" Izaya pointed to an attachment on the house, which had a wooden barrier around it admitting steam.

"It's an outdoor spring, now Izaya… IZAYA!? Help with the bags before you go sprinting in!" he yelled toward his lover who was already a few steps to the door.

Stopping in mid-step, he turns around now walking towards the blondd with a pout on his face and staring with innocent puppy like eyes.

Shizuo rolled his eyes and handed a bag to Izaya.

Izaya's pout turned into a smirk and sat on the suitcase.

"Shizuo don't you have incredible strength? Why can't you carry them all yourself? You're a big boy now, you don't need help." He tried to convince the blonde who only scowled Izaya telling him to carry his own bags.

"Izaya, I only use my strength for good uses, not to be a servant and carrying things for you."

Izaya sighed and followed his lover to the door, watching him closely as he unlocked the door quite unreasonably slow making Izaya irritated and impatient.

"Shizuo turn the key faster." He whines, and then sees the door finally open, dashing in before Shizuo could open it even a foot.

Izaya dropped his bags in the middle of the floor before twirling and jumping around letting an unmanly squeal escape his body.

Shizuo picked up Izaya's bag and sighed in disbelief because he had to carry the raven's bag anyways.

Izaya has never been in such a huge house before. It gave a warm, calming aura.

The living room was beautiful. You could see the upstairs in full view.

He examined the living room closely. He realized there was no TV. 'Good he'd rather spend time with Shizuo then watch TV.'

He turned his head and glanced at a row of full sized windows that faced the ocean giving you a good view of the beach. There was a door in the middle of the row, which had a path leading to the pool; a patio and the gate, which when opened, lead you to the beach.

He was so tempted to run out and feel the ocean breeze and do everything he has seen in movies.

He met Shizuo upstairs and stared into the oddly set up bedroom. The bathroom was practically right next to the bed only a small level above the ground. There was a glass separating the 2 rooms from actually being one room. 2 steps led to the bathroom and Izaya went up them. He stepped into the empty tub and knocked on the glass to Shizuo who was unpacking.

Shizuo glanced over to see a blushing Izaya pointing to small fogged up part of the glass that illustrated a rubbed in heart he made.

Shizuo smiled sweetly at the man before going over, stepping in the tub with him and embracing him in a passionate kiss while pushing him against the glass.

They got done their unpacking and the tour of the house.

Izaya was starting to get antsy; he really wanted to go to the beach.

"Izaya, will you calm down we'll be there in no time before it gets completely dark."

They were already in their swim trunks. Izaya wore a shirt with his and Shizuo was shirtless showing his toned body. Izaya blushed and turned his head to the side, trying to control his dirty thoughts.

They strolled their way down to the beach. Izaya was already way ahead Shizuo setting up his towel away from the moving in tide, set his stuff down and threw his top off.

He was about to jump into the water when he heard a beckoning Shizuo telling him he needed to put sunscreen on or he'll get burnt.

Izaya slugged back to sit on the towel his back facing Shizuo. Izaya worked on his legs and arms while Shizuo did his back.

He rubbed into Izaya with his hands full of lotion wiping it all over his back repeatedly in the same motions to make sure he didn't miss anywhere.

Izaya was now working on his stomach when he let out a small squeak and then shivered when he felt Shizuo's fingers circling around his now hardened nipples.

"Izaya, you can't forget to put lotion up here too, you wouldn't want to get these cuties sunburned do you?" He smirked as he continued his teasing, feeling the raven tremble underneath his touch.

"Sh-shizuo… ngh… stop it." He tried to control the moan that was trying to escape his lips. He threw his head back onto his lover's shoulder, one of his arms was wrapped around one of the blonde's, holding on tightly. He lifted the back of his free hand to his mouth at an attempt to muffle obscene moans. He was successful but he couldn't control the next one.

"Aaaaahhh~… Sh-shizuo… no stop… w-we're in public." He tried to get out but was taken over by his moans and Shizuo's hands. He rolled his hips slightly into the hand, drowning in the sensation, he wanted more and continuously repeated the movement.

He bit his lip as he was starting to loose his control.

