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Iris's POV.

Tonight was the night of the metro shower. Everyone says if you've seen one you've seen them all, well they were wrong.

"Whoa don't touch me there that is my no no square!" I chanted to my best friend Tabitha. We were throwing a hat at each other and she threw it towards places I'm not all comfortable to talk about.

Tabitha laughed and brushed her short blond/dirt blond hair back behind her. Her musky blue eyes cunningly stared me down as a toothy grin spread across her face.
"Aww come on don't you like it when hats get friendly with you?" she teased.

I laughed and side bumped her out of the way as I walked towards the kitchen, "Ha ha No anyways what time is it the meteor shower is starting at two supposedly." I said and looked back at her with an evil grin.

"We'd better start getting ready, it's 1:56 and the clock is ticking." she said back and threw a coat at me. "This is for the ride." I grinned at her and slipped the warm leather jacket on over my black tank top. Back here in Washington it stays pretty cold, today though proved to be different. Sun rays filled the forest Tabitha and I were staying at for a little while. The heat was nauseatingly painful so we hid in the shelter of our house we shared together most of the day.

Tonight looked like a rather cool night though. The sky was clear and it would be a promising year for meteor showers…unlike the others which always just had to be too cloudy to let any human eye see the meteors falling from space. "Thanks," I muttered to her.

"Are you ready, it's two minutes till now," Tabitha asked. I pushed my light brown hair behind my right ear and straightened the collar of the leather jacket.

"I always am."

We walked over the cherry wooden floors to the sliding glass doors and took in a deep breath, "And you realize we don't have light out there, the place we're viewing from is about a hundred feet away from the house, and we'll be blinded." Tabitha reminded me as she nervously eyed the dark blanket that covered the earth outside.

"Dude, you're with me. I sleep in trees, we'll be fine." I encouraged. I knew she'd get nervous easily out there, and I hadn't ever really slept in trees at night, usually only dozing in the cold or in this case warm days. I'd keep her safe though, I always do.

"Ok, then you're going out first," She challenged and shot me an icy look.

"Gladly," I said with a poker face on. My hand gripped the cold metal of the door as I pulled it harshly sending it open with a cold blast of air rushing back into our faces. I took my first shaky step out into the darkness and squinted up into the sky. It was the PERFECT night for this.

I shoved my whole body out of the door and waved my hand so Tabitha would follow. Feeling more confident than I did when I was inside I started walking slowly down the wooden stairs and onto the gravely concrete path in front of us. Of course, just as I was feeling brave something black zoomed right next to my face and screeched as it went.

I screamed in more of a yelp then anything but it was still enough to send Tabitha sprinting back towards the house, "Wait Tabitha, its ok. It was just a dumb bat." I said as I gripped a hand over my heart. My breathing was trying to slow down from the scare but I shook it off and stood tall for Tabitha.

She slowly crept out after me and slowly closed the glass sliding door in case she had another reason to sprint back inside. Slowly but surely she walked over next to me and we took our first big steps towards the far away hill side. Silence filled the air around us as the seconds turned into minutes.

Finally the hillside came into view and I gasped at its beauty. The star light was so bright tonight that it lit up the hill like the full moon was shining on it. Some fireflies zipped by in fashionable circles that hovered just about the short tree branches, "Damn are we lucky or what?" I exclaimed and looked over at her with wide, excited eyes.

"Or what…" She whimpered making me scoff.

"Look, tabs we'll be ok. I promise its light over there and as soon as you see the first meteor fall than you'll fight with me when it's time to leave." I said with a reassuring smile.

"Alright…I sort of trust you,"

"You always do…" I sighed and trotted out onto the hill. The tall, emerald grass swayed as a slight breeze blew through the field. I craned my neck up to look into the sky only to see fuzzy bright dots, "Damn my eye sight." I grumbled as I rubbed my near sighted eyes.

"Yours too huh? Well I brought my old glasses and we can take turns using them if you'd like," Tabitha said as she too rubbed her near sighted eyes.

"Alright, but you first. They are your glasses," I said warmly and shoved my cold hands into my pockets. Tabitha slipped the large framed, black glasses on over her nose and slid it up to almost in between her eyes. She eyed the stars again and I swore I saw a slight smile curve around her face.

