He looks at her, awe written on his face.

He bites his lip and watches her every move.

She looks back, a wave coming from her finger tips.

He panics.

He mentally degrades himself, feeling disgusted.

He shivers and waits for his feelings to go away.

They won't.

He tries to find an answer for his emotions, searching desperately.

He can't.

He knows it isn't that simple.

He's disturbed but he doesn't understand why.

He keeps searching and searching and the answer is still blank and dry.

He shudders.

He acknowledges his futile attempts.

He decides to accept the fact he has fallen for a mere child.

He feels something stir at the word child.

He goes through his cycle again.

He keeps searching and searching.

The answer still blank and dry.

A/N: I really like this pairing. But leave it up to me for liking it *_* First fic between the two, woot. Not like anyone supports it/sob I-I can't be the only one..right? ;_;