Shizuo was cupping Izaya's half erection and pinching one pink peak between his thumb and index finger twisting it and rubbing it. He latched onto his neck causing the smaller man to shudder uncontrollably against him as he sucked, licked and nibbled feeling Izaya rubbing faster against his hand.

"It's ok Izaya there's no one with in miles since the sun is leaving. They are probably eating." He breathed against the raven's neck before diving right back in.

He squeezed the man's growing arousal and shuddered at the surprising sound he heard.

"Nngh!" Izaya couldn't stop; he felt as if his hips had a mind of their own, they snapped forwards into the large hand that was palming him roughly.

He held onto the blonde's arms shamelessly grinding into the hand and panting heavily as he let out low desperate moans.

Shizuo finally placed his hand into Izaya's trunks and started pumping him.

"Aaaah!… n-no… Shizuo… mmmm.. don't…aaahh~" His body was now quaking intensely and his breathing was all over the place as he felt his orgasm approaching.

Shizuo rubbed from the base to the top and thumbed the slit as he smeared pre-cum all around the tip repeating his actions.

Izaya's eyes shot opened, not noticing he closed them, when he felt Shizuo rubbing the tip of his fully aroused manhood. His eyes glazed over with frantic desire.

He was about to say or moan something out when Shizuo released his grip from his nipple to turn his head up towards him so they shared a heated kiss. Their tongues battled, until Shizuo nipped his tongue and sucked on the muscle having Izaya admit his defeat and mewled into his lover's mouth.

Izaya suddenly jolted and his body shook violently as he came all over Shizuo's hand and his own trunks and groaned loudly into the kiss as his body went limp. Shizuo kept pumping around the organ until he knew the raven was completely done.

Izaya sat there dazed for a few minutes staring at the waves as they crashed along the shore.

His breathing then became regular again and he came down from his high.

"Shizuo… I can't believe… you just did that."

Shizuo grinned against his neck and hummed.

Izaya pushed himself off Shizuo.

"Shizuo now I have to go all the way back to change" looking at his soiled trunks.

Shizuo licked the remaining seeds off his hands enticingly and stared with sexual hunger towards him.

Izaya shuddered and felt his body growing hot again. 'Shizuo was a beast, truly a beast.'

He started to walk away from Shizuo acting as though he didn't see the hint of greed in the man's mocha eyes.

He turned back to see Shizuo packed all the beach things and was headed towards the house as well. He could clearly see he erection in his pants.

Once they got in the house he tried to make his way upstairs when he heard an animal like growl come behind him and was suddenly flung over Shizuo's shoulder and saw the living room slowly getting smaller.

"Shizuo you brute! P-put me down." Pounding his hands on the blonde's back which didn't faze him only earning a grunt from the man.

He was soon tossed onto the bed and whined.

Shizuo went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Izaya watched as Shizuo stripped and stepped in.

Heat rising to his face when he saw Shizuo's erection, he had eyes wide open as he couldn't believe what he was watching.

Shizuo was slowly stroking himself while intensely gazing at Izaya. Mocha eyes merged with scarlet as he started to pump himself a bit faster not breaking the eye contact.

Izaya felt his own member reawakening. Shizuo looked at the bulge in his lover's pants' knowing he was heating up just like him.

"Izaya…" Shizuo panted out.

Shizuo out stretched an arm and leaned against the glass. Izaya was staring at a now fully drenched, tempting, aroused man before him.

Izaya gave a wicked smirk to Shizuo as he slowly slid his hand down to his now swollen member. He began to drive his hand up and down his shaft as tantalizing moans escaped his lips.

They slowly started to speed up their movements. Izaya decided to 1 up it a bit and started sucking on his 2 fingers, his other hand still stroking with rhythmic movements. He let his sly tongue twirl around them groaning in the process while enticingly staring down the blonde.

He pulled them out slowly with a thin line of saliva following after. His trunks already tossed aside somewhere, he teased his entrance gazing at Shizuo seductively before shoving 1 finger in throwing his head back as he thrusts in time with his strokes.

He added another finger this time wincing at the pain only to be overcome with a wave of pleasure when he brushed against a bundle of sensitive nerves.