"It's so pretty," She commented as her hand unconsciously lifted to cover her mouth in awe.

"Agreed," I put in and looked over at her. She was trembling in her green and black light jacket and short blue jean shorts. I was wearing almost the same, except for the shirt and coat but I felt fine. "Are you cold?" I asked.

"Yeah I guess," She said back. I pulled my leather jacket off and threw it so it collided with her face. "Just use it like a blanket."

"But aren't you cold too?" She asked as she slipped the dark leather over her shoulders and held it tightly to her chest with one hand.

"I live in Washington, this is warm for me." She laughed at my joke as we walked out to the wooden chairs and picnic tables.

"This one has a fly net on it; we can use that to avoid the bugs." She called from about ten feet away. I thought it over as a mosquito landed on my bare leg and dug in for dinner.

"Sure," I answered and walked over to help zip up the stubborn netting. A small dot of white flashed by when we settled ourselves in some comfy wooden chairs making both of us gasp. "Did you see it?"

"Yeah, it was so fast!" Tabitha exclaimed as her glasses landed in my lap. I quirked an eye brow at her and she motioned for me to put them on. I grudgingly did so hating the fact that I couldn't just see regularly with my own eyes.

Another dot of white whizzed by making me smile, "You're turn," I threw the glasses back to her.

This went on for about an hour until it was once again my turn. I slid the glasses up the bridge of my nose and stood up to get a better view of the sky. A few seconds later a small dot started coming over us slowly, "Tabitha come look at this," I said and pointed to the white dot in the sky as I handed her glasses back to her.

"That's huge!"

"Yeah…" I said and watched as it started getting bigger, "And it's getting bigger, something's not right…"

"I think it's heading towards us," She commented as we stepped outside the netting. Sure enough the meteor was growing bigger and bigger and bigger until my heart jumped into my throat.

"It's headed straight for us!" I screamed. It was maybe ten seconds away now, "Dive down!" I shouted and made a quick decision when she made no attempt to move. I lunged for her and tackled her down the thorny hill as the meteor struck our spotting sight.

Rocks, grass and dirt flew everywhere as it slowly came to a stop. A groan escaped my lips when my head came in contact with a large rock. Darkness slid over my vision as I desperately looked around to make sure Tabitha was alright. She was unconscious a little bit farther down the hill and then…only then, did I let myself pass out.

"Is she dead?" I heard a metallic voice squeak.

"Quiet Gir, the girl seems to be breathing, just…not awake." Another deeper voice snapped. I felt something poking my arm at an annoying pace. "Maybe the other one will respond better, pathetic humans." The voice said again. My brain snapped back into reality when I heard them say that. Anger and adrenaline pumped through my body as my eyes shot open and I sprang up while grabbing someone's arm.

"Get away from her!" I panted as I flipped the person over and pinned them to the ground. I sat on them and shook my head out trying to get the fuzziness out of my vision.

"Gir attack mode!" The person shouted. Something cold collided with my body as it squealed with delight and pinned me to the ground. I opened my eyes again to see light blue ones hanging above me. It was a small robot with blue orbs over its shoulders and an antenna on its head.

A scream flew out of my throat as I threw the thing off and barrel rolled out of the way. I was terrified now. When I sprang up again the other person was right in front of me making me scream again. He had two large ruby eyes with black antenna on his head.

His skin was an almost lime green and he was wearing black gloves with a hot pink shirt on…weird much. "Stop screaming you annoying female!" He yelled at me only making me angry. No one and I mean no one, ordered me around like that.

"What did you call me!" I snapped as he gripped my wrists in one of his hands and glared me down.

"An annoying female you dumb human!" My eyes narrowed when he said that and he could see my anger. It made him falter for a second before he regained his posture and grinned at me, "Now that's more like it."

I felt my muscles bunch up and I used my right leg to use a wrestling move an old friend taught me on him. (SexyPinkBeast actually taught me that move. Not that I'm good at it though haha. He always wins...damn you Bradley...) He fell backwards down the hill with a yelp and took me with him. I was furious, "If you hurt my friend I'll kill you!"

