Ravens story bacame legand!

I hope you's love it!

It was a lovly day and the teen titans had nothing to do so for some fun beast boy and robbin looked on there power tracker to see if they could find some people with powers that they dont know! They were making up fake storys about people they saw that had powers and bye this pont raven was getting mad and didnt baleve there was anyone like that!

'Would you idots shut up! There's nobody alce out there like us! If you's had any prufe on you'r think I would love to see it but becase you dont then shut up nobody kears!' raven yeled leaving the room.

Beast boy looked like he was about to cry.

'Yes there is and i've seen them.' He mumbeld to his self.

'What did you say bb?' Robbin asked him still looking at the door Raven stormed out of.

'Nothin.' Beats boy looked up at him in shock.

So it had been about 6 hours since raven had gone up toher room and Starfire was passing buy to do to bed.

'Raven are you ok?' She caled threw the door floting in the air.

'IM FINE GO AWAY!'Raven yeled at starfire.

Beast boy came aroung and asked the same thing and Raven didnt want to make him upset again she hated it!

'Im fine beasty just tayerd night.' She wisperd.

'Night Rae.' He said with hins hand up aganst the door.

Raven threw her self on her bed and clossed her eyes. It was silent for 5 mins when she heard a beatting sound comming from some where in her room. She got up and started looking aroung her room. She couldnt see anything untill she opend her top drowr and her mirror came flying out of it and hit the wall, at first Raven thought it was brokein and went to see but then when she saw it was fine she wanted to koe what was going on. She looked in the mirror to see an other girls reflecshon in the mirror. She had long dark hair that had been layerd and had pink streeks threw it she had pail skin but bright red lips.

Raven screemed and jumped of her bed, so did the mirror and with that raven was sucked in side it and realised that she wasnt in her mind she was in a total difrent bulding and noone could see her!