Shizuo at this point, was rubbing faster against his erection watching Izaya finger himself. He stopped his movements when he heard a heated whine.

"Sh-shizuo… I can't.. p-please I want you now~" Izaya was now on his arching back purring in pleasure, still moving his fingers and hand in sync with each other. A trail of saliva slowly going down his chin as he gasped every time he brushed against the area inside him that made his eyes roll back.

Izaya let out a small yelp when he felt the bed dip suddenly and water dripping over his body, making him shiver. He looked up to find Shizuo's hand on his fingers and pulling them out making him whimper at the lost only to be filled instantly with something hot and thicker.

He screamed at the sudden intrusion grabbing into Shizuo's hair only to pull him down close so they shared yet a 3rd heated kiss that day.

For about an hour the room was filled with their lustful moans and cries of pleasure with an addition of a protesting bed.

After the vigorous lovemaking they lay on the bed completely spent. Izaya looked over at a rolled over blonde to see he was searching for something.

He was about to cuddle up to the man when heard a buzz at his side of the bed. His phone lighting up and he couldn't reach from where he was. He got up groaning and sat at the edge of the bed to look at the message.


"Happy birthday Izaya! I bet you and Shizuo are going at it like a couple of rabbits, huh?! I'd win that bet! Well you two have a great time! Remember you're men and all but too much sex and you'll end up pregnant!"

He felt his cheeks heat up and he choked on a gasp.

'Pregnant!?' His mind was in a whirl. Izaya was too shocked to realize Shinra was kidding.

He jumped when he felt something cold wrap around his neck. He looked down to see it was a silver chain and what was dangling from it was a small crystal being wrapped by a spiral of silver lining and inside the crystal was a small rose.

"W-what?" Izaya stuttered as he stared at the jewelry.

"Izaya, I love you, I really do. After the incident I realized my love for you ran deeper then I thought. I'm glad lately you've warmed up to me and well, happy birthday Izaya."

Shizuo was a bit embarrassed giving something like that to his lover. There was so much more Shizuo wanted to say when he felt himself being tackled onto his back again. He heard a 'thankyou' come from the smaller man before being squeezed.

"I'm glad you liked it Izaya." He gave a small smile and patted the raven's head.

"Oh yeah, who was that that messaged you?" He felt Izaya tense at the question and noticed the hesitation.

"Sh-shinra." He lifted himself up then the smaller man's head to look into those flaming red eyes. He saw a deep shade of red cover the man's face and wrapping around to his ears.

Shizuo chuckled at the cute response.

"What did he say?"

"Uhm, U-uh… He… He just wished me a happy birthday that's all!" Waving a hand in front of his face like he was trying to wipe the topic away and laughing awkwardly.

Shizuo raised a curious eyebrow and stared down at the raven.

"Well Shizuo! I really love the necklace but not as much as I love you though!" He announced knowing he changed the subject when the man smiled.

"Look, I'm sorry I was so distant, I never really had any way to explain to you and it was something in the past tha-" Shizuo put a hand over his lover's mouth.

He looked at Izaya with loving eyes and kissed his forehead.

"Izaya, whatever happened in the past… stays in the past" He gives a dazzling smile making Izaya melt.

"All I want you to do and only do is focus on us and the future. I know everything will be fine because so far all of our obstacles have passed and now it's just us, got it?"

He gives a stern look and earns an agreeing nod from the raven. They fall into a meaningful embrace, having Izaya's head nuzzled in his lover's chest, his new favorite spot.

"I love you…" He whispers, then looks up to be surprised at what he saw.

Shizuo had a hand over his mouth, averting his eyes from the crimson ones and he was blushing a deep red.

"I-I was trying to keep my cool so hard but you just had to ruin it by being too god damn adorable didn't you?" He pushed Izaya down and was now the one to smother his face into the others chest.

Izaya laughed and started to stroke the blonde hair gaining a small hum from the taller man.

'Yes, the past is in the past. Now I'm only focusing on my… I mean our future.' He smiles to himself and gets comfortable in their position before falling deep into a wonderful dream, only consisting of Shizuo and him and there beautiful future together.

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