He saw me coming towards him and rolled out of the way so I landed on my back with an oomph. In a split second he was straddling my hips and pinning my hands above my head. "I don't think you could, besides, I'm way more superior than you and your dumb race." He growled.

I crocodile rolled out from under him and gripped his neck as he gripped mine. We glared each other down as our grips got tighter and tighter and tighter, "Who are you?" I choke out and gripped his neck harder.

"I am the almighty ZIM! And just to let you know you are not hurting me," He shot back and grinned at me. Now he was gonna die.

"How about now?" I snapped and used my free hand to punch him square in between the eyes. He stumbled backwards and I punched him again in the stomach. I was sending my last punch when he grabbed my wrist and dodged it. He snapped my arm back behind my back and pushed it up sending pain signals into my brain. I screamed again and flailed until I saw Tabitha stirring.

"Iris? IRIS!" She screamed when she saw me.

"Give up yet?" The one known as Zim whispered in my ear.

"Never!" I snapped and flailed some more. My muscles burned, I hadn't worked this hard in a long time since I was fighting to defend my family.

"Are you sure?" He whispered again and pushed my arm up more. It felt like it was going to come out of its socket.

"N-no, y-you stay away from my friend," I stuttered out through all the pain.

"Hmm I've got to say, you have guts…for a human." He insulted and pushed my arm up high enough to lift me into the air. It felt like my bone was slowly braking centimeter by centimeter. (I've been put in this lock and trust me if they do it right it hurts like a bitch LOL. but I'd kick Zim's ass if I were Iris, no giving up in my family.)

"And you have no skill in insults," I snapped. He moved my hair out of the way with his free hand making me feel uncomfortable and put his head on my shoulder.

"Sure…sure human."

"Get. Off. Of. Me," I snarled and turned my head away from him.

"Now why would I do that when you haven't given up to my amazingness and you'd just attack me again if I set you down?" He taunted. At this point I was wondering where Tabitha was and if she'd run like I'd hoped she did.

"Fine, I give up, now put me down!" I shouted at him and struggled.

"I'll put you down when you give up and mean it." He snickered and once again pushed up on my arm.

"I GIVE UP, I GIVE UP! STOP!" I screeched in utter agony. He smiled, satisfied with his work and dropped my onto the ground. I landed on my hands and knees and fell onto my side holding my hurting arm.

"Now tell me human, who are you?" Zim hissed and stood over me intimidatingly.

"Why would I tell you?" I snapped up at him.

"Hmm you sure are a feisty one. Are all your kinds females like this?" He said and leaned over to glare at me.

"Nope, just me and a few choice others." I lied and rolled my eyes.

"You're lying!" He accused. I noticed he was breathing hard to, I made him work. Good.

"No shit Sherlock," I snapped back.

"Don't test me human, I could kill you right now." Zim threatened.

"Then why haven't you?"

"Because I need information and maybe a few slaves and test subjects." He shot back.

"Then you might as well kill me because that's not happening." I snapped and eyed the green blood coming off his lip. He had cuts and bruises lining his face and his shirt was torn and dirty. Oh yeah, I hurt him all right.

He said nothing after that, just glared at me with angry ruby eyes and kept his hands behind his back. "AND I LIKE PIGGYS AND TACOS OH AND MASTER, HE'S GREAT! OH AND TUNA I LOVES ME SOME TUNA!" We heard an annoying shout and a giggle.

Zim looked up as his antenna perked and his little robot walked out sitting on Tabitha's shoulder, "Look Iris, this one isn't hostile." Tabitha giggled.

"Yeay for me," I said sarcastically and twirled my finger in the air, "And why aren't you still running back to the house?"

"Because I found this little guy stuck up in a tree trying to eat a squirrel." She said and smiled at me.

"SQUIRRELS!" The robot shouted.

"Gir! Why are you making friends with the enemy! Attack her," Zim commanded. While he wasn't paying attention to me I grabbed both his legs and knocked him to the ground while he yet out a yelp of surprise.

"Yeay masters getting beat up by a girl!" Gir shouted making Tabitha laugh out loud.

