A/N: Hi, Anubis lovers! So I know a lot of people have come up with ideas like this, but mine is different. So it's 21 years from now; 2033. All the Anubis kids are married, 38 years old( assuming that in 2012 they are about 17 years old) and they are bringing their children back to where they went to school. Just your average story. Or is it? Will the kids of the Chosen One and the Osirion adopt their parents' powers? You'll just have to read to find out.

Nina's POV

"Aren't you excited, Nat?" I asked my eleven-year-old daughter Natalie. Today was the first day of September, 2033, which was Natalie's first day at boarding school. Well, arriving day. I looked behind my car seat to see her reaction.

"I guess. I hope it's not too bad" she replied, looking out the window.

"You'll be fine. Your mother and I had plenty of fun at this school. The house you're going to be living in is the very one we lived in" my husband Fabian reassured her. He is of course referring to Anubis house, where Fabian, all our old friends and I had many... interesting adventures. A lot of them involved Ancient Egyptian curses.

"Ha! Good luck. I doubt you'll make any friends" Jason, my fourteen-year-old son, teased her. Jason had already been going to this school for three years; this year will be his fourth year living at Isis house.

"Jason! Leave your sister alone, it's only her first day" I scolded him.

"Oh yeah? What are you, in year eight? Funny how you have only had one friend for three years" Natalie retorted.

"Shut up, year five" Jason said, enraged.

"Ok, enough! We're here, anyway" Fabian said as he parked our silver BMW outside the front of the school. I got out of the car and smiled. Good & bad times I had at this place. I just hope Natalie and Jason never have to go through what I went through as 'The Chosen One'. I hadn't needed to use my powers or hear about them since I finished high school and left Anubis house, so there was no reason for me to tell my kids what happened. Besides, that had been about 20 years ago.

I realised there weren't many people here yet; the school was basically empty. Fabian opened the boot of the car and grabbed Natalie's suitcase, while Jason grabbed his suitcase.

"Mum? I'm excited but... also scared" Natalie said with a worried face. I smiled and rubbed her shoulder.

"It's okay, honey. I was scared too at first, but don't worry. You'll make new friends. Just focus on your schoolwork, and don't worry too much about what everyone else thinks, okay? You'll be fine" I said and gave her a hug. As I pulled away, a familiar white car came down the road and pulled up.

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