Rating: K+

Spoilers: Midnight of the Century, Goodbye to All That

Summary: She wasn't sure what made her grab the picture frame that morning.

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Author's note: how did she know?

She wasn't sure what made her grab he picture frame that morning. It wasn't an angel - which was good, because mommy didn't like angels. It was just a feeling she got, standing there in jeans and pajama top. A feeling like moving again, but not the same. There was evil, and pain, but mostly running and loss. There was no packing, no planning; they were just gone. But not forever.

She looked around her new white room at all her favorite things. Her soccer ball, soft green shirt, fish-print flip flops, u The

Chronicles of Narnia/u, a pink rock from a Washington beach vacation, a stuffed animal dog named Rusty, her grandmother's blue angel, the butterfly her addy had bought for her when they first got back to DC, which hung suspended above her bed. But more than that, Iall/I of her things - books, toys, clothes, even furniture - were here in this room.

She looked around again. She knew there were children around the world, even in this city, that had less, far less. She also knew she had her father. She grabbed the one thing she knew she needed.

She had changed he shirt and was brushing her hair in front of her mirror when he called. "Jordan, your breakfast's getting cold."

"Coming, daddy," she called. We're coming.