A/N: Month after month of pure, wholesome and not-so-wholesome Rizzles fluff.


Three months had passed since Jane began dating Maura—three months in which she felt as if she had finally found what had been missing in her life. Although Maura had been her best friend and constant companion, Jane thought that relationship paled in comparison to what she now had with Maura. Instead of having a crush on her and keeping her feelings to herself, she could now kiss Maura and touch Maura whenever and wherever she wanted to. It was an immature reason to be happy, but Jane couldn't help feeling fortunate enough to be the sole recipient of Maura's affections. Jane Rizzoli had become a ray of sunshine, which prompted merciless teasing from Frost and her brothers—especially her brothers. Even her own mother occasionally joined in on the teasing, but none of it affected Jane. When she was alone with Tommy and Frankie, the three of them would regress to their teenage years and start telling stories about women they've "hooked up" with. Tommy always put Frankie and Jane to shame until one night when the three Rizzoli siblings were at Jane's apartment and Frankie snatched Jane's phone away from her when Maura had sent a photo of herself in lingerie. Jane nonchalantly grabbed the phone away from Tommy who had taken it from Frankie. She knew that photo was meant for her eyes only, but at that moment that photo of Maura in lingerie gave her bragging rights. "You see this woman?" she asked them. "This is who I got to third base with last night and this is who I will score with tonight." It was all so juvenile, but that photo earned Jane some respect and the teasing from her brothers ceased until two weeks later when Maura sent her a text message saying "I miss you" followed by a pet name they used for each other. That's when they regressed—yet again—and started playing keep away with Jane's phone. The evening ended in a broken lamp and a ripped sleeve for Tommy, but that was expected when the Rizzoli siblings were left as a trio with no parental supervision. It had been that way when they were children and it would probably continue well into their twilight years, but their teasing brought Jane to a realization: she wanted to do more than date Maura.

The two of them had spent New Year's Eve together and Jane couldn't think of anyone she would rather kiss when the clock struck midnight. Now that a new year had begun, Jane felt it was the perfect time for a new title for the two of them. No more introducing Maura to people as the woman she was dating. Jane wanted to be able to say to people, "This is my girlfriend Maura." It was a simple word, but it held so much meaning for the two of them. They were already seeing each other exclusively, but the word "girlfriend" meant an even deeper commitment.

With Maura in the shower, Jane saw it as the perfect opportunity to follow through with her plan of asking Maura to be her girlfriend. For a week, Jane had tried to think of the perfect way to ask Maura to be hers, her ideas ranging from grandiose to simple. With some advice from her mother, Jane decided to take a simple approach and involve Bass. She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from Maura's desk and wrote the words "Be Jane's girlfriend?" on it. Once she was certain her handwriting was legible, Jane gently set the paper down in front of Bass.

"Stay still for me," Jane pleaded with the tortoise. "I'm counting on you, Bass." She felt foolish for talking to a tortoise, but she had a favor to ask of him, so she figured she should at least talk to him in a polite manner.

"Babe!" Jane called out.

"Yes?" Maura asked loud enough for Jane to hear her from the bathroom. Jane became unexpectedly nervous when she heard Maura turn the water off.

"Bass has something to tell you," Jane said and gently smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand. Jane, what are you doing? You're not in high school. Ask her to be your girlfriend like a grown woman would. Get her some flowers or take her out for a nice dinner.

"Bass has something to tell me?" Maura asked with a confused expression on her face. She had a towel wrapped around her and her hair was still dripping wet. She typically wouldn't have emerged from the bathroom with dripping hair, but when her woman and her tortoise needed her, drying herself was merely a formality.

Maura was rendered speechless when she saw the note in front of Bass asking her to be Jane's girlfriend. There was no verbal response, only a smile on Maura's face wide enough to show her dimples.

"If it'll make Bass happy," Maura said playfully before rushing over to Jane and wrapping her arms around her.

"Is that a yes?" Jane asked, holding Maura at arms length so she could gauge her reaction.

"That's a yes," Maura reassured her.

Jane pulled Maura in and gave her a quick kiss before lifting her up and eliciting the cutest noises she had ever heard from Maura. She wasn't wearing any make-up and her hair was a drippy, stringy mess, but Jane still thought of her as the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on.

Maura Dorothea Isles is officially my girlfriend, Jane thought as she kissed Maura.

Jane Clementine Rizzoli is mine, Maura thought during that same kiss.

While still kissing Maura, Jane held out her arm and gave a thumbs up to Bass as a congratulations for a job well done. Her plan had worked perfectly, but she couldn't have done it without a little help from her new girlfriend's cherished pet.