Real Estate Advice

Rating: K

Spoilers: Cash Call

Summary: One-shot, post-ep for Cash Call; can we make our own determination as to how long the gap was?

Disclaimer: Not mine, though it's not as though anyone else is paying attention to them.

A/N: Yes, I know he's said it before. I'm just that much of a shipper.

"Did you just call me honey?" she asked when they were sufficiently out of range of the men they'd been watching. She took an extra half step, as much to move away from his hand, which had been hovering about the small of her back since some point during the elevator ride, as to slightly turn to face him.

"No, I just asked if you were paying attention. I called you honey like five minutes ago."

"Hm," was her only reply. She crossed her arms against a sudden breeze and neither spoke again until they reached the car. "Now what?"

"Dinner?" he suggested offhandedly.

"Tom." She looked at him but he was looking down. "We got the photos. We already had the doctored records, the phony accounts, the money trail. This case'll be wrapped within a week, two tops."

"So?" he asked, wiping some dirt from the hood with his thumb. He looked at her as she spoke.

"So you've practically been offering to pack up my stuff and throw me a goodbye party and now you're offering me real estate advice?"

"There's plenty left for you to discover in Calgary," he repeated, shrugging