"I am not!" Zim shouted back and put a knee on my chest while he glared down Gir and Tabitha. I was too tired to shove him off at this point so I just glared at him as a drop of sweat rolled down my face.

"OK!" Gir screamed and hugged Tabitha, "I like this one, can we keep her?"

"No Gir! We must destroy them both!" Zim screeched and ground his teeth together.

"Iris can we keep him?" Tabitha asked and hugged the small robot close to her.

Both Zim let out annoyed sighs and screamed in sync, "NO!" We glared each other down after that and Zim stood up going to confront Tabitha.

"Master don't hurt the pretty ladies, they're nice!" Gir screamed and made a pouty face at Zim.

"Are you kidding me Gir, that one attacked me and tried to kill me!" Zim shouted back.

"She does that to everyone," Tabitha growled at Zim and hugged Gir again. "It's either I get to keep the robot or you're coming to our house and staying so I still get to keep the robot."

"Tabitha no! He tried to kill me!" I shouted and got onto my hands and knees.

"What and you didn't" She countered making me growl at her.

"He deserved it," I muttered. Zim's antenna bounced and he glared at me.

"You started it."

"You're the alien,"

"To my race, YOU'RE the alien,"

"What was that? I was just over here not giving a shit so PLEASE continue talking to yourself," I snapped making him growl and glare at me.

"Is she the only feisty female on your planet?" Zim asked Tabitha, completely ignoring me.

"Mostly, no one but me has ever really gotten close to her," Tabitha said and smiled as I glared her down.

"What about human males, surely they have once tamed that creature!"

"Once, but he hurt her in many ways so she sealed herself away and doesn't let anyone else but me in anymore."

"Tabitha!" I shouted. We just meet this guy and she's already telling him my life story.

"What he asked," She said stubbornly to me.

"That doesn't mean you tell him!" I shouted and pushed up on one knee to stand.

"Hmm interesting," Zim said and grinned like a kid getting their first Christmas present. I glared at him as he eyed me up and down and my eyes narrowed again.

"Look at me again like that and I will rip your antenna out," I snapped at him and turned my back to him.

"So are you coming over or giving me the robot?" Tabitha asked angrily. Silence surrounded the hill and when I turned around Zim was pretty much in my face. My heart jumped into my throat and started racing at how close he was. It made me back up a couple feet only to have him follow me.

"You're afraid of me," He said with a devious grin.

"Hell no I'm not," I snapped back at him.

"Yes you are, whenever I walk at least two feet or a foot away from you your heart jumps in fear." He said and my eyes narrowed at him. How'd he know that? "My lekku pick up your heart beat."

"You're what?" I hissed at him.

"My lekku," He said and pointed to his antenna.

"Come over dammit!" Tabitha shouted and walked over next to me Gir on her shoulder.

"I refuse to-," Tabitha shot him one of her worst glares making him shut up and put his hands up, "I'm coming, I'm coming."

I growled at Tabitha as she led the way back to our house. I was so mad at her that I could rip off her head! "Is she always that scary when she wants something?" Zim asked and hung back near me. I stayed behind everyone so I had a chance to do something if Zim tried anything.

"Yes," I said simply and looked away from him. I wanted him to just get the hell away from me.

"You're still afraid of Zim," He taunted at me. God he was just asking to be punched.

"No Zim…I'm not." I snarled back.

"Really?" He growled and swiftly gripped my wrists bring me face to face with him again. Fear pooled into my eyes when I saw something wild in his eyes and horrifying memories flooded back into my mind. I clamped my eyes shut and struggled to hold down a scream when I saw his face again.

"Get off of me!" I shouted and shoved Zim away.

"You're not afraid of Zim you're afraid of what someone did to you happening again aren't you?" He asked calmly. Jesus was this guy a freaking mind reader or something.

"None of your business," I hissed at him and gripped my arms in anger, "All of you are the same."

"There is only one Zim!" He proclaimed proudly.

"That's not what I meant," I growled and walked faster than him so I could catch up with Tabitha. "I am so pissed at you right now."

"I know, oh how I know." She said back and grinned at me. She was pristine and hardly had a scratch on her as I had blood oozing from my lip and various cuts and a bruised shoulder.

Only one thing to say about that FML…

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