A/N: this is my first story will accept Surronded, bout the colour underground exluding de blob is caught. de blob pov will be bold the king inky will be underlined and the proffeser will be in italics and the narrator will be like this.

DB ( I'll refer de blob like that) was bouncing around the city trying to find somebody who was not a graydian. He had heard of a group, and he was going to find them hoping they would help.

He saw them. Surronded but there he was about to help them but saw they were trapped.Yes I have found them my only eniemes have been trapped. Noo we have been caught now the inkies will rule everyone they were trapped. They all thought that the raydians have lost not knowing of eachother.

A/N I know short but this is my prolouge next chapter will be updated soon.